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health tips write for us Write For Us – Beauty, Makeup, Skincare, Hair, Fashion Beauty of your Hair is a Hair, Beauty & Health Tips & Tricks Blog. The basic objective of CoolHealthTips. Protecting your overall health can go a long way toward keeping your eyes healthy! It’s important to make healthy choices and take good care of yourself. D. Vaccines and Immunizations. We value our community and would love to share your thoughts in front of our audience. Regular exercise can boost your self-esteem and can help you concentrate, sleep, and feel better. You will be in contact with a lot of social media contributors all around the world and if you want to write for us, your articles will have great exposure. Write simple and clear sentences, keeping to about 20 words or less in each. EIN: 71-0891805 | NI Charity No. Homeinside. Thomas Tolstrup / Getty Images At a minimum, an obituary informs people of the fact that a death has occurred and of the details concerning the funeral, memorial service and/or interment arrangements. A website run by Carla Smith with her team, We share a passion for helping others reach their goals of optimal health. com . Let us know how we're doing. Lifestyle | Business | Tech | Home Improvement | DIY - Write For Us. It will decrease the grammer of your writing. Get Screened (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion) Also in Spanish; Healthy Aging. The Best Relationship Advice Usually Comes From Years-long Relationships, Where Lessons Are Learned. com provides opportunity to the bloggers, webmasters, specialists in health industry and other related experts to write, guest blogging post and get their content published at DaHealthGuide. I’d like to contribute some quality and researched content to your website. I love to write articles for many online communities, blogs, & websites related to health, fitness, beauty & skin care. Listen to your body. Focus on nutrient, calorie intake. Maintain a healthy 5. Experienced in following areas: health tips, yoga, abs, muscle, weight loss, makeup, skin care, hair care, women health, clothing etc. No routine often means having the constant worry of “when will I get Write for us If you take pleasure in reading ZME Science, want to share some knowledge, or have something you want to raise awareness on, we’d love to hear from you! It also can prevent health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and high blood pressure. Specifics are better than bold claims. Attending to your mental health and psychosocial well-being while caring for patients is as important as managing your physical health. HHS-OIG has a long history of protecting the health and well-being of HHS beneficiaries, including residents in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes. Using the email about the parking decals as an example, try incorporating these tips into your own writing for better, clearer, more effective emails: . Writing can be a therapeutic way to express yourself. We will post your blogs as health guest posts. Write for us is way to share your health knowledge with Users. Include a photo of you “in action. How to journal. Your number one health and wellness resource. There is only one life before us, and our seasons will be good and long. Instead, use a refillable water bottle and tap water; if you like you could use a water filter to cleanse the tap water and chill the water in the fridge. com Find health information to help you make healthy choices for disease prevention and overall good health. Plus, writing about stressful experiences can help you manage them in a healthy way. Many people who don’t have any type of routine suffer from: Stress. A doctor offers tips on how to safely get exercise, sleep and drinking habits back into shape as the pandemic wanes. In others, you might treat your business as its own character with a distinct story. Any sensitive information (age, date of birth, marital status, protected health information, religious affiliation, social security number, etc. If you have good writing skills or want to contribute on some good topics like Home Improvement Write for us Home Decor, Home Improvement, Home Renovation Ideas, House Designs Plans, Kitchen, Home Office, Remodeling, Bathroom, Plumbing, Interior Design, Architecture, Real Estate 4. Your muscular system needs regular maintenance to remain healthy and strong. Film, TV, Gaming, Sport & More Parenting & Children’s Health Positive Parenting Tips Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Age-specific milestones from birth through age 17 along with parenting tips, safety, and health information from the CDC. List-driven written features are our bread and butter. Submit a completed final draft, with your author bio and email address you used to create a gravatar account in a Google Doc to write@addicted2success. When you write for us, choose your topic precisely. com Category - Beauty & healthy tips Sponsor post - $5/ After more than a year of idealizing life without COVID-19, people are starting to reenter 'normal' life. If you do not have a screen time plan in place yet, the American Psychological Association provides tips for how to create one. com 11 Health Issues Doctors Are Seeing More Of Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic Delayed medical care, working from home and stress have affected our well-being. Give a peek behind the curtains. They are looking for original, unpublished content, and pay contributors for their work. Healthperfectinfo. 6. Information about a therapy, service, product or treatment does not in any way endorse or support such therapy, service, product or treatment and is not intended to replace advice from your doctor or other registered health professional. We all know that obesity is becoming a national epidemic in the United States, and the myriad complications are said to be one cause for soaring health insurance rates. Writing improves our mental and physical health. Write For Us | Are you looking for a place to share your business, health, sports, tech, fashion and news blogs? write for us for free! Article Ideation Tips for Everyday Health bridges the gap between lifestyle and medical websites by delivering trusted health information and resources along with the stories, tips, tools, and insights of the day's most Write For Us A little bit about PurposeFairy. Stick to a routine. French-Open-2021-Naomi-Osaka-Wont-Do-Press-Mental-Health-GettyImages-1303141087 Naomi Osaka Says She Won't Do Press During the 2021 French Open to Preserve Her Mental Health Smiling woman with hand in hair looking away against clear sky at beach Everyday Health inspires and empowers people to live their healthiest lives, every day, through trusted, medically reviewed information and expert health advice from the nation's leading NOTE: The Write Life is currently closed to submissions. Documentation Tips for Reducing Malpractice Risk the behaviors and choices that affect their health. Simply send your article to our Email at: gowellhealthtips [at]gmail. Write with short paragraphs and concise sentences. Overweight is a curse for a normal life. Harvard Health Publishing: "6 Numbers You Absolutely Need to Know," "Mind & Mood. Down. 3 million times on Facebook and beyond, and now the subject of a brand new book. This won’t just teach the public yet additionally help the persons who are searching for some gainful exercise and fitness tips. Writing gives us a space to channel, process, and release negative emotions. Coupontoaster welcome you to share your guest post ideas by emailing on editors. Due to the recent decline in revenue from advertising and sponsors, we have had to close our paid writers program. Lifestyle: Fashion, trends, home decor and more for the equestrian enthusiast. If you are sharing a bathroom, clean and disinfect it after each use. The article should be 100% Unique and plagiarism free and should not contain any grammatical errors. If you want to share that information with others so that others can also get some benefits or knowledge. The U. Write a schedule that is varied and includes time for work as well as self-care. Thus you can send us your Anchor text and hyperlink. By writing for us, you can write for us Health and Fitness and share your thoughts with our audience. 22 Apps to Help You Stay Healthy, Happy, and Productive by Idara Hampton Are you a busy writer who struggles to stay 7 of the Best Blues-Fighting Tools for Depressed Writers Tips and tricks from a health coach for how to get and stay motivated to eat healthy! Set small, measurable goals that will help you get to your overall large goal. Find prevention topics, dietary and physical activity guidelines, and other health resources. Write a clear topic sentence for each paragraph with one main point or idea. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Write for Us: Do you think health and fitness should be the mantra for every individual? If yes, you can now encourage people to follow a fitness regime and share tips with them to stay fit and healthy. 