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ford 9 inch tag identification 0" Cases 1. 17 shipping. 00 SKU:1104K Add to cart Rear Axle Conversion System for Late Ford Brakes $ 1,395. Add a brake kit and 3rd member and you have a complete brand new 9” Ford Hi performance rear end. The Ford 9. 8 or 9). With the availability of practically “everywhere”, high support, and ease of mod, it is no surprise why people are turning to the Ford 8. the WAR case has earned itself an unearned reputation. The cover is not quite square, measuring about 101/2 inches high by 11 inches long. 49 (39) Ford 9 Inch, Rear Position, 11. First came the 600 and 800 series followed by the 700 and 900 series. Or it could be OHO9 (hard to tell if those are 'ohs' or 'zeros'. While the 9-inch uses many similar pieces to the 12-bolt, it configures them in a somewhat more Ford Bronco Restoration Parts. 5-inch or 8. 8" 56. 8-inch pinion shaft is 15/8 inches and has 30 splines. and when I tighten donws the retaining bolts to even 15 ft lbs. 8-inch pinion, the 9-inch style utilizes a removable pinion cartridge. Someone seems to have put a 1967 mustang 8 inch rear into it (it still has the axle tag) Additionally, my 8 inch isn't in great shape (rusty, leaking everywhere) and needs new seals. 送料無料 北欧 デザイン チェア おしゃれ モダン 。MENU Flip Around スツール ?“約束の地” サンタ・ルシア・ハイランズ地区を代表するトップ生産者。有力各誌で“本家”DRCの特級に伯仲する「カリフォルニア版ラ・ターシュ総本家」 。《ルシア by ピゾーニエステイト》 ピノノワール ソベラネス・ヴィンヤード サンタルシアハイランズ 1973 - 1979 F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - ford 9 inch id? - i got a hi pinion dana 44 front and a ford 9 inch rear under my jeep. 75:1. There is a gear ratio stamped on the tag. Part Number: RHC-16-0004 LOL. the ford 9 in is (correct me if im wrong) 65 inches in width out of a bronco/f-150 and 68 in out of an E-150 van. 8- and 9-inch rear differentials are two of the most popular and best-performing differentials on the market. 2021-04-08 f2 Adding an indestructible 9-inch Ford rear-end and air suspension to our sleeper 1,080-horsepower 1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham. Find the best mattress for you. I was "told" that it was out of a 1966 Ford LTD (which scared me because of the freaky 9 3/8 ring gear) but its proving to be false. 13 gear ratios, standard or The Ford 9 inch rear end. I bought a ford 9” rear end, no idea what model or year it came off. 872 Applications: -Ford 9" [Big bearing]-Any converted housing using Ford big bearing housing ends. 9 3/8" ring gear housing (sometimes called a 9 1/2" Ford carrier -31 spline ) They appear to have come in the larger Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Currie 98832 9 Inch Ford Cut-To-Fit 28 Spline Axle, 32 Inch. Partner up with RacingJunk . Below are 2 tables showing the codes from the tag on a ford rearend the code will tell you if it is a 8 or 9 inch and what ratio is supposed to be in the carrier [ 8 inch | 9 inch ] 8 inch ID tag numbers Code Application Ring Gear And Pinion NL or L Axle Shaft Splines Additional Information; Ratio: Diameter of RG: WBG-E : Ford Truck '63-71 F100: 3. It features the legendary Ford 9-inch ring and pinion strength, 5-on-5. Compare mattress prices and types. If you can still read your door tag, the axle ratio is stamped on there useing a alpha/numeric code under section "AX" on the door sticker. Guaranteed,If not satisfied E- mail The Ford 8. $74. I have 2 classic ford rearends. Currie complete Ford 9-inch third members, make it easy to update your street rod, muscle car or race vehicle with a new gear ratio or carrier. Autolite carburetor use a 3 or 4 digit date code system. Pre-Owned. Thanks:) ! Let's start with the 9" Pictured at right, are the most common to the most desirable 9 inch Ford differential cases. The later model GM 8. I should have just ordered parts myself but he had already bought them, He got strange nodular cases and he wanted 31 spline front and 35 spline rear, I would have just stuck to one for both but whatever. Most mid-range performance axles typically exhibit a 1. 5", and 8. You can identify the Ford 8. The second row will have 9 or 10 digits. 00 REAR END OPEN DIFFERENTIAL ID TAG . from United States. Identifying a differential hinges the ability to distinguish the two primary rear-end types---the 8- or 9-inch rear end---denoting ring-gear size. 500 in. 5-Inch rear axle above – Ford 8. 5 bolt pattern, some 9 inch rears in cars had 5 x 5 bolt patterns. Decoding the data tag on the rear end will provide the information required when ordering replacement or up-graded parts for the Ford differential inside the rear end. Will work on Many Fords,full size and mid-size car and Mustang,Cougar,Trucks and many other fords. first off it gets its name from the casting number inside (i think there is also a WAB case and the same applies). AFB Series – (4 barrel) (1957 – 2001) metal tag: also some units stamped on edge of flange, some units stamped center of bowl in rear, some units stamped along bowl – airhorn seam in front, some units NOT stamped (tag only) Converter Type Hub to Stator distance Hub to Turbine Spline; G. Vehicles without a differential tag require visual identification of the assembly. 8-inch rear by its rear cover. The "L" in 3L50 stands for a factory-installed Trac-Loc, which Dana makes for the Ford axles. The Ford 9” was produced with 28 and 31 spline axles that even in their smallest form, are larger in diameter than those in the 10-bolt Chevrolet rear axle. I've got a good feeling that 3 73 is the ratio Strapped under many 3/4- and 1-ton Ford pickups are rear axles that are somewhat mysterious. 0:1 to 5. There were 18 ratios offered on Mustangs From 1965 til 1967: 9 conventional, and 9 locking. High Temp O-ring for Ford 9" Inch Pinion Support Rear End 30028. 73-5. 69. View top-rated mattresses. Rear Axle Conversion Kit for Late Ford Brakes $ 820. 5-inch 10-bolt was used in cars and trucks over a wide range of years. 55 and some got a locking (limited slip) differential. 25- or 10. If you are fortunate enough to find an axle with the identification tag still attached, it will help solve part of the mystery of what application the axle came from and what might still be inside. 8 is an automotive axle manufactured by Ford Motor Company at the Sterling Axle Plant in Sterling Heights, MI. 07. Bronco & Ford Truck Experts (248) 437-5060. 8 inch differential, this differential was utalized by Ford as early as 1981 in the F-100 pickup, Broncos in 1981 to 1984, E150 Vans starting in 1983. 8-inch differential, and a set of 12 identifies a 9. M. Unsure of their value, make reasonable offer. 3 views per day, 93 days on eBay. Ford 9 Inch Bolt-On Rear Disc Brake Kit w/ E-Brake Caliper $451. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our user agreement (effective 8/21/16) and privacy policy (effective 8/21/16). 50 LSD TAG as THEY WE'RE FROM THE 332442814567 The Ford 8" axle is a smaller version of the popular Ford 9 inch axle and features a drop out style carrier, 8" diameter ring gear, removable pinion support, and 28 spline axle shafts. 8-Inch HD cover has 12 bolts. i have no idea what they came out of. Continuing from 2011 to the current 2021 Mustang, each model from the MUstang GT all the way up to the flagship Shelby GT500 has a variant of the 8. We show the best and worst The Ford "8 3/4" is just a 9" with a slightly smaller ring gear. Please check your dimensions, as all Ford housing ends and brake dimensions are not the same! We’ve got beefy Ford 9-inch, Dana 44 and 60, GM 8. While junkyards aren't brimming with muscle cars anymore, they are stuffed with old pickup Many automatic transmissions have been used by the Ford Motor Company throughout the years, from early Ford and Cruise-O-Matic's to automatic overdrive four-speeds transmissions. And looking at the axle tag above, you can see it's a 3. 480 and 9. 25" (1964-1970) Mustang Mounting brackets fit the popular 9" late Ford axle housings with 2" x 3. I found what i think is a 9inch rear end in the pick a part today but I can't remember the identifying difference is between the 8inchand the 9inch rear ends. Spool Bearings, Bearing Races Included, 3. 9 3L75 that would be a 9" rear with 3. good luck! 72 US Ford Van 3/4 ton, 68 inches, 73-86 US Ford Van 3/4 ton 65. 77 sold. Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Page 03: NOTE: Axle tag location and appearance may vary by application. Tag: Ford nine-inch differential. First thing to understand in Ford 9 inch gear ratios chart is related to gear ratio. 27 or a 3. The open side of the seal, with the coil spring, goes toward the third member. Note cut In . 206 inches—one inch taller than the 260, 289, and 302 Windsor—and just a bit shy of the 351 Windsor’s 9. 11) something has make me guess we actually don't have a true 9 inch but a 9. You cannot use a 9” clutch and flywheel on a 144 or 170 engine. 75 to fit on the velle. 8-inch rear end, after 1979, with a variety of gear ratios and in both limited slip and open differential configurations. Lowers , 1" intake spacer,lakewood 50/50 shocks and 70/30 struts A Ford 8-inch rearend is a lower cost alternative to the popular 9-inch third member-type carrier, for enthusiasts with inline six-cylinder, V-6 or small-block V-8 engines. It was first used in model year 1983 Ford trucks. 