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gmc white paint peeling BobArm said: I have a 2012 GMC Savana we purchased new and the paint is peeling. 2016/09/26 . consumer pays nothing to have the paint fixed, according to a spokeswoman for King Pontiac/GMC Inc. I brought it to the GMC dealership, King GMC in Loveland, CO, and they sent photos of. In the early 90's I worked for a Ford truck dealership body shop where we did a lot of warranty repaints due to peeling paint (averaged 8 trucks per week for the three years I was there). I brought it to the GMC dealership, King GMC in Loveland, CO, and they sent photos of the problem to GM. I went by and got my first quote today and they want $1100. Nov 24, 2020 · Shortly after on November 9 th, 2020, he posted photos showing some of the vehicle’s gloss white paint peeling off near an edge on the full-size SUV’s liftgate and said the paint was . I think that they missed a process after welding. One today as dead center on the windshield, no damage to the . Never hauled anything in it. I had a chevy van and the paint was peeling in a bunch of spots. Dec 19, 2019 · The bulletins cover all Ford F-150s from 2004 to 2018. Re: White paint peeling off 03-07-04 03:12 PM - Post# 405425 In response to blinkiie From what I remember there was about a 6 year span there where there was a paint/primer adhesion problem,chevy wasn't the only one having problems with it. I have a 2012 GMC Savana we purchased new and the paint is peeling. December 22, 2020. I've pretty much ascertained that if I get any more peeling of the paint job on my van, it's going to be because of bird strikes. In one place it looks like its . Tina Nelson owns a 2014 Ford F-150 SuperCrew she purchased in 2016, but in 2018 she noticed the hood, roof, and side panel paint was peeling and corroding. The best analogy for the paint peel condition is the after effects of a bad sunburn. The paint is likely to chip and peel long before it ever should. You don't necessarily have to go that route. It was one small chip that has grown in size. besides the paint being super thin , it peels off right to the bare metal. Is your paint peeling? Call 530-885-1160! Certain Toyotas with Blizzard Pearl or Super White paint may be eligible for repair. About a 1"x 2" spot is black now. Called GMC and. There are still scores of 4 or 5 year-old white Ford, GMC & Chevrolet trucks with peeling white paint; and as many scores of Crown Vic Police cars (as well as Mercury GMQ's) with the same problem. Nissan states that I missed the deadline to file a claim stating the deadline was May, 2020. Had truck for 3 1/2 years. They had used improper paint when making these models. Cost to fix is over $3000! Apr 15, 2021 · The researchers believe that this white may be the closest equivalent of the blackest black, “Vantablack,” which absorbs up to 99. They told me they can repaint the rear bumper but it is. , all white and peeling paint. Car now has paint peeling all over - hood, roof, trunk, fenders, trunk, etc. Cost to fix is over $3000! Oct 08, 2013 · I have a 2006 Dutch Star model 3817. It's not a wide section but length wise it runs most of the roof from the sunroof back. The symptoms are as follows: a) Paint starts to turn 'off-white'. Truck has been very good and . Yeah, I said it. anyone have this issue? Recall??? It is just a cosmetic issue on these vans. made my day I just sanded edges and sprayed it on. I bought a dealer's demo last fall. Jan 30, 2017 · Received a letter from Honda: white diamond pearl paint. The 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 has 7 problems reported for paint peeling. the vans i see with paint peeling off are pretty recent - 5 or 10 years old i'd guess. Chevy has always for the last four decades had lousy paint. on severely affected vehicles, the vertical surfaces (quarter panels) will also peel with the passage of time. NICE HUH 11-03-2007, 11:15 AM . Feb 05, 2014 · I have two Chevy express vans and the paint was peeling off on both of them. What are some ideas to stop it or prevent it besides repainting the roof. Upon further inspection, I can see paint peeling off one of the bolts above the filler cap. Jan 23, 2013 · Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 23, 2013. Owners of Toyota vehicles with peeling paint may get some relief under a new program being im. Oct 30, 2008 · Our '04 Suburban was peeling off the top coat (Summit White paint WA8624 code 50), on the roof, hood, and pretty much, the entire left side, exposing the primer. I helped buy a van for my dad for his birthday a 2006 GMC Savanna Panel Van. 2017/11/08 . You will see white specks, fading and slight cracking and then the paint will look like it has been burned off the car. was the bodies were now made of a more corrosion resistant steel that the paint didn't jive with being . I have never in my life seen a problem like this! At least not until I checked the forums and saw that it must be fairly common with GM white trucks. Not little gravel dings. 