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e30 steering rack ratio 2 ratio . 58 lbs. 2 liter E36 M3 ('96+) - 45. 24 “Thankfully, Ryan Thorne, one of my son James’s friends, is a good fabricator, so he did the custom engine mounts and handled moving the brake booster,” says Shayne. it has light accurate steering with virtual centre point steering, eliminating bump steer and keeping the steering effort to a minimum. 1986 BMW 325e: The 325e is a rear wheel drive saloon (sedan) passenger car with a front located engine, sold by BMW. Fresh blue Dot-4 brake fluid. 72 2nd 2. 6, Auto, 4spd & 5spd boxes, Mk1 & 3 x Mk2 Suspensions, Steering racks, different ratio Diff s (4), all glass there except windscreen, plenty of RedBook’s used car price search lets you check the value of a new car before you buy or sell. Car Comes Equipped Leather Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, On-Board Computer, Rear Audio System. No more "school bus" feeling steering. Just had a once over by BM-Autohaus. Even has the bmw glove box torch. There are 3 different ratios that BMW E36 cars came equipped with. 3 Series E30 1982-1992 (non-genuine parts suitable for BMW vehicles) 3 Series E36 1992-1999 (non-genuine parts suitable for BMW vehicles) 3 Series E46 1999-2005 (non-genuine parts suitable for BMW vehicles) 3 Series E90/E91/E92 2005-2011 (non-genuine parts suitable for BMW vehicles) 3 Series F30 2013+ (non-genuine parts suitable for BMW vehicles) BMW E30 M3 Race Car Group A/DTM Recreation. Genuine Porsche Tie Rods for '87 or later 944 and 968 models with Manual Steering Rack. Why? The interweb/forum logic is that the Standard Z3 is for normal road speeds. New E36 M3 Rotors and pads. The model that truly launched BMW into the performance arena in the United States were the second generation of 3-series cars. Woodward steering universal joints. Home / AUTO PARTS / Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series. 0 alloy wheels on 195/60HR14 tires. 35: Length - Width Steering: ’95 E36 M3 Quick ratio steering rack Engine Modifications: Castro Motorsport 2 piece fiberglass air intake box, Custom dual 2. They quicken the steering ratio from 4 down to 2. My questions is, is there any special tools needed and how big of a job is it to change a steering rack? Thanks in advance. There’s a small initial dead zone to the steering, but beyond that it’s noticeably quicker and heavier than on a regular four-cylinder E30. That got me thinking, what is the steering ratio for the Xi? Well it is 18. 2 ratio rack as well. BMW E30 E36 E46 M3 Z3 CLUB SPORT QUICK STEERING RACK RALLY DRIFT 6755067. 2 inches Weight distribution, F/R: 53%/47% Fuel capacity: 14. Listing Template 2018 Home About Us Shipping teleflex rack and pinion type steering cable backmount rack cable - single rack cable for use with rack steering helm. $$$ 1984 BMW 323i: The BMW 323i is a 4 door saloon (sedan)-bodied car with a front positioned engine powering the rear wheels. 5 turns lock to lock. Car is in great driver quality condition inside and out. Slop or play in the E30 steering wheel is a very common issue given the current age of the vehicle. 59 All Steering Racks Purchased from BMA have a $150 Core Charge. You do not need to remove the pan for this modification. :dunno: Does anybody know if there are faster ratio steering racks than can be swapped into a 330i? Steering Rack Type : Rack Ratio (mm/rev) Steering Ratio (deg/deg) E30 M3 w/ stock rack: 38. Whereas the Z3M is likely to be track/performance driven and the fast rack at high speeds becomes dangerous. Cheers for the comments The standard rack is a 4. Another interesting bit about the way the E30 M3 drives is how slow the steering rack is. Blog; Uncategorized; Recent Comments Archives. Because like I said before: the spacers work by giving the rack the ability to move further. Drivers eagerly embraced the 325iS, even with its higher price tag. Body: - Base car original BMW E30 M3 with Swedish registration papers/street legal - Painted to BMW Alpine White 3 (color code 300) - Light body cote under car and wheel well’s. I used a e21 manual rack which I think is 3. <br /> Handling – With a stiff, lightweight construction, BC Racing Coilovers, tighter steering rack, four-wheel vented and grooved disc brakes, and limited slip differential, this E30 feels more precise and connected in handling and capability over a standard E30. It was really easy, the banjo bolt crush washers should be changed. This gives the 1995 M3 driver a faster initial steering rate but also consistent linear rate steering. 7 turn-to-lock ratio. E30 Power Steering Rack Rebuild Bimmerfest Bmw Forums. The steering column spins a pinion gear and, as that gear turns, it connects to the gears in the rack, making the rack slide left and right. <br /> <br /> The Drive: This car has The ultmate solution with the best kit for the money : DriftMAX, available for Nissan and BMW from 899 € ! 1 NEW (not rebuilt) Flameing River FR1508 manual rack with 20:1 ratio and 4 turn lock to lock 1 Modified orignal rag joint This is a easy way to free up good HP (hopeing for 10-15hp) and loose up to 40+ lbs in a SC. 23 Limited Slip Differential to increase top speed. Smaller wheels reduce the leverage on the steering column. For bmw 323ci 323i 325ci 325i 328ci 328i 330ci 330i m3 z4. Almost gone. 9, Z3 2. I order a rebuilt Maval steering rack from PartsGeek for a 1992 325i E30 convertible with SRS. All US-sold E30s came with power steering (in Europe and other markets the car was available with a manual steering rack). 99; Postage not specified; Genuine BMW E46 Steering Rack/quick Rack Drift 6 755 067; ratio/long travel steering rack which is about as quick as the Z3 rack but has longer rack travel BMW E30 4. KRC Power Steering manufactures racing, aftermarket, and Hotrod Aluminum Power Steering Pumps at our factory in Kennesaw, GA. first one was shot and had too much play, but I did find a new (old Power Steering Rack For BMW E36 32111138198, OEMNO:32111138198, Application:Volkswagen, Find detailed product information for Power Steering Rack For BMW E36 32111138198 and other products from Huaheng Auto Parts Intl' Trading Co. 10 LSD) was completely unusable for the track due to the low 5th gear red-line speed of around 150km/h. M3s and M Z3s 96+ had a 3. Actually the first thing I noticed going from a Z4 to an E36 M3 was the slower steering ratio. 99 + P&P. 5mm/rev. 62 ratio part# 2283062 $700 29,000 mile Z3 short ratio linear steering rack. In overall excellent condition. 95 M3 had a 3. SLR Steering Rack Limiters; All hardware for 100% bolt-on installation Please Include year and model in the notes once you have placed your order. 6 Stock E30 M3 3. About Me; e30 Fan Gift Guide; e30 Buyer’s Guide; Car & Car Enthusiast Videos The car was then capped off with a completely new front steering setup including a quick ratio steering rack, control arms and SLR speed kit which made sure that when this thing hit the turns, it was hitting them hard. Please select airbag or non-airbag model. $269. 1. The CSL's larger front brake discs (but with the regular M3 front calipers) and rear brake calipers with larger pistons. The difference is night and day. After replacing my failed M50 engine and transmission, I drove my car and discovered that the gear ratio of the existing 4. 0 turns LTL e30 rack. Yes, the effort is lower, but the slow steering really adds an unwelcome bus driver element to any twisty road. Cooling system Engine breather system Engine mounts Prop shaft Exhaust Fuel delivery system Speedometer and instruments Vehicle electrical system. The popular Z3 (non-M) steering rack (PN: 32131094038 or 32131095577) has the shortest lock-to-lock at 2. The fluid also keeps everything cool and prevents damage in They both bolt in the same, but the TRW rack is 3. November 2008. 1993 BMW 325i E30 Convertible in Brillantrot Red with Tan Leather Interior. com – Remanufactored MAVAL unit - Their price $306. 0 turns lock to lock. My track-only E30 that, and a steering rack from a Z3—a BMW trick to get a much quicker steering ratio. When I bought my M3, I found the steering to be slow and sluggish in comparison so I now have one in it too. That's what I had him do. The transmission tunnel was enlarged for the Getrag 265 CR gearbox, and the floor pan stiffened with sections from the floor of an E30 to support the transmission as in the E30 M3. Where do I find the Guide to swap an M6X into my E30? Instructions for E30 Complete Chassis Reinforcement Kit - K0030; Garagistic E30 boosterless brake setup; BMW Differential Ratio Guide; E30 Steering Rack Swap Kit 11 votes, 26 comments. The Z3 1. The Z3 rack bolts straight on just needs a small bracket to mount the pipes - approx 50mm flat plate. They work quite nicely in our front cross members! Built to factory Corolla specs, we've also sourced new inner tie rods and boots as well as the hard to find small spline steering universal joint. 0 liter E36 M3 ('95) - 39mm/rev. This Atlantic Automotive Engineering Steering Rack (Mfg#32131095575) fits BMW E36, BMW Z3 M Coupe, BMW Z3 M Roadster. This is my second rack replacement, and I had a really difficult time getting the old unit off and the new unit on the last time. 23 LSD from a 2000 M Roadster. 0 Turn to Lock Ratio Rack - Maval Rebuilt - $270. Click Here for E30 M3 Installation Instructions. 4mm), resulting in 2302cc, and unique steering help with "quick ratio steering rack". The car has 130,000 miles on it already. until 1987 for the 1988 model year. Please feel free to contact us for more information :* Andre – 076 461 2750* Tinashe – 072 740 2210* Landline -012 306 8501WE DELIVERY / COURIER NATIONWIDEVisit us anytime at our address:* 439 Vom Hagen Street, Pretoria West www. 0 : 19. 