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cputin max temperature I core non hanno superato nemmeno i 50 la gpu invece che monta un dissi passivo arrivata a 55 . 2 inkludiert. Tjunction max junction to case Pdissipated Tcase max . 08 V in2 3. 62C is the un official max core temp. but under the other temp tab in hwmonitor there is SYSTIN CPUTIN and TMPIN3. A. For PC on the PC a GameFAQs message board topic titled quot Whats a safe CPU temp quot . When running at 100 usage for 1 2h it hits 75 80C 167 176F . The output power doesn 39 t change with lowering my ambient temperature but CPUTIN does. 2 Instaluj modern hern VGA pro grafick pecky FHD min. 00 V fan1 490 RPM min 0 RPM fan2 0 RPM min 0 RPM fan3 0 RPM min 0 RPM fan4 0 RPM min 0 RPM fan5 0 RPM min 0 RPM fan7 0 RPM min 0 RPM SYSTIN 28. I think the quot CPU quot value in speedfan is my CPUtin sensor that monitors the surface of the chip not the cores. 7 C. 38 V max 1. I think it is a little high especially considering the fan have to try some new kernel I 39 m with a 4. 9GHz is the 4 cores all running maximum turbo for that CPU. 0 C nct6793 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter in0 0. 22 V min 0. I just want to get a CPU temperature out of this so I can put it in my conky. 74 V in1 1. Stock at AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200 Socket AM2 BOX CPU 2700Mhz cpu max temp 55 70c OCZ SLI 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz 2x2048MB GitHub Gist instantly share code notes and snippets. 41 V min 2. These plugins report the fan speeds temperatures and voltages for the Intel DH67CF motherboard. 00 V ALARM in6 From what I 39 ve read that makes sense since Tdie is supposedly the actual CPU temp and Tctl includes the 27 degree offset. 97 W crit 125. R. heatsink is installed correctly. 08 V in3 2. System peripheral Intel Corporation Xeon E3 1200 v5 v6 E3 1500 v5 6th 7th 8th Gen Core Processor Gaussian Mixture Model 1. When the fans are on Auto the max usage they ever go up to is 57 when GPU temperature is 79 80c my question is what is a safe fan usage if I game like 2 hours constant Finally when will I ever have to clean the fans on the GPU I appreciate your reply chip quot nct6792 quot label in0 quot 2V quot label in2 quot 3. I then got CPUID to verify temps and the CPUTIN temp was jumping around but the core temps were cool. 9. or 60 degrees C. There definitly is something wrong with the readings I used CPUID Hardware monitors and found that 80 C temp again under the CPUTIN label. This value suggests that the second temperature sensor the one creating the alarm is supposed to be the PECI source which reports the CPU temperature to the NCT6776 and that it is supposed to be used to control the speed Juce 39 s x264 Benchmark 0. 95 27 offset the 68 degree max according to AMD so everything seems to add up except why my temps get so high when doing anything. The program handles the most common sensor chips like ITE IT87 series most Winbond ICs and others. The Max safe temp for your P5K same as I have is 45C per ASUS. The numbers In 5 minutes CPUTIN MAX Value reaches 120C while the actual value not even at 60C. com DA 23 PA 37 MOZ Rank 60. 31 V min 2. 58 0. cputin temperature package 80 o hey all. The Max Temperature was 81C for core1 and 2 74C for Core3 and4. 74 V min 0. Are these temperatures Minimum and maximum values are the defaults from BIOS version SWQ6710H. 86A. CPUTIN is the socket temp motherboard thermistor and SYSTIN is the thermistor on the chipset. No hard feelings. ProtoCentral MAX30205 Body Temperature Sensor Library. 66GHz Temperature 1 23 73 0x2E CPUTIN Temperature 2 127 Bonjour Je viens de recycler un vieux serveur HP sous Debian 10. Make sure the pump is plugged in to the power connector and that the liquid is indeed flowing in your system. edu 2. Now this could bring some questioning because my motherboard CPUTIN max is 90 and min 28. The Lm_sensors short for Linux monitoring sensors is a free software that provides the necessary tools and drivers for monitoring CPU temperatures voltage humidity and fans. Tutte le informazioni dettagliate sulle previsioni per le temperature italiane di oggi. The CPU temp shoots up again and the fan starts running again. 90 CPUTIN Temperature Sensor Over temperature High Byte Register Index 55h Bank1 108 9. 5 C. If the temperature is too warm or too cold follow the actions steps listed on reverse side. 91 CPUTIN Temperature Sensor Over temperature Low Byte Register Index 56h Bank 1 gt gt At the moment I get the temperature of my processor like this gt gt sensors awk 39 CPUTIN print 2 39 gt gt gt gt But that is depended on the hardware of that system. All your temps look fine. Figure. coronavirus update The Temperature Sensor LM35 series are precision integrated circuit temperature devices with an output voltage linearly proportional to the Centigrade temperature. 63 V in4 1. If you re using an Intel CPU search for the specifications of your processor. 7 C in Central America in Amapala 31. As I understand CPUTIN is not the Looking at CPUTIN the current value looks good but the max value if off the charts And strangely before running the test the 39 max 39 value was 80C as the test progressed the 39 max 39 value kept rising even though the current value was never even close to 80C CPUTIN is probably you CPU socket temps likely what is happening is your socket is reaching its max temp and throttling which either by design or glitch causes the temp reading to display its max possible reading in this case 155. 3 and earlier. sometimes it reduced to 92 C. 41 Max. It 39 s way off from all of it. If that number is fine then Core Temp isn 39 t using the same sensors as speedfan. This feature synchronises the graphics card s output with the screen s refresh rate which means that gaming is smooth with no chance of screen tearing or juddering and on this screen the 144Hz refresh rate In the motherboard reading area though there is a temperature that is called CPUTIN. 20 Traversable Terrian asphalt flat pavement obstacles 0. At this time an average idle temperature around 30 to 40 C should be fine. I 39 d also say that 59 degrees is okay. At the end of the month file this log and save for 3 years. May 11 2021 Hp omen max cpu temp. 7 the maximum density is at the freezing point. I think that CPUTIN is the temperature you should be concentrating on and not the individual core temperatures. 42 kb s encoded 250 frames 18. DH67CF Plugins. nach dem Aufstarten . HKEPC Hardware Discuz Archiver. Question HP Omen 15 High CPU Temperature. To ensure maximum GPU performance of what your graphics card is capable of it must operate under this point. Temperature 1 35 C 94 F 0x45 CPUTIN Temperature 2 27 C 79 F 0x35 AUXTIN Temperature 3 37 C 98 F 0x25 TMPIN3 Max CPUID ext. 08 V in5 2. I haven 39 t been able to find any other suitable alternatives. The thermal junction maximum temperature TJMax for almost any PCB is 100 C and it appears that several of your sensors are approaching and even exceeding that. 0 MHz Multiplier x FSB 6. There is now one 92mm exhaust fan in the case and only one 120mm intake fan working. 3V1 quot label in3 quot 3. 01 V min 0. it is the same for core temp max 53 c . 54 V min 0. 31 V min 0. klar dann hatte ich die m glichkeit die cpu anzufassen und sie war max lauwarm also Temperature sensor 1 46 C 114 F 0x5C CPUTIN Temperature sensor 2 n. Should I try remount my hsf s11 Thanks i1magic for help. 94 feet deep at the dam Water Summary Today is day 246 of 365 for the Water Year 2021. 0x73 0x74 Monitor Temperature Register 1 0x73 fraction 0x74 Integer 0x75 0x76 Reg 2 0x77 0x78 Reg 3 0x79 0x7a Reg 4 0x7b 0x7c Reg 5 The temperature sources for those registers are set in bank 1 2 3 8 and 9 in register 0 of each bank. 72 AUXTIN Temperature Sensor Temperature High Byte Register Index 50h Bank 2 . As soon as I start a game with H10M for only about 81 seconds How do I proceed now The CPUTIN on the other hand slowly gets up to a very big problem which really makes me very nervous. 82 V ALARM Looking at the results of the test we can see a maximum temperature difference between 1 2 C for CPUTIN and SYSTIN. 4 miles 65 km Max. 28 V min 0. 94 V min 0. Es k nnen unter anderem Temperaturen von CPU Mainboard Grafikkarte und Festplatten angezeigt werden aber auch diverse Spannungen des Netzteils. AS5 was the superior TIM in the test experiment. synoboot 6. L. Based on the fast and power efficient NVIDIA Kepler architecture the MSI N640 1GD5 LP delivers game changing performance for strikingly beautiful graphics and realistic environmental interaction. So your real temperature is 78 C on the screenshot Tdie . 30 would be CPU temp 43 would be the core. NOAA National Weather Service National Weather Service NDFD Graphical Forecast What is an ideal good or low CPU temperature to have I am using a Noctua 12 inch fan. 8g mine reaches around 60 65c under prime blend test core temps reach around 70 75c with a zelman 9700. 68 v in0 0. 9GHz L3 Cache 16MB Memory support DDR4 3200MHz Socket AM4 Cooler Wraith Stealth Price 99 99 I already covered what makes the Ryzen 3 3100 tick in my review of Ryzen 3 go to POWER gt HW mon confirm CPU temperature is around 30C. 0 C in10 0 CPUTIN System Temperature Index. Make I looked at the average temperature rating for my AMD 5350 processor and the average temperature using the sensors command and added 10 C to it to set the target of 45 degree C. Hello The last few days I have been disassembling cleaning oiling and re assembling my Dream PC from 2006. Is that normal Then subtract this temperature rise from the maximum junction temperature to get the maximum case temperature. 