9. Try to eat a balanced diet. Now there will be no loneliness, for each of us will be a companion to the other. It's also important for your overall health and wellbeing. Wear a cloth face cover if you are around other people (e. Tips For The Content You Send Us – Health Write For Us Beauty: Teach how to prepare, apply, or buy natural and non-toxic beauty products. Studies show that talking with patients about weight loss may help promote behavior change. How does actually a healthy lifestyle defined in its literal term? Is it about the fulfillment of all kinds of lavish materials? Health Is Wealth! Keep your body in shape we provide free daily health and wellness tips. Include a detailed description of the patient’s mental health problem, as well as any social or medical history that may have caused the problem. Health, safety and environment (HSE) refers to a branch, or department, within a company that is responsible for the observance and protection of occupational health and safety rules and regulations along with environmental protection. Profile views - 29 MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS TIPS FOR QUARANTINE 1. We are looking for thought-leadership articles, well-researched opinions, fresh strategies that offer actionable tips. gov, including applying for an enrolling in health coverage. If you like to be a part of this and interested in writing for us. Write for Us CollegiateParent showcases a wide range of professional literary voices: Freelancers and expert guest contributors with professional experience in higher education, student affairs, best parenting practices, health and wellness, career preparation and more Tweeting, Posting, and Downloading Health Information. This article offers a step-by-step guide to help you write a meaningful, comprehensive obituary for your loved one. Get active and be a healthy weight. Â Our aim is to promote healthy lifestyle choices as well as uh motivation to get you off that couch. Kumar shares eight tips to help. Health Tips Alternative Medicine is a great source of general health information. Communicating clearly is its own reward and saves time and money. It’ll fuel you for a terrific start to your day. Learning to balance your life with some time for yourself will pay off with big benefits — a healthy outlook and better health. This policy communicates a commitment to health and safety. Guest bloggers are also welcomed to contribute regular columns. Your article should be about things such as: natural remedies for common illnesses; sleeping tips; muscle building tips; food prep tips; etc. Funding sources for both public and private healthcare orgzanizations have cut back reimbursement and allowable expenses. Flu and Respiratory Health Tips: The NALC was provided the attached Newsbreak on 2/11/2020. Write the subject line first. This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. Every story needs a protagonist, and so does every About Us page. gov" that provides startup requirements and tips. Food hygiene tips during coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. Get showered and dressed in comfortable clothes, wash your face, brush your teeth. When writing reports to parents, it is important that you make each comment easy to understand. Every dollar helps us reach 100 people. Maybe that's one reason why women have a seven-year average survival advantage on us! Yet it's obviously important that men of all ages become more proactive about their health. com, please email If you would like to write for Health. This fact sheet explains social distancing, quarantine, and isolation in the event of an infectious disease outbreak. If your job or workout routine exposes your nails to potential damage, Dr. Thank you for being interested in writing for us! Beauti. The issue is complicated. Have a list of things you can do to calm down when youre overwhelmed and use it when it happens. You can help us to meet our plain language goals by letting us know when we fall short. We personally manage thousands of freelance writers that create blogs, articles, product descriptions, eCommerce content, white papers, and more. Write about what inspired you, how you have taken those principles into your own life. Let us know what you think of these mental health tips in the comments below! Featured image source: weheartit. Beauty and Fashion Tips and Advice | Write For Us DIY Active offers the best fitness ideas at home and tips from experts that will help you & your family stay fit, happy & healthy. You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are. And an easy way to start is to follow these 10 basic steps to maintaining health and vitality. About Blog Find articles on simple health care tips, natural health care tips, top tips for good health, healthy lifestyle tips, etc. Your About Us page can be made up of whatever you feel is the most important things to your brand. situation reviewed” in a case in which you did not write a prescription that a Informative Article: When you writing a content for a guest fashion blog then keep your words in form of tips and a user-friendly i. Use the Medline Plus search tool to answer your medical questions, find information for seniors, visit sites covering issues like Alzheimer’s, vaccines, and rare diseases, discover caregiver support resources. How to 'build back better' health habits after the pandemic year Menu Close Bottled water is inefficient, expensive, and produces large amounts of plastic waste. Examples of good fats are fish, nuts, olive oil, and seeds. Take good rest, get good sleep. Over the years, sociologists have created a link between social relationships and health outcomes. Related: Five Strategies for a Winning Sales Presentation Your first sentence should be a "Twitter A screenplay is a creative piece of writing upon which a film or television program is based. Write For Us - Submit Guest Post - Best Health & Beauty Tips - Write For Us Anything You Want Health Tips "Write For Us" On Blogger since November 2019. The Internet makes it easier to catch up with old friends, so consider writing some emails to friends you have not spoken to in awhile. Understanding Medical Words: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine (National Library of Medicine) Health Screening. Gawdo. is just setting myself up for failure and disappointment. 2. MedlinePlus health topics are regularly reviewed, and links are updated daily. Make your points as direct as possible. Write for us Fashion & Beauty tips. Content writers for hire in all industries. Readers prefer active voice sentences, and we should try to use the active voice in most of our business writing to communicate our message most effectively. gov is your portal for health-related resources and news from the U. Use headers to break up your text — no section of text should be longer than 300 words (headers are H2 and subheaders are H3) Write For Us - Submit Your Guest Post We appreciate well-written posts related to the latest fashion trends, styles, beauty and health tips. Payment is in USD, but you don’t need to be located in the United States to write for us. You must know your audience. e. Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle. So, please don’t try using any kind of spinning software. Health Blog – Write For Us. Experts explain how small steps can help you stay on track to meet your diet and exercise goals. This simple aim can sometimes be obscured by the sheer breadth of a Municipal Public Health and A startling Centers for Disease Control study found that in 2012 nearly 19% of adults aged 65 and older had no teeth. Entrepreneurship blog HerPaperRoute. Learn: Training tips, advice and experiences from the field. Fitness Republic is an online community helping you get active, eat better, and live a healthier, happier life. com, a popular personal finance site, is currently looking for writers with a passion for detail and research to contribute engaging, informative posts on a range of topics, including, but not limited to, investing, money management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax preparation, credit and debt, real estate, mortgages, frugal living, and lifestyle. com is to providing in-depth reviews, latest researches as well as providing quality health-related tips, guides, and articles. ” Tip #8: Be relevant. Note – We receive a high number of e-mails and requests for Guest Posts and therefore currently we are only accepting Sponsored Post. Health, Managing Health Insurance Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. Your audience is the recruiter and hiring manager. The topics are varied and wide-ranging, from celebrity culture to tips for creating a great cover letter. We’re one of the health blogs accepting guest posts. Download the resume template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or take a look at even more resume samples. com USPS LINK: A January 24 article was published, highlighting tips from the CDC to prevent influenza and other contagious respiratory illnesses; February 11th, 2020. Are you passionate about health writing or something about Mental Health? If yes, you have landed to the right place. To help you in the process, here’s a list of the 10 best health tips for kids. 6 Tips for Writing a Life-Changing Memoir 07/02/2015 11:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Whether you curl up with memoirs on a frequent basis or pick one up every now and again, you know powerful memoirs have the capacity to take you, as a reader, for an exhilarating ride. This is a highly effective strategy for relieving stress because it helps you to focus on the resources you have in your life already and create a more positive mood at the moment, both of which have been shown to build long-term resilience. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) addresses both personal health literacy and organizational health literacy in their new Health People 2030 definitions: Personal health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the ability to find, understand, and use information and services to inform health-related decisions and Consider writing thank you notes to people you care about, or community members who inspire you to voice your gratitude. Avoid documenting information that has no value to patient care. Posts must be at least 1,000 words and no longer than 2,500 words. 