2021/05/09 . Just curious if anyone else's paint is peeling on the edges of their hood. 2007/12/02 . It gets a small chip and the wind while driving just peels big swaths off. Dec 23, 2020 · Under the terms of a newly proposed class action lawsuit settlement, Mercedes-Benz will reimburse the owners of cars it produced that have a peeling paint defect. New galvanized metal, a product used to make corrugated sheets, gutters, and downspouts, is usually smooth and is coated with either a layer of oil to prevent white rust or is passivated. have the same problem,drivers side is peelong . Sep 15, 2011 · How many of us here have or have had issues with their GM vehicles paint peeling off and exposing the primer colored finish underneath? I've got a 2003 Z71 thats never been wrecked, never been in a hail storm and garage kept and the paint is flaking off in chunks. More and more complaints about peeling paint on vehicles have emerged on more than just Hyundai. 2016/08/05 . I, personally, have never seen a red or maroon vehicle peel like the truck pictured above. Feb 01, 2017 · I don't know if it's the paint or the clear coat protecting the paint. 00+. Hyundai says I have to pay for the paint to be fixed. Nov 16, 2015 · All my paint peeling originated inside the doors(all) at the bottom sill and came from all the spot welds. 679 likes 1330 answers. Average failure mileage is . Anyone know of a paint recall from Chevrolet for white trucks and cars ? . Jul 21, 2017 · 6,714 Posts. Dark blue to light silver and everything in-between. 2017/07/21 . #3 · Jul 24, 2017. They have had problems with blizzard pearl and super white. Shortly after on November 9th, 2020, he posted photos showing some of the vehicle's gloss white paint peeling off near an . There is a small crack running up the pillars and this . This information states I have until December, 2020. If the paint on your General Motors Corp. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 8, 2005. wagon, car or truck is peeling, you might be covered by a . Ford Ranger TREMOR vs GMC Canyon AT4!. For years, certain Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles have been plagued by peeling white paint, a problem resulting from exposure to sunlight over time. Author Nov 28, 2019 · 2012 gmc sierra the white paint on the roof near the windshield keeps peeling back when I am driving happens mostly in the rain. Chevy has issued a recall for certain models of the 2014 to 2019 Chevy Silverado trucks that have issues with their paint. Following a sunburn, the skin often blisters and then peels away. Auto Paint Depot Touch Up Paint for GMC Acadia, Sierra, Yukon-White Diamond Pri Metallic Tricoat 98/WA800J/GBN (All Years) 12oz Aerosol Spray with Clear Coat $69. matched up perfectly on both vans 2002 and 2004. The paint on the rear bumper is starting to peel off. Apr 10, 2019 · LMC Truck offers 1981-87 Chevrolet Pickup Truck 1981-87 GMC pickup truck pre-cut body side molding Set. gmc white paint peeling Search your car for a tag with a paint code — for instance, M1724A for a black 1993 Ford Bronco — for the factory-applied pigment. It comes of as a thin film just like a light sunburn peel. Jul 18, 2018 · I just bought an 05 Tahoe Z71 and didn't even climb up on the rails to check the roof condition. 2015 GMC sierra paint is blistering and peeling in truck bed. Profile photo for John Mills · John Mills. The 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 has 5 problems reported for paint peeling. About six months ago I noticed that a thin film of possibly clear coat started blistering on the very top or crown of paint where it meets the fiberglass roof. Wouldn’t do any good since it hasn’t peeled off. Average repair cost is $80 at 55,650 miles. The white paint peels away from the primer. Car Complaints reports that one dissatisfied Ford customer was allegedly left high and dry after discovering peeling paint. When I took it back to the dealer they tried touch up paint, however they used bright white touch-up paint. I did not think to take before and after but trust me it is a perfect match. 