91 e30 318is alpinweiß II 115k "Die Pendler" 02 325iTS TiS 115k - SOLD 91 e34 M5 Schwarz 188k - SOLD then KIA A K20 oil pump is required to run our oil pan and pump, available separately. Inicio / AUTO PARTS / Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series / AUTO PARTS / Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series Sticky Posts. CO2, emissions, BMW E46 330I AIRFLOW METER FOR SALEAt German Parts-Specialist, We offer quality used and new vehicle parts for VW / BMW / MERCEDES-BENZ AND AUDI. Brand new leather mtech steering wheel and illuminated gear knob. Im also installing the Chase Bays power steering kit. Swap the quicker ratio E36/Z3 or E46 Steering rack into your E30. 5:1 or so however Jerremy Waltons books states that the powered rack has a ratio of 19:1. (Why do OEMs keep making quicker-ratio racks?) Turn in a fraction of a second earlier than you’re used to. And besides it's the same ratio as the standard E30 rack. I installed rack, took it for alignment and although I've only driven it 20-30 miles it seems pretty sweet. When turning the steering wheel there is a faint hissing sound which adds up to the sound of the effort of the power steering working. 95 This BMW E30 steering rack and pinion swap install kit allows for the installation of an E36/E46/Z3 rack and pinion into a BMW E30 chassis, which provides for a quicker steering ratio. E36 m3 differential internals built into e30 case. 23:1 Ratio at the best online prices at eBay! -E36: One of the most common rack swaps around and gives the e30 the steering rack it was meant to have. Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series 2 as new cadmium plated steering rack mounting bolts with matching lock nuts. I'm going to go look it up for the Z4 to see how much quicker it was. You may want to place some clean rags inside the holes or the steering box or you will experience a power steering fluid shower when removing the box. 9 inch and using 5300rpm max I . This idea of cannibalizing later models to benefit a BMW from the past was repeated with the steering rack. 10 Small Case Diff, Open out of 318is 4. £74. The e46 rack looks like a nice rack too with decent on center ratio and a lot of angle for parking if you're on the street a lot. M40's also respond very well to camshaft upgrades and turbocharging, if that's what you're into - 3. com A few places to get your z3 Steering rack: Bimmerzone. BMW E30 — (1982–1991) 3 Series BMW E31 — (1990 Picked up an e30 325i last night. It's not all the way down to the 3. mazda 6 gh power steering rack + ecu steering rack working good but turns a little harder in left side. 99. My tie rods were in good shape, they screw right into the e46 rack, however, the e46 racks do not use the lock plates that the e36s use. 7 litre engine is a naturally aspirated, single overhead camshaft, 6 cylinder that produces 126 bhp (128 PS/94 kW) of power at 4800 rpm, and maximum torque of 230 N·m (170 lb·ft/23. 9L 2. An quick ratio M5 steering box is sought after because it makes the steering more precise and fun to drive, from what I've been told. Engine, horsepower, torque, dimensions and mechanical details for the 1986 Porsche 962. EUR 44. 1990 BMW M3 Group A One of the most successful Group A touring cars was the BMW M3 which had great success in DTM, the World Touring Car Championship, European Touring Car, British Touring Car, Italia Superturismo, and Australian Touring Car Championships. 7 Lock To Lock Turns (Steering) 3. After deciding to enter Touring Car and DTM racing, BMW supported a program for the E30 BMW in 1987. P roduction of the original BMW M3 (E30 coupe) ended in 1991. DIMENSIONS Wheelbase: 101. Otherwise needs very small mod. The Z3 rack is 2. 1:1 gears BMW e46 M3 and non M3 steering racks $200 2007 bmw m6 Differential lsd 3. 5 turns and the Z3 steering rack is a razor quick 2. New AKG steering rack adapter. See full list on e30zone. On a lower powered B series the loss was 5 hp peak. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. eBay Template Shop About Us Feedback Contact BMW E30 POWER STEERING RACK CONVERSION KIT Price: $865 Ask a Question Newsletter Kit includes: TESTED ONLY steering rack BMW E46 purple tag - part number 7852 974679 Any looseness in the steering box will cause play in the steering wheel and steering linkage. BMW E30 Quick Ratio Steering Kit ST-3 Install a quicker E36 steering rack into your E30 3 Series. I would say the 95 rack is probably the strangest rack out there, but it is still a huge upgrade over the 4. 5:1. In order to mount it, AKG Motorsports sells an adapter kit. 07 STI steering rack--Steering ratio went from stock 16. 3 seconds, a maximum top speed of 135 mph (218 km/h), a curb weight of 2601 lbs (1180 kgs), the E30 3 Series 325i Kat has a naturally-aspirated Inline 6 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code M20B25. , Back Ordered, ETA Unknown 100% guarantee. CP Pistons BMW E30 M3 S14 (Specify Diameter / Compression Ratio) CP piston has a reputation of high end quality pistons, build to perform and out last; especially in motorsports, powersports and sport compact. 0 turns lock-to-lock rack. Just to add, the 3 litre E36 M3 rack is the odd variable ratio one with a lot of straight ahead "sneeze factor" inbuilt. - Found more accurate damper travel ranges for E30, M3 from BMW manual - More accurate motion ratios for sta-bars from BMW manual - More accurate steering ratio for M3 from BMW manual - More accurate E30, M3 front geometry - Changed S14B25 rev limit from 7250 to 7800 as per new data; old The car also uses MRT outer tie rods, which are adjustable for bump steer correction. You also require spacers (or washers) between The standard Z3 has a 2. Steering Rack 7790277. C $226. FOR SALE! eBay Template Shop About Us Feedback Contact BMW E30 POWER STEERING RACK 274378440431 Mario chose a manual rack from the E21 323i which was shortened to eliminate bump steer. 1 seconds and a top speed of 194 km/h. 1997-2003 : ferrari : 550 maranello (5. In another thread in the non-Xi section, somebody mentioned that he was considering swapping a M3 steering rack for his 335i rack. I'm thinking that an e39 might be a far better donor as the rack is wider. The mesh in the steel frame will resolve in a wind turbulence reduction of 80% while driving with the top down. The steering is the same on both the 128i and 135i. 2 Owner, 5 Speed Manual Transmission. 1 STEERING RACK ARM BMW E30 TO E36 E46 Z3 STEERING RACK LINES CONVERSION STEERING LINE HOSE KIT Fits perfectly with M20 engine. Final drive ratio 3. Can't seem to find it anymore either. All of the racks look virtually the same, Z3 rack looks different but all the mounting points and the hose attachments are the same as all other E36 racks. 10 LSD Innovate air/fuel ratio gauge. Weight 1200 Kg. The power steering pump mounts quite differently on the S54. Odometer: 309,000 km. A mus Manual Steering Rack. Needing to change the rack is a great opportunity to optimize the steering ratio (iie number of rotations lock-to-lock). Local Junkyard or forum – May be able to find a cheaper price. Facebook -steering rack: bmw z3 close ratio steering rack-rear end bushings: full rear revshift kit. By modern standards (and for any competition use) that is too slow. 2 Litre E36 M3 rack was the same as normal E36 rack but with lock This is the quick ratio steering rack conversion for the E30 with 2. OMP For BMW E30 5 6 7 Series Steering Wheel Boss Hub Kit OD/1960BM23-1. This included a new TD05HRA-15GK2-10. VEHICLES IN GREAT SHAPE FOR THIS REGION OF THE COUNTRY RUNS BUT NEEDS NEW TIRES AND A FUEL PUMP BUT YOU CAN HEAR IT RUN. We have other conversion parts like BMW quick steering racks, Conversion UNI JOINTS, conversion tie rods, boots, stainless steel subframe spacers. 0 LTL ratio. Today, the E30 family of BMWs are both readily affordable, and are popular with enthusiasts wanting to personalize them. 35 postage. Faster steering ratio $140 Bmw steering rack e46 rack n pinion e30 m3 Zhp 328i 330i The period works Italvolanti Formel steering wheel is a fantastic addition and a nod to the cars successful racing heritage. If you want to put them in separately, you can skip the removal of the steering rack, just swap subframes and drop the engine in through the engine compartment. 2010 135-VRSF Dp's, BMS DCI, BMS Meth, ER CP/Tial Q, CPE Exhaust, Wedge Flash Genuine BMW E46 Steering Rack/quick Rack Drift 6 755 067 Purple Tag Fit E30. Z3 short ratio steering rack. The original steering setup in e30s is not particularly sporty. 25 lock-to-lock with a varied ratio. Your quicker rack is from either an E30 M3 or an E36? -Stock Steering Rack vs. 2 lock to lock = :-). 62. 3, Z3 2. Upgraded suspension, E36 M3 Evo steering rack, Wilwood BBK from Ireland Engineering, mild engine upgrade with carbon fibre air box controlled by a Miller WAR Chip and MAF. The non-M Z3 rack is a linear 2. However, it so happens that the E30 rack is interchangeable with many later BMW steering racks from the E36 and E46 cars. Car Steering Racks & Boxes; BMW E30 E36 E46 M3 Z3 CLUB SPORT QUICK STEERING RACK RALLY DRIFT 6755067; BMW E30 E36 E46 M3 Z3 CLUB SPORT QUICK STEERING RACK RALLY DRIFT 6755067. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BMW E30 E34 E36 188mm differential with Gear set - 3. 5:1 Front brakes: 260mm ventilated discs Rear brakes: 260mm discs ABS standard in model year 1986 14×6. This setup gives the user the ability to change their gear ratio in less than 5 minutes by simply removing the rear cover of the rear end. a 2. It leant on no homologation requirements to make production and its steering was night and day different. Apparently the ratio is similar to a Z3 rack but with more overall travel and this should be a better alternative for a manual rack to blanking off a power steering rack as it has less resistance. 