1. They may not have a freelancer health insurance plan you love available in your locale, but it’s well worth finding out. The instructions call for a particular organization of the materials, and reviewers are accustomed to finding information in specific places. For further information on how to take care of Diabetes in this pandemic please Write for us! OUR PURPOSE is to promote diverse voices and perspectives not only through the people and stories we cover, Workouts Mental Health Matters Wellness Tips Women's Health In fact, a study showed that expressive writing (like journaling) for only 15 to 20 minutes a day three to five times over the course of a four-month period was enough to lower blood pressure and improve liver functionality. com, Top 10 Child Health Tips. Whether you love yoga, running, strength training, or outdoor adventure, we've got advice to MYVU - FREE Guest Posting Sites list (Tested and updated 2021) of Blogs that accept guest posting - Tech, Blogging, SEO, Marketing, Finance, Business etc niche Blogs. For further information on how to take care of Diabetes in this pandemic please Tips and Troubleshooting for using Healthcare. You may also choose any other relevant category from the Menu of HealthTips Blog. From advanced primary care and public health to occupational therapy and physical therapy, let’s get you those medical jobs STAT with this complete healthcare resume guide. The Freelancer’s Union now offers health insurance plans for self-employed individuals in a number of states, including New York, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas. It’s something you do between 12 and 20 times a minute, and 17,000 to 30,000 times a day or more. Try to use two connected ideas per sentence to explain how the student is progressing. write for the agenda If you have a pitch for an op-ed or article that is policy-focused—whether about technology, defense, agriculture, labor, education or other issues—it might be better Dental health procedures information, dental care tips. It can make us more aware (and self-aware!) and help us detect sneaky, unhealthy patterns in our thoughts and behaviors. Follow the DIY workout routine for the best lifestyle. I’ll keep eating breakfast every day and continue choosing whole-grain cereal and milk if I’m ever tempted by a sugary donut or high-fat breakfast sandwich Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise — it’s also about having a positive attitude, a positive self-image, and a healthy lifestyle. You cannot follow them everywhere. Get weight loss tips, food & healthy recipes. The fun way to learn about nutrition! Visit Nourish Interactive the child-safe, fun and FREE healthy family living and kids' nutrition education website. 4 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care Without Breaking the Bank. TeensHealth has doctor-reviewed info to help you be your best in body and mind. Keep in mind that healthy habits like eating well and being active can lower your risk for diseases and conditions that can lead to eye or vision problems, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Tip #9: Use your resources. It’s one of the many About Us page examples that somewhat uses psychology to its advantage. Instead, you should send your letter electronically by typing it directly on their website or by emailing your representative and/or senators . Healthy eating is an important part of your growth and development. com website, one of the most popular websites for information on Health, Fitness, Beauty and Nutrition on the Internet. Healthy meal and snack ideas, 2015, Eat for Health, Department of Health, Australian Government. Ketosis, Pandemic. 17. In the study, led by Smyth, 107 asthma and rheumatoid arthritis patients wrote for 20 minutes on each of three consecutive days--71 of them about the most stressful event of their Learn about appropriate vision screening and healthy eye habits to ensure a lifetime of eye health. 12. But we'll also consider Quizzes, Galleries, Video submissions or News pieces. com Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to the Diethics. As well as eating healthily, regular exercise may help reduce your risk of getting serious health conditions. We stimulate the best informative and relevant content with high quality to share on this website. 2020 has been a difficult year for us all. Now more than ever, people need mental health guidance and support. Here are some tips for starting your journaling journey. Write for Us – Health, Fitness & Wellness – Guest Post. Creative expression and overall well-being are linked. Time Yourself. Health: News, stories, tips, opinions and techniques from the experts. Most have at least a master's degree or more-advanced education, training and credentials. Human Health Project is a Northern Ireland (UK) registered charity and a tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity in the US. Physical Address. A fun interactive family-friendly website features free, online nutrition education games for kids to play, healthy nutrition tools, wellness information, fun facts and tips for families to learn about the Food Pyramid and healthy eating MoneyCrashers. You can write an article that relates to the categories. Do you think we are missing out something? At safeandhealthylife. Authenticity is important and resonates well. com Maintaining a Healthy Outlook. health-logo-background. Children imitate their parents, so it’s important to set a good example. Once you achieve that goal, you can make a bigger one. Moreover, we will not allow anyone to promote themselves or for their products in this blog. Mary J. We are looking for quality and fresh content that would benefit our readers. Stay away from alcohol and drugs. Consider health concerns. Dress for the social life you want, not the social life you have. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. letsaskme. Write for US – Health The purpose of our editorial content is to empower readers with knowledge of essential health topics and resources needed to enjoy optimum physical and emotional wellness at every stage of life. Monitor your health before, during and after exercise. Boost brainpower by treating yourself to a couple pieces of dark chocolate every few days. Thanks for your interest in writing for The Write Life! The Write Life seeks practical, actionable advice on writing — pieces that will help writers on their own writing journey. Today’s world of intense accentuation, environmental pollution and mixture in… We focus on delivering natural health guidance, products, and premium service without compromise. I would appreciate your work that you people are doing to help support people around the world. Some homes may have health hazards including lead-based paint, mold, rodents and insects hiding in clutter, secondhand smoke, and pesticides. Here are 10 tips to get started: 1. We have best natural home remedies for skin, hair, body. You can contact via email kristophermsamson@gmail. 3. hers” to “ours” when Tips for Writing a Personal Statement Reflection. In this article we will help you to find the most burning health issues to make your essay topic powerful and impressive. Use this sample as inspiration when formatting and writing your own resume. A common myth in writing for health magazines is that you need some type of medical background. 15 Tips to Boost Your Well-Being and Happiness Medically reviewed by Scientific Advisory Board — Written by Margarita Tartakovsky, M. Although some health insurance companies pay "customary and reasonable" hospital costs abroad, very few pay for your medical evacuation back to the United States. Figure 6. Health Tips for Older Adults (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases) Adopt to proper exercising habits by knowing your ability. People are creatures of habit, and routines offer a way to promote health and wellness through structure and organization. Other health hazards are invisible and can be deadly such as carbon monoxide and radon. It carries all the words spoken by the actors, all the details about the scenario, and all the necessary set directions. Health Fitness Tips is inviting all the amazing bloggers to come and share their work with us. Disponible en Español. POPSUGAR Fitness inspires readers to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle with news and tips on exercise, eating, gear, and more! 0 Write For Us. A written occupational health and safety policy helps promote an effective OHS program. Your author bio should be a short and to the point paragraph that is no more than 150 words. According to a Merrill Lynch study , “Americans age 50+ cite health care costs in retirement as their greatest financial concern, regardless of their wealth level. Tell the truth, in your voice, from your perspective. No matter how busy you are, eat a decent breakfast. Blog #1. Write for us on Health related topics. You can write for us. Weekly posts will feature motivational and inspirational content, healthy and easy recipes, behind the scenes sneak peeks, editorials from guests, tips from our Youcoach trainers, stories featuring real Youfit members and much more. Ease of understanding. Once the topic is finalized, you can write the article and send it for review. This item is to be posted bulletin boards where employees have access to read material Writing is a creative way to improve mental health. You can write or share your views on our website so that others can read it. Spacing should be placed properly and make the paragraph according to the requirements. Health is all about diseases, treatments, prognosis, and the various breakthroughs and setbacks that we experience over the years. Please send any tips, leads, and stories to virus@time. So now that you know the effect a good About Us page can have, read on to see what you need to include into yours! How to write About Us page. After all, it’s difficult to write well when you don’t feel your best. But the way you feel and how you think is also very important. Content on this website is provided for information purposes only. For most of us to look like Barbie, we'd have to be Health Tips "Write For Us" On Blogger since November 2018. Taking care of your mental health is an underestimated essential for a fulfilling and rewarding writing career. Physical health: Taking care of your body. Tips for Writing a Personal Statement If you are applying to the master’s program in mental health counseling at Western State College, learn about who they are. 8. , sharing a room or vehicle) and before you enter a health care provider’s office. com Healthcare Write for Us is a specified blog that covers a wide range of topics related to the healthcare niche only. One of the best ways to help children cope with change is to implement structure again. 