1. About 6 months ago, I noticed the paint starting to peal on the hood. 9% of visible light. Jun 21, 2001 · white is normally the color that doesnt peel or chip, but I wouldnt doubt it if GM did recall the paint, they had problems with there primer and sealer so the paint wouldnt last very long. It is only happening at the crown where the paint meets the white fiberglass roof. Frustrated owners reporting problems with their "Blizzard Pearl" and "Super White" Toyotas will finally get . #14. Gm cut the warranty from 6 years to 5 years, then to 4 years, cutting out many of the vehicles they were paying to repaint. Maybe it will last for a while. I cannot blame GM or the paint, as I'm located in SW Florida, and the truck has sat outside in the Florida sun for nearly 10 years. I have a 2016 GMC Denali Diesel crew cab. I'm. Black Firebirds from the Cali plant, and some white GMC pick-ups. Our '04 Suburban was peeling off the top coat (Summit White paint WA8624 code 50), on the roof, hood, . Toyota owners, on the other hand, are used to bragging about their vehicles' longevity, dependability, and solid resale value, making issues like peeling paint a black eye in an otherwise wholesome relationship. Rookie Expediter. i have never had this paint peeling happen to me, but i buy imported cars. Peeling paint on a car can quickly spread and turn from a small problem into a very large and expensive problem. Sent in my receipt for reimbursement and they already called and approved. I've got a 2011 Acadia and started seeing issues with the paint or coating peeling off the front top grill, as shown on the picture. b) Paint starts to bubble and peel. Offline. Other garage ornament-Pearl white 2016 Subaru Legacy Limited 3. The metal is still covered by the primer and rust isn't an issue. May 05, 2009 · Remember when you used to see a lot of 80's and early 90's GM cars running around with the paint peeling off and the primer exposed? Why was this? So far I've gotten two different answers. i don't notice this happening as much with imports, particularly where the paint has peeled or otherwise come off, leaving bare sheets of metal, no rust. Is the clear coat peeling off? . 95), a sand paper assortment pack ($4. Getting a car completely repainted can cost hundreds of dollars, but fixing the problem can be done at home with a few steps that can save a lot of money. The problem has spread all along this lip in different areas (not connected) and each area continues to get larger. Nov 03, 2007 · 95, white, peeling paint, 94 white, peeling paint and our old company trucks, gmc sierra's from 95 to 96. Average failure mileage is 61,300 miles. So mad! 2020/09/23 . We bought a (first-year) Acura Integra. Iron X prevents the spread of iron-related damage to . There is peeling paint like what is common on certain years of white GM vans, mainly the hood, and then there is oxidation which is more common on the darker colors of many brands of older clear coated vehicles, mostly on the roofs. Nov 15, 2019 · 2013 Nissan Rogue – white paint is peeling in huge sections of roof and hood. 2020/11/24 . The paint is peeling off all the way to the metal took it two to different shops both say it is a factory defect. Will you guys please quit talking about the peeling paint ya'll are making me nervous. May 23, 2012 · May 23 2012, 12:30am. Warranty extension in these areas to 7 years from the original date of purchase. However . It started in 2012, just at the lip where it meets the windshield. Sep 12, 2020 · Home › Forum › Chevrolet › white paint peeling This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by dewn9t 11 months, 3 weeks ago . Paint seems to have been poorly prepped to have this show in bodyline areas so . was the paint was a new water based enamel 2. which also includes the Chevy Suburban, Cadillac Escalade as well as GMC Yukon and Yukon XL. I didn't get mine in intime,said I was too late. Paint applied over this oily surface or clear passivator will peel quickly. 2015/05/06 . I contacted GM who put me in touch with their Houston Texas area representative, Heather. Anyone who owns one of these vans knows this is a common problem . Call our Toyota Certified. MY PAINT IS COMING OFF FROM THE HOOD AND ROOF OF MY 2005 GMC SIVERADO 2500 HD. This is known as chalking. Alkyd/oil paints that are applied to galvanized metal will adhere initially, but . afaict, it is still happening. I own a 2015 Sierra Denali and the white paint is peeling on both sides of the truck. Peeling, flaky paintwork occurs when one of the three layers coating the car's bodywork (primer, paint and clear coat) is damaged, often by a minor scratch or chip. I mean it looks perfect. Coming off in big pieces. 2019/09/23 . I have that issue too. GMC refused to cover it even though the dealership and autobody shop both said it was a GMC issue. The response was: I would pay $1,000+ and GM would "Pitch In" $600. Jun 24, 2013. It now looks worse. Yesterday, while washing my truck, I noticed paint peeling just underneath the filler cap. The “premature deterioration of the paintwork on Tesla Model 3 vehicles,” are exacerbated by the harsh Quebec winters, which cause greater auto damage due to the lack of . 