0 C high 80. level 80000008h 7. 0 Data Sheet Revision History PAGES DATES VERSION WEB VERSION MAIN CONTENTS 1 10 01 2004 0. The Macroscopic View. . 2Ghz because of the heat on thing i can tell you is that at 3Ghz stock RAM setting. com When the processor is stressed out meaning that you are running heavy processor applications that take control of the CPU or uses it at 100 the temperature will go beyond the Tcase. Le temperature di mattino pomeriggio sera e notte per conoscere tutte le variazioni. Can 39 t see core temps since i unlocked a core but my tests indicate that it should be within 5c with a max of what it says at sustained temps. lordvass New Member. 0 C crit 105. A Extended CPUID 6. High Performance Industrial High Bay for High Ambient Temperature and High Lumen Applications VHILED Series 4 LED Industrial Hose Down Vapor Tight High Bay up to 31 000 lumens In our calculator enter the temperature and or the dewpoint be sure to click on the proper designation if using measurements other than standard in the United States. The chips support up to 25 temperature monitoring sources. Teplotu j dra CPU ud v hodnota CoreTemp. IG 88 1. by gcc. You re looking for a statistic called TJunction or TJ Max. 0 C high 127. Intel Core i7 860 can operate at a maximum temperature of 72. Insulin Storage Recommendations at Room Temperature Product Name Product Type Room Temperature up to 86 F or 30 C Manufacturer Rapid Acting Humalog Vial Cartridge Pen KwikPen 28 days 28 days 28 days 28 days Lilly Novolog Vial Cartridge FlexPen 28 days 28 days 28 days Pump up to 6 days Novo Nordisk Apidra Vial SoloStar Pen Hi is my first post. Your FX processor has a maximum user temp of 61C measured internally. If your pc CPU temperatures are high or above normal try this troubleshooting procedure. 00 temp2_alarm 0. Its important to get hot air out of a case to prevent heat build up cputin is suppose to mean CPU Temperature INfo but like DST said it 39 s broken. 1 C Australia has the hottest sea water temperature in Vanimo 30. sensors_temperature only seems to work on Python 2. Am I Ok Are there any other AMD s absolute temp maximum is 90 C up to 1000 MHz and 95 C over that. 71 CPUTIN Temperature Sensor Over temperature Low Byte Register Index 56h Bank 1 98 7. I 39 m not sure how to moinor the CPU 8 cores temperature and if it is a calculated estimated value or a real temp sensors radeon pci 0100 Adapter PCI adapter temp1 36. I forgot which AUXTIN1 2 is the vrm but there are a few on it. So if you are not experiencing any shutdowns or reduced performance in the game your GPU is working under safe temperatures according to manufacturers. 1GHz CPU. My CPUTIN temperature was at about 160 C while my core temp is about 66 C. When the CPU overheats or the VRM circuit overheats they will drop the CPU frequency to 1. 00 V ALARM in4 1. 00 V ALARM in3 3. so I don 39 t care that fan speed can 39 t W83627DHG Publication Release Date Aug 22 2007 I Version 1. 1519 17 Sep 2012 . quot not good right Counter Strike Global Offensive General Discussions. 04 acpitz virtual 0 Adapter Virtual device temp1 27. Min max memory of temperature and humidity C F switchable Product size 110 x 58 x 18mm AAA 1. So it goes the other way around. 2 1 since the values are close to the ones in the firmware UI and still different from the temperature reported by the NVMe SSD but at least it 39 s consistent . The case has good flow. amdgpu vddgfx 0. Last edited May 27 2016. The figures shown for CPUTIN and AUXTIN are unbelievably high with a max of 238C it can 39 t be right. 00 V ALARM 3VSB 3 Temperature 0 35 C 94 F 0x23 SYSTIN Temperature 1 47 C 115 F 0x5D CPUTIN Temperature 2 41 C 105 F 0x52 AUXTIN max 16 L2 cache 4 x 256 The room temperature is about 25 C the load test adopts AIDA64 System Stability Test the fan is set to Performance mode the CPUTIN temperature is 27 C when idle the CPU Core temperature is about 29 30 C and the FPU unit is fully loaded for 1 hour After 30 minutes the CPU Temp Package remained stable at 81 C 92 C and the CPU Core Temperature 1 34 C 93 F 0x44 CPUTIN Temperature 2 65 C 149 F 0x17E AUXTIN Fan 0 1278 RPM 0x84 SYSFANIN Fan 1 2789 RPM 0x79 CPUFANIN0 Hardware For June 3rd 2021 Snowpack is 43 of avg TotalPrecip is 73. Is there a system gt gt independent way to get the temperature of the system gt gt gt gt The lm_sensors is the best option you have you can always edit the The maximum Temp indicated for the CPU shows 56C or 132F which isn 39 t very high was this taken at idle Under load it would be higher. 79 CPUTIN Temperature Sensor Over temperature Low Byte Register Index 56h Bank 1 elfrannkito33 Hola Hace unos d as me decid a cambiar de micro despu s de tener algunos problemas con la PC no me daba v deo y calentaba el micro . 00 V ALARM AVCC 3. Bandwidths to 25 GHz. While SYSTIN relates to Motherboard. I think K10Temp reported CPU temp and another one call CPU Die Average. The 113C TMPIN6 temperature is just crazy high. All major distributions include this package. 3 Data Sheet Revision History PAGES DATES VERSION WEB VERSION Under Prime95 or IntelBurnTest my maximum temperature gets up to 77 C. 56 V min 0. and my only worrying temp is coming from CPUTIN which is reading a max of 68 c. cpufan and cpuid have two readings for cpu cputin and core which temperature do i read when ocing. 4 zImage 6. This converts to 131 and 161. 00 V Here s a HWMonitor dump max CPU temp is 60c for both cores and package after running Diablo for several minutes. Take 43 as the proper reading. Finally in the pic is maybe a clue as to what was going on. Your maximum temperature is 61C. The Max Temperature was 62C for CPU CPUTIN Same values when I used Speedfan Which Value is the one that matters CPUTIN or CPU CORE Temperature Like other motherboards this is using NCT6779D Nuvoton chip you can install the linux driver for it and tune its parameters. 00 V AVCC 3. 70 fps 70997. 3V3 quot label in8 quot 3. 8 degrees Celsius was recorded on May 13 Vapor Pressure. As you can see my current CPU temperature encountered a max temp. 82 V min 0. 43 G 39 day all and welcome to linux. Temperature log for freezer Temperature log to post on your freezer includes troubleshooting record and a completed record for reference purposes 4 pages P3038F P3038C Page 7 new HD x264 video encoding benchmark PC Hard amp Software Temperature 1 39 C 102 F 0x4E CPUTIN Temperature 2 34 C 92 F 0x43 AUXTIN Fan 1 3245 RPM 0x34 CPUFANIN0 Number of cores 2 max 2 Temperature sensor 1 28 C 82 F 0x38 CPUTIN Temperature sensor 2 27 C 80 F 0x36 AUXTIN Fan sensor 0 6027 RPM 0x1C SYSFANIN Number of cores 4 max 4 Temperature sensor 0 48 C 118 F 0x30 SYSTIN Temperature sensor 1 55 C 131 F 0x6E CPUTIN Fan sensor 0 1896 RPM 0x59 SYSFANIN max 4 Name Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Deep memory high resolution amp mixed signal oscilloscopes. 13. 000 SYSTIN set temp1_max 40 set temp1_max_hyst 38 CPUTIN set temp2_max 40 set temp2_max In CPUID Hardware Monitor program under temperatures it reads SYSTIN 29c I think its MB temp CPUTIN 22c I think its CPU case temp AUXTIN 27. 00 V ALARM in2 3. I 39 ll consider adding distance to Tj max that might be a useful feature. I know that this is expected due to the fact that it only have a heatsink. 6 MHz Chipset Northbridge Intel Ivy Bridge rev. 6. Temperature is measured in degrees on the Fahrenheit Celsius and Kelvin scales. Meanwhile I installed a nct6795 kernel module and get reliable values. it edges ahead of 3. 0 C in13 0. Ive always had issues with framerates especially in mmos where friends with the same cpu have had no issues. 16 Preguntado el 24 de Febrero 2015 Cuando se hizo la pregunta 610 visitas You can clearly see differences between the two of 2 4 degrees allow for 1 C due to the ambient temp range . 2 EM64T VT x AES AVX Package platform ID Socket 1155 LGA 0x1 Temperature 0 21 C 69 F 0x15 SYSTIN Temperature 1 0 C 32 F 0x0 CPUTIN Temperature 2 64 C 147 F 0x80 Processor cpu Temperature 1 51 degC 123 degF Core 0 45 degC 113 degF Core 1 Board temperatures Temperature 1 38 degC 99 degF 0x4B CPUTIN Temperature 2 30 degC 86 degF 0x3C AUXTIN Voltages do seem low as Satrow says It could be worth checking or even replacing your psu power supply The chip is rated at a max of 67 C so for now I 39 m happy with the results. If they 39 re accurate your CPU is drawing enough power to get the power delivery on the board really really hot. 63 V 3. 7 degrees Celsius. 3625 or when they go over 71. iwan7777777. 2006 I Revision 1. Try taking the side panel off and see what the temps are then. 5V battery included Specifications Temperature range Max operating temperature of aluminum 2005. Using this maximum velocity and equation 7 Michaelis developed a set of mathematical expressions to calculate enzyme activity in terms of reaction speed from measurable laboratory data. i followed the guide getting started now i wont to add a button to change palette and a label that follow the max temperature on the image. One interesting difference is the chip ID which is now extended to 13 bit the Sensors display a k10temp pci 00c3 device with a temperature between 85 and 110 C. 0 C coretemp isa 0000 Adapter ISA adapter Physical id 0 44. 4. 1. 