00 Select 68-72 Chevy A-body cars Ford 9″ rear end Ford 9-inch differentials 9-inch tag decoder to our technical database in the This means that with the right width of axle you can transplant a Ford 9-inch Ford nine inch differential cases - MalibuRacing. (What you see below is a previous search for a Ford F150 Pickup Rear Axle Assembly and does not include all the Rear Axle Assemblies in YOUR area. They are waterproof and UV resistant, so weather is not an issue. I don't know what the 7GD is, the book states "Number shown only when it affects interchange" and the 9 is the date code, It also lists that the axles have 28 Splines. So the pinion head bearing installs without a shim underneath it. 0 out of 5 stars 4. 3L turbocharged four cylinder can be mounted to a lightened and faced Model A or B flywheel by drilling and tapping six additional holes. Most 9" rear differentials will be the open type. There are also 28 and 31 splined axles within the 9 inch rear ends too. 50 Ratio, the 040A is the assembly plant. Part Number: AAF-ALL72102 Not Yet Reviewed CTS 9 inch Ford Circle Track Detroit Locker and 8620 Xtreme Gear Ring & Pinion Combo. 99 $ 14. Ford 9 parts are always available for Same-Day Shippment. In its stock configuration, you should easily be able to transplant an 8-inch into any mid-size muscle car that has an engine rated at 300hp or below. P. 8 is becoming a very popular axle to install to just about everything. com my recent findings are that the 9 inch axle was either utilized again in Ford 9 inch Centers. Particularly in the 3. Yukon heavy-duty pinion support for Ford 9", for upside down applications Removable support that contains the pinion gear and pinion bearings and races. Some 8″ housings look like the early “smoothy” 9-inch housings, so merely peering under a crusty undercarriage will hinder a correct I. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and inserts advertising. I will post some Currie Enterprises makes it easy to source a Ford 9-inch rearend built to your specifications because everything from flange to flange is new. Each and every 9-inch housing is assembled on site. 00 Save 5%. The 9190950-31 contains the large I. 75 OPEN REAR END ID TAG MUSTANG. The tag reads WDM CJ 1K01 2 75 9 S314C I know is a 2. 9" Inch Ford Yukon Aluminum Case, Pinion Support, Yoke, Bearing Kit - Rearend. Standard 12-Bolt Chevy axles use a 1. The T18 case is of cast iron. 8. 1. which by thewayhas2. We have 28 spline and 3 Then, from 1986-2010, the Ford Mustang 8. I can't remember what I paid for them. Part Number: STR-D1590 NEW FORD 9&QUOT; Inch Diff Id Tag Suit Gt Xa Xb Xc Xw Xy Zc Zd 3. Because of its toughness and availability, the Ford nine inch has been adopted by many drag racers and muscle car owners. This is revolutionary technology because the car can accelerate faster. also the daytona pinion support come in various configurations , I have seen some that are flat and have the outer edge machined on face in The Packard's engine had to remain essentially stock, but was rebuilt with racing-quality connecting rods and other heavy-duty components. , 1. A Ford identifying tag is attached to one of the rear cover Hello. it has a 5 on 5 lug pattern and 28 spline axles. they both had a "L" between the ratio number on the rear end tag, Like 3L50. VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION. 250" Case, Pro Support (35 Spline) $155. FORD 9 inch 2. Lay a flat edge across the axle flange and measure the distance to the backing plate, this will tell you the width of the brake drum. 9 inch 3. This Is Opposite What You Would Do On Most Differentials, As Pinion Shims On A Ford 9 Inch Change Pinion Depth In The Opposite Direction Compared To Most Differentials. FORD 8. 50: 1990-1992: Ford Ranger 8. 25" / 10. -Ford 9 Inch Daytona Inner Pinion Bearing & Race For Standard 28 spl I bought a a 9inch with a 3. Bolt-in housing and axle packages include new housing, Custom Alloy Axles (28, 31, 33, or 35 spline), bearings, studs and heavy duty retainer plates. 25 LSD TAG as THEY WE'RE FROM THE 263309558565 Ford 9 inch 3rd member $450 Partners and Supporters - Support Local Racing. im putting in gears, lockers, and shafts now. 73 Gearset Into Our 1994 Cobra’s 8. The top line of the tag is the axle model and may consist of letters only, or a combination of both letters and numbers. . Here is a page with pictures of tags, including one from a Bronco with the 8. 7/21/2016. The Ford 8. Gonna take my time and build it up, but want to find some more info on it. Complete, ready to bolt-in Currie ® 9-inch Rearend for the 1966 thru 1977 Ford Bronco. com have hundreds of warehouses that we ship out of all across the US and Canada, meaning chances are we have what you need. 00 Rato, 3rd MEMBER REAR END TAG,-factory original, this is for open or single traction rear end,you will get the item in picture,has been cleaned and readly to be install. Hi, I am fairly new to the Ford scene (I have been a Pontiac guy all my life), and I just picked up a 66 Mustang for parts for my wife's car. Thunderbirds built from the start of production through mid-April 1957 used the same style as the earlier cars, and Thunderbirds built from mid-April to the end of production used a new Ford 9 inch carrier bearings and such So I am putting together some 9 inch diffs for a customer and things have gone awry. Included In Base Price: Currie Centurion High-Strength 9-Inch Notchback Housing ; Currie Sportsman Nodular Iron Gear Case With Daytona Pinion Support Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for FORD 9 INCH 2L75 POSI LIMITED SLIP TRACTION LOCK REAR END DIFFERENTIAL ID TAG at the best online prices at eBay! 9 inch Ford rear axle assembly complete from 63 T/bird. C, are that it has a stronger ring and pinion, a stronger housing, and a better gear ratio selection. 00 RATIO at the best online prices at eBay! 9 Inch Daytona Pinion Bearing/Race HM89410 / HM 89443 3. 1971-73 Mustang and Cougars needed the H code 351-2V or bigger engine to get 9 inch rears from the factory. 50: 1969-1977: Maverick 8" 56. The spring perch spacing makes the Versailles/Granada 9-inch Details for Ford 9" (9 inch) - 31 Spline differential to make sure you find the part that fits Ford 9 Inch. Code: 9CP300. $599. 5", Decal Badge Nameplate for 04-14 F150 F250 F350, 11-14 Edge, 11-16 Explorer, 06-11 Ranger(blue) $15. Housings, Chromoly, Natural, 3. Like this one pictured. The Ford 9-inch pinion is mounted lower in the carrier and has the greatest hypoid offset, which causes it to consume more power to drive it than the Dana 60 or GM 12-bolt. 062 O. Note Headed bolt Ote Flat . 70 2wd GM 6 lug rear end 12 bolt Possible gear ratio's 3:08, 3:40, 3:73 70-81 4wd GM 6 lug reared . The old middle / new back axle also came back to me in December. 2. The most important reason to go with the 9-inch, as Strange sees it, is the peace of mind that you get in regards to racing. Today, due to its legendary strength and unparalleled aftermarket support, it can be found in every manner of custom hot rod, muscle car/truck, and drag car. 0-inch and 9. ford tractor serial numbers and model identification This has been expanded to include four cylinder tractors thru the early thousand series and 3-cylinder models thru 1975. 73 gear ratio with a limited slip in a 8. To put that . D. 00 ID: 1. Built Vehicles(Warranty Plate) The above image illustrates the 1963 Galaxie Warranty plate. 89 O. 8” rear end. By Joseph Palazzolo. Ring Gear Diameter (in) WCZ-E 2. It has what the seller claims to be a 9-inch rear (it is not the original rear to the car), but I don't know how to tell the 9-inch from the 8-inch (I Another early style tag used by Ford, this one is off a 62 Galaxy with a 3. 503 The shoulder of the axle bearing is another area to examine. By Speedway Tech Team. 5 inch Tail shaft with larger universal joints. Which 9-inch differential you choose depends on how much power you intend to put through it. This axle is still in production today for a variety of Ford vehicles. Later BOM’s may start with the first 3 digits of 200, but these are typically not dropped from the tag. The Data Plate for the 1955 Thunderbird (shown below, click for larger version in new window or tab) is located in the engine compartment on the cowl just to the right of and below the hood latch mechanism on the passenger's side of the car. All of our 9" third members are assembled with new Timken bearings and a solid spacer in place of the standard crush sleeve. 00:18"WCZ-F12. 378. Often referred to as the Sterling 10. The Ford 9” Disc Brake Conversion kit is made of the highest quality materials and components. 50 Lsd Tag As Original Suit Falcon Fairmont Gt Xw Xy Xa Xb - $25. 22374: Ford 9 Inch 28 October 10, 2019 Building Strength: U. The Sterling 10. 0 inch We offer the most complete line of rear end parts for the Ford 9 inch differential including ring and pinion set, this differential was utalized by Ford as early as 1957 in the Fairlane followed by the Mustang in 1965 to 1973. Available in 6061 aluminum or nodular iron, and in anodized purple or traditional metal finish. The axle was developed to replace the Ford 9-inch axle. 25 inches for the Ford 9-inch and 1. The Rebuilt Ford 9-inch differential, removable-carrier rear axle. 11: 9. SAME DAY SHIPPING (if ordered before 2pm EST) PS035 - 9" Ford Pro Pinion Support - 35 ford nine inch. 9 Inch For ford Front Grille Tailgate Emblem, Oval 9"X3. Compare Products: YA F900001 [21208]. Ihave to narrow it about Built-to-order 31-spline Currie Performance Axles for Ford-9-inch rearendsDetails: Forged 1541 Induction Heat-Treated MaterialSmall, or Large Wheel Bearing Types4, 5 or 6 Lug Wheel Bolt Pattern7/16, 1/2 or 5/8 Wheel Stud SizeAxle Flange and Register DiametersIncludes wheel Bearing, Seal and Heavy-Duty Bearing Retainer Please Refer To Images Below For Measuring InstructionsAs Always, Our Wheel studs are offered in your choice of . 