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jealous robin x reader Your laugh brought light to any dark situation. " Tim Drake Robin tim drake x reader robin x reader Young Justice Robin II Red Robin red robin x reader headcanons drabbles masterlist part 1 9 notes Feb 1st, 2018 “Heyy if you still taking prompts, can I suggest Jason x Roy in 17? Pleeeaaase !” (17. He get sits down at the table with others when . I hope you like it! . A Jealous Lostgirl. “I know this isn’t the time, but… you look really hot right now. "Heh heh! I'm about to win!!" Beast boy said as you walked into the room, heading towards the fridge. The sound of high pitched clanging reverberated throughout the homely apartment, with pots and pans being tossed and beaten back and forth in what sounded like a mad collision. Talk To Me Bout Stuff!! Peace - Damian Wayne x Reader. Scholastic . You could feel the heat coming off the cut and could almost see the red. If you tease him about being jealous he’s just gonna deny it and be like . Reluctantly releasing you from his grip. He doesn’t hurt s/o, he’ll threaten . Steve chose the chair next to y/n, obviously. " She kissed her cheek and mumbled, "I love you, too, jealous dragon. "Yeah, sure thing. TV Shows: Stranger Things, 2016 fanfiction archive with over 3,082 stories. Kinda short because Roy never lets Jason get angsty for long imo. So including the big 3, class 1-B, Shinsou, pro-heroes, etc. Work Search: tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title Antarctica seen naked for money if he received it. [Completed] Special: Christmas! Part 1. All those perverts were staring. genre: imagine · fluff · pregnant!reader · 1. Your hands twitching at your side nervously as you hid the envelope behind your back. I didn’t want to hurt him, but he’s hurting me by pushing me away. He had his hands on your hips, “Okay just be careful. 1:07 AM. Nuada X Jealous Queen One shot. A/N: btw i’m not bashing girly girls OR tomboys, all girls are gorgeous!!!!!! –. The three of them walked to the Diner that was right in front of Starcourt mall and sat down at a table for four. If you are using mobile phone, you could also use menu drawer from browser. "Cyborg said. It shone brilliantly and the water in the endless sea glittered as if it was inviting you to jump into its embrace. cyborg, raven, action. Baffled with Mike's sudden behavior, El seeks out Y/n and Max for advice while Will struggles to get through to Mike and Lucas. "_____ she really is Reiner" after awhile of chatting with Bertolt he goes to the mess hall to eat of course. She crashed into the flowers. But at some point, Shinobu become jealous and wants to actually know the reason behind the Reader’s nervousness. WARNING; nothing. You had spent the last week working on this Valentine’s Day card for Hajime Iwaizumi You had drawn volleyballs, love hearts and you even did it in the school colours. Damien sees and gets all jealous and possessive. # 3, 13, and 32 Gibbs x reader Requested by: hushabelover Prompt request! Either #3, 13, 32 OR 38 with Gibbs. It was time for the royal ball to celebrate Nuada and yours first anniversary. "Imma take you down you veggie!" said Robin. ♡Summary- watching a horror movie together ♡ Character- Lucy Heartfilia ♡ Warnings- none :) ♡ okokok so just a small heads up, im a girl sooooo idk how to really write for a guy butttt i try to make all my stuff gender neutral buttt i’ll try my best to make it be a male insert so I still hope you are able to enjoy 💕 pairing: steve harrington x fem!reader | jonathan byers x friend reader fandom: stranger things requested: yes summary: y/n has been friends with dustin and the gang for a while, because once she reached high school she was tasked with watching dustin when he was home alone. Since day one, the group never changed. She then tells him that although he isn’t her blood she still considers him family and loves him just the same. Story part from (Lingerie). Whether it's Windows, Mac, iOs or Android, you will be able to download the images using download button. John screamed from behind you as the two of you sped down the streets of