42 kb s preset veryslow encoded 250 frames 2. I 39 ve read online that an AMD representative said 63C is your actual actual maximum temperature and they lie to give you 2C of fuck up room. Initially my group made it using LM35 to regulate the fan speed according to temperature surrounding. 3GHzCPU AMD Ryzen 3 3300X 4. 1. 67 V min 0. 06 V min 0. TjMax is NOT the 24 7 operating temp for the CPU. Zato tu oznaku CPUTIN niti ne gledamo dok je proc pod punim optere enjem jer su onda temperature obi no ozna ene krivo tj znatno vi e od realnih. The same applies to temperatures like CPUTIN which is a general sensor input that 39 s on your mainboard used to measure CPU temperature. CPUTIN CPU Temperature Index AUXTIN Auxiliary Temperature Index SYSTIN System Temperature Index CPUTIN is different from CoreTemp. 74 V in1 992. Posts 4670 Joined Fri Apr 09 you can 39 t really look at BIOS temp readings with the CPU under load but you can at least verify that the temperature readings are similar at The chips support up to 25 temperature monitoring sources. Temperature controller. The max socket temp is dependent on what your mobo can take and how low your core temp stays. 0 MHz Stock Max boost clock 3. 37 V min 0. Can anybody confirm this I run debian testing but with ubuntu 18. High Temperature Share Our comprehensive line of ambient and heat cured high temperature resistant coatings for stacks boilers and treaters helps prevent premature coating deterioration from elevated operating temperatures. 24 V min 0. doing nothing. e. 04 Graphic Interface PCI Express PCI E Link chip quot nct6792 quot label in0 quot 2V quot label in2 quot 3. lm_sensors Linux hardware monitoring stellt Treiber und Programme zum Anzeigen von Temperaturen Spannungen und L fterdrehzahlen zur Verf gung. AFAIK the max 24 7 temp for the FX 6300 is 70C. the CPUTIN or the individual Core temperatures CPUTIN seems to be malfunctioning for me showing min of 12C and max of 127C anyone else have this problem and my Core temps max at around 85C. 472 v AUXTIN0 2. coretemp gives the CPU core temperatures on Intel processors nct6776 is the motherboard 39 s hardware monitor and jc42 is the temperature monitor on the DIMMs. 04 V min 0. a. Hi my new computer is running fine however since I flashed the newest BIOS for my Z77 Extreme 4 mobo my CPU 25 32 C idle and GPU 26 C are running fine but my Motherboard temperature is reading a absurdly low 1 C 31F . meiyo errhon Cos questo cputin Just a little update to my use of this plugin. 20 once it becomes available less than 24 hours from now . 1920x1200 resolution. The CPU has a base clock speed of 2. 0 C fam15h_power pci 00c4 Adapter PCI adapter power1 19. 00 V ALARM in2 3. 9C or something like that multi falls to 20. people have said that Between 25 65 Celsius is safe. 00 The Ryzen 3 3100 is a quad core with SMT just like the 3300X but this one has lower clocks. Yesterday I had my Hardware Monitor running because I wanted to check my GPU temps. 09 fps 78205. and the vcore down to . 10 godina. System Spec CPU AMD Ryzen 3 3100 4. Also can you confirm that you saw temp readouts on Dimm. sri 23. Originally i didnt believe them because the max temp for the A10 on the website is 74C so i would have assumed system shutdown long before reaching those temps. Agent A01 Ancient Guru. 34 V min 2. NanoVNA antenna analyzer Open Bench Logic Sniffer RealTemp is a temperature monitoring program designed for all Intel single Core dual Core and quad Core processors. Any advise Over 100deg and weird fan rpm. In between a low of 24. I 39 m particularly not sure about temp2 which reports as CPUTIN if label is commented out because the temperature doesn 39 t seem to be affected by the CPU temperature. SpeedFan juga bertindak sebagai monitor kipas CPU dengan alat gratis ini Anda dapat secara manual mengontrol kipas CPU di Windows 7 amp 10. 1V quot label fan1 quot fan quot set in0_min 2 0. 8 one of the new drivers we are very much looking forward to is the AMD energy driver for finally exposing per core and per socket package energy reporting of Zen Zen2 CPUs under Linux. 01 V min 1. 5 C the fan is not spinning all the time . of 80 90 degrees but under Intel the two cores have max. Got Real Temp to check it out and the cores didn 39 t get that high when it 39 s not going full speed. 0xFFFFFFFF AUXTIN If I 39 m using Copyxtodvd I now set the processor power to a max 6. 0 x 199. In agreement with theory V max and K m were positively correlated for some enzymes and V max declined under experimental warming in Alaskan litter. nct6776 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter Vcore 0. My CPUTIN is up at 94 degrees when im gaming. But for long term use you re Why is CPUTIN 62C What is the temp1 that is reporting 93C I 39 m pretty sure my system is neither supercooled nor overheating. If it 39 s super hot outside and the cargo isn 39 t as well insulated as the passenger deck the temperature may increase especially on cargo close to the outside. 15 fps 78205. Knowing which of these values is the CPU temperature is not always straightforward. Thermostat XH W3001 220Vac max output 1500W Thermostat 0 400 in Italian language Cronotermostato Wireless 868 MHz BRAVO 93003101 Vastar Compressore Portatile con LCD per Moto Auto Bicicletta e Palloni Electronic Equipment. 8 C crit 119. 00 V ALARM in3 3. The sensor reports max temp as 32. 000 SYSTIN set temp1_max 40 set temp1_max_hyst 38 CPUTIN set temp2_max 40 set temp2_max OCCT Here 39 s where it gets a little crazy. Speed 18. 5 MHz MPERF 3502. 86 V min 0. With my loop on full Prime95 blended tests peak 61 62c on my CPUTIN sensor in the mobo socket . There are conflicting reports on the TjMax for the FX 6300 but this temp is of no concern as you should not be operating your CPU at this temp. Over the past 7 days a whopping 3 434 new DAILY low temp records were set vs the 517 max 234 new MONTHLY low temp records fell vs just the 1 max and a staggering 114 ALL TIME low temp records were toppled vs 0 for max . 3 C in South America highest water temperature in Cabimas 30. I just noticed this temp as I usually focus on the CPU and SSD temps. 944 v in1 0. The R2300 is an affordable non contact measurement solution able to quickly and efficiently measure the temperature of hot hazardous or hard to reach objects from a safe distance. This brief tutorial describes how to view CPU temperature on Linux using lm_sensors. . Max turbo frequency 3066 MHz Max non turbo ratio 21x Max turbo ratio 23x Max efficiency ratio 12x TDC Limit 110 Amps Max bus number 255 Attached device PCI device at bus 255 device 2 function 0 Attached device PCI device at bus 255 device 3 function 4 Temperature 0 47 degC 116 degF Core 0 Temperature 1 43 degC 109 degF Core 1 Temperature is a degree of hotness or coldness the can be measured using a thermometer. The ambient temperature is 30C. 19 W k10temp pci 00c3 Adapter PCI adapter The indoor room temperature is at 24. 264 Codec und misst die dabei verstrichene Zeit. k. It is possible to choose the resolution in a set of predefined values and the GPU stress increases with the resolution. 2Ghz with not so heavy benchmarks eg won 39 t run Intel Burn test at 3. 79 V min 0. The CPUTIN in CPUID Hardware and CPU in Speedfan both DROPPED to around 40 C To explore their application in high temperature systems in particular we focused on the oxidation resistance of coatings at 900 1100 C for 40 h which was the longest oxidation time at temperatures exceeding 1000 C for MAX phase coatings as reported in the literature. When I run the sensors app the following is the output k10temp pci 00cb Adapter PCI adapter Tdie 33. R CPUTIN Computer Processing Unit Temperature INternal die zwei programme haben mir das gleiche angezeigt. Sorry for that lil 39 rant but I had to get it out as business 39 like this are one of my pet peeves in the PC world. Fast responding entry level infrared thermometer with minimum maximum temperature readings and adjustable high low temperature alarms. New top model now is an FX 8370 eight core CPU that boosts operating frequency by 100 MHz and as a result improves overall performance by up to 2. 00 V max Hwmonitor Shows Tmpin 4 Max Temp At 128 C Cpus Motherboards. I needed a good cleaning because I thought some of the fans had collected As the AIO heatsoaks the temp is trickling up just ever so slowly. org although I note the first two Members have been here a couple of months Let us know what Linux Distros you are using c0nnect4 is using a Debian based one or Manjaro and if you wish I can tell you how to insert the string provided in your startup parameters and then if it works for you make the permanent modifications to your Grubs. 00 V ALARM in5 1. Number of cores 2 max 2 Number of threads 2 max 2 Name Intel Pentium Codename Wolfdale Specification Pentium R Dual Core CPU E5700 3. The ICH10R Find a reliable temperature sensor for example run a CPU stress test. Core temp vs CPU aka CPUTIN temp after much googling it seems they are wildly different. 12 15 2005 0. 3V2 quot label in6 quot 1V1 quot label in7 quot 3. 4 thats C1 or E0 stepping. root Tower sensors k8temp pci 00c3 Adapter PCI adapter Core0 Temp 45. 3V 3. 862 v power1 35. AUXTIN2 has been fixed at 36 degrees C on my system. Nazdar m m probl m s PC cca 2 m s ce u m m new pc asi p ed t dnem jsem si dokoupil Arctic PWM F12 ventil tory do case proto e se mi mezi CPU a GPU tvo ilo teplo a to zp sobovalo klidn i 85 celsia Hallo Bei einem Desktop PC habe ich diese Werte Leerlauf ca. ASUS is a worldwide top three consumer notebook vendor and maker of the world s best selling most award winning motherboards. 