5% of sunlight reflected by the researchers’ previous ultra-white paint – and sends infrared heat away from a surface at the same time. Oct 10, 2012 · I have an 09 equinox that started to orange peel about 6 months ago. Had something to do with the way they were painted. paint peel, the colorcoat peels off on horizontal surfaces (hood, cowl and roof) first. 95), aerosol grey primer ($9. If left untreated peeling&n. I also have some peeling at both sides of the tailgate next to the tail lights and again from the spot welds. Area Hyundai representative did the same. Toyota is set to announce a paint recall for Toyota made between 2009-2018 with Super White or Blizzard Pearl Paint jobs. wagon, car or truck is peeling, you might be covered by a "consumer action program" in which GM is trying to help customers with the problem. Aug 25, 2021 · UV rays, age, and road debris all take their toll, eventually leading to a fading or clear coat peeling. This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician about vehicles that have paint peeling from the anti-chip area. , former Auto Mechanic and Shop Owner for 50 Plus Years. 95 $ 69 . Sep 29, 2015 · “The paint on the roof of my Sonata is continuing to peel. I would think any proper automotive paint or coating would work. 2020/08/30 . I have been doing research they is a lot of 2008 . Embarrassing!!! Started oxidizing in 2016 after the warranty expired. I have a paint protection plan but they aren't covering it because they. About a year ago, I noticed the paint on back of the hood (towards the cab) started to peel off. The new whitest paint formulation reflects up to 98. They bought a Chevy Blazer. Mar 29, 2009 · My interior grey paint on my dash is peeling and it wont stop any ideas 2002 Gmc CrewCab Leather seats, Efi Live, 4in Straight Pipe, Intake, High Idle Mod, A few dings from over the years, 250,000 miles Apr 01, 2015 · If the peeling paint problem is anything like the same problems Ford had back in those years, the problem is the e-coat (primer), not the paint. Mar 10, 2020 · AutomotiveTouchup sells everything from paint pens for small touch-ups to liquid paint for an entire repaint, but this being a small area on the roof, I opted for the aerosol spray can with a factory-matched paint code ($19. 6R-6 year bumper to bumper warranty-staying stock Getting the GMC Savana Van side prepped for paint and masking it up. I used to think it was due to the 2-3 times per year that I would put the LeBra on the nose of the car (for two weeks each time I drove 900 miles one-way up and down the East Coast) . in Gaithersburg. Toyota has recently sent letters to certain Toyota owners about fixing peeling paint. Purchased new in 2013, paid $62,000, top of the line Sierra, special white pearl paint, all the options. 1959 rare GMC 100 fleet option 100 pickup . Paint started peeling off hood and roof in early 2011. The defect, which affected various Mercedes vehicles manufactured between 2004 and 2018 that were coated in the company’s 590 Mars Red paint, caused the paint to develop blisters and bubbles and to peel, according to the class . I did at least one "peeler" a week for four years at a Pontiac/Olds/GMC dealer. 2011 Sierra 1500 SLT Z71 Crew. My white chevy work van (2010) is starting to peel paint off of hood. Jan 03, 2012 · "The Blessed Hellride"-Summit white 08' GMC Sierra SLT Z71 CC/SB-Big Dipper trans, built front end, some softy tunes, 35's, garage queen Rig ride/Black sheep-Black on Black 2002 Eddie Bauer explorer-31's, intake, stock. Sep 08, 2005 · 8,303 Posts. 10-11-2017, 11:24 PM. 2020/02/17 . Purchased vehicle in 2018 and was not notified of this recall, found it online October, 2020. well i fixed them with a can of spray paint from Advance auto parts. 2020/06/05 . I can actually see the edge of the peel underneath the fuel door. There's also a small bump below the GMC where some more is getting ready to break of. It makes the suv ugly gmc should have to fix this . The crazy thing is every single one of these cars who are facing the same peeling paint problem all have one major similarity: they are all white (aka “snow white pearl”). I happened to see another white Equinox a couple of days ago, that had the same . So mad! The white ones normally took 5-6 years to start peeling. but a recent new-hire here has a 2012 (also V6), never used a bra on it, and it has paint peeling as bad as mine in . 76). Went to dealer who blew me off - lots of stall tactics, etc. - Remove harmful iron deposits and protect your paint! Iron X by CarPro is an acid-free, pH-balanced iron remover that decontaminates auto paint and wheels. Jun 21, 2021 · I've got (white) paint peeling off the lip of the hood of my 2011 Chevy Equinox (bought new). If seems to be traveling further up the posts to the roof over time. to me it looks like white paint from driving over wet roadway paint. Why do so many Chevy trucks have peeling paint, especially white trucks? 