01 cu. - Full Rollcage (Custom cages – certified) - Body seam welded The 325iS was considered the sportier of the two models, and when it was released, the 325iS was the most powerful E30 3 Series vehicle. – Stack Lambda gauge – Chassis wiring built from scratch (Grp. What size brakes does the E30 M3 have? All E30 M3s have vented front disc brakes measuring 11. Bmw e30 steering rack boot left and right (2) + 1 year warranty(US $23. 1 turns lock-to-lock at 65° !! 35mm roll-center correction; Matching bump-steer correction; Four position adjustable Ackerman to suit track and/or driving style; Sway bar bracket to fit E30/E36 type Swaybar links (can retrofit on E46 also please contact us for more information) Steering racks can leak and really good used ones are getting rare – a conversion to the quicker ratio E46 3-Series rack is very worthwhile as the E30 drives a lot better afterwards. I'll install the 320 brake booster/master and then pull my tie rods, control arms and 5 lug struts from the E30 set-up and put all of these on the new All cars are different, and require different pressures. The BMW E36 M3 was different. EUR 143. 00…comes with remaned unit and tie rods. and the racks are rebuilt properly E30. The rack im getting is from a 320i msport id be happy if it was better ratio then e36 but if its the same or less id still be happy. . 0 turns lock-to-lock rack and a 2. 1-inches (282mm). E30 Quick Ratio Steering Rack Conversion - … Nov 22, 2008 · E30 Quick Ratio Steering Rack Conversion The 320is uses the standard E30 power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering system with an overall ratio of 20. This is a list of what can cause this play: Check list from the more probable to the less. Past - 1992 w201 2. Shop with confidence. You may bend your stock e30 high pressure line to suit, or order a stock e36 high pressure line to use. Offering a lock angle of up to 70°, designed to work with the OEM steering rack, without any modifications. Genuine 17" BMW E36 M3R alloys. The ratio is rather slow and it’s just about three turns lock-to-lock, making you have to put some real And I've even read that the 540i/6 & M5 have the same box. Price is $425 firm. If you are mounting a Getrag 250 in an E30, be sure to investigate a matching differential. For example, a sloppy steering guibo, a worn or faulty steering rack or bad steering knuckle to name a few. Here are a few choices 3. 5T with a titanium turbine wheel, a quieter exhaust system, 10mm lowered suspension and a quicker steering rack. 00) E30 E36 Z3. Z3 (4cylinder) - 53. These BMW E30 to E36 steering rack conversion spacers are ideal for anyone swapping out their E30 steering rack for an E36 steering rack. 75 turns lock-to-lock, vs 3. An E36 steering rack from an M car is said to be 3. Lots of measuring and fabrication. S. 1 m Tyres / Wheels Tire size : 225/45 ZR16 Wheel rims size : R16 Compare this car with other cars It has twin modes (2×2 and 4×4) and dual ranges (high and low) – the high range is a direct drive (1:1) and the low range is a 2. We can only accept original z3 steering racks for the core. Subsequently, there are a few routes that can be taken. Complete Racing and Hot Rod Serpentine Engine Pulley Kits for Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge. Are there other BMW platforms that can bolt into the E34? E30, E28,E32, E39? Ratio differences? Lord figures on a power-to-weight ratio of more than 300 horsepower per ton. The Z3 rack has a higher steering ratio that reduces the amount of steering wheel deflection required to produce the same turning performance. Again, your existing tie rods are required when fitting to E36/E30/Z3 as E46 rods are different. By sticking with the OEM hydraulic pump, our system is simple, reliable, inexpensive, and easy to add to any swap. 1986 Porsche 962 technical specifications and data. It's the same install project - shorten the outer pitman/steering arms and fit the rack. BMW Z3 E36 Power Steering Rack 1094038 Quick Rack E30. Search this forum for info. 5 hp peak, while in a straight ahead position. The second generation 3 Series provided a thrilling driving experience that used the best technology available. EUR 146. The stock steering rack started giving out so we swap a new one in. 0's + 1. 0L (De-stroked S14 from E30 M3 producing just 8HP less than US spec M3) Gearbox: Close-Ratio 5-Speed Dogleg Rear End: 3. In this video I will show you how to install an E36 steering rack on the E30 with the M20 engine. We are the pre-eminent provider of new car prices, values, vehicle identification and pricing information in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. 2:1 have to buy the steering u joint and weld. Repair Guides. A Recreation of the 1988 ETCC - Autohaus Wollstadt Racing Team - With FIA HTP Papers, Ready to Race and eligiable for MRL Historic Touring Car Challenge, Tourenwagon Classics & HSCC Dunlop Saloon Car Cup. A set of APEX SM-10 (18X10. JE Pistons BMW M50, M52, M54, S52 (Specify Diameter / Compression Ratio) E30 318is Sedan 2dr Man 5sp 1. brake system setup: brake calipers: e46 front calipers; twin e30 rear calipers ; brake pedals: wilwood brake, clutch, and throttle pedal assembly ; brake cylinders: wilwood compact aluminum master cylinder ; brake lines: -3an stainless braided Finished in Alpine White over a Pearl Beige sport interior, it is a classic E30 color combination. New AKG rack poly bushing kit. We also recommend running a BMW Z3 steering rack for a much quicker steering ratio and also more clearance around the oil pan. Drive an E30 with an original rack and then a purple one and you'll notice the difference The M3s rack is fine really but I did notice a slight difference with my E30s and E36 that have purple rack and also the 316ti I had for a winter hack which also have purple racks The Z3 rack is an internet myth that a lot of people have made money out of. It's another Z3M component, chosen for its close-ratio gearing. This is a good time to replace steering rack bushings. While they were the darling of the “yuppie” class when new, the E30 and E36 BMW 3-Series from the 1980’s and 1990’s have now settled somewhere between. Yes, this swap is also compatible with right hand drive (RHD) vehicles. The guy who owned it before me must have lived in it. 5k USD including purchase. The spacers do NOT change the ratio to be quicker. 5:1 ratio, with more than four turns lock-to-lock. E36 m3 steering rack conversion. E36 M3 front suspension geometry. FCP Euro now makes a kit to install a Z3 rack into an E30. 2. 75 / 54mm per turn. Power steering rack has a faster ratio than non-power steering rack, so if you want the feedback of non-power steering with the ratio of power steering, you need to depower. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. What is the gross weigh, 1987 BMW 3 Series Sedan 2-door (E30, facelift 1987) 325i (170 Hp)? 1640 kg 3615. All E36s have the same steering ratio ( except the 3. Once the old motor is out, I'll remove the E30 brake booster and master and the E30 radiator. The stock rack was 3. Early E30s didn't have power steering. The E36 M3 is ideal with an even shorter XbyX ratio. 0 X 15 aluminum rims with 205/55 VR 15 tires front and back. It is actually an easy swap into the 3 series all the way back to the e30. 6:1, which is slightly quicker than the normal E30 ratio of 20. Mazda RX-7 Manual Steering Rack FD3S (power steering delete) $ 1,200. 8i Custom dampener/height adjustable rear struts Air condition Continental Headunit Bluetooth/CD/MP3 Purple tag steering rack E46 - The M40 engine in this car makes it a VERY straight forward swap for the 16 valve M42, found in later E30's and E36's. In addition to the engine, the M3’s Getrag 265 5-speed gearbox was used along with a limited-slip differential with a shorter ratio than its more famous cousin. £124. 1600psi of pressure relief is the highest safe rating we recommend. The Saginaw 68 and 86 are far and away our best-selling power steering gear boxes, most likely because of how The Saginaw 68 and 86 are far and away our best-selling power steering gear boxes, most likely because of how many cars they were in and how many of those (+34) - 657 58 14 13 Envíos Lunes a Viernes - 24/48 Horas Mon - Fri: 10 am-19. 7 kit Either way, I am still happy with it and advise anyone making this upgrade to go all the way with whichever gets the most reduced lock to lock travel Very interesting, as I find that the steering is the weak link of the E30 M3. The addition of our fast ratio AE steering arms to your car will net the steering angle and quickness of the popular manual rack swaps. 5:1 (compared with the regular M3's ratio of 15. 40% faster steering ratio compared to OEM; Only 3. 9 rack. Stock options include all of the E30 325iS kit outlined above; tasteful modifications include a modern Alpine stereo, Eibach springs, Bilstein sport shocks, a close-ratio Z3 steering rack, and UV-protectant window tint. I installed this as a direct bolt on with new e46 inner tie-rods and e36 outer tie-rods. I like the idea of the non-assisted Z3 1. A purple tag E46 rack is £60 and BM Conversions sell the new conversion pipes and steering linkage. To keep parking effort reasonable, Mazda used a slower steering ratio on manual racks. pretty much just want to fix car with a mint rack and possibly some gains. 7 turns. Since the Z3 used so much 3-Series componentry under the skin, the steering rack is a direct bolt-in replacement, but it’s used as an upgrade because the steering ratio is much quicker for a faster steering response. 45) 1940s 1950s 1960s vintage steering gear boxes worm and ball - original (US $200. 10 Limited Slip Differential was causing the car to hit the RPM red line at approximately 140km/h in 5th gear. Spec: Rusty Scuttle Rear Pocket (under the battery) has a fine big hole in it Up front sits a powder coated crossmember, Vorshlag fully adjustable race camber/caster plates, Leda fully adjustable shortened front struts, 2. Oddly 1990 M3 (E30) Sport Evolution BMW, and lot of sport car specification. Truly wonderful gearboxes to operate. 