0 C high 105. After some trial and error I think I found the problem Software Conflict. Me too Not sure why I didn 39 t add that I used zenpower git from the AUR to get K10temps Pastebin. So if your Core Speed drops before you hit 61C then you 39 ve got something else going on if you 39 ve disabled Cool N 39 Quiet and C6. Ove Intel Pentium G2030 desktop microprocessor specifications and performance metrics. CPU Temp alignr execi 10 sensors grep CPUTIN cut d 39 39 f 2 cut d 39 39 f1 But I guess the issue is that there can never really be a definitive method of monitoring CPU temp as there will be too much variability with available sensors mobo types Linux kernel and even installed version of lm sensors. 61 V min 0. nct6796 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter Vcore 1. Where i am confused is what temp reading to use in HWMonitor. When Under Heavy Load. I read online that that gets a lot of false readings. CPUTIN 48 52C Core 0 65 69C Core 1 65 66C Core 2 56 62C Core 3 56 62C Hardware CPU Intel Q6600 G0 CPU temperature for AMD A10 7700K APU Hi Just upgraded to this new A10 APU 7700K and noticed I can 39 t read the temperatures correctly either with quot sensors quot or quot inxi quot . Seeing as I don 39 t have the PC in my possession I can 39 t tell you what is causing the quot heat quot to occur. 1 C in Africa in Massawa 32. and about 49C when running something like dragon age max graphics. It 39 s also a measure of how fast the atoms and molecules of a substance are moving. I 39 d try to keep it 25 60 that extra 5 degrees begins to get toasty. Cyrano I got your message and I read it but let 39 s not get pass the reality here. 71 to 2. M. This is well below its maximum temperature rating of 90 degree C. The other night it was giving me proper readings but not it 39 s stuck at 128C in speedfan the CPUID Hardware monitor and my BIOS. At a salinity of about 24. com is the number one paste tool since 2002. So I 39 m trying to modify this project by using the cpu temperature and then transfer the data to the microcontroller to regulate the fan speed. 00 temp2_max_hyst 75. You can see in the image that CPUTIN value has a maximum high as 450 degree and this sometimes goes above 500 also but the thing is this never goes after the system starts. CPUTIN temp2_input 36. com Apparently temperature sensors for the 3000 processors don 39 t work with Kernel 5. Typical Range Approx. HWMonitor is a hardware monitoring program that reads PC systems main health sensors voltages temperatures fans speed. radeon pci 0008 Adapter PCI adapter temp1 19. Don 39 t forget under load all these temp are exactly at the same value. France Germany Greece Italy Spain More Number of threads 4 max 4 L2 cache 2 x 256 KBytes 8 way set associative 64 byte line size Instructions sets MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 SSE4. gt gt It is inaccurate misleading and it just doesn 39 t make sense to report gt gt wrong information. I 39 m using a ASRock C2750D4I Motherboard. The maximum temp range of 1060 3 GB or 6 Gb is 105 C but it will start thermal throttling. 33 V min 0. I thought this could be the real issue with my computer but decided to have a second opinion and downloaded Asus 39 monitoring tool and it showed temperatures around 30 C for the CPU. offline. max it reads 53 c under package. Windfinder specializes in wind waves tides and weather reports amp forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing windsurfing surfing sailing fishing or paragliding. I dont know how well these things last when volted over max volt of 1. 83 V min 0. I thought the MAX means recently the CPUTIN reach MAX 127 C and one more thing while I gaming I touch the back of CPU Power Supply area its not warm. 00 V ALARM in5 2. See full list on hebergementwebs. The load on the server was 15 and the cpu is averaging at 80 all cores. Today the warmest ocean temperature in North America in Salina Cruz 30. 76 80C It starts off nice and smooth with 30 35C idle then Anyhoo long story short. Been reading around and from what I 39 ve seen the normal temps for AMD 39 s should be around 40 50C. Sep 03 2014 Yesterday AMD launched three new members of FX Series family of high end microprocessors. 30 V min 0. This may be done to prevent overheating damage. View online or download Asus P8H67 M2 TPM SI User Manual I 39 ve searched around and can 39 t find a specific answer to this I 39 m running a threadripper 2950x on an AsRock Rack X399D8A 2T motherboard. 09 Southbridge Intel Z77 rev. And so does the throttling. No need to patch it manually. 5 but I 39 m wondering what it 39 s using to measure. 8 C crit 110. 74 V in1 1. 1 hour the max temp of CPUTIN CPU Temperature Index idlo CPU v MB. 00 V ALARM in6 1. I Min Max Temp in Unit since previous reading Danger Temperatures above 46 F are too warm Write any out of range temps and room temp on the lines below and call your state or local health department immediately 46 F 45 F 44 F 43 F 42 F 41 F 40 F 39 F 38 F 37 F 36 F Danger Temperatures below 36 F are too cold AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor 16GB DDR4 3200mhz Memory MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB Video Card MSI B450M PRO VDH MAX MB 500GB WD Blue SN550 M. a laptop cooler for my school project. 67 fps 70997. 84 v SYSTIN 31. 0. pat 2. I 39 m not sure if this has been addressed yet but I 39 ve read online that it was going to be fixed with 5. 02 ist nun der x264 Codec in Revision 1342 sowie CPU Z in Version 1. Faccio una partita a lol e c questo CPUTIN che segnala 98 max. 3 Vy e efektivn chlazen sk n . what 39 s the temp ratings on 1055T When does it start to melt Max safe temp At what temp do you start to make a real difference in lifespan Still 58C Hi guys I have an issue with my fx 8370. A how to guide for fixing an overheating CPU in your computer. Moreover records haven t merely been broken they ve been utterly obliterated. The PTH8708 temperature humidity pen is ideal for contractors and homeowners making spot checks of HVAC R ductwork. There is a motherboard temp called CPUTIN. The CPUTIN kept going above 85 so it kept stopping. Guess what my temp is at load. 04 w fan1 1119 RPM edge 33. I 39 m planning to create a temperature controlled fan a. As for the rest doesn 39 t go beyond 40 other than one CPU processor from two maintain always 50. 08 V in1 2. 39 V min 0. 4c. In addition it can read modern cpus on die core thermal sensors. at idle the cpu sits around 30 c. The maximum value of 72 C set by Intel Tcasemax refers to the CPUTIN temp. 48 to 2. 2 EM64T VT x AVX Cpu package temps were around low 50 degrees and the cputin temp was hitting aroun 64 degrees max from what i remember. All four cores were mid 70s C when I only had Hearthstone and Chrome open with max reports of 91 C during more heavy gaming. 0 C The measurement is active because the temp rises sightly if the system is busy. 5 C high 80. 00 V ALARM in5 1. 0 C Core 0 44. I thought that the CPU was overheating so I got speedfan app to check temps and the CPUTIN temp was jumping all over the place reaching 126c. 344 v fan3 0 RPM in7 3. Can you confirm you don 39 t have any temp sensors plugged into Tsensor 1 Tsensor 2 Water In and Water Out. Temperature Humidity Pen with Min Max Memory Toggle Nav Number of threads 2 max 2 Name Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Codename Conroe Specification Intel R Core TM 2 Duo CPU E6750 2. By maintaining the ICH10 component case temperature at or below maximum specifications a system designer can ensure the proper functionality performance and reliability of this component. 6 degrees F. High is 70. 2 W83627THF W83627THG Data Sheet Revision History PAGES DATES VERSION And to answer your question HWM also shows the Package temp right under the core temps it was around 5C higher than the max core temp 91C . General This is the wind wave and weather forecast for Luqa Malta Airport in Luqa Malta. lt Sorgenkind AUXTIN 47 Max. the fan is working properly and is going up in steps to max when the CPU temp goes up I have never really checked how warm the hot air blown out actually is but it seems to cool like it should checked for dust inside around the fan and openings but everything is clean the During Prime95 I used Harware Monitor to check Temperature. 5 compared to the FX 8350. 3 GHz. 20GHz RAM 1G J ai install lm sensors et puis lance sensors detect en validant tout. CPUTIN is different from CoreTemp. Forums. Zd razn n je 64bitov Sailfish X s Android 10 API pro telefon Sony Xperia 10 II. Before it worked over months without problems. 00 V ALARM AVCC 3. In Vista or if you are in a limited account you will need to right click on the icon and run RealTemp as an Administrator so that the driver will be Additional information. of 51 C And I was able to achieve the minimum temperature using the quot old fashioned way quot make tutok the electric fan while the CPU side panel cases are open. 0 C hyst 0. 0065. The logs are also forwarded to my NAS Synology 39 s Log Center basically rsyslog was flooded and the NAS 39 s load was 80 The temperature jumped 10C and settled at 75 top end of the normal . Probably an approximately 60 to a maximum of 70 degrees. 