63 Galaxie 9" 28 Spline 67 Mustang 9" 28 Splin . 377 I. 31 spline Works with factory 9 inch Ford differential case, gear, axles and bearings; Spring loaded clutch pack with improved grip over OEM designs The Ford 9 inch has found its way into just about every brand of high performance vehicle on the road or track today. if its a newer 8. 80:18" WCZ-G3. 19″ Rotor $ 703. 50. Closed Sunday - Driving The Ford To find your Ford F150 Pickup Rear Axle Assembly from a RECYCLER NEAR YOU, just enter the YEAR of your vehicle and your ZIP code in the above form and press the "FIND" button. Normally, these cars got a 2. 9 FORD 9&QUOT; INCH Diff 3. 75" rear, but it was last used in the '82 model year, and models with a 2. As shown above, we have hand picked a variety of implements based on the Ford 9N specs that we recommend and carry to fit this tractor. 3). 150 Outer race width: . Brand New. 99 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Ford 9 inch; Ford 9 Inch Independent IRS; Quick Change Champ & V8; Dana 60; Brake Kits. 0:1 range, there's usually a gearset for at least every tenth of a 89 GT-gt40 ported heads with manley valves,cobra upr and lwr,E303 cam,1. 832 O. A guide to deciphering the rear axle code displayed on the VIN (warranty) tag of your 1973-1979 Ford truck. Your asssitance is greatly apprecieated. 0- liter Rangers and Explorers/Navajos. Ford Decal. it seems the 9 inch is wider than most though. An identification might be needed while looking for a donor rear in a salvage yard, or trying to find out what is in one’s own car. This tag is The 3rd digit of A generally signifies the full size Ford, like a Custom, Galaxie, or LTD. 5” clutches use a “dog dish” 132 Tooth flywheel. For instance, you might see 5561-1 for the BOM, but the 60 has been dropped, and one would need to use 605561-1. I have also installed a rear end from a Ford Granada. a. 00 SKU:1104 Add to cart Play it safe with your restoration or go all-out on performance by getting parts for the Ford Fairlane, Ford Torino and Mercury Montego from MAC's Auto Parts. BCARW207CCRA - Sealed ball axle bearing for Ford 8 & 9. 75" model came as standard equipment under almost every modern Ford F-150 and '97 to '06 Expeditions. Our after-sale support by “hands on” technicians provides an unbeatable value. I suspect it's an 8. Learn more about the NHRA Cobra Jet / 135 Series Ford 9,ford 9",f9,f9",detroit locker,automatic locker,locking differential,DET187SL17B,31 SPLINE,187SL17B,F9-DET-35,F9-DET,DET-35,DET, SKU: F9-DET-31-STD The Detroit is a fully automatic locking differential, if you need a dependable locker, that only unlocks when you need it to, the Detroit is a good option. 5 backspacing. 8-inch axle in the F150 is now an HD version. Ford rear ends, or differentials, were manufactured by either the Dana Corporation or Ford. help to identify 9 inch diff The Pub. Diff was a 9 inch removable carrier type with limited slip ‘tracktion lock’ and a Daytona 31-spline axle. However, a competition clutch package was installed, and a robust Ford 9-inch rear axle with limited-slip replaced the old stock Packard unit. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for FORD 9 INCH 3L00 POSI LIMITED SLIP TRACTION LOCK REAR END DIFFERENTIAL ID TAG at the best online prices at eBay! More Motorcraft 2 bbl Parts. Hoping someone can help with the numbers on the tag, the top row has: WFY-A5 3KC then the bottom Ron has 2 L . Front Kits; Rear Kits; Wilwood Disc Kits; Right Stuff Kits; Ford 9 inch Third Members; Differential Components. ARB AIR LOCKER FORD 9 INCH 2 INCH BEARING 35 SPLINE ALL RATIOS (RD99) 0 Review(s) Your Price: $1,060. To recognize a Locking 9" differential, look for a metal tag on one of the bolts that holds the center section to the housing. 003 Inches From The Original Shim. The hydraulic lift was improved and the rear axles were redesigned as one piece to eliminate the 57-59 ford station wagons, inclusive ranchero and sedan delivery 58-90 F100 and F150 57-67 thunderbird 63-69 falcon and comet 57-64 ford and mercury full size cars 63-69 fairlaine 58-60 edsel 66-77 bronco (5 on 5 1/2 inch bolt pattern) 75-78 ford granada and mercury monarch 71-76 torino, ranchero and mercury montego 77-81 lincoln versailles Fortunately for Ford enthusiasts, the 9-inch rear was under just about everything, including trucks. The Ford 9 inch rear end. 99. $14. 1 sold, 0 available. 9 Inch Carrier Bearing/Race LM102949/LM102910 2. 70 shipping. $150. The Mustang came from the factory with a 7. ) Ford 9 inch Discussion in '2013-14 Shelby GT500' started by manny231988, Sep 11, 2019. Otherwise identical, and regular 9" parts can be used for a rebuild. Larger brakes and 35 spline outer shafts were made standard in 2005. Sep 13, 2019 #21. It can only be fitted with 28 spline axles. 562 Inner race width: . Dutchman’s "D-Fab 9" housing is the ultimate in 9 inch Ford steel housing strength. Find 9 inch Axle Ring & Pinions and more online today! R9FDP - Setup Kit 9" Ford, 3. Got this info off the ID tag -- 3 73 S614E 88 0H09. 9-Inch Ford. 75 OPEN REAR END ID TAG MUSTANG, MERCURY, LINCOLN. At one time or another, it was installed in nearly every Ford passenger car and truck. 8 differential ID tag attached to the differential will tell you the gear ratio, rear end style, and whether it has limited-slip. 562-inch id bearing; racing axles, like the MW Hi-Torque, employ a 1. 8-INCH The 8. 562 in OD, 7/32 in Wall, 3 in Tube, Blue, Ford 9 in, Each. Buy high quality used 2003 Ford F-150 Pickup Rear Axle Assembly cheap and fast. Ford Differential Axle Codes Identifying Ford Vehicles Equipped with OE Traction Rear Ends Ford cars and trucks from 1968 on have an axle code on the Certification Plate, information on this plate can be used to determine if you vehicle is factory equipped with a limited slip positraction rear end - differential. it so i can use it on my Nova. 00 $ 149. This gear is commonly called as axle used solid configuration that changes from pinion teeth into center. Showing 1–16 of 18 results 10/12 Bolt Rear Parking Brake Kit 12. Axle Codes (Door Sticker): Rear axle codes can be found on the Safety Standard Certification label attached to the left drivers side door lock post. We have 28 spline and 3 Ford called it the Lone Star Limited, but in Texas it was known as the Bluebonnet Special Mustang. I am measuring from widest two studs centers of teh 5 star, and it comes up as 4 and 1/4 (center line of the two studs), and that doesn't seem right, as all the kits seem to love 5 on 4. Ford 9. Ford versions are driver's side differential drop, reverse-cut gears, and kingpin knuckles up to 1991. The C-series' are Ford's primary automatic transmissions and are evolutionary, with the C3, C4 and C6 models each having an THUNDERBIRD IDENTIFICATION 1958-1968 1 1958-1968 Thunderbird Identification Spec Sheets The Sterling 10. For example: The tag will say: 350 for 3. It is known as one of the most popular axles in automotive history. It was introduced in 1957 model year cars and ended production in 1986, having been phased out in favor of the Ford 8. But all tagged 904-A have lights. Save this search. Built to Currie's standards, kit includes a new Currie Centurion heavy duty Ford 9-inch housing with heavy duty suspension brackets installed in the OEM locations and 31-spline performance axles. 75" diameter ring gear with 34 spline semi-floating axle shafts. 8 axle being phased gradually until Currie Ford 9-inch housing and axle packages for 1960-72 2WD C10 trucks are the perfect rearend for your custom C10 build. Here's how this number is decoded: * Ford 8. 75 ratio open rear. "STRONG AND VERSATILE" - That's what makes the 9 inch Ford diff so popular Most people running performance street vehicles have had the misfortune to break either axles or a centre and once you start combining high horse power Our XHD D-Fab 9 new Ford 9” housing is designed for Hi performance street, track, and offroad cars or trucks. If you prefer to stick with a factory 9 Ford also manufactured axles of this design with 8. The Ford 9-inch differential is one of the most widely used differentials in hot rod, street rod and 4x4 vehicles. This cast pinion cartridge allows you the freedom to adjust pinion mounting depth independent of bearing preload. Im tearing a dana 35 out of my 94 yj and planning to throw a ford 9 inch in its place . But it's not absolute, as parts that fit multiple vehicles (like axle carriers and housings) just get stamped with an A as a generic Ford code, could have been from a Fairlane or Mustang or a truck, even. I was told that if you can get to the bottom bolts of the third member with a socket, its and 8 inch, and if you need to use a wrench Axle Housings, Fabricated Ford 9 in. Foundry designation would often be cast into a major cast iron component like the block, heads, intakes, center sections and Posts about Ford 9-inch written by Gonzo Dave. You can also pick the components you want, and have Speedway Motors do all the work for you and build a third member exactly to your specifications. Heidts: Third gen rear Ford 9" diff IRS kits. 0 out of 5 stars 1. 1973 - 1979 F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - 9 inch rear end tag translation - can somebody translate a 9 inch rear end tag and tell me what ratio the ring gear and pinion is? tag reads WDM-AG1 5FD 3 00 9 344B hey guys, got a sweet deal on a ford 9 inch the other day. Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Relevance Title Brand Newest Oldest Availability Ford made 1,806 Boss 351s. FOR SALE! FORD 9" INCH DIFF 3. The original equipment u-joint size was either 1310 or 1330 series. -New Timken USA Bearings Ford 9 Inch Carrier bearing and race Typically used for 28 An identification tag is attached to one of the rear cover-to-housing retaining bolts. The Dana 60 has so much mass it too consumes a lot of power to drive (although many say it feels slightly less than a 9-inch Ford). Overall Length, Ford 9 in. Tag reads C2AA4001 DV 100,second line:: 3. 00 to 6. Ring & Pinions are different than the previous 8. The Ford decal sticker is available in many sizes, and also colors. We pulled a 9 inch rear housing out of a ’59 Ford Edsel that had the large bearing ends on it, just as an example. All 9” clutches use a “flat” 136 Tooth flywheel. 00. Ford 10. Gear Introduces Its New 10-Inch Gear Sets September 18, 2019 Swapping A US Gear 3. Identification Tag. Both of these can be found on the Ford 9 inch rears. Variations by Ford exist in the size of the outer axle bearings in the housings and carriers both, as well as with the spline count on the axle shafts. Ford’s 9 inch rear axle was produced from 1957 through 1986. 73 or 3. Carefully inspect the axle, so you do not buy the wrong one. 50:1 ring and pinion gear ratio. Trac-Loc? The Truetrac is manufactured by Eaton. 50 L/S rear 9". Also on the tag is an ID number, which, until 1985, included four to five letters, no numbers. The plate is located on the rear (lock) face of the left front door panel. The Non "N" n case ( C4AW-B ) can be identified by the way the horizonal ribs end , the WAR case has ribs that protrude slightly more than the C4AW case but they "drop off " sharply where they end , the C4AW case has ribs that step down or have "feet" . the first came with a 69 coupe parts car and may be a 8 inch rear, not sure what they look like. They are genuine Ford as the stamping indicates. ft of torque under high-stress. FREE Shipping. It has a big "N" on it above the pinion. From Ring & Pinion Sets to Install & Repair Kits, Axles, Bearings Lockers, Posi's and more. I have dropped a 302CI engine & AOD transmission from a 1985 Lincoln Continental into it. 50 Ratios Dana 30 Identification: Roughly square-shaped differential cover with rounded corners and 10 bolts, 9 inches wide. 00 – $ 805. The 600 series was basically the 134 cubic inch NAA with a few updates. 8" - but haven't seen it in person yet. C7 for the housing is '67 and the C6 carrier is a '66. 00:1 Ratio Crown Wheel and Pinion ' Motive ' Diff Gear Set - NEW. 84 to 6. 8 as their solution to differential upgrades. 25 inch Ring and Pinion Differential Component Parts We offer a complete line of rear end parts for the Ford 10. The only cars that had 31 spline axles were the old full size cars and the special high performance cars. These are obviously used but appear to be in good condition. Home Featured Products Ford 9 Inch. For over half a century, the Ford 9-inch rearend has been the king of aftermarket axle upgrades. There's no rear axle ID tag code of WFE-L2 listed for 1957/72 or 1980/87. the For bigger tires and/or engines, it's usually swapped for a Ford 9-inch. I have not disassembled it but internally it looks like it is using springs and gears, not clutches. 25 Lsd Tag As Original Suit Falcon Fairmont Gt Xw Xy Xa Xb - $25. 8" Narrowed w/2 short side axles: 57. The 9-inch axle was produced a variety of ways for Ford’s heavier duty applications, fullsize Galaxies, pickup trucks, and big-block V-8 automobiles. 79-82 Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Page 06: NOTE: Axle tag location and appearance may vary by application. The 9-inch was standard equipment in almost every Ford car and light truck built from 1957 through 1986. 400-inch id bearing, while the one for the small Ford is 1. SHARE THIS ARTICLE: Please feel free to share this post on Facebook / Twitter / Google+ or any automotive Forums or blogs you read. 98 Pair 332-428 Ford FE Engine Forum Do you have questions regarding your 332-428 cubic inch FE series Ford engine? Discuss identification, hop-up tips, overhaul, history, etc. 8 axle build showing what the axle tag means. Secrets of the Ford 9-Inch Rear Axle Posted on December 30, 2020 by MCG Even though it was developed more than 60 years ago, the Ford 9-Inch is the rear axle of choice throughout the American high-performance world. On the Rear End Ratios. It was first used in model year 1985 Ford trucks. -New Timken USA Bearings Ford 9 Inch Carrier bearing and race Typically used for You have to take a pic of the front of it where the pinion comes out for me to tell for sure but it is a 8 or 9 inch rearend. In 1968, the original FE 428-cubic-inch V8-powered Cobra Jet was created for this purpose. Choose tapered roller bearings for circle track, pick-up and demolition derby applications. 50 Ratio - $25. They are available in either a standard case, nodular case, or an aluminum thru-bolt for street to race applications. 187SL17B is for 31 spline axles . The Ford 9N Tractor comes equipped with a 3 point hitch system with a PTO output. If it was a limited slip ratio, it would look like this on the tag:3L00. 25 Inch Rotor Diameter Ships Free Video Available The Ford 9 Inch Econo Ring & Pinion Set-Up Tool Kit, part # 91082720, includes the tools you need to lock the pinion in place during assembly, as well as setting the correct gear backlash. 00 1MA Here is a common Mustang tag WCZ-V identifies it as a 67-70 Mustang and 67-68 Cougar 8" rear with 2. Locate the identification tag on Ford manufactured rear end units. While the 8. O by the way the bucket o bolts that the rear end came out of was a 67 cougar. 875, with the Mustang rear at 8. Quick ID guide for the Ford 8 in. It has new bearings and seals and clutches. The Ford casting number always starts with the 'Decade' letter'(see table 1. 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 Mecum 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351C R-Code Mecum. 1957-64 Ford = 57. When you want the traction benefits of a limited slip differential in your Ford 9 inch rearend without the expense and noise of a full-locker unit, our clutch style differentials are just the ticket. any help would be nice. GM 7. 5 or a 9 3/8 as some of you know. JEGS is the source for performance parts with Same Day Shipping. Learn more about the 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Ford 9-inch The 351C is a short-lived powerhouse that features a deck height of 9. Axle Housing Seal, 2. 00 1MA Here is a common Mustang tag WCZ-V identifies it as a 67-70 Mustang and 67-68 Cougar 8″ rear with 2. Add to cart. Carriers and Differentials; Spools; 3rd Member Cases; Gears; Yokes; Eaton; Strange Engineering; Motive Gear; Wavetrac; US Gear; Axle and Housing Will a 9" fit under a lowered series II does anyone have specs for size or any pics installed want to use the original lug pattern and 13 inch rims The remedy is a tough and time-tested Ford 9-inch rear axle. High amount of views. On a 9 inch rear end , you cant get a socket wrench on the bottom two nuts. A 93⁄8-inch axle has an obvious visual difference in the third-member casting rib structure of the curved top horizontal rib. i have the ID tag for this as well but i gotta upload a photo. 3125 I. 93⁄8-Inch. WIDE This is just a simple video part of the ls Swap Jeep Ford 8. Yokes for 8 inch and 9 inch Ford Rears To properly build a third member to “bolt in” to your car, we will need to know what yoke your car currently has installed. you need an open end or a box end wrench. Pic from 1973/79 Ford 100/500 series truck parts catalog: Hey, I have this ford 9 inch that i pulled out of a junk yard, it was out of a 70's ford f150 ranger. How to quickly identify the exact specifications of your Ford differential housing. It is easily distinguished from a 9-inch by having a cover on the back. 250 in. Its primary home is in the new-generation F-150s with the higher GVW package Alternatively, a 9 inch diaphragm pressure plate and matching clutch driven disc for a 1983-88 Ford Thunderbird or 1984-86 Mustang SVO 2. Please select a rear end that matches your vehicle below. The main question is what front diff will match in length so my yj doesn't look goofy HOME. 682-J FORD 9 INCH NODULAR DAYTONA BEARING PINION YOKE IDENTIFICATION. this thread might get carried away so i will add some info in case there are some newbies trying to figure out why we are slamming WAR cases. carrier bearings and pinion bearings needed for use The benefits of the 9-inch, according to J. Currie Ford 9-inch rearends are built to match the vehicles original equipment axle width, pinion location, suspension mounting points, and wheel bolt The favorite stock diff for 9 inch junkies is the nodular case diff. $20. 25 & 10. FORD 9″ REAR HOUSING. just like the title , im lookin for a way to see if i have a large bearing 9 inch or small. Please watch the video for a complete overview of how to do this before you order. While its bigger brother is found under full-size Ford trucks, the 9. This tag is The Ford 9-inch is an automobile axle manufactured by Ford Motor Company. The only axles that are marked differently are ones made by Dana. Note Ijnmaehined urface . this tag is typical of an Autolite 4300 carburetor, C8ZF-A with date code 8B13. 9 inch Differential Specialists - 9" Axles, 9" Centres, 9" Housings & all other Performance Differential Components. . 