5 mm/rev. The E30 M3 had a couple fascinating attributes, which included "Siamese-like pistons", an additional oil cooler positioned behind the spoiler, "a cast alloy sump", a unusually long "stroke camshaft" with the stroke (84mm) and the bore (93. Find great deals on eBay for e30 steering rack and e36 steering rack. ZF quotes their rack ratio's in millimeters per revolution, from the on-center position. Seems like steering racks on 3-series are kinda universal. 1990 BMW 318is E30 price obo - $800 (Paducah) NO TITLE For sale is a 1990 BMW 318is 5 speed 4 cylinder. warning triangle and first aid kit. This rack is like a unicorn in the e36 world, the ratio is supposed to be the best that bmw offers. However, Adaptive Steering, which automatically adjusts steering ratio based on vehicle speeds, is available as an option on both. 5l, 12 cyl) w/ sensor : 2002-2004: ferrari: 575 maranello (5. Fully roadworthy and with full WA rego for 5 months (Oct 2021). Vauxhall Chevette Steering High Ratio Quick Rack - Heavy Duty Rack & Pinnion kit. 5:1, 335i is 16:1. Difficulty level – 9/10 - M42 into E21 316, 320, 323i RHD A guide to help decide which M3 (E30, E36, E46, or E90) is right for you. OEM reference 32 13 1 095 575 Steering Rack & Pinion 2002-2004 WITH NON-VARIABLE RATIO STEERING 3104 1991-1993 E30 BODY STYLE 3010 1984-1985 E30 BODY STYLE 3010 1 product rating - BMW e30 Steering Rack pinion Boot Left+Right BMW E46 3er Clubsport CS Steering Rack E36 M3 Z3 E30 RHD Quick Ratio/More Angle. A beautiful E30 BMW only deserves the best is quality name brand car parts from FCP Euro. Generation One (E30): 1986-1991. 7 turns lock-to-lock! The result is better steering feel and response. No Electric Power Steering with Servotronic in the U. The quick-and-dirty de-power involves simply removing the pump and looping the power steering lines on the rack. Seal Kit For Bmw E46 Purple Tag Power Steering Rack Ebay. 77 4th 1. The modification is about 1. What the E30 M3 did have on its side was crisp steering. It is rougher than a sailor's sac, but is a cheap means of having some fun. 6:1 a nadge sharper than the normal E30 ratio of 20. Then I took it to my first autocross, and the car's street days were numbered. , Direct Ship, Ship ETA Feb 19, 2021 100% guarantee. 43 to 1 ratio for racing use <br />Cut from fully Carburized Forged Nic You won't get a heavier feel from the steering wheel unless you change at least one of two things. 00 | Sun/PH: closed; Currency: SGD (Singapore Dollars) Wishlist - $ The 320iS use the standard 325i shell, complete with that model's stiffer suspension. It is part of BMW's E30 model series. BMW Z3 Steering Rack Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series The Saginaw 68 and 86 are far and away our best-selling power steering gear boxes, most likely because of how many cars they were in and how many of those are still on the road. 3mph to 22. A smaller diameter steering wheel. 7 litres/100km - 29 mpg UK - 24 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 8. 63. 5 gallons Curb weight: 2654 lbs (1984, manual) 2698 lbs Steering Racks 92-98 E36 3. This version contains: ETK K-Series: Adjustable steering Sport Front bumper w/ optional splitter Steering type : Steering rack Power steering : Hydraulic Steering Minimum turning circle (turning diameter) : 11. 2mph/1000rpm. The included steering rack is a close ratio upgrade and is ready to install. 5 For Sale. 0 models. The Complete 1986 BMW M3 E30 series Specifications Length Wheelbase Ratio: 1. Rack Doctor will install the necessary E46 -> E36 tie rod conversion. BMW E30 Power Steering Rack & Pinion late model - Exchange required VW Passat B5 Steering Install a 3. With a fuel consumption of 9. Use this steering box/steering rack size chart to select the proper rack and pinion or steering box spline size for your system. Unmolested E30s are becoming harder to find, which is reflected in the prices. I have a 1987 euro-spec E30 M3 (non airbag). Total cost: $2. If you’re unable to inspect your original steering rack, you can just order the ZF part; it is more common, it will bolt in and work as a replacement for the TRW, and the quicker steering ratio will work as an upgrade, providing Hablemos por Whatsapp :) La serena, Chile. 27 cu. 0 turns to lock. EUR 164. 25 turns, lock-to-lock, and the ZF has a quicker 3. Incidentally, if you are an enthusiast and you need to replace your steering rack, you may want swap it with the one originally provided on the Z3. The power loss from EHPS is between 0. 6:1 power assisted Brakes: Power assisted 284mm ventilated rotors front, 250mm rotors rear, ABS. 00! BMW e30 M20 Fully Rebuilt Short Block Engine 325iX ONLY BMW e46 M3 and non M3 steering racks $200 2007 bmw m6 Differential lsd 3. If the steering rack in your BMW E30, E36, E46 or Z3 has failed, please contact our LPSR repair facility. They attach to a Z3 steering rack – which is nearly a bolt-in part for the E30. 159 likes. Includes two joints, shaft, and hardware. Aftermarket product with premium quality. The Z3M has a standard E36 rack, which is slower. The Sikky S14 240sx Quick Change Subframe Kit is a crucial addition when building your race car to perform at the highest level. Suspension: Nothing needs to be done to suspension unless you want to improve the handling of your E30. 9 more specifically has the closest ratio and performs quite well in the E30. Porsche 944s brake booster. BMW E30 320iS Tacho with coding chip to correct rpm signal and 8. 2-inch (260mm) solid disc brakes in Firstly I have a couple of steering racks at my disposal. My steering has been getting heavy and now its like only 20% of the power steering works. but the only fabbing I did was the u-joint weld pics also in <--- blog BMW E30 Track Car, built from a 1985 2-door shell. Click Here for E36 Installation Instructions. I have trouble believing it's much if any different to the stock manual steering, it feels similar to the ludicrously slow 4 turns lock to lock. The most popular upgrade is to use an E36 style steering rack. BMW E46 3er Clubsport CS Steering Rack E36 M3 Z3 E30 RHD Quick Ratio/More Angle. Don't really see the point for people using their car for street purposes (from a practial point of view) but to each his/her own modifications Standard flow rates work in a majority of applications but differences in rack-and-pinions, steering boxes or steering gears may require simple flow valve changes to optimize the flow rate to the steering system. Are you looking for Strut Bar at low prices? Are you trying to find E30 E36 Z3 or like items? We provide access to a considerable mixture of E30 E36 Z3, in addition to items such as Sway Bar, Pitman, Pump, Leaf Spring, plus lots extra. 2 Ratio Quick Rack Steering Competition Spec. Where do I The stock E30 rack is said to be 4. This BMW E30 steering rack and pinion swap install kit allows for the installation of an E36/E46/Z3 rack and pinion into a BMW E30 chassis, which provides for a quicker steering ratio. By modern sports car standards of course, the rack is slow, but it doesn’t matter. When removing the steering rack on an E30, are there any "tricks" to getting the splined drive separated from the steering linkage. My old rack was leaking and the E36 gives me a closer steering ratio. 26 5th 1. Short manual steering rack as used by the works cars! Comes complete with HQ steering arms, uniballs and all mounting gear. E85 Z4 manual steering rack. Steering Power assisted rack & pinion steering Weight power ratio: 5. I put one of these in my E30 M3 and loved it. The package was topped off with ABS and power steering to create an E30 uniquely for those market. 2, 2011 CC Sport 6-speed Bmw E30 Quick Ratio Steering Kit St 3 Zionsville Autosport. In a twitchy 93" wheelbase car that has rear bumpsteer and a predilection to lead with its tail lights when the driver isn't paying attention, one tends to be less aggressive and I suspect you meant to say the differential was from a 325ix - the 325ix steering rack is quite unique and not a swap for a standard E30 rack. I settled on a 3. 0 : 14. High performance manual steering racks and ‘quick’ rack and pinion kits, suitable for saloon car and single seater use. 6:1 power steering rack: bmw z3 close ratio rack ; rear end bushings: full rear revshift kit ; brakes & misc. I've got the E36 rack on my E30 and it's a huge improvement. Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series junio 12, 2020 AUTO PARTS, BRAKES BMW e30 320i m20 body restoration and 328i e36 swap engine - Swap engine M52 2. The spacers take up the additional space Afaik, the z3 racks are much, much quicker, and probably ill-suited to a big car like the e46. But his racks are not the lowest price you can find. We are now making essential pieces available in a kit. 2:1! No wonder the Xi feels a bit less crisp than the i. The Z3 technically has less turns lock to lock, which leads a lot of people to believe that it's a quicker rack, but it's actually the same ratio as the normal E36 but with the travel limited. I calculated the top speed with different ratios using the following (from European Car article dec '97) theoretical top speed = ( tire diameter (inch) * max rpm (5th gear)) / (diff gear ratio * 336) where diff gear ratio is ring:pinion ratio * 0. January 2021; January 2020; December 2019; November 2019; October 2019 Our E30 Quick Ratio Steering Kit is a popular upgrade among BMW enthusiasts. Listing Template 2018 Home About Us Shipping alloys, power steering, city steering, blue tooth, steering wheel controls. Of course the overall steering ratio between hand wheel and road wheel is a combination of steering arm length, column phasing and steering rack ratio so this is just a comparison of rack ratios that could be fitted to the E36. ) also possible that your m10 BMW E30 TO BMW E36 Z3 E46 power steering conversion kit with 12 months WARRANTY - $575. 