14) three years ago. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Bookmark this post and save the tips, because they will be vital to living a healthier life. However, we should try to minimise watching news that causes us anxiety and is affecting our mental health. For more information see WHO - Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak. Be consistent with terms, references and writing style. ” Be interesting! Join hosts Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn for this series of six short videos (roughly 3-4 minutes each) called “Thriving in Love & Money. And also, The article should be informative and useful to the reader – no promotional language. Eliminate "White Foods" from Your Diet. com (this blog, DA 38) publishes content related to: Entrepreneurship, online business resources, and advice; Money making tips, wealthy lifestyle, personal finance; Money saving tips, budgeting, investing Municipal public health and wellbeing planning Writing measurable objectives What is the tip sheet for? The reason for writing any plan is to provide a map of where we are, where we want to be in the future and how we are going to get there. The best About Us pages accomplish their goals through telling a story about a brand. April 2013 Plain Writing Act Compliance Report; April 2012 Plain Writing Act Compliance Report; You can also review the Department's Plain Writing Implementation Plan here. For comments or questions regarding the stories in Health magazine or Health. Exposure to cold can cause health problems such as hypothermia, a dangerous drop in body temperature. Sample H&Ps (PDFs) Click through to explore what differentiates an excellent H&P from an unacceptable one. The tips below can help your family be healthy and happy. You need to choose the right foods and space your meals in a balanced way. We ask that pieces be between 1000-1500 words and feature outside resources to validate arguments within the piece. 10. CoolHealthTips. If you have any concerns about your dog’s health or behavior, contact a vet or a trainer. So, Keep tuned with us for the latest updates. Want to write for us? Updated: 4th of November, 2019. Here Are A Few Secrets And Marriage Tips That Are Essential For A Happy Marriage That's Healthy 1. Write for Us. Profile views - 184 Write for Us Healthcare Guys aims to be the forefront resource destination for digital health, med tech, and life sciences IT practitioners and innovators. Start off small and if you’re wondering what to write, give yourself a simple task such as writing down 5 people you talked to that day. Healthlogus is a great platform about natural health,home remedies, yoga ,amazing tips and wellness. Sure, you will see many bylines with a Ph. " 1. Eating well isn't just important for our bodies, but it's also important for our minds. Exercise regularly—get in some activity every day. com is to providing in-depth autos reviews, latest autos news as well as providing quality health tips, guides and health articles and health directory! Write for Us. com Twitter followers 16 ⋅ Instagram Followers 6 ⋅ Social Engagement 1 ⋅ Domain Authority 4 ⋅ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact 5. There are many problems and complications that arise when people are suffering this disease. Show some love to someone in your life. Complicated admission Sample H&P for a routine admission. Lifestyle Write For US Guest Post Submission Guidelines: The guest posts should focus on the relevant topics only. If you find you're a Tips for writing your email Because of time-consuming security precautions, it takes weeks or months for a letter to reach a Member of Congress, regardless of how it is mailed. Lifestyle is our niche here, so make sure the content you are going to send us should fall in this category only. Additionally, you get SEO benefits, exposure via our social media channels and our goodwill:-) . More Tips and Resources for Applying to Graduate School When top of mind, these tips can improve your smile and overall health. Please make sure the article content must be 100% unique, should not be published anywhere else, and contents with 750+ words. Now we accept sponsort post . Health Tip Live was created for you, the health leaders and transformers, who are working to change the current paradigms of health and wellness. In the morning or a day before, write down a schedule for the day to be more structured. Our doctor-developed formulas, Triple-Testing Philosophy, and pioneering leadership have earned us a 20-year track record of delivering incomparable safety, quality, and service. Effective stress management plays an important role in keeping you healthy emotionally. Excellent-write-up very good student write-up good […] Try to make these notes simple and clear, avoiding ambiguous and complicated language. Visit your state health department for information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and more. HHS-OIG collects and investigates tips and complaints about fraud, waste, and abuse in these facilities. 101323 Footer Spirituality & Health Magazine provides inspiration for conscious living, healthy diet and lifestyle, social action, spiritual wisdom, and sustainability. ">Protecting Your EarsEveryone knows that loud noises can damage your ears, but there are many other ways to injure the delicate mechanisms that allow us to hear. Read guide of health, fitness, yoga, meditation, workouts, weight loss, diets, nutrition and home remedies for everyone. Two experts reveal their most effective tips for personal writing. The Plain Writing Act of 2010 external icon requires federal agencies to train staff and use plain language when they communicate with the public. Be sure your journal will remain private or write online so that you are writing for your eyes only. Purpose Fairy is the home of the most viral personal development article on the Internet 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy, shared more than 1. Fat, 2015, Eat for Health, Department of Health, Australian Government. Go to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time. e user can easily understand what you try to say Video/Images : Include couple of Images or video for describe your article in easy way to understand the user who have visited website I eventually turned writing about my journey into a successful travel blog, and continue to travel on a regular basis as part of my dream job. com Write for us Today, You can present those articles here for our wide gathering of people to peruse and appreciate. Care about who they are Health benefits. List credentials, certifications, awards. It will not only help you with getting over your frustrations but also keep track of your thoughts and feelings. Scroll To See More Images. Healthy grief means embracing the full range of emotions it contains with compassion and understanding. government. com provides an opportunity to the bloggers, webmasters, specialists in health and other related experts to write and get their content published at CoolHealthTips. If you want to write for us , we can contact me via email kristophermsamson@gmail. In some cases, that might be you or your founding team. Turn off the TV, phones and other electronic devices to encourage mealtime talk. This includes language, style and tone. com Clarifies How You Can Use Explainer Videos To Convert Visitors Into Customers The Sleep Foundation provides tips on how to sleep well, and to overcome problems with sleeping. If you feel about beauty, health, fashion, and trends the way we do, then look no further because Beauty Glitch has it all! Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and what we see is pretty lit! Get on board with the latest trends in the beauty and fashion world, while remembering to keep the aesthetics of remaining healthy! Health Insurance Resume Example . Mary Dash, Chief of the Congressional Correspondence and Quality Review Branch of the Internal Revenue Service, wrote these excellent writing tips. How COVID-19 is affecting nurses’ mental health, and what to do about it Tips for taking an active role in nurse research, and why it This page provides the top ten health-related impediments to U-M students' academic success, according to the 2018 U-M National College Health Assessment. Set a regular mealtime. Treat yourself to plenty of sleep each night. It makes the human body vulnerable to get affected by diseases. Using plain language avoids creating barriers that set us apart from the people with whom we are communicating. "Routines help us anticipate what's coming and make us feel safe and secure," says Kumar. She has written two easy-to-read books about women's health: Taking Care (McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1991) and So Many Changes (with Lindsay Hall, Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre Press, 1999). Tips for Exercising in Cold Weather. Accept guest posts from Travel & Lifestyle bloggers. So today I'm sharing 5 tips for living a healthy {achievable} lifestyle this year! Fitness Style For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity. 2 Grants. Different kinds of fats have different health effects, and some of these tips could help us keep the balance right: We should limit the consumption of total and saturated fats (often coming from foods of animal origin), and completely avoid trans fats; reading the labels helps to identify the sources. These will help you make smart choices for your family. gov offered a "Webcast" (registration required) entitled "Get Started with Grants. Eating healthy may seem overwhelming, but making just one or two changes in your diet can improve your health. Please be aware that although eating nutritious foods, physical activity, adequate rest and taking care of our mental health makes us more resilient, it’s not a cure nor does it guarantee immunity from contracting COVID-19. Fitness, Diet, Gym. ” They’ll offer helpful tips, informed by years of research and based on their new book, to help you and your spouse explore the underlying issues that lead to financial conflict and consider healthy ways to move from “his vs. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about submitting a blog post for consideration […] The latest news on health and medicine, covid, vaccines, global health, mental health, Obamacare, health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, opioids, cancer, heart disease Research shows that even a modest weight loss of 5 percent can result in health benefits. For example, diabetics may need to adjust the timing of medication and meal plans when setting an exercise schedule. We desire writers who are capable of entertaining while still educating while offering our readers fresh insights. Choosing builds their self confidence. Eat well. Our readers search for healthy eating, weight loss diet, heart healthy diet, healthy foods to loose weight, health tips, healthy lifestyle tips etc. Your content should be informative and useful to the reader – no promotional language. The rate of overweight and obesity in the United States, and related health risks, make the role of the primary care clinician an important one. For example, “color pink, swelling in bothlegs , pain 4/10. Why Journaling Is Good For Your Health (And 8 Tips To Get Better) Journaling can profoundly improve your well-being. For further information on how to take care of Diabetes in this pandemic please National health survey: first results, 2017–18, 2019, Australian Bureau of Statistics Eating away from home, 2015, Eat for Health, Department of Health, Australian Government. To get a backlink from healthy tips4us, you need to send a mail at info@healthytips4us. com to see more detail Health Literacy. Have an app you want us to try? Include a promo code! We always love trying out new apps but if we have to fork out for every app we reviewed we’d be broke. Expecting that the content which you write is of high quality, original, useful and creative for audience of TechLipz. Guest Post Requirements. Thus, while writing for us, there are few things which you should know and also take care of: Don’t send a Title, Pitch us with BLURB. Submit lifestyle guest posts. Write Down Your Thoughts. com The Washington Post health section provides coverage and analysis of health, healthcare, nutrition and fitness news. Health, Body, and fitness related articles. com Great Healthy Habits for Healthy Life - Good Food, Good Life, Good Body & Good Mood. Articles should focus on training, weight loss, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits for women. An under appreciated part of healthy grieving is taking care of yourself, especially your body. Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you have to shut off all the fats from your meals. healthHNBT give health and beauty tips in general. 281, No. The article should contain at least 1000+ or more words. Useful Health Tips offers extensive information on health issues, healthy living etc. Not to be too repetitive, but healthy people are more productive. In this article, I share 45 tips to live a healthier life. Ideas: consumers have proficient health literacy skills1— suggesting that nearly nine out of ten adults may lack many of the skills necessary to sufficiently manage their health. Foreign objects or sudden blows to the ear can damage the eardrum, resulting in temporary or, in some cases, permanent hearing loss. If you have an cool project, app, blog post, or anything else you’d like to share. Exercise keeps the brain and your other vital organs healthy, and is also a significant benefit towards improving your mental health. 4 Clearly, dental health is not something you can put off and catch up on later. We feature guests who are advancing, developing, designing, applying and funding real solutions to improve personal and population health. This is an example of a resume for a health insurance related position. For more general information on COVID-19: Read about symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention for over 1000 diseases, illnesses, health conditions and wellness issues. Clear writing tells the reader exactly what the reader needs to know without using unnecessary words or expressions. HealthCareProTips provides you with complete in-depth information related to health, fitness, diet, workout and much more. If you are interested in writing for us, please get in touch via the contact form or Cool Health Tips - A Perfect Health Guide! Cool Health Tips is a one-stop-shop for your health needs. Please refer to the resources in "Caring for our caregivers during COVID-19. Talk to experienced nurses, charge nurses or nurse managers. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, a variety of protein foods, and low-fat dairy products. EhealthSpider. Certain mineral deficiencies, such as iron and vitamin B12 deficiencies, can give us a low mood. com accepts content for Health & Fitness categories, which makes it, is the vast. 99myhealthtips is the leading source of the health, Beauty and fitness tips. Some Common Search Strings To Find “Health” Write For Us Blogs Although our routines make us more efficient and enhance our feelings of security and safety, a little change of pace can perk up a tedious schedule. Low health literacy can affect a person’s ability to locate health care providers and services, fill out health forms, share personal health information with providers, A healthy lifestyle involves a wholesome diet, quality sleep and regular exercise. As some of your questions about healthy pregnancy have been answered, let us now look at twenty quick tips that can come in handy for a healthy and safe pregnancy. Obesity is a big topic all by itself, pun not intended. Your article needs to be at least 500 words. net is providing an opportunity to provide guest posts on its platform. The most common type of skin cancer occurs in the squamous or basal cell layers of the skin and presents with certain early signs and symptoms. Looking for health write for us. Eat a healthy diet. guidance on how to write a policy brief by outlining 4 steps: (a) define the problem, (b) state the policy, (c) make your case, and (d) discuss the impact. com There's no better time to kick off a wellness regimen than the new year. We’re talking about breathing -- and if you’re not suffering from any type of congestion or illness, you probably don’t even realize you’re doing it. Laser Hair Removal, Chemical peels, Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal and all about Laser Cosmetic Surgery HealthCentral combines medically vetted health information with personal stories and advice from patients to provide you with the tools and inspiration to navigate life and make informed choices. Incorporating proteins, minerals, iron, vitamins, calcium, carbs and fat (good fat) into your daily diet is very necessary. How Breathing Better Can Improve Your Health. The COVID-19 pandemic not only stole the lives of thousands of people across the globe, 4 Simple Ways To Make Hair Silky, Long, And Soft. Eating healthful food helps ensure that your muscles obtain the nutrients and energy-producing fuels to function properly and avoid tissue breakdown. Studies are showing that social relationships both quality and quantity are having short and long-term effects on our health. Stay well! Healthcare Professional Resume: Samples & Writing Tips; Healthcare Professional Resume: Samples & Writing Tips. Airline safety briefings remind us to put on our own oxygen mask before helping others in the event of an emergency. Get health tips, exercises & workout tips to improve your workouts, diet plans to keep you fit and much more from the Times of India Lifestyle's Health & Fitness Laser skin care clinic Dubai offering comprehensive range of new Lasers treatments and options. Being stressed all the time is a recipe for disaster. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product Tips for Writing Your Individual Development Plan (IDP) An IDP is an employee development tool that identifies activities that will help you enhance your knowledge, skills, and abilities by improving performance, sharpening professional competencies, and preparing you for positions of changing or greater responsibility. Use your journal to make sure you follow these guidelines daily. Here’s what you need to know about coronavirus: How you can stay healthy and productive while working from home 10 Tips for Writing Your “About Us” Page. Get tips on exercise, diet, maintaining optimal mental health, stopping tobacco and alcohol abuse, and learn how to avoid other high-risk behaviors. Profile views - 187 Fitness Health Forever updates its readers about everything related to healthy living. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US with a higher incidence than all other types of cancers combined[1]. That's the extra pampering we offer that sets us apart from all the rest [why you should care]. coupontoaster@gmail. Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Here’s the guidelines: Your article needs to be grammatically correct, without any typos. Always keep a nail file on hand. Rate: Depends on assignment. Organising Early If you feel about beauty, health, fashion, and trends the way we do, then look no further because Beauty Glitch has it all! Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and what we see is pretty lit! Get on board with the latest trends in the beauty and fashion world, while remembering to keep the aesthetics of remaining healthy! some writing tips before you submit your pitch. So read below: Our domain authority and page authority is 30+. You must specifically write a new article for the submission, and not post it anywhere. ) Learn how to stay healthy and fit. Journaling shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Active and passive voice. You can exercise outdoors in the winter, but take a few extra steps to stay safe before braving the cold. If you have been researching on healthy living, you have probably come across many books and articles on the subject. Writing for us is a great way to show your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Contributor Guidelines. (Please be aware that in some cases, PayPal removes a $1-$5 transaction fee; unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. It not only protects you from poor health, but also shields those around you from suffering illnesses that arise from poor personal habits. For further information on how to take care of Diabetes in this pandemic please United States About Blog Healthy lifestyle and fitness blog brought to you by Youfit Health Clubs. Get tips on cutting down on salt in your diet. Health Care, Beauty. Having a routine can greatly improve your health. Start with these important tips from a Cleveland Clinic expert. Send us the link to it. We welcome all experienced writers with expertise and credentials in the areas of beauty, health and wellness to share their own creative work. There are tons of journal prompts for mental health (see below!) that are designed to help us think outside our comfort zone, and as we write, we inevitably start to come up with solutions to our problems. Clinical psychology provides guidance on how to prepare for your post-pandemic reboot. Esophageal Motility Disorder is a type of condition in which individuals face difficulties in the swallowing or regurgitation of food. Forge a connection. Website List at myvu are checked regularly and updated. A mental health treatment plan is a document that details a client's current mental health problems and outlines the goals and strategies that will assist the client in overcoming mental health issues. If possible, please format your writing in HTML – it makes it quicker for us to upload on this side. Teens should be physically active at least 60 minutes of every day. Since there are many side effects for some of the over-the-counter beauty products, this makes it our own responsibility to protect our skin and body from harsh chemicals. Besides supplements, you can write articles about modern nutrition, American diets, childhood obesity, secrets of longevity, organic or raw diets, and vegetarianism. They are college educated, have a median salary of 80K, and are interested in health & fitness. com our mission is simple: to make your life safe, healthy and effective with latest health info. Other useful sources. So, both students of health care programs as well as students of any other specialty can have a task to write an essay on health topic. tips is a blog that focuses on using homemade natural beauty recipes to take care of women’s beauty. If you’re looking sponsored guest post for health /yoga / / health / technology / travel / spiritual lifestyle, write for us today. You should simply write the best ever health and wellness tips, thoughts, and knowledge, you have. Frequency 2 posts / month Blog pwndigital. ) Links to web pages; Tips. Greater amounts of exercise will provide even greater benefit. Gratitude Journal: Some people keep a daily gratitude journal where they list three or more aspects of each day for which they are grateful. Plan to eat as a family at least a few times each week. Most commonly caused by arthritis or related diseases of the joints, this pain is estimated to affect more than 70 million patients in Better Information, Better Health. Practice good hygiene. Visit us - www. We get monthly 500+ organic traffics. However, like most medicines, it should be taken regularly, though it doesn’t have to take hours to do. Self-isolating as someone who lives alone will be different than it is for someone The Daily Life Tips bring for its visitors the latest trending information about lifestyle, Health, Technology, Business, Travel and many more at a single portal. Express your values. We appreciate well-written posts related to latest fashion trends, styles, beauty and health tips, and fashion designers from guest writers. com is accepting guest posts / featured articles / press releases. Healthy people are more productive. MOVE! The last but not least Health Articles 101 is an excellent source of health tips for seniors where they can find practical solutions to problems bothering them like ways to achieve healthy heart, sleep problems, foot problems, arthritis management and even learn about common types of cancer. Although the alphabet soup of progress note acronyms is extensive, the SOAP framework is a standout. Adults 40 to 65 Middle age is a time when symptoms of many eye diseases may begin to emerge — and when other diseases can develop without any symptoms at all. All you need to do is to write for us. Healthperfectinfo is one of the best place to contribute your health related content as a guest post. Breen is a freelance writer who has been working on health and literacy issues for twenty years. Experiment with a new recipe, write a poem, paint or try a Pinterest project. This document will assist you in writing and applying a policy for your workplace. " Ensure an Understanding of the Health Information Conclude the visit by making sure the patient understands: What is the main health issue Health Tips for the Muscular System. Now Health and Fitness Bloggers can write for us health, For Ehealth Spider to share their information on our blog. Send us the summary of the content and intent of your blog. Be written around the subject of health, wellness, fitness, and sport. Know that you have resources around you. Exercise should never hurt or make you feel lousy. State Health Departments. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. Learn about the coronavirus pandemic and how to get the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, being overweight reduces the beautiful shape of the body. Think that the reader is familiar with organic products, but not with their detailed application or preparation. If you are interested to write for us then, Please drop mail on bbstyles18@gmail. Manage stress and go for regular medical check-ups. Please also send a profile picture of yourself and a short Bio including links to your social profiles and blog. I try to live a fairly healthy lifestyle throughout the year, whether that's food, fitness, or lifestyle habits, which makes January resolutions less daunting. While valuing your ideas, we also value your great writing also. Are you a Health blogger? Write for us health & fitness guest posts. Keep in mind how your ongoing health problems affect your workouts. For more breakfast ideas, check out this: 31 Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Will Super Boost Your Energy. From informative articles on health problems that affect people around the globe to the detailed analysis of the potential problems that could affect any one of us. Take Your Self-care Seriously. In this article we’ll be leading you through five effective ways to familiarise yourself with health-supporting habits in order to keep the blues at bay. You can always adopt good fats which have low cholesterol levels and are highly nutritious. S. If your health insurance policy provides coverage outside the United States, remember to carry both your insurance policy identity card as proof of insurance and a claim form. Try these tips to help you get started with journaling: Try to write every day. But to celebrate my travelversary (travel anniversary) each year, I update this guide with a collection of my best travel tips to help you save money, stay safe, and inspire others to get out there and Write for Us. Lindsay Pevny/Little Dog Tips is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Read the latest health news on Medicare, healthy living, conditions and treatments, and prescription drugs. Be written by an expert on the topic they are writing about (i. Tips for aging well, including how to stay physically and emotionally healthy and keep your mind sharp. Please don’t ask us if we’re “interested” and expect us to reply. For further information on how to take care of Diabetes in this pandemic please More than 80% of today’s retirees say health is the most important ingredient for a happy retirement, meaning that the majority value good health even over financial security. Acceptin health & welness, beauty, fitness, skin, weight loss, hair loss, nutrition, workout, cancer etc related guest post, Health Tips write for us, Health Tips "Write For Us" On Blogger since November 2019. Find mental health services, including treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. To obtain the information needed to complete a treatment plan, a mental health worker must interview the client. Occupational Health & Safety is the industry-leading news magazine, eNewsletter, and website for occupational health and safety professionals focusing on problem-solving solutions, latest news Expert beauty advice, product reviews, beauty tips, makeup samples, cosmetics, and hairstyles all in one place at Total Beauty Of course, if the author of the email had truly kept readers in mind, they might have