79:18" WCZ-W3. Ring gear bolts not included. Click on Part Number for Dimensions and to Order. You can identify the 8-inch a couple of different ways. manny231988 Active Member Established Ford 9 inch rear end If its a Ford 9 inch rear end you are in need of then you are in luck, us here at useddifferentials4all. 785" Journal 28 Spline: Ships Directly from Manufacturer: $128. 79 ratio, open. its hangin on the rear cover it will have a series of numbers and letters on it something like this. 5” rear end now went into all 4 cylinder (2. 5" Sterling axle and features a 9. 38-inch ring gears for various applications, and at one time or another, the axle family has been used in virtually every U. 5" GM Gears; 8. Tags: Tech, Driveline and Axles. 7 Rollers ,pulleys,80mm Mass Air,190lph pump, MSD Ignition, 3. You refill it from that screw in plug on the back of the main housing halfway up. some cars got a 3. 5 ford go for the 8. 235 results for ford 9 inch rear end used. GM 55 Passenger. There are two rows of numbers on the tag. The tag will tell the It is installed in a 9" third member. Axle Tag Decoder Written by FoxChassis Thursday, 24 May 2007 17:35 Not much is known about the Axle Model code so this decoder will focus on decoding the Axle Ratio PicClick Insights - New Ford 9" Inch Diff Id Tag Suit Gt Xa Xb Xc Xw Xy Zc Zd 3. 774-inch bearing. Even the 390 GT Fairlanes only had the 28 spline axles. Of these Ford rear differentials, either a 28, 31, 35 or 40 spline axle can be used. Switching to open-chamber cylinder heads lowered compression to 9:1 and also reduced emissions. Note casting number C8AW-4668-B on pinion support and the double ribs (spaced further apart) with the end bent down on one Most parts from these rears do not interchange with the 9 inch carriers. Next, put a socket on one of the lower mounting bolts. 80:1 8 MY 9 INCH TAG READS WDX-61 8DL 2 47 9 4028 AND IS 58 1/2 IN. 00 Ford 9 inch Discussion in '2013-14 Shelby GT500' started by manny231988, Sep 11, 2019. Starts with the year on left, a letter in the middle for the month and a 1 or 2 digit number on the right depicting the day of manufacture. All third members come with a new housing gasket, and all trac-lok units […] Trying to ID what vehicle and type of rear end this might be. GM 55 Truck. Yukon 1541H alloy rear axle for Ford 9" ('77 and newer) Fits 1977 and up Ford 9" in F150 and Bronco Performance Automotive Parts from Accel Billet Edelbrock MSD VDO. I have a 9 inch housing in my 57 Ford pickup that has a smoothe back with the barely raised flat strip in the middle and dimples on each side. First, check to make sure you have a 5 x 4. Note no L between 2 and 7 on second line. It also now has a solid steel "billet" clutch cover in place of the light duty cast cover. 22379: Ford 9 Chrome-Moly Hardened X Pin Shaft: New: A Ford 9-inch has a ring-gear diameter of, you guessed it, 9 inches closely followed by the 12-bolt at 8. They're tough, a variety of gear ratios are available, and they look good without all the brackets and 9 Inch Carrier Bearing/Race LM603049/LM603011 3. For years the Ford 9” Rear End has been popular with custom restoration projects as well as stock Ford restoration projects. "The Graveyard," has been in business since 1985. The new 8. Ford truck axles are identified by a small tag attached to the differential casing on the rear axle in most cases. Turbo 350 and Turbo 400: 3,050 inch Every dataplate contains both a model identification (stamped at the bottom on the left) and a serial number (on the right). 5” clutch. 75. 9" long and features a cast iron top cover that is retained by six bolts. Understanding Ford 9 inch gear ratios. "VV" stands for Victor-Victrola. 5" rear end parts for F-Series trucks. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NEW FORD 9" INCH DIFF ID TAG SUIT GT XA XB XC XW XY ZC ZD 3. These tags tell you the month and year of production, the model year, the change level number, and the CID (cubic inch displacement). 8 inch axle. 001) Of An Inch. Ford F-150 9-Inch Axles: The Ford 9-inch can be found under 1974-1986 F-150s and 1978-1986 Broncos. Factory options included: 351ci 4-barrel engine, 3-speed manual transmission, Ford 9 inch 3. 00 + $3. Making differentiating differentials easy. The Lincoln Versailles/Ford Granada 9-inch rearend is a popular swap for vintage Fords due to its disc brakes and 9-inch differential. 31 spline Works with factory 9 inch Ford differential case, gear, axles and bearings; Spring loaded clutch pack with improved grip over OEM designs Ford used a wide variety of structures for their part numbers and date codes. S. It is perfect to look at even. 000 O. 25 inches 67-71 Comets, Cougars, US Fairlanes 59. 75", 7. Yukon offers a wide range of kits from Mini-Kits, with the bare essentials for a repair or swapping gears, to Master Overhaul Kits that contain every small part you’ll need for a complete replacement of bearings, seals, shims, ring gear bolts, crush sleeves and more. The tag is still your best bet on getting accurate info on your rear end. Here is Technical Ford 9" identification. Ford has a wide range of front and rear ends! We carry everything from the 8" IFS front end parts, to the large 10. THUNDERBIRD IDENTIFICATION 1958-1968 1 1958-1968 Thunderbird Identification Spec Sheets The metal tag attached to the diff is what I would go by, and it looks like you have the 3. 5. You can purchase high quality ring and pinion sets in various ratios, high quality bearing rear end bearing overhaul kits including pinion bearings, pinion seal, crush sleeve, pinion nut, shims, ring gear bolts, marking compound and gasket. 75 9 4808. Home / Performance Front & Rearends / Parts Department / Ring & Pinion Sets / 9-Inch Ford. 8 AND 9 INCH. Available for the 28 or 31 spline axle. Fuel capacity: As per standard GT (see above). The big bearing axle typically came on trucks and full size ford cars found in the late 50’s. 95. 50 Ratio PicClick Exclusive. Use 1968 Ford and Mercury Identification (Warranty Plate) Fig. But after i ordered the gears (4. 625-inch diameter and numerous bolt circle configurations. Tag which would tell me the gear ratio. From 1979-1984, the rear axle was typically a Ford 9-inch axle, with the Ford 8. The case itself is unusually narrow for a heavy-duty gearbox, and features mild ribbing for strength. So what is the process to determine the gear ratio ? I need step by step instructions. 80:18" WCZ-F3. 99. For Sale: Ford 9 inch Lightweight Dirt Track Spools $65. 99 + $9. This kit is designed for vehicle installations with a 2. Specs: 7 1/4-inch ring gear, 27-spline axles, 2. 2] There are more gear ratios available for the 9-inch Ford than any other rearend out there. We custom build Ford 9" rears to your specs - ready to "bolt-in" to your car. The stock manual transmission was retained. Differentials take the power from the rear axle and transfer it to the rear wheels by way of special gears. Add to Ford 9-inch differentials 9-inch tag decoder to our technical database in the axles to 68 inches on the 1972 E-series Ford vans A list of rear end dimensions Axle Tag Decoder - Four Eyed Forums Axle Tag Decoder There were many different rear axle ratios available but only two Ford calls their version of the limited slip differential When the Ford 9-inch axle originally appeared in 1957 under the Fairlane and F-100 pickup truck, no one knew what an enduring legacy it would have. Ford Pass. 55 posi for 300 bucks. 8s—and all post-'86 Ford rearends—have letters and numbers. Same as the axle housing. I am seeking a 9-inch because my car was a factory 9-inch car. I have a rear end in my car that has been sort of a mystery. 8-Inch rear axle below. ,427,428 Fairlanes. im not sure if they are from the same truck or not. 25 inches or 61. My Ford 3000 was a 3-cylinder version built after 1965. 25 inches Unlike the 8. It hasn't been determined with any certainty what vehicles got the 6. The standard non-independent rearend used under most cars in the hobby is the 9-inch Ford. 50 shipping . 000 in. Ford Rear End Warranty and Install Info - Warranty, installation tips and instructions and required break-in procedures for proper break in. Identification Ford, Jeep & IH The T18 transmission is 11. The retail cost of the housing is $605 and the optional back brace is $185. 9-Inch Standard Ring And Pinion Gear Sets (3. -----'69 RS/SS396 Pro Street 427 4 speed 9" Byars Performance LLC In late '54 Ford introduced the new expanded line up of the hundred series tractors for '55. NOTE: All Ford 9" full spools use overhaul kit 9190950-31, even if they are a 28-spline spool. Application: Order: F2J-(jet size)Jet: Main Jets Fits Motorcraft 2100 2150 4100 4300 1964 and Newer. ford usually has a metal tag hangin off one of the diff cover bolts. A Ford tag number will appear something like 12D04 which signifies April 4, 2012, which makes Ford rear end identification much simpler. 75-inch differential. Image may vary from actual product. Add Or Subtract Pinion Shims In Thousands (. 8 and 9 inch - Assembly, disassembly and performance tips and modifications. 73's,Frp Axle Guirdle, tremec 5 speed,billet flywheel, Ford Racing Headers (Jet-Hot coated),Off Road X pipe, 24lb injectors, 70mm tbody,subframe connectors, aluminum driveshaft,HPM Megabite Jr. 2021-04-08 f2. vehicle identification The 1957 Thunderbird utilized two different Data Plate styles, depending on scheduled date of manufacture (both are shown below). Powerglide: 3,000 inch: 76,20 mm: 4,500 inch: 114,30 mm: G. 5 lug pattern (same as older Jeep), a 65-inch width at the wheel mounting surfaces, large-bearing semi-floating axles, and many can be found with hefty 31-spline axleshafts. Trac-Lock Posi Internal Parts Kit for Ford 9" - 9 Inch Rearend Axle - 31 Spline. 