25 and 0. 6 : 1 : E30 M3 w/ 1995 E36 M3 rack: 47. 15" BBS Style 5 wheels. 4:1) as with the CSL; Steering wheel from the CSL; M-track mode for the electronic stability control, as with the CSL. This auto-loading machine then straightens steering racks to an accuracy of 0. LOW KM From Factory BMW OEM Sport Package: -Steering Steering Type POWER Rack & Pinion Turning Diameter - Curb To Curb (cubic Ft)) 34. Many things can cause play in the steering box : worn sector shaft needle bearings, worn teeth on the sector shaft or rack block, worn balls in the recirculating assembly I will be using the factory high pressure lines from the PS pump and then to the steering box. £199. My understanding is that the normal ratio box is 3. Got to be up there with rubbish like fiat punto leccy racks with there terrible build, feel and bad quality. You can view more details on the car on the project page. I saw somewhere that somebody made a solid steering shaft that eliminated all of those joints. No confusion, just instant comprehension. The 2. 1990 BMW E30 318is for sale Australian delivered. Tourings go for 50% more than four-door saloons, while convertibles are twice as much and a mint 325iS M-Tech could be double the price of a soft-top. Fits: E30 (Non-Airbag models). 0 24V - Lightened flywheel - Reinforced clutch - Inox headers, CAT delete - 4 vented discs - LSD M3 E30 - BC racing coilovers and camber plates This SLR E30 Super Length Full Angle Drift Kit - Gunmetal Arms (Mfg#SAK-E30-GMK) fits BMW E30 318i, BMW E30 318is, BMW E30 325, BMW E30 325e, BMW E30 325es, BMW E30 325i, BMW E30 325is, BMW E30 325ix. 6:1 item. The original steering rack in the car was a non-power steering rack and I wanted power steering. As it is, I need too much steering input for most turns on the track. KRC Power Steering is the leader in racing engine pulley kits. com with budget price and fast free shipping. 23:1. Escort MK2 MK1 HEAVY DUTY LHD 2. To satisfy homologation purposes 500 Once I had the transmission running, I quickly discovered that the car's current differential (a 4. germanparts Servotronic and Integral Active Steering . Genuine Bmw E24 E28 E30 E31 Seal Kit For Power Steering Pump Oem. 231 Accessoiries in stock 365 Days return guarantee 5 Years warranty 115. 0 turns with power steering properly deleted do you think there would be any difference in feel between the two? I actually measured the other Euro rack at closer to 3. Also why anyone would ever want to use a corsa electric steering setup. I took a look at how the e39 frame is built; seems like a pretty simple mod. Costs are about R2500 to recon steering rack and R1500 to recon the pump IIRC. fire extinguisher under the seat. I believe the z3 racks are also linear, instead of progressive. The hardest part was getting the rack and steering shaft to line up correctly with out the universal joints binding up. 00. E30 Quick Ratio Steering Rack Conversion If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Aftermarket rack and pinions to decrease the steering ratio on manual racks are expensive and time consuming to install. The “power" part of the steering comes in the form of pressurized fluid in steering rack passages that assist the driver in turning the wheels. 82-00305 AN (Order Here) This is a brand-new stock replacement gearbox designed to fit and perform exactly the same as the OEM Saginaw, with the same steering ratio too. (E36 M3 is also suitable but I've learnt that the Z3 rack has less travel which makes it seem like a better ratio) By doing this, it should improve the feel of the car and restore the I did take a long look at my 6 tonight. 50) Agr steering box power assist super box 2 cast iron 13:1-16:1 variable ratio(US $389. Pre-Owned. Get someone to hold the steering wheel whilst you rock one tyre back and forth and watch the linkage that joins the steering wheel to the rack, try and do the same with the wheel grounded and rock the steering wheel. Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series 12 junio, 2020 2020-06-12T08:40:40+00:00 While they were the darling of the “yuppie” class when new, the E30 and E36 BMW 3-Series from the 1980’s and 1990’s have now settled somewhere between. Order now! 2. I don't mind the steering being a little meaty (heavier). You just need a new steering shaft joint and hoses, along with inner tie rods. 7 Turn to Lock Ratio Rack - Maval Rebuilt - $317. EUR 14. Roller sun blind in parcel shelf. Included with this kit: 2 Delrin rack stops, 1 black (driver s side), 1 white (passenger s side), 2 Locking plates (only needed on E36), 4 zip ties, detailed instructions. Although the ratio difference doesn't look like much (between the stock E30 & 95 M3), it's dramatically different - without being a handful on the freeway (like the Z3). 2001-2005 Oem Bmw Z3 96-02 Power Steering Gear Rack Pinion E30 Fast Ratio Swap 32131092031. When I pulled out the old rack it showed 7832-955-158 on the tag. Small amounts of excessive play in the box will cause larger movements elsewhere. Car is located in Sweden, 50km outside of Gothenburg. Compatible With: E30 Rack to E30 Column (without Airbag, with power steering) E36 Rack to E30 Column (without Airbag, with power steering) It’s designed to combine the factory K24 power steering pump with the factory E30 steering rack by relocating the power steering pump below the alternator in the A/C compressor location. If you want to see mo Steering Rack for BMW 3 Series E30 (1984-1991) Clear BMW chassis Change Your Vehicle If you've exhausted all other options and your vehicle's power steering is still non-functional, it could be your power steering rack. the one end of the corsa C UJ will fit the rack, the other end you remove the top half of the joint and swap it with the top of the e30 joint. We have Steering Rack Stops to fit the following BMWs: 1987-1991 E30 BMW M3 In our LPSR automotive workshop we deal with the regeneration of steering gears used in BMW vehicles. I believe the rack from a 1. net BMW E30 Close Ratio Steering Rack Swap. Instead of the race springs, though, Jason used H&R Sport springs to give it a little more ride height than your average track car. M3 e30 2. 2 | Free shipping over $99. 8 and Z3 3. 1 right now as I plan to add quite a bit more as well as improve the overall quality of the mods over time. I did not trade in my stock rack but sold it to local forum member that I knew. For the first time on the channel, we have our friend Oliver's E30. 5, Z3 2. 7 SLR Steering Rack Limiters; All hardware for 100% bolt-on installation Please Include year and model in the notes once you have placed your order. Ratio for M3 is 12. 5 kgm) at 3200 rpm. Later 3. New E36 M3 Control arms. 00 Reverse 4. 3. 00 92-98 E36 3. Description. Before I had an e30 bmw with manual rack 4 turns lock to lock was meh so swapped to e36 rack 3. Unfortunately for owners of the Allrad E30, the iX’s steering rack has some major differences from its RWD counterparts. I had the engine out so it was a bit easier to do at that point. Reduced This is another rebuilt OEM box, but it has a faster steering ratio of 2. 7. Instead of finding e30 power steering rack, I opted to find and install an e46 power steering rack as an upgrade. E36 Steering Rack I used an E36 non-M3 steering rack as well when I did my conversion. But like Daniel said; a steering wheel with a smaller diameter will greatly help when it comes to spirited driving. 22, Core $175. I wouldn't mind putting another steering rack into it if I knew that I could find one that would bolt up and fit properly and it would have a better steering ratio. I think the Escort rack is front mounted and I know the Triumph rack is front mounted. I put a e46 zhp rack in my ti. 1-inches (280mm) and solid rear discs measuring 11. 2 Triumph 2500TC non power steering and a ford escort rack. Parasitic load on the engine caused by the pump is also eliminated. 7 turns lock to lock. 0 and 3. AEM air fuel ratio gauge/probe Boost gauge New Spectra OEM fuel tank OE E30 M3 rear spoiler 4 new Nitto NT-01 in 2018 (275-40-17) 4 Team Dynamic 17X9 wheels 4 Hoosier rain on mag wheels Optional: I also have a 16' open car trailer equipped with a lockable tire rack, tool box and has a dove tail for easy loading. 5L M20 (w/110k miles) new seals top to bottom, Valved adjusted in 2014. This steering lock kit for BMW E30 is exclusive to DriftShop. I'm asking $10,000. 73 differential ratio makes it a great backroad carver. Steering: Rack and pinion, power assist Steering ratio: 20. This provides quicker steering response and better handling. BMW E30 M-Tech I 15” Steering Wheel City of Toronto 11/05/2021 If this ad is still up, the wheel is AVAILABLE 380mm leather M-Tech 1 Steering wheel Came off a E30 1991 318is No low ballers PLEASE Engine: S14 2. 75 hp (via the alternator), depending on steering load. 5 turn lock to lock ratio for fast, accurate steering. 8 193hp, engine code 286S1 - M20 lightweight flywheel - Stainless steel exhaust manifold - M50 Intake manifold - 3. Doesn't look that much different than an e30, to tell you the truth. 2 Turn to Lock Ratio Rack - Ebay - Tom's FAP - $125. I remember on the E30 forums that steering rack swaps weren't particularly hard and people were putting E36 M3 steering racks with their quicker ratios in e30s and they would fit. -Airbag option comes with 2 spacers for the rack to fit to the subframe. Putting a quick ratio power steering rack in my Fiero was the best mod I made, possibly because the stock rack was so bad. The e30 and e36 forums will have more info regarding those racks and their ratios, or at least the turns LTL. For the pump I'd imagine that you would want to just swap over the block bracket from an e30 318 since the e21's rack is on an m20 should be the same but it's possible that it may interfere with something (alternator, k-fish (don't think you have a tii), battery tray, etc. An E30 BMW 325is has a classic style including a kidney grille, round head lights and sporty design which makes it a favorite among BMW enthusiasts. No more steering effort required at speed, noticeably more effort required for low speed maneuvers. EUR 45. The factory rack is 4 turns lock to lock, making it a chore to row through when you're carving up the canyon. This steering rack was used in many Z3 roadster models, including the Z3 1. 