3 Answers. White Van Repaint. Driving around any city or town and you will see dozens of older Chevy and GMC vans with paint peeling off in big patches on the hood and roofline. Since this truck was new, it has been garage kept and washed and waxed regularly. MKJy 89s paint was recalled but it was under 60k that you could get it painted for nothing, I dont think GM does a very good job of letting owners no about . Big thick chips you could literally grab with your fingers and peel off - right down to the primer level! GM admitted they painted over a dusty surface and ended up repainting the car (and many others, I'm sure). I did have it polished, buffed and ceramic coat applied. On some 2013-14 odyssey and 2013-16 pilot models, the exterior paint on the roof and tailgate may peel off. The paint starts to look like a white rash on the affected area. 2020/02/13 . White paint chipped off plastic piece around headlight on passenger side in between headlight and grill. I had a white chevy pickup that I owned for about a year, and I traded it in before I saw any signs, so I'm not reliable on the answer. You could tell the way the car was parked in the daytime. A Battery of the White GM Cars through 95-96 have this issue. I purchased a 2008 GMC 2500 HD Duramax on December 30, 2008. 2013/01/15 . The usual fix is buying . CarPro Iron X Iron Remover 500 ml. Jan 12, 1993 · If the paint on your General Motors Corp. It is white and it is also peeling paint behind the rear doors where the water channels off. Sep 26, 2016 · My 2012 Gmc Sierra penalized white is chipping and peeling . . at APlus Auto Repair. Now, on the liftgate where the windows and gate match has orange peeled to bad that the paint has bubbled and is now peeling. GMC dealership's body shop said factory paint didn't stick to the primer. This is a well known problem with GMC/Chevy Summit White cargo vans. '92-'96. Apr 20, 2020 · Purchased a white 2007 Sonata new in July 2007. Well when I did I saw what I dreaded, peeling paint. No peeling but paint is so oxidized that it looks like cheap flat house paint. 1993/01/12 . 95), clear coat ($9. These include Chevrolet, Toyota, and Kia. One today as dead center on the windshield, no damage to the windshield itself, but a bit of a gooey mess. 95) and a prep solvent ($2. some claim if you caught it soon enough they may respray it. My neighbor and I both bought new vehicles in 1986. I just thought I'd chime in on FORD being the best. This makes your vehicle look gross (like a peeling sunburn), but paint shops will want to strip it all and repaint it, which takes weeks and costs thousands of dollars. Dealer refuses to help ,GM denies there is a problem . If left untreated peeling paint will spread, leaving the bare metal bodywork exposed to moisture, oxidisation and everyday wear and tear — so it’s important to deal with it as . Paint Peeling Above Anti-Chip Area – 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra . Peeling, flaky paintwork occurs when one of the three layers coating the car’s bodywork (primer, paint and clear coat) is damaged, often by a minor scratch or chip. Iron X Iron Remover, CQuartz IronX, Paint Cleaner, paint decontamination. . This isn't a fair deal as it is no fault of ours. Hit two in the last week. 95 FREE Shipping Apr 28, 2013 · I just bought a new 2013 Denali with White Diamond paint. No letter here. All of the white Ford's that I've owned have never had this problem. How to Deal with Peeling and Flaking Paint. Vans manufactured during the years of 2000 – 2010 are known by many owners to have issues with peeling paint. after about 4 years it started with the hood then the roof, and now its the. If you look at your Primer you see that even though its not shiny, it is as smooth&n. 1% of sunlight – compared with the 95. Sep 29, 2019 · 2013 Camry with super white. The West/South side would peel easy, the North East would not. Apr 02, 2019 · Fast-forward to today: April 2019. Jason Quillen‎GMC · DENALI FRONT BUMPER PAINT PEELING OFF - 2014/2015 Silverado & Sierra Issues, Troubleshooting, &. Sep 05, 2020 · James M. Owners report flaking paint. Jun 03, 2020 · According to the Tesla Model 3 peeling paint class action lawsuit, Jean-François remarked paint flaking and peeling within the first six months of buying the vehicle. 8th Generation Maxima (2016-) - Peeling white paint on new maxima - As I was washing my car today I noticed that in between the passenger side bumper and fender the paint is . I have a 2003 Chevy with Spiral Grey Metallic paint, and the paint is rubbing off the edges on the side and back of my hood. gmc white paint peeling