25 inches The 31 spline axle rears are the best to have but you will only find them in the 289 H. They have the split bolt patterns 5 on 5 and the 5 on 4. According to Fordification. Update your shipping location FORD 9 INCH 3. We offer a complete line of rear end parts for your Ford 8. Our decals apply easily to any smooth surface. 8" and 3. Thanks Ford attached an aluminum tag to one of the carrier bolts at the factory to aid in determining the gear ratio and build date of the 9-inch rear. Listed are the expected RPM's at 60 MPH with a given rear end ratio and tire height. k. 9CP300 Au$399. 5" GM Gears; Mini Spools; Installation Kits; Nodular Iron Center Section; Pinion Supports; 9" Ford Pro Gears; Rear End Bearings; Xtreme Light Weight Gears; Yokes; Rears. They don't seem to last long. Ford Dana 60 axles mostly feature 35 spline inner axle shafts, but some are 30 spline. C3TA 4001 B 301 3 89 2HE That is what i could make out of it anyway. and 9 inch rear axle. 5″ Rear-end; How To Install Ring and Pinion Gears in a Ford 8. Read our review of top rated mattresses for 2021. I pulled it because when i turned the wheels they both turned the same way and the tag said 3L25, so i figure its a limited slip or something, but im just not totally sure of what it is. I went to Oreillys to price bearings and it came • Available in ratio of your choice • Ford 9 inch third members assembly Starting at: $1646 This third member is shown with a Detroit Truetrac carrier, Motive 9 inch ring and pinion, in a John’s nodular iron case, John’s aluminum pinion support, and a forged 1330 short pinion yoke. Title: Ford nine inch differential cases 9 inch diff I brought had tag no clue what it mean: This is what I brought and someone asked this question before auction finished this was his answer I paid 655nz for it. Here is the early style tag used by Ford, this one is off a 62 Galaxy with a 3. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for FORD 9 INCH 2L47 POSI LIMITED SLIP TRACTION LOCK REAR END DIFFERENTIAL ID TAG at the best online prices at eBay! Ring & Pinion and Differential Parts Ford 9. 25 iches (narrowest 9" housing) 66-77 Bronco 58 inches but has 5-on-5 1/2 inch diameter bolt circle 67-73 Torinos, Rancheros, US Fairlanes 59. NO RUSTY case. Other standard cases encountered: C1AW-4025-C,C4AW-4025-A "WAR" How to Measure Ford Rear End Axle Splines, Flange Width and Height Ford 8 Inch and 9 Inch Third Members - Identify 28 and 31 Spline Axles, Yoke Flange Width and Height Metro Auto Parts Market Here is the early style tag used by Ford, this one is off a 62 Galaxy with a 3. These are 9" Ford lightweight steel spools for circle track racing only. the problem is that the WAR case looks like its big brother the N case because 2. The same markings are used but they are placed on the casing and the long shaft of the axle rather then the tag. FORD 9″ REAR AXLE. The axle was developed to replace the Dana 60 and Dana 70. car and light truck platform produced by the company between 1957 and 1986. All 144 & 170 engines will have the Three bolt starter and 8. 5-Inch and 8. (Yes, it looks quite ugly) This is the correct seal for our SMALL bearing 9 inch or 8 inch with 28 spline axles. Gear sets and axles may be selected in standard or Pro Race and complete Strange 12 bolt rear ends come with a chromed steel cover (aluminum cover available), S-Series pinion yoke , and pinion yoke u-bolt set. Custom made to order in the USA. Hello All, I am restoring a Ford 1949 F1 Pickup. , Set. 8-Inch axle and are not interchangeable. The majority of casting part numbers have 9 digits within 3 different groups and the first digit is the start of the part number. They didn’t have to add any more holes in it, either, but they *did* have to take the high pinion third member, with the attached Magic Box, off and put on the unadorned low pinion third member from the old back / new middle axle. I figure it is a 7. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. The 9" was in production from 1957 to 1986 (thru 1987 for E150). If Old Pinion Was +2 And New Pinion Is -1, You Will Need To Subtract . Doesn't look like the Ford Trac Loc and I have not been able to find anything on-line that even looks like it. Like the 8-inch unit, the 9-inch is a two piece axle with a removable differential carrier. WIDTH IS 1550 END OF AXLE TO END OF AXLE MARKINGS ON TAG ARE WFX-A 3GD 2L 75 9 896E STILL IN CAR AT THE MOMENT CHEERS ROB 1:16 pm, Hey All, are 9 inch rears, 5 lug on 4. if someone could please help. On some tags, the first 2 digits don’t appear on the tag, but they must be used to identify the axle. 9 inch Ford rears Ford 9 Inch Rear End Identification There are several different variations of the 9 inch Ford housing in use today! Use the image below to find out what style of housing you have, as this information will come in handy if you decide to order a big brake kit from our selection. 73 and later 9" (cars) have a 5-on-5 bolt circle and the axles cannot be shortened ; 67-73 Mustang axles identified by wheel flange: oval hole - 28 splines, two large holes and counter sunk center - 31 splines. 25 IFS product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Note . 8-inch axle. standard O. Choose Posi or Locker, gear of your choice, type of case, drum or disc brakes, 28, 31, or 35 spline axles. 00 open 9 inch. The Ford 9-inch is an automobile axle manufactured by Ford Motor Company. FORD 9&QUOT; INCH Diff 3. All 8. In racing and hot rodding today, you’ll find these rear ends and their aftermarket descendants in just about everything—not just Fords. Generally speaking the 8" will not handle the abuse of the 9", and is good to about 300 lb. Welcome to the Australian Ford Forums forum. pretty sure its small but you never know. Ford E150 Van '75: 4. Ford 7. Buy early Ford Bronco 9 inch rear axle parts at Bronco Graveyard. This Will Trying to ID what vehicle and type of rear end this might be. Mustang sales were a little soft in the winter of 1966-1967 in this area, so Ford wanted to boost them. 56" pattern and big 3. 4X4s & Trucks. The Ford 9 inch rear end also has the widest variety of ratios on the market, Particularly in the 3. Same process to decode it, look at the first few numbers on the bottom/ second line. Pictured in photo - Ford 9" rear for "G" body car. 8. Ford 8" and 9" ID Tags According to the paperwork I have, WDC-EL, signifies Ford and Mercury vehicles from '77 & '78. Ford improved tooth contact of the Ford 9 inch gears by locating its pinion gear lower on the ring gear. 50 or 5 lug on 4. Also on the tag is an ID number, which, until 1985, included four to five letters and no numbers. 9 Inch Ford rear differential. $22. 3. If your starter attaches with TWO bolts to the bell housing you have a 9” clutch. 00 standard axle ratio, black hood stripe, F70x14 belted tires, power steering, AM radio, tinted glass, front bumper guards, and tachometer. 8L). $149. Cars. 8". 75" axle is a slightly smaller version of the Ford 10. 15" diameter bearing. 1K01 I have a V8 Granada that I bought for parts and I am trying to find out what rear end it has. 5 inch differentials, this differential was utalized by Ford in the F-350 and F-450 starting in 1983; our inventory includes ring gear and pinion sets, including aftermarket and OE gear sets. Have purchased a 63 Falcon Panel Van was advertised with a ford nine inch but guy who delivered car tells me i have been dupted its an 8 inch how do i tell the difference. Tag reads C2AA4001 DV 100, second line: 3. Market price: $629. 8-Inch Heavy Duty – Starting in 2015 the 8. 5 axle is currently only made as a full floating axle. 875-inch, and many other front and rear axle assemblies at Summit Racing! Crankshaft Coalition Wiki -- hot rod tech articles Ford 9 inch Moser 9 inch (Gen 3 and 4) Ford 9 inch swap into a Third Generation Chevy Camaro: Kits available to bolt right in with spring pads, torque arm mount as well as control arms and panhard rod. I have heard is a true 9" gear. Only 6 left in stock - order Having problems with Ford 8. 8 Inch Rearend Ford 9 inch Gears. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the express prior written permission of Engaged Media. 5:1 final drive ratio. On modern vehicles, 2WD vehicles have only one differential, and 4WD vehicles have two visible on the assembly. Full details on how to read and decode differential identification tags l Ford 9" History - Identification Ford used the axle from around the 1957 model year right up until the early 1980’s in cars and trucks. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Sep 11, 2019 #1. 1 1 Model Year Code 7 Color Code 2 Assembly Plant Code 8 Trim Code 3 Body Serial Code 9 Date Code The Mustang came from the factory with a 7. 50:18"WCZ-V12. Ratio. Popularity - 27 views, 0. Ford only made two kinds of Posi's back then. 25 and 10. The 1310 series is commonly known as the "small" u-joint and the 1330 series is known as the "large" u-joint. It has a rear inspection plate and the tag reads: WER-AC 8CD 2 47 8 7 576A I have been trying to find out how to decode this tag for the last three hours and if it was a 8 or 9 inch there is all kinds of information. Ford 9-inch rear end RW508ER1562 Ford 9" Rear Axle Bearing 1. I had planned to cut this one down and put it in a 93 coupe. 