5) wheels cover E46 calipers in front and two E30 calipers in back. 👌bmw e46 zhp power steering rack & pinion yellow tag 712 performance e30 e36 z3 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 👌BMW E46 ZHP POWER STEERING RACK & PINION YELLOW TAG 712 PERFORMANCE E30 E36 Z3 Lightweight chromoly control arms(40% arm weight reduction for e30/e36) Roll-center correction; Bump-steer correction; Quick-ratio steering; Compare to other companies that charge nearly as much for simply a pair of control arms and hardware that you will need to purchase additional parts to get the same benefits as our complete package. I am after the rack pinion to me more centeral to the car. Quicker Steering Ratio - All E36/E46 3-series steering racks have a quicker lock-to-lock steering ratio than the E30 which results in a much more crisp and precise steering feel. Constructed and logbooked in 2001 as an Improved Production Car, has recently had some mechanicals inspected, refurbished and prepared for sale. We have qualified specialists with many years of experience who will carry out the professional repairs to all BMW power steering racks, and BMW E30 rack conversion. Not necessary when purchasing the full ST-1, ST-2 or ST-3 kits Faster ratio steering rack of 14. Shop for hard to find BMW 325is original parts and accessories on the FCP Euro website to restore your 325is. Power steering fluid radiator Wheels: BMW Nuova S3 (7Jx15 ET12 & 8Jx15 ET12) Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 205/50 ZR15 – To be tested which tires are best… BMW E46 steering Rack (yellow tag ZF rack with PN# 7852 974 712) – ratio 13,7:1 Alpina frontspoiler Typ 137 (PN# 41 00 145) Alpina footrest (PN# 51 00 114) BMW E46 3er Clubsport CS Steering Rack E36 M3 Z3 E30 RHD Quick Ratio/More Angle. Suspension: Mcpherson, coil springs, and BOGE gas shock absorbers in front and rear suspension consisted of coil springs and BOGE gas shock absorbers. 14. 31 postage. BMW Conversion Kits, Steering. Unlike our competitors, the kit is delivered in the entire form of the front axle, complete with bearings and hubs in 5x120. 4. Front Suspension Drift Kit V1 Bmw E30 Irp. 4mm), resulting in 2302cc, and one of a kind steering aid with "speedy ratio steering rack". 7 of the Z3 but it is an improvement over the nascar 4. Front Steering Rack Assembly for Polaris Ranger 570 900 1000 Crew & XP 1823902 for sale. These all new racks are made to fit the AE86 Corolla front crossmember with a 2. The Best Deals on Steering Racks & Boxes, Suspension & Steering Click to see a large selection of the Best Deals at lowest prices & Auctions ⭐ Free UK Shipping Most Popular items I have my M50 engine all ready setting on another E30 subframe with the steering rack installed. 0 of the e30. 25 turns for the stock gearbox. Performance auto parts,tuning car parts and engine accessories sale online at maxpeedingrods. It is being released as an Alpha v0. Personally, I'd like an even quicker ratio, but there's no direct-fit rack that offers quicker steering for the e30. cars have hydraulic engine-speed sensitive power steering, similar to the 3 Series. Overall, the more responsive steering adds to the general tightness of the car. 7 turn to turn ratio, one of the fastest for a BMW. Motamec Racing - BMW E30 325 - Medium Diff - 5. Power steering rack repair and supply Freshly rebuilt OEM unit Removed from 2001 325i E46 rack is a great upgrade for e30 and e36 chassis. Steering is by power-assisted rack and pinion and braking through enormous 11ins discs front and rear,supported by anti-lock. all you need is a rack and a corsa C 'UJ'. Dimensions: Length 4360mm, Width 1675mm, Height 1365, Axle distance 2562mm. The lovely steering’s quicker than a stock E30, the overall ratio of 19. The front bumper lost the large driving lights and were replaced by large vents. 25:1, 25 Percent differential lock, Five-speed manual gearbox, Gear ratios 1st:3. After 100k miles it will certainly develop some play. At idle with the steering wheel static, a typical power steering pump holds about 80 to 125 psi in the output line. Steering Column Clutch actuation Front cross member Battery location Steering geometry Steering method – From box to rack. - Specifically (e30 M52) motor and gearbox mounts - Clutch kit - Spark plugs, High Power - New Water pump, lambda sensor and thermostat - New and strong rear guide support - New driveshaft bearing and joint - Z3 short ratio steering rack - LSD 25% differential S 4. 926 Happy customers BMW E46/36 Quick steering rack 2. This gearbox does fit a lot of cars, but individual steering linkage pieces like rag joints, pitman arms and tie rods will likely be vehicle-specific. BMW E30 3-series to E36/E46 Steering Rack Conversion … e30 steering rack swap kit (non-airbag version) - z3, to E36/E46 Steering Rack Conversion the e36 or e46 steering rack on your e30 subframe. The 323i is part of BMW's E30 series. 8L Z3 96+ had a 2. Finally, a Quick Ratio Steering Rack for the Greatest E30 of All; Summer ’02 Roadtrip; S54 assembly; E46 M3 Oil Loss S54 Teardown; Projects. This is a great upgrade to your OEM E30 setup or the perfect steering shaft for LS swapped E30’s that require extra clearance. Although some digging through realoem showed that the auto & manual versions of the 540i had the same part number steering gear. · brake system setup:-brake calipers: e46 front calipers, twin e30 rear calipers-brake pedals: wilwood brake, clutch, and throttle pedal assembly-brake cylinders: wilwood compact aluminum master cylinder-brake lines: -3an stainless braided Close ratio sport manual gearbox *suppose my 6 speed will fit that option E H Automatic Gearbox (£1,400) Anti-lock Braking System (£690) Rear Electric Windows (£350) De-chrome (£241) Sport Steering Wheel (£133) M Technic Steering Wheel (£186) M Technic Sports Suspension (£208) Spoiler Equipment *Front & Rear (£277); Front only (£160) The steering box on my vehicle is a non-M, normal ratio steering box. Steering: Rack and pinion 19. On the M6 version, the input is on the top of the box. This is another rebuilt OEM box, but it has a faster steering ratio of 2. The stock cooling line can be reused as well as the steering guibo. 000/min redline BMW E46 steering Rack (yellow tag ZF rack with PN# 7852 974 712) – ratio 13,7:1 Seller: steeringlpsr_1 ️ (148) 100%, Location: Wanneroo, WA, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 274316701958 BMW E30 to BMW E46 power steering conversion kit with TESTED STEERING RACK RHD. Also can replace any rack from a Z3. Get the best deals on ZF Car & Truck Steering Racks and Gear Boxes. I've decided next to upgrade the steering rack on my M3 to a faster ratio, this will be achieved by replacing the E30 steering rack with a E36 Z3 steering rack. The U. Comprehensive statistics for the second generation E30 BMW 3 Series 325e, a 4 door petrol saloon with a 5 speed manual gearbox. I used a e30 steering shaft and column. 13 95-97 E36 Z3 1. 74) Cardone rack and pinion complete unit(US $397. 96 postage. Of the available kits from Zionsville, I'd definitely go with the ST-3 (the quickest ratio kit). not all the way to one side. So to compare this to the regular power steering e30 rack which is 4. Car is predominantly stock with only a few minor upgrades. The E30 M3 Evolution has a higher top speed but slower acceleration than the plain M3, simply because BMW has given it a longer-striding rear axle ratio that raises overall gearing from 21. Powertrain/Air conditioning: Refreshed 2. Steering U-Joint & Shaft Kits 20 item Stainless Steel Pinch Bolt Steering Universal Joints 38 item Mil-Specification Universal Joints 4 item BMW Purple Tag, Quick Ratio Steering Rack, E30 E36 . Interior and Body The interior has been kept largely original, though the addition of power steering means the steering wheel is notably smaller than the original. E30 steering should be direct and free from play. 7 lock-to-lock. 6-point Full Roll Cage with Motorsport Australia (CAMS) Logbook. Orders typically ship in 7-10 business days *with a standard ratio rack, Z3 non-m rack is 2. The e21 and e30 spline are the same size and count so the joints are interchangeable. Steering improvements for the E30's high-speed Sierra Mountain cornering prowess comes from a Zionsville Autosport E36 M3 steering rack conversion with John Mason Engineering front and rear tower braces. 5 turns to lock, and the M quick ratio box is 3. At LPSR we specialize in BMW steering rack rebuild and upgrade. " There were actually seven E30 M3 special editions of the E30 M3. Edit: Meh the variable ratio electric power steering on E85 Z4s makes it hard to figure out the steering ratio. All non-M 3-series coupes and sedans 92-98 came with a 3. While the first M3 debuted at the Frankfurt auto show in 1985, it didn't arrive in the U. 1 seconds, a maximum top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h), a curb weight of 2513 lbs (1140 kgs), the E30 3 Series 325e kat has a naturally-aspirated Inline 6 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code M20B27. A massive upgrade. For sale is a brandnew BMW M3 E30 4,75/5,00/5,28 DTM rear diff ratio (crown+pinion) The adjustable steering racks let you adjust max angle and turn ratio for tighter and quicker turns. Looked really cool, but if I remember right it wasn't cheap. This steering rack is also popularly used as a quicker-ratio rack upgrade on the 1992-1999 E36 3 series and 1984-1991 E30 3-Series models. the hottest E30 M3 could only muster a touch more than 175 horsepower per ton. How much trunk (boot) space, 1987 BMW 3 Series Sedan? 