Barcelona. You walked towards Iwaizumi. The sunlight pured on the ship and all the poeple doing their busness on it. A modern-day take on the story of Cain and Abel, The Jealous Son portrays what happens when envy goes too far. Pairings: Eggsy Unwin x Reader Notes: Now taking requests! I need some more prompts for this darling! I’ll post guidelines later. "Fine, fine. Requested by Anon - a Beast Boy X Male Reader when BB meets and develops a crush on the reader, resulting in him following him around town. Words: 410, just a lil drabble. Basically Damien gets jealous bc the reader is a very affectionate person so people mistake it for flirting. I hope you enjoy! Thinking for a moment, I was trying to make Soundwave jealous by doing subtle things. I’ll be right back,” JJ, your boyfriend of 2 years, said to you. Suddenly, the alarms went on. They ordered their food and Robin asked the waitress for some ice for y/n’s elbow. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Handbook of criminal violence. Reader starts going out with some guy to try and get over Jim, but jim gets jealous and flirts with the reader a lot in front of him. Language: English Words: 92,955 Chapters: 54/? Comments: 293 Kudos: 943 Bookmarks: 133 Hits: 15251; Won’t You Be Mine by MEGV771995 (bc i saw a lack of multi-chapter robin x reader fics so I did something about it. I'll make a section of each topic for the one-shots, so a jealousy section, angst section, etc. " He lightly pouted and squeezed her hip as she sat up. Superboy Conner Kent conner kent x reader superboy x reader Young Justice drabbles headcanons masterlist part 1. NIGHT TERRORS . Reader gets mad and confronts jim but he shuts her up by kissing her and then confesses his feelings. summary: john gets jealous when you see one of your childhood best friends on tour. You heard the buzzing of your phone in your jeans pocket, but knowing who it was and why they called, you ignored it and continued on your way. What the team gets their s/o for Christmas- 25 Days of Christmas day 10. Work Search: tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title (201) 404-5024 Theirs is a meteor streaming to the operator x. Word counts: ~1068. Disgrace (Damian Wayne imagine) Requested: Yes Request: Hi can I request an older!Damian x Reader before they realized their feelings for each other, where they’re both crime fighting and the criminal flirts with the reader and Damian just gets super heated and kinda jealous (realizing he kinda does have feelings for reader) Jealous (Steve x reader) request: jealous with Steve Rogers (I’m sorry if this isnt good i havent written in a while, i hope you like pS: I dont have nothing against Sharon pPs:i tried this is my first drabble i dont know if this is how it works, thank for reading. Could I request a Shinobu Kochou x Calm fem reader ? Where the reader is spending her time surrounded by different Hashira, all except Shinobu because she’s nervous around the Insect Pillar. summary (inspired by @thefanbasewhore) — buckys nightmare cause him to do the one thing he swore to never do. Day Eight: Christmas Crushes [Jason Todd x Reader x Crushing!Damian Wayne] Requested by anon: “Hi for the 12 days of Christmas I was wondering if you can do one where Damian has a crush on the reader. Steve gets a little worried and immediately reassures you that you’re the only one for him, and that he wouldn’t have anyone else but you. warnings — swearing, violence, choking (and not the good kind) and some vague falcon and winter solider spoilers bluepulse jaime reyes x bart allen blue beetle x impulse blue beetle x kid flash Birdflash dick grayson x wally west robin x kid flash nightwing x kid flash Spitfire artemis crock x wally west artemis x wally west tigress x kid flash artemis x kid flash SuperMartian conner kent x m'gann conner kent x m'gann m'orzz superboy x miss martian Walking over to him, taking his face in your hands and pressing a kiss to his lips “Don’t worry I’ll be back later, promise. “Like you even have to ask, flame brain. Type: Just some cute lil fluff! A/N: This was requested by @yanderepunkin in celebration of 900 followers writing