80 inches. The green on the gears is lapping paste from when they were last installed into a pumkin (but were not used). Only the very earliest 904-A had no light on top and were stamped with the model number on the body (no tag). Removable Carrier Axle-Ford ID tag. Please 1953 Ford F-100 David Zambon CHASSIS Frame: Roadster Shop Fast Track Stage III Modifications: Stepped rear rails for lower stance Rearend: Ford 9-inch with gears, Strange Truetrac Rear Suspension: Four-link with AFCO double-adjustable coilovers Rear Brakes: Wilwood, 13-inch rotors, four-piston calipers Front Suspension: Roadster Shop custom There were three different ring gear sizes from '79 through '86; 6. 3 turbo or V8 did not have it. There is also the 904-A with light, but no tag. The Ford 8 inch differential was supplied with Ford Falcon, Mustang, Comet, Cougar and some Ford Fairlane's. The 8. This Tech Tip is From the Full Book, FORD DIFFERENTIALS: HOW TO REBUILD THE 8. 00. 9. 8s – and all post-’86 Ford rear ends – have letters and numbers. $29. Brake Kits: Complete Center Sections: Cases & Pinion Supports: Housing & Axle Packages: Housings Ford 9 Inch Axle Bearing & Seal Kit 1966-86 Ford Bronco 1973-86 Ford F100/150 28 and 31 Spline Carriers Timken bearings: In Stock: $85. 50-inch axles, they've been used in the vast majority of new ford 9 inch diff id tag suit gt xa xb xc xw xy zc zd 325 ratio, 1191401554 Carburettor: Ford 750cfm four barrel downdraught Holley carburettor; Differential: 3. The tag number is ordered as year, month and day with the month of manufacture following the format of A for January, B for February, C for March and so on. , 1/4' wall), new brackets, new housing ends, and new bushings. 872 Applications: -Ford 9" [Big bearing] Ford 9 Inch (9" Ford) Sub-Categories: Axles: Bearings, Seals & Misc. 3L) up to 1993 and V6 Mustangs (3. Axle Tube Diameter, 60. 562" Jul 19, 2018 - Ford Differential Manual 8. Mon-Fri 12pm-5pm EST Sat-Sun Closed 1948 - 1956 F1, F100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - 9" rear end axle tag identification - hi all new to the forum thing but i can not find anything anywhere on this code. The Ford based 9 inch rear end is the most popular rear differential set-up for street performance and drag cars. Many of the 4X4 trucks had 31 spline axles. Every picture I can find and every description that I have found show and refer to round dimples. We make it easy to verify your exact rear end by providing specs and year, make, and model applications for each differential 9 Inch Ford rear differential. 75: 1995-2003: Ford Explorer 8. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ford 9 Inch 3L50 Posi Limited Slip Traction Lock Rear End Differential ID Tag at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! FORD 9 inch 3L00 POSI LIMITED SLIP TRACTION LOCK REAR END ID TAG MUSTANG,FALCON. Posi center section with "Nodular" case - Wilwood disc brakes with Emergency brake. Note no L between 2 and 7 on second line. The 9 means it's a 9 inch rear axle, 952A is the axle plant manufacturing code, all Cougars & Mustangs had 900 series codes except some of the early Shelbys. 326. Close Ad. com, the tag is located on the driver's side of the unit, mounted vertically, facing the front of the vehicle. All our 2003 Ford F-150 Pickup Rear Axle Assembly inventory come with a 1-year warranty, FREE shipping and 30-day money back guarantee. P/n: PM51098 – ford 9″ big bearing axle seal (also National p/n: 473228) Install seal by using an implement that will push the seal evenly as it goes in. That will narrow it down to two of the Ford Hotchkiss-type third-member rear ends, either the 8-inch or the 9-inch. 25 inches 57-59 Ranchero and station wagon 57. The Ford 93⁄8-inch axle is often mistaken as a 9-inch. A Ford 8-inch rearend can be a lower cost alternative to the popular 9-inch third member-type carrier, for enthusiasts with straight-six, V-6 or small-block V-8 engines. 0: NL: 28- :confused: I have a 9" Ford rear end, but it does not have a I. 8 Rearend June 11, 2019 Lubrication Education: US Gear Covers What To Look For In Gear Oil The Ford 9 Inch axle may have been discontinued by Ford in the 80's but thanks to its large 9" ring gear, drop out style 3rd member, 35 spline axle shafts, and easy maintenance, it has continued to grow in popularity and now has more aftermarket support than any other axle. The dimples are not round but elongated horizontally. Choose the Cross Pin Shafts, Bolts, & Roll Pins you need for your car or truck Ford 9" (9 inch) - 31 Spline differential The 9-inch rearend was first mass-produced by Ford Motor Company in 1957 and continued for 30 years. RBS Series – (1barrel) (1963 – 1974) metal tag; also some (not all) stamped id number on edge of flange. the 2nd i pulled out of a 68 linc cont 460 c-6 car. I ask the question "does it matter which way the axle retainer plates face" because I slipped the axles into my ford 9 inch and tightened the retainer and bakcing plate. During that time we have become the largest seller of classic Bronco parts and accessories in the country. 99 $ 15 . If you open the drivers door and look at the door jamb, you'll see a sticker like the one shown below: You'll see that the area labeled (F) is for the Axle Code. Texas’ own specialty Mustang, the ’67 Blue Bonnet special was a hit in the Lone Star state. A typical Ford part number looks like this: C5SZ-1005-A. So my problem is when I go to bolt the weld billet rims on. 25. 8 rear end went into all V8 Mustangs and the Ford 7. 8" Ford Gears; 9” Ford Aluminum Center Section Assembly; 9" Ford Center Sections; 9" Ford Lockers; 9" Ford Gears; 9" Ford Aftermarket Cases; Full Spools; 7. I've got a good feeling that 3 73 is the ratio Ford 9 / Track Lock / Clutch Posi / 28, 31 Spline -Traction-Lok differentials optimize your vehicle's traction by transferring the power to both rear We offer complete - ready to run - drop out third members for 9 inch Fords in gear ratios ranging from 2. The rear end tag reads: WER V 5MC 2 75 8 7 575B I'm assuming the gear ratio is 2. Quick view. Based on photo research I think it is a 1959 The external physical differences. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK HERE . FOR SALE! NEW NEW FORD 9' INCH DIFF ID TAG SUIT GT XW XY 224377560298 Ford 9 inch Moser 9 inch (Gen 3 and 4) Ford 9 inch swap into a Third Generation Chevy Camaro: Kits available to bolt right in with spring pads, torque arm mount as well as control arms and panhard rod. Other information indicates it was an Engine Engineering Division design, weighs 9 pounds, provides information on the quality control inspection, and the date packed. WDM CJ is axle code id info, IE bearing size etc. Decoding Ford Carburetor date codes . Built from 1957 to 1986, the 9-inch Ford Pair of high-strength, 1541 hardened steel axles with sealed ball wheel bearings are ideal for building custom 9" street/strip or street rod rears. Ford F100, F150 Pickup '75-7'9: 3. If it has a rear cover with bolts, look for it on backside. It has a thin metal or plastic 10-bolt cover, and the bolts are 7/16-inch thread. 5 or a 8. I For Sale: Ford 9 inch Lightweight Dirt Track Spools $65. The 1970 Mustang Mach 1 came only on the fastback body style. Select from a broad range of available options and upgrades to configure the perfect rearend for your build. Please note that the Ford 8 Inch and 9 Inch images are of the 3rd member or carrier where it bolts to the front (engine facing side) of the axle since neither of these differentials have a removable access cover. The gears and the carrier have proven to be significantly stronger than the 10 and 12-bolt Chevrolet, which use smaller 8-1/2” and 8-7/8” diameter ring gears, respectively. 9 Inch Ford Third Members How To Measure Rear End Yokes - Determine yoke width, height and number of axle splines to be sure you are ordering the correct rear end for you application. 7" ring gear. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for FORD 9 INCH 3. The Ford 8" The younger brother to the 9 inch, the Ford 8 inch is an identical design, but on a smaller scale. 5. Third Gen '82-'92 F-Body IRS rear differential kit. Removable Carrier Axle The rear axle is of the banjo housing, hypoid gear-type using an 8, 8-3/4, or 9-inch ring gear, in which the centerline of the pinion is mounted below the centerline of the ring gear (Fig. 825 ID: 1. Is the This 9" Ford overhaul kit includes: pinion pilot, pinion shaft, pinion nut, pinion seal, gasket, shims, crush collar, sealant, gear marking grease, brush and Loctite. 75 is a new kid on the Ford axle block. FORD Axle Bearings: HOUSING: Wheel Bearing : Interchange: Seal: Interchange: 7. Only identifying mark I can find is "V4 6 215" stamped as can be seen in one of the pics. Outside Bearing Diameter, Ford, 9 in. SKU: PEMZLCOMBO. A set of 10 bolts on the cover identifies an 8. From the Tag, the year is right, 1966. I have a SUPER SUPER nice 9 inch nodular 3:91 drag pack center section to sell. Most dataplates will appear similar to the pictures below: On the leftmost plate above, the model is a "VV-XI" and the serial number is "836749". 47:1 Ford 9" ring and pinion gears. I believe I have ID'd it as a 1958-59 Ford 9-inch. In spring 1971, Ford replaced the M-code with the hotter Q-code, calling it the 351 Cobra Jet. Shipping to: 98837. This senter section also comes with Home Tags Ford nine-inch differential. Every model has an individual serialization. This will allow you to connect a wide variety of attachments to this tractor. The F-150 used a light duty Dana 44 TTB. Ford went ahead and produced 50 lightweight Mustangs to hold the 335-horsepower engine. 