404 l 14. Buscar por: Buscar Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series June 12, 2020 AUTO PARTS, BRAKES by MuhammadAhmad101. I found that there is a 3. This is a non power steering rack as the Z4 has electric power steering in the steering column. Extra Information: Amspeed are proud to offer for sale the BMW E30 M3 Gr. How many gears, What type is the gearbox, 1986 BMW 3 Series Sedan 4-door (E30) 325i (170 Hp)? 5, manual transmission Manual Steering Rack. Coming from a 1970's Porsche 911, I would like faster steering with more detail road feel and feedback. Power Steering Delete Uhmw Condor Speed Shop The biggest issues in the E30’s engine bay are the stock brake booster sitting where a cylinder head needs to go, and a steering shaft cramming space for the exhaust. ft. Another option is just remove the power steering pump run a shorter belt, keep your cup rack, chop all pipes to rack, blank and fill pinion with grease then fill the rack with ps fluid and make a bridge piece. Odometer 276000km. Instead of picking and choosing I found the best deal on an e36 rack and went for it. 5k members in the E30 community. Instructions: Step 1: Jack up the vehicle and set it on jack stands. If the chart does not list your application, just measure the diameter of the shaft and count the total number of individual splines. BMW Purple Tag, Quick Ratio Steering Rack, E30 E36. Only selling as I currently run two E30’s, and unfortunately this one has to go. Browse our vast collection, or try a search for a specific Strut Bar with the search bar. would love a rack conversion, and yes its infinitely better for spirited driving than a good ole steering box so im lead to believe. 62:1 ratio. Good point about steering giubo. 6 5-speed, 1989 WALD w201 m104 3. The E30 M3 has a power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering system with an overall ratio of 19. What size brakes does the E30 320is have? The E30 320is shares its braking system with the six-cylinder E30 models and thus is equipped with 10. Free shipping. of Course i also paid for the 2. BMW 3-Series: The ultimate BMW M3 test: E30 Sport Evo v E36 Evo v E46 CSL M3. 7 INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please be aware your country may charge import fees of up to 20% in some cases. How many gears, What type is the gearbox, 1987 BMW 3 Series Sedan 2-door (E30, facelift 1987) 325i (170 Hp)? 5, manual transmission Also standard were for the Evo 3 a suede steering wheel, a suede gear-knob, a suede handbrake grip and a three way adjustable suspension. 0 or 2. Bmw e30 close ratio steering rack swap. mg midget steering column, complete with steering wheel, plastic shroud and steering Faster ratio steering rack of 14. The Haynes Manual states that the steering ratio has been reduced from around 21 to 20. Use one spacer on the bottom and one on the top of the steering rack mount. Some say removing the power steering buy taking off the drive belt gives the car more feel but personally I don't see the need. Loose steering column nut. BMW E30 M3 BMW E30 M3 BMW E30 M3 Honda Accord body panels, gearbox spares (18 ratio sets), an air jack lance and various suspension parts. A parts +Carbon parts For sale is a brandnew BMW M3 E30 Carbon Airbox with a special DTM 90/91 intake snorkel. Electrics: – Specialist Components ECU and wiring harness – MK2 update for outer injectors – STACK ST8100 Dash, 10,000 rpm, gearshift, speed, lap-timing etc. This kit includes the spacers and different power steering hoses you will need, as the hoses are mounted differently on the Z3 rack. -E36 M3: A little bit quicker than the regular e36 rack and is a progressive ratio. Steering Racks & Gear Boxes for Porsche 944 BMW E30 STEERING CONVERSION LINKAGE uni joint steering column linkage UJ Steering Box Pitman Output Shaft Seal (manual Steering / Early Power-steering). pulleys. BMW E30 STEERING RACK CONVERSION LINKAGE uni joint steering column linkage UJ. It has a front engine rear wheel drive (longitudinally mounted) configuration, producing 89 kW of power and 230 N⋅m of torque, providing a 0-100 km/h time of 10. 3 turns lock to lock. 5:1 ratio was swapped for a 19. Serpentine, HTD, and V-Belt alum. Steering is so sensitive to input I might want to put my original larger steering wheel back until I adjust and I did get the original ratio rack. This is rather noticeable when the car is under 10kph. 81 (overdrive) so for 195/65-14 tires that means tire diameter of 23. Steering and suspension: E46 club sport quick ratio steering rack E46 power steering cooler H&R 35mm springs Bilstein B8 shocks Powerflex bushes Reinforced trailing arms Custom adjustable rear axle (toe and camber) And finally, the rest of the pictures. 3 litre, single overhead camshaft 6 cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder. If it's not the rack is worn or you have badly worn tie rods. 9 LTL. The ends of the rack gear are connected to tie rod assemblies (the only linkage used in this system). It is variable ratio and gets much quicker near the ends of it's travel. B rally) Escort MK1, solid rust free body, work done - steering, brake calipers & rear drums, shoes & cylinders plus booster, wheel bearings, front & rear shocks, diff, new mags - extra engines 4 x 2. Common Steering Box and Rack Sizes. 0 M3 rack which is a variable ratio - 'slow' round the straight ahead but 'quicker' on extremes of lock ). The BMW iX comes standard with Servotronic speed-sensitive power assistance with a variable rack ratio. These racks are bolt in modifications with a couple bits of hardware. Hi Steve, Have been looking into rack and pinion for my coupe as well and am considering a steering rack from the E30, Needs to fit onto the front of the crossmember 2x brackets, and then you will need to find E30 rack ends and E9 Ball Joints, the main reason I see for fitting a rack and pinion system is the clearance for a decent set of extractors!! Look for leaks from power steering rack and dampers, too. I replaced mine and forgot to mention. 0 -Suspension Front Suspension Type Macpherson Strut Rear Suspension Type Multi-Link Front Spring Type W/Lower Arms Rear Spring Type W/Upper – Sparco steering wheel – Schroth 6-point (2018) – Fire extinguisher 2l. LPSR Lucas Power Steering Racks. We swapped out our E30 rack for an E36 one on a track car . 2-inch (260mm) vented disc brakes in the front and 10. 67 lbs. 4 turns lock to lock. Steering. Let me know what you guys think does it look like its worth a go I can try most mods that dont require welding. 25 turns lock to lock further improved with Muzzi Motorsport Group A column parts. So you have finally decided to perform one of the most rewarding upgrades for your E30 chassis, the Z3/E36/E46 steering rack swap. M3 US Spec - 195HP with cat This is another rebuilt OEM box, but it has a faster steering ratio of 2. Heavy vehicles and cars with very quick-ratio steering boxes typically require higher pressures than lighter and lower-performing vehicles. As motoring scribe LJK Setright said, "Judge a car by its steering. "close-ratio" steering box from e28 ///M5 on eBay. The badge, the name, is universally understood. There are Power Steering Delete kits that loop the racks but this is quite bad for your steering rack and can blow out the seals. 10 188 mm - Eccentric control arm Bushings - E36 5 lug strut - 330ci e46 brake The E30 M3 had a pair interesting attributes, which incorporated "Siamese-like pistons", an additional oil cooler positioned powering the spoiler, "a solid alloy sump", a unusually lengthy "stroke camshaft" with the stroke (84mm) and the bore (93. or Best Offer. Reinforced and powder coated front subframe. 6 (parts car), 1994 w140 s420, 1986 e30 325e, 2005 Stage 2 Subaru Legacy Gt Limited, 1989 w201 2. Driving the car around Berkeley used to be a chore, with a lot of hand-over-hand in the really twisty hills and neighborhoods. That said, since I have R&R'ed the stock 1988 M6 steering box with one from an ~85 635 (quicker ratio) I need a slightly different hose to run from the regulator to the steering box. Shop Now You can add a DCI electronic assisted column to the rack and add a box of tricks available on eBay to make the DCI steering variable. The rack in an M50 powered car is almost impossible to replace without considerably lifting up an engine or dropping the sub frame, the oil pan sits very close to the steering rack. Start Date: July 18, 2012. 7l, 12 cyl) w/ sensor: sensor supplied The steering of the Bmw E34/E32/E28 is a little bit complex. IX Rear seat with arm rest and head rests. 13 95 E36 M3 3. , Ltd on gasgoo. 46:1 rear end with LSD Mileage: 123,836 Options: Sport Seats Electric Windows Slick Top (Factory Sunroof Delete) Electric Cooling Fan Map Lights Rear Headrests Recent Service: New Tires Replacement OEM Steering Rack 1) 1 new rear diff ratio 5,44 Original BMW Motorsport-extra hardened version 1390€ 1x 4,00 – 4,10 – 4,18 – 4,27 – 4,36 – 4,56 BMW M3 E30 DTM /Gr. There are many causes of the sloppy steering wheel problem. 5. -LSD 3. 