included another useful tidbit: a clue as to how and where to renew the decals. Health2wellnessblog. Our founders, along with a team of researchers and medical advisors, analyze a wide variety of topics and summarize the information in a clear and usable way. Please make sure that Google Doc is shared with us in edit mode. Send us your health tips and article submissions to be published on Healthlogus. It discusses feelings and thoughts that may arise during this time and suggests ways to cope and support oneself during such an experience. Slow. Be authentic, honest, and real. com The basic objective of DaHealthGuide. Have a healthy household member do the same for surfaces in other parts of the home. The guidance above is to improve overall health and wellness. com and he will respond to you with further details. Regardless of wellness, Fitness, meditation or nutritional. How to help children with anxiety about COVID-19 1. Maintain stress-free days. Spell out all acronyms. I think we can all agree that 2020 was a particularly taxing year, but for those of us who were already dealing with mental health struggles, it was especially rough. “Health Tips from the Professor” Demographic Target Audience: The demographic target audience for “Health Tips from the Professor” is middle aged women who are married – usually with children. Top Health Topics You can Write for us Health. Opinion: Personal views on current and controversial issues in the equestrian Write for us. It should be 100 % Unique and should not contain any grammatical errors. If this is the option you chose, please include your PayPal email address at the top of your Google document. Like making any goal, make your nutritional goal attainable and realistic. We accept guest post related to Health & Wellness, Medical articles, public health, health tips etc. Here’s an example. Enact Family Meal Time. Besides this, infographics, list of subtopics are also welcome. If you want to walk, ski, ice skate, shovel show, or do other outdoor activities when it's cold outside: Don't write something to impress someone else. Exercise “Maintaining good physical health is a key component to mental Write all important observations with the patient. Adopt to proper exercising habits by knowing your ability. Share this article via email with one or more people using the form below. Complete health guide which includes fitness, beauty, diet, yoga, weight training, pregnancy, parenting, diseases & home remedies. We are providing here the writing opportunity for all those who have experience in this niche and can provide some quality content in it. Although plain language is a familiar idea, many organizations don’t use it as often as they should. Now we will feel no rain, for each of us will be a shelter for the other. My WP Tips is best tech blog accepting guest post Paid, You can submit guest post or write for us SEO, WordPress, Business, E-commerce, Shopping apps. Your Benefits – you’ll receive a dedicated contributor profile, where you will be able to promote your blog/website (nofollow links) and 3 of your social media accounts (Facebook Mental health providers are professionals who diagnose mental health conditions and provide treatment. See something on the list that you can write about? This is what a submission for Practical Wanderlust needs: Your writing should make us laugh. g. Try not to use Underline, Not more capital letters and more exclamation point as well. Also watch health Plain language makes it easier for everyone to understand and use health information. Even for those without a traumatic experience to work through, we have a good idea of how writing can enhance our mental health. Health. Get facts and advice on nutrition, moods, sex, infections, body image, and more. Use facts, not hype. Select healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and control on sugar, salt and fat. Use a metaphor as a mighty hammer : Depression is characterized by a low mood and a noticeable loss of interest and/or amusement in daily activities for at least Take steps to keep your bones healthy as you age. Create a routine. Health, Healthy mind, Healthcare. Tips on Writing a Research Paper on Healthcare ABOUT US Certification Commission for Health Information Technology is an independent, nonprofit organization with the public mission of accelerating the adoption of robust, interoperable health information technology. Be creative with socializing. Having up to 20 quiet minutes every day for mindful writing will help ease your anxiety, calm down your thoughts and emotions, and bring peace to your mind. " Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans , 2nd edition, US Department of Health and Human Services, 2018. Write for Us Thank you for your interest in being a contributor at No Sidebar. We want you to write for us! We don’t care if you are a newcomer to the industry or a long-time health expert, so long as it’s punchy, intelligent, and interesting, we are interested in publishing you on THCB. , DrPH, or LPN next them. Content disclaimer. Read more about the benefits of exercise and physical activity guidelines for adults. This section suggests ways to make the language in your printed or Web-based quality report cards easier for your intended audience to understand and use. We want to hear. you can search us by write for us or guest posting or guest blogger or submit post or submit article or add content or blogs that accepts guest post and interested to become our contributor Queries. If you're living with chronic joint pain, you're not alone. com. This type of journaling gets you in touch with your "higher self" and creates goals for better living. Reflect on your academic and extracurricular experiences and how they have shaped your motivations for a career in health care. Before you submit, look at our style guide and recent articles for insight into structuring and formatting your piece, and make sure your submission: Has a thesis and offers a clear argument—not just a list of tips and tricks. In addition to the grief and sorrow you're already feeling as you cope with the loss of a loved one, you must find the time to organize your thoughts, put them down on paper, and deliver your speech—all within the fairly compressed timeframe between the death and the funeral or memorial service. Guest post submission, write for us Write for us Home Improvement. 27 Health and Nutrition Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based Written by Kris Gunnars, BSc on June 7, 2019 It’s easy to get confused when it comes to health and nutrition. In ‘5 health claims about hot yoga: True or false’ Elisabeth Buhl Thubron elucidates whether these common claims of a common phenomenon in society are scientifically correct. Consuming enough food does not mean that you are healthy. Why Should You Write Article For Us? If you want to write for us you need to know why should you write an article for our blog. What we get and what you get: What we get: More awesome stories / posts to share with our readers and friends. Close, quality, relationships are key for a happy, healthy life. Alter your jogging route, plan a road-trip, take a walk in a different park, hang some new pictures or try a new restaurant. Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches. Are you a health writer, or a freelance writer who wants to make money writing by getting paid to write health articles? This article features 17 magazines that pay writers to write about health-related topics; many of these magazines pay well, and you can write about anything health-related including health discoveries and news, natural health 7 Health Tips Every Woman Should Take to Heart Many women fall into the habit of taking care of others’ health and wellness needs before they take care of their own. 20 Tips for a Healthy & Safe Pregnancy. Fill half your plate with nonstarchy vegetables, one quarter with lean protein, and one with whole g The President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition (PCSFN) is a federal advisory committee that aims to promote healthy eating and physical activity for all Americans, regardless of background or ability. 100% readable article. Getting into the habit of journaling is the first step. Use your story to connect. It is important to create healthy habits early on. If you are interested to write for us on health, just send in your favored topics, and we will get back to you with our suggested topic, which will be best for our site. Disease, Weight Loss. Hence, it is essential to teach them healthy habits to follow for life. 10 Motivational Tips to Keep You Healthy. Meet Ann McGowan, super-ager. Women today have busy, demanding lives. Discover new workout ideas, healthy-eating recipes, makeup looks, skin-care advice, the best beauty products and tips, trends, and more from SELF. While at present there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it may be possible that people can become infected by touching a surface or object contaminated by the virus and then touching their face. Helps us gain perspective. For further information on how to take care of Diabetes in this pandemic please US News is the most trusted source of information about hospitals, doctors, nursing homes and more. Parenting is not easy and requires a fair amount of hard work. Soft and glossy hair takes a little of creation. Free. How to write an About Us page. Prystowsky advises keeping a nail file handy for on-the-spot buffing of any rough edges. com is an online resource for peoples who want to live a healthier life. DaHealthGuide. Make sure whatever you send has some impression on Write to us on health-related topics and we will bring your thoughts forward. They make us feel sad inside. This is key for readability. You may feel pulled in different directions and experience stress from dealing with work, family and other