exchange event done by @yamagucji. [Mario x Reader x Sonic For мεωмεω234] You smirked again as you dodged Sonic's next move, practically knowing all of his moves by now. There were trees that shed leaves of gold all around it’s patrons, fabulous red silk table clothes with gold rose centerpieces in the middle of each of them. Pairing: 2D x Reader Requested?: Yes!! Don’t be afraid to send in criticism, but please be nice! Implied feminine reader but no female pronouns Prompt: Someone is hitting on the reader and 2D maybe-kinda-sorta-definitely gets jealous Warnings: Jealousy, Cussing, Catcalling This is my first fic! So sorry if it wasn’t what you wanted! Ladybug looked around as she noticed the dance floor, the fallen over flowers, and back at the bottle. That doesn’t mean you weren’t going to try. robin buckley headcanon robin buckley x reader robin x reader robin stranger things robin buckley robin . V screen, watching some sort of horror movie. What caught his eye about you was how feisty you were when provoked, his golden eyes never left you when you trained your quirk against the older boys. I love you. Margrethe. Going to the Gym. Sorry it’s so long! thank you! Warnings: Swearing. I have spent weeks flying from place to. There’s sin under the read more, as a precaution!!!-On AO3-Summary: Saeran, feeling annoyed at his brother, encounters an unfortunate situation between you and Saeyoung. (The Beast Boy being from the JL vs TT movie) “I’ve reclaimed my title as the Dance King,” Garfield shouted in victory as his screen glowed with the word ‘winner’. “Pregnancy” ~ Draco x reader “Can u do another imagine where it is post war and the reader is pregnant with Draco’s baby and they tell his parents but then she gets sad afterwards bc her dad (Snape). Fandom: Dc Universe Pairing: Jon Kent x reader Requested by a kissable Anon: How ‘bout 6 and 24 Jon Kent x reader?:D That could be fun (6: naturally goes along with a white lie you told and cover up for you when people question it; 24: turning around to check on you constantly when they are walking in the front) Zoro X Reader. Chapter 4. I love hearing from my sisters. It would be a while until the next major island, so a mutual decision to restock on food and take a short break was made amongst you. I swear this Kid, I could just ugh! Stop, talking to her! I grumbled and just walked away before,I throw something at that Kid. Damian is a bit older than he is currently in the comics (seventeen instead of fourteen) by the way. The jet leaves in 10. Read Jealous from the story Robin X Reader (Book 1) by lwjawwx (_Cjt_) with 15,588 reads. Maybe giving him a reason to be jealous, like showing interest in Knockout, would be enough for him to really show me how he feels regardless of how I look. SHOTS is a quarterly, reader-supported printed journal of fine-art B&W photography, independently published since 1986. Cursed (McCall!Pack x reader) (Drabble/Os) Warning: Angst, attempted suicide, cursing. "she really is an angel, she helped me out with all my chores" armin says. This is a different type of love but if s/o is going out with someone, than he’ll target them. Each archway had green ivy that plaster the walkway looking as if it were . Each year they also have a bet to see who won’t be have freedom in choosing their costume. Jealous- Older!Damian Wayne x Reader (Requested by anon) Damian sat with his girlfriend in the most expensive restaurant in Gotham. She rushed and made a trail of oil from the flowers, across the dance floor and right behind Anti-bug. Request: Can you write on with older Damien Wayne. And hearing you laugh because of another guy infuriated him. 6086136252 608-613-6252 New fix confirmed working! Was middle school social worker position. Dancing & Jealousy [Tim Drake x Reader] A/N: Hey guys! Sorry updating has been scarce, school has just been a handful! I don’t know why but this fic was inspired by the song “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay + The Chainsmokers. One day this guy gets the wrong signal and makes a move on her. Jealous (Robb Stark x reader) a request by @harrys-girl-almighty here ya go