43 : 1 ratio crown wheel and pinion Brand new manufactured Motorsport spec <br />5. I wanted a big highway car and this Park Avenue Ultra fits the bill. This connects the driver to one of the best steering cars in existence with this M3 running a Group A manual steering rack with 2. This gearbox will fit and perform exactly the same as OEM, including a steering ratio between 3 and 3-1/4 turns lock-to-lock. Very cool! I may have to do this eventually, probly if/when the car gets a tighter ratio steering rack. Full tool kit including the expensive rare bits. BMW M20B25 2500cc 6 Cylinder Motor, with OE ECU and AFM, 58mm Throttle Body, big Camshaft, extractors, early model 6 cylinder cooling Quality Remanufactured BMW 330 Series Rack and Pinions, Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping, Made in the USA ALL MODELS WITH ZF DESIGN ZHP Steering UNIT. 25″ mandrel bent high-flow performance exhaust system built by Castro Motorsport, Custom performance dyno tune Manual racks are 4 turns lock to lock, Power racks are 3 turns lock to lock. Cost so far $1,500. 5:1 to 07 sti-15. The stock steering is a rather slow 20. Under the car, loosen the 17mm nut on the pitman arm or remove the center tie-rod nut and using a tie-rod puller (don't try with a pickle fork or you will damage the tie-rod boot). The next few steps assume you want to put in the M20 engine and transmission as one unit. It is literally plug and play. 75 turns, lock-to-lock, while the E30 and E36 racks they interchange with vary between 3. Modified clevis. 7: Ground Clearance: n/a: Rack & Pinion Steering / Power Assisted: Turns lock-to The Complete 1984 BMW 323i Automatic E30 series Specifications Steering. brakes & misc. 5” coilover spring perches, Zone Motorsport eccentric rear wishbone racing bushes, Sport Evo aluminium front wishbones, and the power steering has been replaced with a manual quick rack. 4 Steering Ratio (:1), Overall 13. New wheel bearings (OEM) All our wind blockers are tailor made for your convertible, our premium quality deflectors guarantee a perfect fit. 10 188 mm - Eccentric control arm Bushings - E36 5 lug strut - 330ci e46 brake With 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 10. 16. 40 3rd 1. Making its debut in the BMW iX, the new steering gear ensures exceptional directional stability for straight-line driving at high speeds together with excellent precision and feedback when cornering. On an engine Dyno the stock DC5 ps pump and rack uses 8. its on Needle rollers, the alluminum is folded over i found it easier to cut the e30 joint up and then do the corsa one nicely once you've seen how it goes This is another rebuilt OEM box, but it has a faster steering ratio of 2. Step 3: Remove steering rack All US-sold E30s came with power steering (in Europe and other markets the car was available with a manual steering rack). This helps keep the car steering straight during bumps and uneven roads. The steering fluid doesn't appear to be leaking anywhere. 30 | Sat: 10am-18. The only option they provided was basically their part fits a 1992 325i E30 series and the rack works with or without SRS. I wondered if someone could please provide me with the steering specifications (ratio and lock to lock) for BMW cars between 1990 and 2002? E30) steering rack This gearbox will fit and perform exactly the same as OEM, including a steering ratio between 3 and 3-1/4 turns lock-to-lock. How much trunk (boot) space, 1986 BMW 3 Series Sedan? 425 l 15. 5" to 2" hole in the support flange for the center hard line on the rack. 97 first gear. 318ti leather/cloth sport seats. 2 turns lock-to-lock rack. Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series June 12, 2020 AUTO PARTS, BRAKES by jenny The car rides on DGR adjustable two-way coilovers with SLR adjustable top hats, SLR Ultra Drift angle kit, and a BMW Z3 close-ratio steering rack. 002” along their length, to ensure a top quality finished item. The Pro-Lift Kit Springs will include a set of front and rear springs that will provide the chassis of the Subaru Crosstrek with a 1. weight reduction when all the power steering components are removed. 650. Later illuminated window switches. The plan is to have it tip top & usable for round $5. 5-turn lock-to-lock steering - Found more accurate damper travel ranges for E30, M3 from BMW manual - More accurate motion ratios for sta-bars from BMW manual - More accurate steering ratio for M3 from BMW manual - More accurate E30, M3 front geometry - Changed S14B25 rev limit from 7250 to 7800 as per new data; old seems to be B20 - Changed setups for tuned cars BMW Purple Tag, Quick Ratio Steering Rack, E30 E36 E46 Z3, £50 CASH BACK 4 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - BMW Purple Tag, Quick Ratio Steering Rack, E30 E36 E46 Z3, £50 CASH BACK BMW Purple Tag, Quick Ratio Steering Rack, E30 E36 E46 Z3, £50 CASH BACK. 9 turns lock to lock ratio euro e30 manual rack. 7 turns lock-to-lock. 07. It'll also increase how heavy the steering feels. Wheels: BBS 7. and I used the 04 sti front x-member and had get new brackets. just done this on mine, (E46 purple tag rack - e30). Unbolt steering rack from subframe. 6 Manual E30 rack My rack is silver, whereas the E36 M3 rack is gold like the original OEM E30 M3 rack . 9 : 1 3. BMW Z3 1997, Steering Rack Conversion Spacers by Sikky®. Inicio / AUTO PARTS / Upgrade for the E30 and E36 3 Series. A Q-Rack is going to make steering response much quicker than the stock rack. Precision engineered from top quality steel billets, Quaife motorsport steering racks are processed through a Galbaini CNC straightening machine once they have been machined and subjected to heat treatment. A while back I found a thread showing the gear ratios of all the racks but I couldn't find it again. (A) to reduce the Horsepower drag from the engine driven power steering pump. the m5 and i think some 540's had a different box, with servotronic (speed adaptive) and a different ratio? M3 steering rack is in now as part of the latest set of changes I think the stability would be more a product of suspension rather than the steering rack -- the steering racks are almost identical other than the ratio difference and servotronic (which I'm leaving disconnected anyway) - Engine: M54B30 3. Bmw E30 M3 325is 318 - E36/e46 Steering Rack Conversion Swap Kit Tremec T56 MAGNUM-F Transmission 6-speed TUET16363 - Wide Ratio 2. Colonia El Edén Zona 5, Guatemala. Thanks for looking! - Specifically (e30 M52) motor and gearbox mounts - Clutch kit - Spark plugs, High Power - New Water pump, lambda sensor and thermostat - New and strong rear guide support - New driveshaft bearing and joint - Z3 short ratio steering rack - LSD 25% differential S 4. This is a high quality rebuild unit from Bosch - an original manufacturer to BMW. Bmw E30 . 2 Turn to Lock Ratio Rack - Maval Rebuilt - $270. I do Remember the first one of the issues were that the steering on the m3 was sharper than the average e30 due mainly to the short rack ratio, how to find a RHD rack with a 3turns lock to lock that the LHD came standard with!! that answer came in the form of e36 m3 or any z3 ,later to find just about any e36 was better than the e30 ratio! The 1995 M3 to Z3 rack swap will not only change the overall rack ratio but also eliminate the variable nature of the 1995's M3 rack. Just a few brackets and the steering column extension/u-joint/guibo are missing. More precise steering and a 14 lb. BMW M50 engine is slightly heavier than M20 (around 60lbs The E30’s stock steering rack was tossed in favor of a quicker-ratio unit from an E36, while Ireland Engineering camber plates and a Spec E30 suspension kit were bolted on underneath. The Z3 rack may have slightly less turns lock to lock than the purple label rack but the purple label rack actually has more steering angle meaning that the purple label rack reaches the same angle as the z3 rack at more or less the same rate but then goes a bit further. Premium features with this model included a black roof liner, 14-inch BBS basket-weave wheels, and a close-ratio transmission. BMW E30 "is" trunk spoiler. Contáctanos: (502) 5555-5555. Its engine is a naturally aspirated petrol, 2. 62 ratio part# 2283062 Find Brakes & Suspension ads in Landsdale 6065, WA. Step 2: Remove the tie rod ends from the strut. i have for most models ranging from e30 to e46. steering rack gaiter kit for classic mini this is a complete kit for both [Archive] Page 36 (1983 - 1991) Born from the sporty character of the 2002 and the sharp design lines of the E21, the E30 was a blend of the best of BMW's heritage. Your steering rack. However, it so happens that the E30 rack is interchangeable with This part is listed by BMW as BMW part number 32131095575 (32-13-1-095-575) and is described as Steering Rack & Pinion for the Z3 roadster & coupe. 8 bar fuel pressure regulator - Specifically (e30 M50/2) motor mounts - E36 close ratio steering rack - Short shift - 16" OZ Superleggera wheels 30% quicker steering ratio; 60% weight saving compared to original cast steel arms, most lightweight design on the market! Fully adjustable design: width, wheelbase (caster), anti-dive, Ackerman; Minimum wheel size 15in with E30 strut, 16in with E36 struts; Slightly reduced steering angle (not for drifting), additional steering rack stops needed I have a 95 M3 rack in my 89 325is, old Zionsville kit. 97) Cardone steering gear(US $739. The stock rack with a 20. OEM BMW Z3 96-02 Power Steering Gear Rack Pinion E30 Fast Ratio Swap 32131092031 (Fits: BMW Z3) $299. Steering wheel covers Travel suitcases & bags Fast delivery Professional advice 12. E36 Z3 Steering Rack for my 1988 BMW 325 (e30) - … E36 Z3 Steering Rack for my 1988 BMW 325 (e30) Back to 325. What is the gross weigh, 1986 BMW 3 Series Sedan 4-door (E30) 325i (170 Hp)? 1660 kg 3659. 45 ratio-rear control arms from e36 318ti / 5 lug-brand new 205/40r17 tires on style 5 wheels-custom fitted oil cooler from 135i/335i-electric fan -DME tuned ews delete SAP delete extreme burble tune -real SPARCO bucket seat-e36 coilovers front and rear -condo lower control arm solid bushings -z3 steering rack In a rack and pinion system, the pinion gear is attached to the column and acts on a rack gear that slides back and forth as the steering wheel is turned. 9L Z3 has the fastest ratio and (I believe) is a direct replacement. e30 steering rack ratio