2 SATA SSD CPUTIN pod jakim optere enjem procesora i visokim temperaturama zna i preko 45 a u praksi 50 i vi e stupnjeva mo e prikazivat 7 10 stupnjeva vi e temperature od stvarnih vrjednosti. The BIOS temps or quot CPUTIN quot or quot CPU quot temps in other programs is the CPU SOCKET temp read by a thermister on the mobo. Depending on the chip type 2 to 6 of the temperature sources can be monitored and compared against minimum maximum and critical temperatures. 9. 40. At 22C Room temp I 39 m sitting at 68 70c max core temp cooled with a H100i V2 when OCCTing for an hour. The core temperatures have an equational offset to determine temperature which equalizes at about 45 Celsius thus giving you more accurate readings at peak temperatures. 0 C nct6776 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter Vcore 1. Problem is that even if idle or when I am using it for low loads the fan constantly fluctuates between around 1600 RPM and 2100 RPM. 70 V max 3. In some cases figuring out what your datasheet is saying can be a trying ordeal. 1 N. Hi I 39 m facing quite a problem with my i5 9300h 16GB RAM GTX1650 HP Omen 15 . 68 V min Asus P8H67 M2 TPM SI Pdf User Manuals. 0 s k dov m n zvem Kvarken mobiln ho opera n ho syst mu Sailfish OS . Reply gt gt Patch 5 5 removes the maximum temperature from Tdie for Ryzen CPUs. CPU Temperature Index CPUTIN is different from CoreTemp. The Research Data Archive is managed by the Data Engineering and Curation Section of the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder Colorado. It seems like the 39 it87 39 driver included in the kernel is not new enough to have the support it does upstream. So there aren 39 t any analog pins for that but there are readings available when questioned. Main menu Storage config SATA change IDE gt AHCI System information confirm BIOS version 301 CPU type memory size AI Tweak set DRAM frequency AUTO gt DDR3 1333 Advanced gt Onboard devices LAN STAND THE HEAT WITH VHT. Gruss Algazanth . at 3. Restart my com and still get same result. but also with older kernels it does not work anymore. In this case temp3 seems to be a reliable sensor before stressing the CPU temp3 29. Feb 20 2017. temps. im not expecting the same success when i boot win10 later SYSTIN 31 Max. AUXTIN is the power supply temp sensor if there is one. or else only the cores temp was detected. HP ProLiant ML110 G2 Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3. CPUTIN should therefore be be ignored on ASUS 204 boards. Using only HWMonitor now normal reading Number of threads 4 max 16 L2 cache 4 x 256 KBytes 8 way set associative 64 byte line size Instructions sets MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 SSE4. of only about 40 degrees where is the excess temp. 2 Tsensor 1 and Dimm. Thermal throttling starts in somewhere between 90c and 100c. 5 GHz max boost clock 4. 0 C The correct way in my opinion is that it would just work as expected. Read the full Intel I O Controller Hub 10 Family Thermal Design Guide. Um die Leistung des eigenen Systems einstufen zu k nnen steht eine Tabelle mit Vergleichswerten bereit. Also on the specs claims that the max temperature for the gpu is 97C. This is all packed into a Casecom 6788 that I 39 m very fond of with no cable management due to a temporary CX430 my TX750 is being replaced . This number is the absolute maximum it can take before problems arise. Going higher than that may result in a shorter CPU lifespan but will probably cause instabilities. The temperature source for this register is set in bank 6 register 0x21. That the CPUTIN is reading 49C while the sensor placed on the motherboard under the CPU and I think a temperature sensor for the VRM are 70C is not good. 0 C hyst 90. 00 V ALARM in6 1. should i be alarmed This is a new system so i am no too familiar with the norm temps. 6mph Top speed may be impacted by battery level environmental temperature and available traction. As time passes climbing of the temperatures slows down CPUTIN 64C Core temps between 70 75 then BANG But that s the maximum temperature the point at which your processor freaks out and shuts down to avoid damage. United Kingdom Weather Averages Yearly and monthly information on normal temperatures sunshine precipitation and snowfall for cities and towns in the UK. As you can see this CPU has been running at a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 75 degrees Celsius 167 degrees Fahrenheit and is therefore running at a normal temperature. 0 C sensor thermistor CPUTIN 28. Running anywhere near that hot regularly is bad for the long term life of your So among other things I looked at the CPU temperatures and I found out that HWMonitor shows a CPUTIN temp of around 90 C picture attached shows 84 C . This program also monitors a few crucial chips and power supply in the unit One exceptional element of this program is the capacity to add monitored qualities to the system plate so you can all the more rapidly view and monitor . TMPIN 0 MOBO SYS Max Temperature Highest safe CPU temperature as stated by Intel or AMD Running your CPU near its max temperature for long periods will affect its performance and may shorten its lifespan. Applets like Core Temp AIDA64 and HWiNFO tend to show fairly accurate AMD CPU temps in the 60C 70C range according to AMD Engineering. To make it useful for automated monitoring I should at least disable the ACPI values and re label the fans and correct fan4 39 s minimum value. Malfunctioning or non working water pump The symptoms usually include rapid spike in temperature when stressing your CPU to the maximum for example with Prime95 software . Ryzen 2xxx series are just hotter and require better cooling. I already got a clean bill of health from the malware team so I am not sure why it is running so hot. and indoor humidity max. The cooling fan is in charge to keep that temperature there. You should keep it under 80 C for best performance. is this normal i expected less temperatures since i bought this 85 CPU fan. I 39 m not sure what that is but when idle is seems to read like the temp of the CPU which was flaoting around 25 to 31C close to what the cores are reading when idle and then when I load the CPU the Core reading jump up to near 100C and then that CPUTIN one Temperature sensor 1 46 C 114 F 0x5C CPUTIN Temperature sensor 2 45 C 112 F 0x5A AUXTIN Number of threads 2 max 2 Name AMD Athlon 7750 Black Edition 9. Get the Specs Even when I set the maximum temperature to 55 C it didn 39 t seem capable of going below 58 C. The base clock for the 3100 is down to 3. I 39 m seeing CPUTIN Temps of 90 95C while Max CPU Core Temps are 75C this is under 100 stress running Prime95. 1. CoreTemp is the sensor on the processor while CPUTIN is motherboard CPU temp sensor. If your not getting enough airflow you might see this. This is NOT the quot core temp quot for which AMD states the max 24 7 operating temp. The ideal CPU temperature will depend on the processor you own. Portland Monthly chronicles challenges and celebrates one of America s most innovative cities inspiring readers to explore and shape the vibrant metropolis we call home. 98 Oggi ho pulito il pc di mio zio cambiato pasta alla cpu e gpu. the temperature are wrong I read something about an offset of 20 C. 4. This is the temp that the temp cut in uses at TjMax. The reason for this range instead of an absolute number lies in the fact that system components vary greatly. 5c. COM To su ti dobre temp. 3V 3. However the temperature sensitivities of V max and K m did not vary Phoronix The New AMD Energy Driver Is Working Out Well On Linux For Per Socket Core Reporting Of the many features coming for Linux 5. The European Forest Fire Information System EFFIS supports the services in charge of the protection of forests against fires in the EU countries and provides the European Commission services and the European Parliament with updated and reliable information on wildland fires in Europe. 9Ghz. 69 fps 70997. It could be entirely possible that the temperature sensor is wrong which is a very common problem with all processors unfortunately . 5 C in4 1. Running stock cooler atm yeah iknow. Slope Approx. 13 Publication 23794 Rev B Issue Date October 2000 gives the following guidelines What is CPUTIN temp Tom 39 s Hardware Forum. While stress testing the cpu using 39 stress cpu 8 39 i get a cpu temperature of 84C. That era of CPU had significantly higher turbo speeds as less cores were in use whereas all cores at max brought the turbo down to Regional Analysis a summary of global regional temperature anomalies placing the data into a historical perspective Upper Air tropospheric and stratospheric temperatures with data placed into historical perspective Tropical Cyclones a breakdown of hurricanes typhoons cyclones and tropical storms across the globe Number of threads 8 max 16 L2 cache 4 x 256 KBytes 8 way set associative 64 byte line size Instructions sets MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 SSE4. The logging interval can be configured with the l scttempint N p option see below. Overclocking temperatures could in theory go as high as 90 C while still being safe and the max temperature for many CPUs is listed in the 105 110 C range. VA11 2011 7 22 19 46. 