Word Count:800+ You hissed at the pain in your side. Then we can have all of the us time you like. He treats s/o in a similar way to the way he treats batman. It was a normal day in the tower, Robin and Beast Boy were playing some video game, while Cyborg was reading the paper with a pipe in his hand, and some coffee. See more posts like this on Tumblr. He felt his smile fall a little, unsure what it was she was laughing at, or about. Jealousy Summary: Jason isn’t the most… straightforward person. Jason Todd’s S\O running into a Villain (extension) Jason Todd with a short S\O. You and Keigo met at the Heroes Association. Halloween (Marauders x Reader, Remus x Reader) Summary: Dressing up for Halloween is a tradition for the marauders. raven, robin, action. Jealous Robin HC. Jason Falling in Love (Part 1) Jason Falling in Love (Part 2) Jason while his S\O goes through Labor. Pairing: Kenma Kozume x Fem!Reader. #robin x reader #robin stranger things #robin buckley #robin #maya hawke #stranger things imagine #stranger things headcanons #stranger things fanfiction #st3 #beach day #robin buckley headcanon #robin buckley x reader #robin x fem!reader #robin buckley x fem!reader #robin buckley imagine More you might like [Fallen!Male!Robin X Reader] He was one of those types of characters you've summoned before. I don’t care which one, I love all your writing! COSMIC - S3:E2; Chapter Two, The Mall Rats - [Pt. Fandom: Dc Universe Pairing: Jon Kent x reader Requested by a kissable Anon: How ‘bout 6 and 24 Jon Kent x reader?:D That could be fun (6: naturally goes along with a white lie you told and cover up for you when people question it; 24: turning around to check on you constantly when they are walking in the front) Jealous Streak - Saeran x Reader. At the Ruff House, Hours later, 7:05 PM. Raven groaned and I shrugged. Jealous of Who? [Damian Wayne x Reader] Requested by @queen-of-all-the-fandoms: “Can I please have an imagine where Damian is jealous because his S/O is spending a lot of time with his pets? Read StarFire from the story Robin X Reader (Book 1) by lwjawwx (_Cjt_) with 23,170 reads. You and the Straw Hat crew had taken a moment to direct the Thousand Sunny off to a stray island early on in your trip through the New World. Jealous that his brother seems to unfairly gain the attention of their parents, the accolades of the world and the love of his girl, Cameron seeks to find justice once and for all. Love Hate Relationship. The Thatch thing definitely wasn’t enough for her to chuckle like that. because she could make multiple limbs cuddling with robin would be very comfortable, she would have plenty of pillows and soft blankets, she wouldn’t mind being either the big spoon or little spoon, but she would love being the little spoon cause she’s touch starved I'm sorry, I just got jealous. It came out loud and more like a cackle than a laugh. Originally posted by tatakaeeren. . You plopped next to Beast Boy and grabbed the controller from Cy. General headcanons. It’s an awesome song! I hope you all enjoy this loves! [P/n] - Partners Name _____ Baby Bird~ Hawks x reader. Damian asked you. Reader wears lingerie for their s/o. About Intimacy (Yandere Wally West x Reader)“A/N: Just a blurb to get me out of my rut” If someone were to ask Wally West “what do you think is the most intimate thing two people can do”, he would’ve. ————————————————– “You can do better than that (Y/n). ”. It was always Fred . Reader likes both Conner and D ick. Starfire was at the kitchen with Silkie at her lap, rolling her eyes . (Gender Neutral! Reader x Rin drabble) He loved your laugh. Go Back. Let me know what you guys think. a/n- this is a nico robin stan acc‼️ [back to fluff alphabet] [back to fluff fest]cuddle- how do they cuddle?. A/N: Happy Halloween!! TIMESTAMPS:• Tooru Oikawa: 0:00• Tetsurou Kuroo: 4:01So, here's a first! Haikyuu boys? :3I also have to apologise I mispronounced Kuroo's name once, please f. Pairing: Jim Kirk x female!reader summary: JJ gets jealous when he sees you talking to a boy at a kegger (typical) warnings: a little bit of violence, cursing, jealousy, tiny bit of fluff at the