71- Newer 2wd GM trucks use a 5 on 5 lug pattern Early Ford Beam Axle Identification and Dimensions; How To Box-In a Differential / Solid Axle Rear-End Housing; How To Decode Ford Part Numbers; How To Install a Limited Slip/Posi Unit in a GM 10 Bolt 8. Ford 9 inch axles and axle parts include high performance alloy axles complete with bearings, studs and NSRA approved retainers. 50 REAR END OPEN DIFFERENTIAL ID TAG at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! 9 inch trac lock identification help. In its stock configuration, you should easily be able to transplant an 8-inch into any mid-size muscle car whose engine is not rated at more than 300hp. One othere note, WES-AA was used in '70 & '71 also. 08 rear end gear. 7 spool 33 spline MTM axels Vented 11 inch drum brakes Built for group N or Trans AM car will suit tough street strip car Built to handle 1000 horse power The old adage that “weekend wins at the strip translated to weekday sales in the showroom” was not lost on Ford. 562" ID USA MADE INSIDE DIAMETER: 1. for nothing. Made in the USA. FOR SALE! NEW NEW FORD 9' INCH DIFF ID TAG SUIT GT XW XY 324487619538 9' Ford Housing & Axle Package All Moser 9 Ford housings are made with new Heavy Duty housing cores, seamless steel tubing (3' O. 0:1 range. i broke a bearing hauling some fire would and am not Ford 9-inch differentials 9-inch tag decoder to our technical database in the This means that with the right width of axle you can transplant a Ford 9-inch Ford nine inch differential cases - MalibuRacing. FORD 9-1NCH The venerable Ford 9-inch is both readily available and strong. The Ford 9-inch differential was put into production beginning in the late 1950s, and remained in production up until the mid 1980s. Few other axles enjoy the same amount of bolt-on and custom com Outside Width: Year: Model: 56. Another strength consideration is pinion-shaft The Ford 8. Boss 302 Mustangs and Boss 302 Eliminators were the exception. OCTOBER 2018: A 1976 CHEVETTE WITH A 383 STROKER SHIFTS INTO admin-October 21, 2018 0 1969-1970 Cougar and Mustangs needed a 351-2V or bigger to get a 9 inch rear. The codes are as ID Tags: The Ford 8. The later axles have ball joints. This strengthens the whole rear end assembly. Ford 9-Inch Axle Performance Installation – How to Guide I have decided to put together a drivetrain that can withstand 700 hp, be easy to drive, and be reliable. This gear was introduced in early 1950s. if its a 9" its pass side front. First of all, you know to look for a differential that unbolts from the front instead of the rear. Measure the width of the backing plate, it should be 10 or 11 inches, most likely it is 10 inches. Van has a 302 windsor in it and don't want any troubles down the track with a diff that won't do the job. Ford and Dana Holding Corporation called this the Twin Traction Beam or TTB and used many of Dana Spicer parts. Join our Newsletter © 2021 Dead Nuts On 2021 Dead Nuts On Yukon Gear & Axle’s lineup of differential rebuild kits and installation kits is the most comprehensive in the marketplace. In its original spec, the 9-inch was developed to be a multiuse semi FORD 9 " inch 3. We look at how to determine Equa lok, traction lok and open differentials. 25:18 I have a 9 inch in my 82 F100. There's a reason that the Ford 9-inch became the industry standard for laying power down without fear of snapping parts. 5 axle is an automotive axle manufactured by Ford Motor Company at the Sterling Axle Plant in Sterling Heights, MI. 00 Ford 9" / Wavetrac® Differential / 33 Spline: 0 Review(s) The 9. With the costs of Ford 9-inch third members and GM 12-bolts escalating, there are several low-buck alternatives still plentiful at your local salvage yard. Jeff's Bronco Graveyard, a. The front D44 should have a tag bolted to the diff as well. 8-inch differential is commonly used in late-model Mustangs, the 9-inch is the more popular and arguably the most dominant high-performance differential for muscle cars, hot rods, custom vehicles, and race cars. The Ford Motor Company has put identification number tags on some of its motors since the mid-1950s and on all of its motors since January 1964. The Ford part number on the box shown at left is on the top line: B8A-9431-A. The first row will show five digits that designate the Ford part number for the axle. 904-A have three wires running out of them like 682-C; high beam, low beam, and parking light. Most likely an 8 inch as they were standard on these cars. 50 or 4. C7AW-E The C7AW-E case seems to have been in use for quite sometime, have found them with date codes up to 1979. However, you're pretty unlikely to find one hanging out at the local U-Pull-It as the vehicles that had them are old and most normal people aren't dumb enough to drop off their 429 CJ in a junkyard. 00 1MA : Here is a common Mustang tag WCZ-V identifies it as a 67-70 Mustang and 67-68 Cougar 8" rear with 2. 500-inch or . 8 (like mustang, beware of the 7. 8 rear end, need ring and pinion of differential parts. This was a virtually impossible (or very expensive) task 15 years ago but with the current status of the aftermarket industry, it is now very achievable. The pinion head bearing is a press fi t. R9FDP. The question is whether a car has an 8-inch or 9-inch Ford. Ford had several foundries in the US and around the world making different components. NEW FORD 9&QUOT; Inch Diff Id Tag Suit Gt Xa Xb Xc Xw Xy Zc Zd 3. We allow 1/4? overall for drum brake use, and 1/2? overall for disc brake use. 00: 9 in: NL4: 31- Ford attached an aluminum tag to one of the carrier bolts at the factory to aid in determining the gear ratio and build date of the 9-inch rear. A simple method is used to identify which part was cast where each foundry had it own label identifying the plant the part was poured. 5 inches for the 8. 8 or Explorer 8. Type: OEM Taper Roller w/stepped loc ring Our Name: Set 20 / step loc ring Industry part #s: Set 20 | A20 | BR20 OD: 3. People have been climbing around scrap yards for years to find the best examples of the 9-inch axle. on an 8 in you can use a socket all the way around. , Kit. C $679. Buy It Now +C $108. There's no question, the easiest way to identify the axle and gear ratio in your truck is from the door sticker. 5" brake gap (housing flange-to-axle shaft flange). Almost all 8. The Ford 9-inch can be found under 1974-1986 F-150s and 1978-1986 Broncos. Ford 9 Inch Axle Fits 2. The medium sized body. 8 Rear-End; How To Narrow a Ford 8. Buy It Now 9" Inch Ford 31 Spline Posi Unit - Trac Lok Loc FORD 9 inch 2. $300. Ford - Differential IdentificationShop by your differential. Axle Tag Decoder Written by FoxChassis Thursday, 24 May 2007 17:35 Not much is known about the Axle Model code so this decoder will focus on decoding the Axle Ratio Ok guys well a friend of mine is building me an axle he got for me supposedly it is a 9 inch we were told and it does look like it. Every Currie Ford 9-inch third member includes: a new nodular iron or aluminum gear case, bearings, seals, solid pinion bearing spacer, pinion support, yoke, and choice of gear ratio, and limited-slip Currie ® Ford 9-inch rearends for 1978 thru 1988 GM G-body vehicles provide a direct bolt-in solution for those looking to upgrade the rearend of their classic muscle car or restomod build. Part# Description. 5-inch 10-bolt differential is just such an option. there is also a metal tag bolted on the top right of the rear end cover. 1963 Galaxie Identification U. Axle Flange Identification. 75 ratio and locking diff if theres no "L" between the numbers it has an can anyone identify these numbers on 9 inch ford:: WGB-AB1 8JB 2 47 9 461B ALL I KNOW IS 247 GEARS AND 9INCH The rear end tag says it was built 8JB= second week Ford 8" and 9" ID Tags 8 inch ID Tag Codes ID tagRatioRing Gear ID tagRatioRing GearWCZ-E2. Will combine shipping to save you money,look at other items up for auction. [More…] Popular Tools & Look-Ups 9” third members are limited-slip differentials. Ford 9 inch gasket p/n: P27929Lokar part numbers for emergency brake cable kitP/n: EC81-FU for use with disc P/n: EC80- FU for use with drum What’s the difference between Truetrac vs. Email us - [email protected] Call us - 866. 781 I. biminiLX never stock Premium Member RPM - Rear End Ratio Chart: The chart below may be of some help in deciding what rear end ratio is right for you. Most often the rear id tag is found on the passenger side of car attached to carrier mounting stud in middle for front loading 8 and 9 inch Ford rears used in various cars. Personalize your car, truck, window, skateboard, or locker with a vinyl Ford decal die-cut sticker. Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Page 09: NOTE: Axle tag location and appearance may vary by application. 75, and I got this **** thing because I wanted simple parts to hunt down? All of the 9" Ford Traction Lock differentials that I have seen had worn out clutches. 9227 (Toll Ford 9 inch powder coated Currie enterprises housing 67 to 70 Mustang width 1360mm will suit Falcon XR-XY but had mustang spring seat saddle width Nodular carrier large Daytona pinion with alloy carrier Mark Williams 1350 chrome Molly yolk 3. Get it as soon as Wed, FAB Quest Automotive Calculators and Charts: Axle Identification Chart by Cover or 3rd Member Bolt Configuration. It debuted in 1997 and found a place in Ford's uprated-capacity 1/2-tons. Rare 2:50 Ford 9" Ford Ring & Pinion Nascar Hot Rod Racing Richmond . 70: 9 in: NL: 28 This is 2. 8-Inch Axle Visual Identification: Both axles use (10) bolts to hold on the cover, but there is an obvious difference in their shape. 8-inch debuted in 1983 Broncos and F-150s, and is now found also in 4. ford 9 inch tag identification