matters, leaving little time for yourself. We are looking for guest post contributors that relate to these various fields, but also what surrounds these areas such as self-confidence, well-being, etc. Submit A Health or Related Guest Post on Diethics. Writing changes our outlook. Tips on Writing a Report on Health Care Quality for Consumers Information on health care quality is complicated, so it’s crucial to present this information as simply and clearly as possible. Get latest on all things healthy with fun workout tips, nutrition information, and medical content. If you want to improve your perspective on life and clarify issues, start writing in a journal. Ate my usual breakfast. Technology now allows us to get creative with social interactions to help prevent loneliness, while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. To help inspire you, we compiled a month-by-month guide of our top expert-backed tips for everything from combating allergies come springtime to getting better shut-eye in 2020. A groundbreaking study of writing's physical effects appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol. Set aside time to spend with each child. Healthiack. Because of the high number of guest post requests, we decided to add a “Write for Us” page clearly explaining the guidelines. Local’s Guides: Tell us everything about where you live! What to do and see, where to stay, what to eat, and insider tips that only locals would know. A healthy plate is an easy way to control portion sizes. Follow the instructions and application guidance carefully. Going out of the track is something that we strictly oppose. To write a mental health assessment, start by writing a detailed explanation of everything that is affecting the patient and how it is affecting them. Laugh: Humor posts, parodies, and general ridiculousness. Time Food Feelings How I Can Improve; 8 a. Ask your child what they would like to do. Here is what to look out for and what to do. Please note we will not accept links to drug-related or adult websites. Give Health Tips; Don’t Be Promotional; In case of publishing your guest post or write for us health, your content should be 600+ words, unique and plagiarism free. For instance – I will eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, incorporate leafy green veggies into 3 meals a day, drink at least 68 ounces of water daily, etc. You have to take care of your child’s well being at all times. We think these 10 tips can make a huge difference: 1. Here’s our manifesto of 10 tips for staying healthy that can really help us feel happier, being healthy and more in tune with our world. Such a policy should reflect the special needs of your workplace and should be regularly reviewed and updated. Here you find the latest blogs and articles that cover all the interesting information which enhance our knowledge and keeps us updated. Write For Us Do you also had interest in content writing or had some knowledge or informative content on health. The use of social media for health communication is on the rise – both as a resource for consumers and as an outreach tool for health care Healthcare Resume Tips Healthcare has undergone significant changes in the past 20 years, and healthcare organizations are increasingly sensitive to cost control and productivity. She started running at age 49 to cope with the death of her husband. Tips for Writing Mental Health SOAP Notes When it comes to writing mental health progress notes, there’s no shortage of formats to choose from. However we would like to continue to provide the opportunity for independent bloggers to promote their personal brands and websites through the platform by accepting guest posts. KidsHealth from Nemours Download these tips [PDF format]. Nutrition, Food. Get Some Exercise. 4. It can be for just 20 minutes, or longer – it’s up to us. It allows us to take more control over our lives and puts things in perspective. You can also send us the image references that you would like to include in your article. When loss and grief strike, your life is understandably thrown into disarray and disorder. It can be at the same time each day so children or teenagers can look forward to it. You do not need a medical background, but you do need relevant experience and expertise in writing about health-related issues. 5 Tips to Stay Healthy If You Sit at a Computer All Day Production staff on the weekly fashion magazine, Grazia edit the magazine in a temporary office inside the Westfield shopping centre on For example, if your physical health is good, but your social health is less than adequate, consider joining a fitness center and meeting new gym buddies. Create. One of the top mistakes people make on email is forgetting to write a subject line, says Amanda Augustine, career expert at professional job-matching service By writing for us, you can write for us Health and Fitness and share your thoughts with our audience. Dorchester Center, MA 02124. Social relationships have an impact on our mental health, physical health and mortality risk. Coffee with sugar and cream, oatmeal with low-fat milk, and banana: Hungry. Follow Us. A well balanced healthy diet for students can help them fight heart diseases. Seek to inspire trust. The blog post should contain at least one image relevant The Health Tips Write for Us article publishes process is very smooth. 5. Exercise regularly. Perfect Health Fit focused on Beauty, Fashion, health write for us, and Fitness. m. Many are professionals. Journaling offers a deeper glimpse into our minds. The most trusted online blog where community contribute to spread the knowledge Before you decide to write to us, check out some of our content to get ideas and to get to know our style. We always submit and post 101% unique, 101% informative article. 304 North Cardinal St. Avoid jargon or excessive language. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Twitter Instagram Pinterest Health Write For Us, Contribute, Submit Post, Guest Post. Be descriptive and thorough. Choose one aspect of obesity and focus on it to research and write about. Has a voice. Keep active. But the fact is that you’re actually in a better position to provide care for the people most important to you when you make your own healthcare a top priority. It is from practitioners to practitioners! Please use the contact form to ask us about rushed posting![/colored_box] How to Get Started: Hive Health Media is a source of health news (Google News source) as well as fitness and nutrition tips from hundreds of guest authors. The Most Popular Health and Fitness Magazine in the Country. Learn about the coronavirus vaccine and other types of vaccinations. Guidelines of the Article – Health Care Write for Us Guest Post Guidelines: The guest article should contain at least 700+ or more words. It also improves reader response to messages. Some tips for self-care include: Live Healthy, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid drugs and alcohol. I promise to love, honor, and cherish you, no matter what lies before us, for as long as we both shall live. Be sure that the professional you choose is licensed to provide mental health services. on May 17, 2016 Taking better care of your body boosts Good personal hygiene is the first step to good health. Also provided are tips on fitness and exercises. To assist with your next reporting period, we have outlined ten helpful tips for writing student reports. All Health Post is a Blog About Health Tips, Side Effects, Symptoms, Diseases and Many More Things Related to Health. Write for us on health and get published. Research proves that writing about troubling issues boosts our immune system and improves our emotional health, which in turn benefits our lives in a multitude of ways. Stay up-to-date with the latest fitness trends, Our homes can make us feel safe, but they can also make us sick. com is allowing bloggers to come with new idea with the greatest quality health information on-line. The steps and tips offer a starting point for health care professionals interested in health policy and translating research or clinical experience to impact policy. To submit guest posts on health / travel / yoga / spiritual lifestyle / technology, simply send a complete 1000+ word article to [email protected] . She got back on the track within months of a mastectomy to race in the 1991 National Senior Games, a competition for women and men age 50 or older who have qualified at regional events. For example, you might write, "Drink at least one 6-oz glass of water every 2 hours" instead of "Increase fluids. What to consider when looking for health information online. At Healthy Tips4us, we have our content writers, so here we don’t ask you to send blogs because we publish only our own written blogs. Healthy teeth and gums should be a part of everyone’s lifelong health habits. Chatelaine magazine Of course, as with most mental health tips, a lot of what works for you will depend on personal circumstances. For further information on how to take care of Diabetes in this pandemic please Write for Us in Our fashion Blog- Fashion, Beauty Tips, Style, Makeup, Lifestyle, clothing, Health, Fitness. These useful health tips combine to form a complete health guide. Become a fashion and beauty guru with our easy tips and tricks that will help you to always look perfect. It has several types, each having a different prognosis. Tell visitors what they want to know. Unsent If you want to write for a female-focused health and fitness site, connect with FitnessRxWomen Online Editor Callie Bundy by pitching an idea for an article. Writing and delivering a eulogy or remembrance speech can seem daunting. an amateur basketball player who knows a lot about the sport writing an article/personal story around basketball) Be backed up with accurate facts from scientists/authority websites. health tips write for us