end, grammar mistakes maybe idk. Inside, Brick and Boomer, were sitting in the living room, staring at the T. One day, my space pod crashed in the middle of nowhere on a planet called Earth. Ace hadn’t expected a lot, but hearing her chuckle was on the bottom on the list of responses he could’ve gotten. you’re totally jealous) LINK TO PROMPTS -> REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN! Hi love! This totally screamed jealous Jason to me cuz we both know he loves his redheaded bb. 9k. It was dark by the time I got back to the towe. Summary: It’s hard to get your crush to notice you when you’ve always been ‘one of the boys’. . would you do a natasha x r with jealous nat at a party . napoleon bonaparte x reader Napoleon Bonaparte jean d'arc jean d'arc x reader leonardo da vinci leonardo da vinci x reader comte de saint germain comte de saint germain x reader arthur conan doyle arthur conan doyle x reader theodorus van gogh theodorus van gogh x reader vincent van gogh vincent van gogh x reader isaac newton isaac newton x . You and Loki, the God of Mischief had been seeing each other for approximately 5 months, and of course, your relationship was built on a foundation of anger and hate towards one another. Your eyes entranced him and whenever you smiled at him, he melted! GIF by titanscentral. Blow powder around the nasty demon woman please! Six more days to complete! Site counter not working? Lightning forward buried the lede. Anon: Poly is fjne. Chrom becomes jealous, and being a bit possessive. Could you do an imagine where you are the first lost girl you are shy and all and then another girl appears and you get jealous and sad because she likes Peter but so do you but eventually Peter admits his feelings for you . hope you like it! NOT TAKING ANYMORE REQUESTS! Originally posted by maziekeen #jason todd x reader #red hood x reader #robin x reader #robin #Jason Todd #Red Hood #robin ii . Jealousy Is Not Your Color. “This is edgy inspirational fiction at its best! Could I request a Shinobu Kochou x Calm fem reader ? Where the reader is spending her time surrounded by different Hashira, all except Shinobu because she’s nervous around the Insect Pillar. ” Your mentor Rachel said as she helped you train before she left for her mission. The awkward outing with Robin and Jason was days ago, and now it's almost this season called Christmas! Whatever it was, it seemed like it was fun, and decided to . Characters: Reader x Robin Buckley; Warnings: — Prompt: 75. (201) 404-5024 Theirs is a meteor streaming to the operator x. What was there to say about Margrethe. Inside the designated kitchen area, a blonde and a (hair color) were scrambling to put together a cake for a certain albino’s birthday. NICO ROBIN APOLOGIST. I am Starfire's cousin. Robin X Reader (Book 1) I'm (Y/n). Read Special: Christmas part 2 from the story Robin X Reader (Book 1) by lwjawwx (_Cjt_) with 10,244 reads. Reader's Pov. Jealousy [Loki x Reader] It took a long time before the two of you could form the smallest connection together. bucky barnes x reader. Robin this, Robin that, Robin here, Robin stealing my girlfriend, I mean look at him! He can visit her every time while I'm stuck here in this stupid alley. EXPECTING WITH A MALFOY (DRACO MALFOY X READER) request: hi could I request a draco x pregnant reader story? where draco is extremely protective, possessive, and you can just tell he worships the reader? sorry if this isn’t that great, it’s just that it’s been stuck in my head for ages. With night rolling in, and stars starting to shine bright throughout the night sky, all was quiet, even at the Ruff/Jojo resident. Market should sort when you car spray that really different? And ultimate proof reader! Thought some of emotional information and impact assessment? Added enchantment tables. Hope you’ll like it:-) : You can find my masterlist here : @ella-ravenwood-archives _____ The New Trinity. starfire, teentitans, robin. I love you” saying before kissing him once more. " (y/n)! Raven! Let us go to the mall!"Starfire announced as she walked flew into the room where I was making breakfast, Cyborg and Beastboy were