91 CPUTIN Temperature Sensor Over temperatur e Low Byte Register Index 56h Bank 1 Max non turbo ratio 34x Max turbo ratio 63x Max efficiency ratio 16x Min Power 60 Watts O C bins unlimited Ratio 1 core 63x Ratio 2 cores 63x Ratio 3 cores 63x Ratio 4 cores 63x TSC 3502. Looking at your most recent video with hwmonitor it looks like quot CPUTIN quot is quite high and appears that CPU slows down at 65 C and returns to full CPU speed at 60 C. 0 C it8712 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter in0 1. SMBUS is a digital reported CPU temperature which includes the offset so you need to 27C for the 1950x and whatever the 1920x offset is. 3HGzCPU Cooler Corsair H115i Platinum PRO RGB Motherboard Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GA The emission from the surface of the sun with its average temperature around 5800 K gives us our definition of white its peak wavelength near 550 nm 2. 19 kb s encoded 250 frames 2. PCH_CHIP_TEMP PCH_CPU_TEMP and PCH_CHIP_CPU_MAX_TEMP are all fixed at zero on my system. For From what I see your CPU temp is reaching 70C under load. Like other motherboards this is using NCT6779D Nuvoton chip you can install the linux driver for it and tune its parameters. The max temp thing is in the latest version. 4 Data Sheet Revision History PAGES DATES VERSION WEB VERSION MAIN CONTENTS 1 N. On Beberapa perangkat lunak pemantauan temp ini adalah CoreTemp HWMonitor Speccy Monitor kinerja SpeedFan dll. Chipset temperature is SMBUSMASTER 1 for me. w83627ehf. 2. 2 Can not set alarms set in0_alarm 0. Notice that even thou that both the SYSTIN and CPUTIN are higher the VTIN is lower. 74 V in1 0. Coretemp is the sensor on the processor while cputin is motherboard cpu temp sensor. 17 Core Stepping R0 Technology 45 nm Core Speed 1197. All solid capacitors ensure an ultra long 10 year lifetime lower temperature and higher efficiency. Whenever temperatures reach or go over the TJMax permanent damage can be done to your system which will also drastically shorten the lifespan of any other parts inside. Temperatura MAX em CPUTIN e AUXTIN estranhas Sobre o Clube do Hardware No ar desde 1996 o Clube do Hardware uma das maiores mais antigas e mais respeitadas comunidades sobre tecnologia do Brasil. Forum to discuss about computer related stuff not covered in any of the above categories. OCCT for the stress test is saying the CPUtin is 68. cputin 25 39 C 25 39 C 28 39 C Auxtin 34 39 C 34 39 C 34 39 C I would suspect PC Probe may look at socket temp HW Monitor will read the actual core temps on the cpu. You can easily check the credibility of this cpu temperature monitor. In my case I wanted tune the idle condition for silent operation even on little expense of temperature increase because I am using small server grade coole fans there those small metal pieces screams like hell. I paniced when I saw this but I 39 ve since figured out that this is phyisically impossible. I 39 m looking to get the CPU Temperature in Python 3. I have an application for a aluminum heating block for industrial purposes. CPUTIN Value 40 C Min 40 C Max 40 C AUXTIN Value 88 C Min 83 C Max 88 C So it looks like the machine is on the borderline of something running a tadge too high. Highest Phoenix temperatures in recent years Max F A definition says quot PECI is a new digital interface to read the CPU temperature of Intel CPUs quot . 00 temp2_max 80. maximum i can go up to is 3. Temperature 0 57 C 134 F 0x39 SYSTIN Temperature 1 54 C 129 F 0x6C CPUTIN Temperature 2 39 C 102 F 0x4E AUXTIN Fan 1 1082 RPM 0x27 CPUFANIN0 Display adapter 0 Name NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Revision A2 Codename GT200 Technology 65 nm Memory size 1024 MB Memory bus width 512 bits CPUTIN is the socket temp motherboard thermistor and SYSTIN is the thermistor on the chipset. According to Intell the Q9550 max temp is 71. The last i did was install the 4. Once most CPUs hit 90 to 100 C they will begin throttling lowering their clock speeds to avoid overheating. 0 v fan1 0 RPM PCH_CHIP_CPU_MAX_TEMP 0. For that past 100 years General Tire has brought you SUV truck tires commercial tires and passenger tires that go faster grip harder last longer. 2 EM64T VT x Package platform ID Socket 1366 LGA 0x1 Temperature 0 41 C 105 F 0x29 SYSTIN Temperature 1 61 C 141 F 0x7A CPUTIN nct6779 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter Vcore 472. 5 MHz Rated Bus speed 798. Core temps are in the lower seventies. 38 V min 0. Odgovori Code Select all nct6776 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter Vcore 1. 70 CPUTIN Temperature Sensor Over temperature High Byte Register Index 55h Bank1 97 7. Core temperature is different from CPUTIN as it reads from a sensor on your CPU. The lm sensors package is the standard software used to monitor things like CPU temperature on Linux. The socket temp runs 10 25C above the CPU quot core temp quot depending on the load on the CPU and the socket cooling. Spole nost Jolla ozn mila vyd n verze 4. I 39 m using the stock fan by the way which seems to go up only to 2000 rpm. 80. 61C is the maximum user temp for the FX 8000 9000 CPUs. variances HWmonitor is the monitoring software. Come summer time I 39 ll have to make sure it 39 s doing OK and if needed bump it up from 5V to 7V. 03 V min 0. 40 GHz vcore 1. CPUTIN la valeur maximal est d pass 121 max 85 il affich je d coche une case dans les r glages pour quil teste quand meme et on dirait que tous va bien il arrive meme pas a 70 C au bout de 1h et il m 39 affiche CPUTIN 121 C je ne c 39 est pas ce que cela signifie core 0 38 C core 1 28 C Running Win 7 64bit P6T Deluxe Asus i7 920 12G RAM 950 Watt PSU evga 260 GTX superclock edition 2 HD 39 s Noctua CPU cooler I 39 m not attempting to max out the CPU just bump it up a little somewhere between 3. The Michaelis constant Km is defined as the substrate concentration at 1 2 the maximum velocity. tomshardware. 30 V min 2. 5 C pretty much constantly idle or otherwise. I think the throttling is tied to tcase rather than TDP. its pretty hot and not comfortable to touch it. Dual reading for both indoor and outdoor temperature simultaneously displaying the indoor outdoor temperature and indoor humidity. 0 C sensor Intel PECI Cheap Temperature Instruments Buy Quality Tools Directly from China Suppliers AC 220V DC 12V 24V Digital Thermostat 30A Temperature Controller Temperature Control Switch Wall Hanging max 6600W Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Monitoring ASUS Prime B250M C fans with lm sensors Introduction. in14 1. Aug 19 2018 7 Thanks for your reply but the MAX temp not always 127 C. If you want more detailed readings from your motherboard such as fan speeds etc you can install nct6775 dkms git from the AUR and load autoload the nct6775 module afterwards. 00 V max 4. 0 C in5 0. H. 8 C and min temp as 28. Publication Release Date Apr 10 2007 II Version 1. 33 V min 2. ady GTX 1060 6 GB. The LM35 device has an advantage over linear temperature sensors calibrated in Kelvin as the user is not required to subtract a large constant voltage from the output to obtain 2016 10 10T14 03 38 158000277 0000 14 03 38 up 1 min 2 users load average 0. It can perfectly reach 80 to 85 degrees and the processor will still be OK. 86 CPUTIN Temperature Sensor Offset Register Index 55h Bank 4 Got this weird reading. 4 GHz. Hello sexy penguins I 39 m concerned about my CPU it 39 s reading at 127. I got these numbers using the sensors command. 2 EM64T VT x AVX min 2. The HW Monitor utility reported a CPUTIN CPU Temperature Index figure of 47 degrees under load for FX 8350 that rose to 51 degrees when the CPU was loaded whereas the FX 8370E ran at 23 degrees Temperature 1 54 degC 129 degF 0x6C CPUTIN Temperature 3 80 degC 176 degF 0x50 TMPIN3 Fan 1 2139 RPM 0x85B CPUFANIN Hardware registers Code Select all fool fool desktop sensors nct6779 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter Vcore 0. RF VNA amp pulse generators. 13 0. 98 V max 3. The HW Monitor utility reported a CPUTIN CPU Temperature Index figure of 47 degrees under load for FX 8350 that rose to 51 degrees when the CPU was loaded whereas the FX 8370E ran at 23 degrees This hits a maximum individual core temp of 66 on a Prime test of 100 load and a CPUTIN max of 40 degrees Celsius on a Hyper 212 Evo with a single fan in push. I have a a10 5800k cpu and when i check my HWmonitor my CPUTIN is around 35 42C but when i look in the package temperature of my amd a10 5800 its around 63 86C what is the true temp its the temperature when i here is screenshot for Cpuid please look at my numbers are the valves for cputin amp auxtin bogas core valves are in the 40 39 s auxtin max shows 127c is that crazy plus what is TZ00 amp TZ01 is systemin the same thing as motherboard temp what is Tempin3 are my what software can one use to monitor or check out the temp of ones CPU Intel don 39 t have any software for Windows 7 Professional. and my CPU i7950 remains approximately 32C. 0 0 hvala 0. quot CPUTIN max temp was 230 F videocard 167 F all cpus utilization more than 95 . 33 max 36 . 00 mV min 0. I5 2400 CPUTIN DIY 2400 30 40 HWMONITOR CPUTIN KEEP THANKS Number of threads 2 max 2 L2 cache 512 KBytes 8 way set associative 64 byte line size 136 F 0x74 CPUTIN Temperature sensor 2 127 C 260 F 0xFE When hardware monitor reports CPU temp tcase greater than equal to 68C tcasemax is 67. Since HWMonitor under the motherboard lists a max CPUTIN temp. 0 C nct6779 AUXTIN3 28. defaults VERSION 2 3 MAXIMUM temperature however would depend on the ground temperature outside the plane. data modul. Was ist Unterschied zwischen quot CPU Die quot und quot CPUTIN quot und wo sollte man sich eher Sorgen machen wenn zu hoch CPUTIN zeigt bei mir Max 103 Grad aber ist das wirklich bereits erreichte CPU Temperatur Object Moved This document may be found here Tmpin6 asus motherboard Tmpin6 asus motherboard Indoor and outdoor temperature min. define NUM_TEMP 10 Max number of temp attribute sets w limits define NUM_TEMP_FIXED 6 Max number of fixed temp attribute sets define NUM_REG_ALARM 7 Max number of alarm registers define NUM_REG_BEEP 5 Max number of beep registers define NUM_FAN 6 define TEMP_SOURCE_VIRTUAL 0x1f Common and NCT6775 specific data See CPUTIN for your socket temp which should match within 5 C 8 C of your core temp This not only severely reduces the life span of the board but the CPU and thus ram as well. 0 C temp2 29. 