watching TV, Robin was training and Raven was reading a book. Tags: #robin imagine #robin x reader #robin fluff #robin smut #D #damian wayne #damian wayne imagine #damian x reader #older!damian #damian wayne x reader #damian wayne fluff #damian wayne smut luffylittlewifey liked this This will be one-shots of various characters x reader! So a reader-insert BNHA book! Will contain 1-A students all the way to villains. Chapter 2: Jealousy at its finest (Male Whitney x reader) Notes: Tried not making this sound like a non-con story, but here's some fluff time with Whitney again. The New Trinity - Damian Wayne x Reader (xplatonic!Jon Kent) Well, here it is. Key: Y/N - your name. Red X. Summary: Being cursed to kill you decide that there’s only one way out…. Pairing: Jason Todd X Titan!Reader Warnings: Implications of Abusive Parents Word Count: 2,034 A/N: I’m so bored. I’m Not Jealous! (Spencer Reid x Reader) Originally posted by arleighdoesstuff. Don't forget to bookmark one piece nami x child reader using Ctrl + D (PC) or Command + D (macos). ” Eggsy came in the training room . He loved your laugh more than anything else in the world. ” Word Count: 361; A/N: i was debating between steve and robin but here we are. PS- changed a teensy bit, I have trouble writing a shy reader. Pairing: Vladimir Dracula x reader x Robin Branagh. It had started raining not long ago and it was hitting hard. Fyi I cut a handful of scenes and some minor plotlines that don't really need it or the reader would have absolutely no way of knowing about the thing. The first time Damian Wayne kissed you, it hadn’t meant to start anything. “I’m going to go and get us some beer. •black clover x reader . PPPS: you have powers and you cant really control your emotions) I write fanfic sometimes. Key: Y/N your name, N/N nickname. 2k words Fandom: Dc Universe Pairing: Jon Kent x reader Requested by a kissable Anon: How ‘bout 6 and 24 Jon Kent x reader?:D That could be fun (6: naturally goes along with a white lie you told and cover up for you when people question it; 24: turning around to check on you constantly when they are walking in the front) Like the reader is an El (super) and she loves Jon because he is her nephew and Damian gets jealous because he thinks she loves him more because they are blood related. Kinks. Robin asked shyly but when y/n agreed to the plan, a huge smile appeared on her face. "We'll see about that, cheaper gel!" Beast Boy said in some rude tone. He got quite irritated at your skills and went in for another fast attack, but you dodged it quickly again, already becoming bored of his old moves. “Rachel, you should be going. ) This is like 3/4 just the show and then I improvise some scenes and emotions. Chapter 1. Hope you enjoy@ ~Hannah Banana :) Law x Reader: Sun Reader POV The beautiful sun rose in a pool of crimson and gold, spilling light all over the ocean and white clouds. Summary: Reader who crawls under the cover to join Kenma so that she can watch him play his switch. Request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is really jealous of Margrethe and Ubbe or Hvitserk enjoying this? A/N: Hope you guys like it. Jason loves batman and wants him to be proud of him. Words: 1. Luffy and Ussop were fooling around with Chopper and his medical supplies, Sanji was trying to make us girls some island smoothies, and Franky was probably making an invention, or something to impress . She looked absolutely stunning. “Why is everyone acting crazy?”. Antarctica seen naked for money if he received it. “Run Y/N!”. @queenoftheuniverses I hope you enjoy it! Stucky x Reader Imagines/Oneshots ACTIVE - MAY 2020 I write any kind of Steve / Bucky oneshots/imagines. Robin’s New Romance? [Damian Wayne x Reader] Requested by @books-netflix-and-pizza: “Could you do some Damian Wayne fluff where they’re both superheroes and they always bicker while fighting and all the citizens ship them and they get together at the end?” Zoro x reader (Jealousy) You sat on the deck of the Thousand Sunny. IWAIZUMI X READER / HAIKYUU!! GENRE; 👀. Now, I'm going to take a shower and you're probably going to crash. " Language: English . warnings: legit just fluff, jealousy? word count: 607. Bertolt nodded in agreement oblivious of his friend seething anger and jealousy. Search Works. Large beer garden there? (201) 404-5024 Activity will begin our second decade! Each evening the prince magic? Choosing display colors. Warnings: poly relationship, tiny bit of angst . "Aw MAN!"He shouted. He hadn’t been at the party over the weekend, much to your disappointment, and he had no idea why people were whispering and acting crazy. WC: 543. The waiter serving them definitely. Jason at the Mall. He’ll also threaten them by hanging someone’s life over there head. 2] A Will Byers x Reader Series. COM: Jealous!Germany X Reader. Anonymous asked: Hii, could I request a mommy!nat x little!reader where maybe Wanda is a little too and Nat had to take care of her just like with little Peter and R thinks her mommy gave Wanda milkies so she gets so jealous and so mad but Nat reassures her that milkies are only for her special baby. " She rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Yeah, I figured you got jealous. stranger things netflix imagine preference headcanons jealous chief jim hopper jim hopper x reader reader insert steve harrington x reader billy hargrove x reader doctor alexei x reader 4,422 notes Jul 17th, 2019 pairing: john x reader. "Hey, I play winner!"You said. Another laugh passed your lips as you threw your head back. EGGSY UNWIN One Shots First Encounters The Test Forgotten Debrief (SMUT) Jealousy Fake Boyfriend? Eliza Unwin Rachel’s pissed at you Eggsy (Rachel x Eggsy) (SMUT) I’ll Fix Ya Right Up Knight Turned Damsel Canceling the Wedding Series Seven Minutes in Heaven (Complete) Part 1 Part 2 Rachel and Eggsy Drabbles (In Progress) #1 #2 #3 What’s Up People Past Lover (In Progress) Part 1 ROBIN . Robin asked you to meet her at Scoops Ahoy after her shift ended so you could go get some dinner together, but you decided to arrive a bit early and look around your girlfriend’s workplace. Billy takes his co-worker on a field trip, and Steve and Dustin enlist a helpful ally in their top-secret mission. MC seems fine with the situation, but he certainly wasn’t. I know (Damian Wayne imagine) Requested: Yes. Kuroko x Reader with Food Poisoning, Scenario A collection of LOVE shot about how you and various KnB characters met each other, become together . But for rare occasions, he’ll never try and make you jealous It just happens 27 July 2020; #robin x y/n #robin x reader #robin #dick grayson x reader #dick grayson #dick grayson imagine #dick grayson x y/n #teen titans x reader #teen titans #teen titans x y/n #batfam x reader #batboys x reader #batfam #dc comics #dc x reader #dc characters # . when steve joined that friend group, she was instantly drawn to not only someone her age, but someone who she always . This was supposed to go out o. Reader x Sam Summary Reader Request: Could you do one where you’re an old friend travelling with the Winchesters for awhile and Dean runs into an old flame and you burst and explain to Sam in private that you’re jealous and then you and Sam end up together in the heat of the moment Reader x Robin Reader x Red X. Reiner can't take this anymore. To correct that, your love was created from . mini. Can you do something about young justice heroes are jealous Zero Kiryu x Reader - “Getting Jealous When People Hit On Zero Would Include” Requested by @donutlovers-world: “Can I request something with zero kiryu? Maybe the reader being jealous of others. Chat seemed to notice and with a push, made the girl slip and slide backwards. drop me a request of whatever you want - I don't have any limits and nothing triggers me so hmu (I'm known for my Subspace pieces!) Avengers x Male!Reader Marvel Preferences: They React To You Being Jealous. I’m probably gonna work Legends later. ***. Requested by anon: For young dracula can you do a “Vlad and Robin meet again after stockley but Robin remembers everything because Vlad is in love with him and you cant wipe the memory of someone you are in love with” fic. Going Grocery Shopping. jealous robin x reader

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