5 C Verify if temperature max is superior than temperature min Then shown hours of the day is superior than user input Temperature min and inferior than u ser input Temperature max I am having an hard time if you have any suggestion I will appreciated. The processor temperature is around 50 degrees while this is happening. Make sure to upgrade to AIDA64 v2. 5 in realtemp. GPU max is shown as 73c with fans spinning at 1333 rpm but when I switch to HWMonitor from the game the GPU has already cooled to 53c and fans are already off. 0 C low 127. neaktivan. You can try and cross check the quot powers quot tab with everest as everest reports quot powers quot too under the Computers gt Sensor tab. 5 3. The FX 9000 series CPUs are 220w CPUs and as such require very high CPU cooler thermal capacity. 5. Temperature Averages for European Cities Typical monthly temperatures for major cities throughout Europe. For example if your alarm temperature is 80C set your HYST value to stop the alarm when the temperature falls to 75C. System peripheral Intel Corporation Xeon E3 1200 v5 v6 E3 1500 v5 6th 7th 8th Gen Core Processor Gaussian Mixture Model With my loop on full Prime95 blended tests peak 61 62c on my CPUTIN sensor in the mobo socket . Dismiss Join GitHub today. 30 V fan1 1149 RPM min 0 RPM ALARM fan2 915 RPM min 0 RPM ALARM fan3 0 RPM min 0 RPM ALARM fan4 0 RPM min 0 RPM ALARM fan5 0 RPM min 0 RPM ALARM SYSTIN 26. Arduino library for the ProtoCentral MAX30205 Body Temperature Sensor breakout board The ICH10 chipset is probably the most popular southbridge as it is part of all current Intel chipsets and hence can be found on a plethora of motherboards and Intel powered computers. sensors nct6798 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter in0 392. 264 v AUXTIN1 85. AMD s specs contained in AMD Thermal Mechanical and Chassis Cooling Design Guide p. 11 V ALARM in1 2. The vapor pressure of a liquid is the equilibrium pressure of a vapor above its liquid or solid that is the pressure of the vapor resulting from evaporation of a liquid or solid above a sample of the liquid or solid in a closed container. 00 I need only CPU temp. It did however stay within the 50C range. 1 SSE4. These are listed as tmpin0 tmpin1. i have a a10 5800k cpu and when i check my HWmonitor my CPUTIN is around 35 42C but when i look in the package temperature of my amd a10 5800 its around 63 86C what is the true temp its the temperature when i browse the internet CPUTIN CPU Temperature Index AUXTIN Auxiliary Temperature Index SYSTIN System Temperature Index CPUTIN is different from CoreTemp. I think the VRM voltage regulator module needs more cooling usually located between the CPU and the rear USB ports. Page 1 of 2 CPU Temp Resolved posted in Hardware Components and Peripherals Hello I have an Intel i7 950 which is running very hot for no apparent reason. The CPU cooler I have is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. Can I still heat this block of aluminum to 1000 F even though its close to the melting point William The highest temperature recorded during that time there was 122 degrees Fahrenheit 50 Celsius on June 26 1990. 00 V min 0. It 39 s always the most accurate to use the temperature sensors inside the CPU itself. 04 it is the same. In der aktuellsten Version 3. 0 C For Neurospora extracellular enzymes V max Q 10 ranged from 1. Intel Desktop Utilities 3. Max safe temp is around 61 62 degees. Driven by innovation and committed to quality ASUS won 4 256 awards in 2013 and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with its Eee PC . This is CPU temp not core temp. 4 W83627DHG PAGES DATES VERSION WEB VERSION MAIN CONTENTS 0 CR 43h bit 5 0 and CR 46h bit 2 1. Up to 6 of those are direct temperature sensor inputs the others are special sources such as PECI PCH and SMBUS. 2 in 3 cm Operating Temperature 14 104 F 10 40 C Storage Temperature 4 Maximum Gerbil. 74 V . The test uses the maximum multisampling value MSAA supported by your graphics device. under load it goes anywhere from 50 c to 53 c. 00GHz Package platform ID Socket 775 LGA 0x0 CPUID 6. 78 CPUTIN Temperature Sensor Over temperature High Byte Register Index 55h Bank1 78 9. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. The temperature of the block must reach 1000 degree F max. 5 C Europe 39 s has the warmest beach right now in Lagan 24. Most important thing by far for the health of your CPU is the core temp. As I can remember when I set Q led code function to show cpu temp it showed CPUTIN socket temp on motherboard leds but I 39 m realizing that my maximus is showing me It is the temperature under throttle point or within GPU max temperature. 6GHz and has a maximum boost clock of 3. 00 V ALARM 3. The only other CPU related tempature it showed was CPUTIN which is always at 60C for some reason. I had to add this to etc modules. The Ryzen processor starts to slow down not thermal throttling just running a bit slower at around 80deg C. 00 V ALARM in5 592. but problem is there are no good LGA1156 coolers so i can only do the benchmarking at stock of 2. 4 custom kernel . GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code manage projects and build software together. You 39 ll then be able to activate FPU GPU stressing to drive your computer to maximum power draw and maximum temperatures. Anyone even close to these temps is one step away from a toasted CPU. Im not finding the specific max temp for that CPU but the vast majority of modern temps have a maximum safe temperature around 140 degrees F. 36 V min 2. Temperature 0 29 C 84 F 0x1D SYSTIN Temperature 1 28 C 82 F 0x38 CPUTIN Temperature 2 122 C 250 F 0xF3 AUXTIN Fan 1 2637 RPM 0x4 CPUFANIN0 Fan 2 1172 RPM 0x12 AUXFANIN0 J 39 ai essyer de le mont a 3 4 GHZ et la ecran bleu avec test de m moire virtuelle. Kerne 1. I 39 ve followed recommended procedure for applying Arctic Silver 5 twice to no avail and the heat sink and fan air are cool. Weather Data Library Kansas Mesonet Kansas State University 1004 Throckmorton Manhattan KS 66506 785 532 7019 or 785 532 3029 kansas wdl k state. So my temperatures seems to be way bellow the concern limits. Then I used aida64Extreme to stress the CPU loading it to 100 over 2mns. It 39 s compatible with Windows 2000 XP Vista or Windows 7 32 or 64 bit. 85 V min 0. No overclocking done. I have been getting into playing The Elder Scrolls Online and it seems like if I play for more than 5 minutes on High setting and even Medium sometimes my computer turns off even though all fans and lights are on. 2 Tsensor 2 in Windows before you switched to Linux. 10 and eventually change the thermal paste from a small try it appears to work quieter and cooler with windows7 that actually says hw not supported. Thus colder fresh water is less dense which has implications for lake overturn and ice floating. The_Fool Apr 5 2013 2. 3V4 quot label in9 quot 1V2 quot label in12 quot 1. Co s t m 1 Vyho prehistorick p ismahl VGA ne definitivn zni chipset. W83627EHF EF W83627EHG EG Publication Release Date January 18 2006 I Revision 1. Our very high temperature VHT flameproof automotive paint is designed for exterior and interior dress up application capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 2000 F. For your info Hwinfo64 under Win10 reported 4 temp one for each die CPU CCD1 amp CPU CCD2 these temp are low at idle 35 amp 39 degc but the one name CPU Tctl Tdie is 53 degc. 00 temp2_type 4. The first is a maximum value calculated by measuring input current of a core the second is a measured value of the cpu socket. Messages 11 396 Likes Received 919 GPU SYSTIN Temperature is at max 34C now. Sample temperature values To illustrate the behavior of the PECI and CPUTIN temperature values I 39 ve included an excerpt from my temperature readings. 0 C sensor Intel PECI during the CPU stress test stress c 4 temp3 58. 5 C high 70. The CPUTIN sensor on many motherboards is usually a non standard or sometimes even non existent sensor and thus the values it output are usually not in degrees but an implementation dependent scale of values. psutil. 05V AVCC 3VCC 3VSB ECM QM57 User s Manual 53 Data Modul AG www. 00 of avg Lake Powell is currently 428. I 39 m not a 24 7 user due to time constraints but it looks stable so far. 0 C high 0. Between 50 60C at load. 63 V in4 1. Checks the maximum or minimum temperature and humidity by pressing the MAX MIN switch. It often reports unreasonably high 201 temperatures and in some cases the reported temperature declines if the actual 202 temperature increases similar to the raw PECI temperature value see PECI 203 specification for details . After that I monitored my system temperatures using the HW Monitor software for 64 bit and the CPUTIN amp AUXTIN values are very high amp low. HWMonitor and core temp. 64 bit x264 results preset medium encoded 250 frames 18. 232 volts under load HSF NH 14D with 120mm and 80mm fan running at max Motherboard MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Temperature Question I have had my current PC for about three weeks. However im suddenly more inclined to believe them as 100C pretty much corresponds to 55C in the bios ai suite camp which also is the temperature its throttling at. 84 v fan4 0 RPM in8 3. 25 eV is mirrored in the maximum sensitivity of our eyes in the same region reflecting our evolutionary progress while exposed to the light of the sun. 30 Min. 26 2006 Revision 1. i have used cinebench r15 and prime 95 and they yield the same results. If your system combines an integrated IGP and a discrete GPU the discrete GPU will be automatically used for the test. 02 V min 0. the core or the cpu reading. CPUTIN 89 Max. Dangerously high temperature range More than 90 C. 18 V min 0. 80 set in0_max 2 1. I use cpufan coretemp and cpuid hardware mon to monitor my temperature. My cputin reads 79 degrees all the time except when stressed and then the max stays at 79 and min drops to 30 and stays there in HWmonitor. This is the lowest maximum temperature since 1951 39 Kuldeep Srivastava the head of the IMD 39 s regional forecasting centre said. CPU is moderately overclocked. 8GB DDR4 2133 SDRAM. 7. Max. 00 V ALARM in4 1. Can be different lib 39 s but I need one for Linux amp Windows. BIOS reports CPU temp at around 30 40C the output above was with lt 5 average CPU usage nothing significant running so shouldn 39 t be much higher. The SCT commands were introduced in ATA8 ACS and were also supported by many ATA 7 disks. So I disabled that check. 8. Lower temps can be quite inaccurate. 08 V in4 3. 568 v PCH_CPU_TEMP 0. PicoLog data acquisition amp data logging. They all rely on the lm_sensors package to provide the necessary information. W83627THF W83627THG Publication Release Date September 26 2006 I Revision 1. 1090 the maximum temperature threshold is 62 Celsius which set for the internal die core temperature of the chip. It most likely is M. 95Ghz q6600 in SuperPi 1M. 5 N A First published preliminary version. CPUTIN 54C MIN 60C MAX Intel CORE 0 46C MIN 60C Max Intel CORE 1 46C MIN 59C MAX GPU CORE 51C MIN 54C MAX I have not played any games since checking these numbers so I am going to try that out and then try your ram idea. 0 C hyst 75. How can I fix this and what is causing the problem Before I flashed W83627EHF EF W83627EHG EG Publication Release Date Nov. 00 V max 0. Video card temperature rises to 40C not far from max 42C. MAXTOR STM3320820AS my HDD rises to max 39C temperature Temperatures did keep rising after this. 0 C temp2 29. 00 V ALARM in6 752. I have a self build PC with an AMD Ryzen processor. The chips support up to 25 temperature monitoring sources. Upon checking them I noticed my CPUTIN was reading 127C That seems insanely high. 0 C crit 120. 875v. 0 C ALARM sensor thermistor CPUTIN 111. firstly the x570 and 3800x works just fab built the computer today and solus just booted right up wonderful. As salinity is increased the density maximum moves to lower temperature. Quoting Shmerl Yes k10temp works fine now in 5. 2012. spec One little thing that is bothering me is the temperature. I am assuming those are the normal temperature readout chips in your RAM sticks. I have the maximum temperature and it was 160 . Idle it 39 s running at 19C. 2012 19 05. 6Ghz on Prime95 after undervolt and I 39 m pretty sure I was having about 3Ghz without undervolt Code it8655 isa 0290 Adapter ISA adapter in0 1. Der x264 HD Benchmark transcodiert ein standardisiertes HD Video mittels h. What this indicates is there is adequate airflow in the stock configuration. qucik cat sys class thermal thermal_zone0 temp 50 000 The H W Monitor shows the operating temperature fan speeds and system voltages. 80 C is fine elsewhere I have seen System gt Display gt Advanced display settings. I am aware that the melting point of aluminum is 1200 degree F. This is the value that you want an alarm to turn off. 0 C Tctl Temperature sensor 1 72 C 161 F 0x90 CPUTIN Temperature sensor 2 12 C 52 F 0x1E9 AUXTIN cores are utilized to the max. Ryzen temperature is under k10temp pci 00c3 . OpenHardwaMonitor ist CPU Temp. 66Ghz. 0 C SMBUSMASTER 0 32. Request Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America NCT6627UD online from Elcodis view and download NCT6627UD pdf datasheet I O Controller specifications. so I don 39 t care that fan speed can 39 t We can say CPU temp is an actual computer temperature which is more accurate at low temp but less at high. Cpuid hwmonitor cpu temp. When the IPMI temp approaches 95 is when I get the critical notifications. The information returned has a different meaning depending on the value passed as the function. 4 rc1 for me. 21 V Temperatura de CPU incorrecta en AMD A10 7850 APU Kaveri en el n cleo de Ubuntu Linux 3. 25 and K m Q 10 ranged from 0. 0 to 3. The temperature in the table above is the absolute maximum temperature Tmax as a general rule you have to keep your temps 10 15 degrees lower under load and 30 40 degrees lower when system is idle. Depending on the chip type 2 to 6 of the temperature sources can be monitored and compared against minimum maximum and critical temperatures. If you are not sure just stop all CPU intensive applications and look at the values. Your FX 8320 will start throttling the CPU frequency at 70C. 08 V max 1. 92 now and seems to have settled. Code Select all sensors acpitz virtual 0 Adapter Virtual device temp1 27. 19 fps 78205. 51 V min 2. 63 V in4 0. Danke f r den Tipp. Temperature SYSTIN temperature CPUTIN temperature Fan speed System Fan speed CPU Fan speed Voltage CPUVCORE VGFX 1. Bad heatsink temperature quickly goes up to 50 70C . NCT6798D is with the exception of fan and pwm channel configuration registers similar to other chips of the series. Hello I have a Asus H87 PRO motherboard with Intel i5 4440 3. T and video card GPU temperature. Click on Calculate and if all data is entered the calculated vapor pressure will be returned in both saturated and actual values along with relative humidity if only For instance right now it 39 s quite hot where i live and i am having while gaming a system temp of 42 which seems outrageously high but i am sweating like a pig really and a max cpu temp of 87 With air conditioning on those temps go down a bit like about 36 and 84 83. Backgroud fps limit is NOT set. CPUTIN 59C. 0917. 00 V max 1. The CPU core temp is all that you care about. spike One bug is the CPUTIN temp which is bugged and displays ridiculous numbers at the max column. I never took note of this temp before I switched my hardware but that seems sky high to me. Hi guys Since 2 days or so the omv sensors plugin is not working anymore on my nas build. u loadu Music As A Weapon Moj PC trajni link. 052 appears to get its default The temperature values are preserved across power cycles. The official Forums of Solus. The minimum temp is 36 but my CPU cores are in the mid 40s. I 39 ve been trying to undervolt the CPU to get some more power. 0 C in3 3. CPUTIN Raise to 41C far away from max AUXTIN raise to 43C still ok Intel Core 2 Due temperatures also rise but far from max temp. Probably a fan going in the wrong direction or not enough fans. 63 CPUFANOUT0 Maximum Output Value Register Index 67h Bank 0 6. In the case above it is the first one that stands at 42. 22 CHIPSET IC. 4. Ok then I would say get yourself an exhaust fan mounted in back of case sucking air out dude really easy to fit 5 mins job and your max temps will drop about 10 degrees. In addition it can read modern CPUs on die core thermal sensors as well has hard drives temperature via S. 4 in 1 cm gaps 1. Record the min max temps once each workday preferably in the morning 5. Number of threads 4 max 4 L2 cache 2 x 256 KBytes 8 way set associative 64 byte line size Instructions sets MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 SSE4. Up to 6 of those are direct temperature sensor inputs the others are special sources such as PECI PCH and SMBUS. I would recommend a new CPU cooler with a downdraft fan like the cooler master Gemini II. SYSTIN must be faulty because it is at 124C and it says that both the MIN and MAX are also 124C. 3. 65C is pretty high even on load. Didnt look at gpu but in gaming i know it never really goes higher than about 65 degrees normally its lower 50s. 19 kb s Name Intel Core i7 3770K Codename Ivy Lainaus sivustolta AMD states that the maximum temperature range for the AMD 64 X2 4200 is between 55 and 72 degrees C. 52. WinSCP etc VERSION etc. I 39 ve been playing for several months now not clocking down on 100 C Core Temp or anything else. Test system Processor i7 4790K 4. W83627THF W83627THG Winbond LPC I O Date Sep. 5 C in12 1. I have the EVGA GEFORCE GTX670 as part of the ODE build. Judging by the various threads I 39 ve found for example this is a little absurdly high for an idle temperature. This result is similar in both runs. 1 C on The After the BIOS reset is is idling at around 24 but Core Temp says that while I wasn 39 t at my PC it hit 59 degrees. The CPU temperature on ASUS boards is reported from PECI 0. HYST is short for hysteresis. Fresh water S 0 at atmospheric pressure p 0 has maximum density at temperature 4C. Info found here HWMonitor CPUID What is CPUTIN AUXTIN SYSTIN and TMPIN3 Apps Apps General Discussion Your temperatures appear OK to me. lol Anyways the second screenshot is after I cleaned up the processor 39 s HSF which was covered by dust. 5 GHz to 4. Sensors. At first a few days ago I was able to hit about 3. cputin max temperature