80 meter end fed antenna plans

80 meter end fed antenna plans • The G5RV was originally designed as a 3 /2 antenna for use on 20 meters. A shortened multi-band End-Fed Half Wave (EFHW) antenna for 80-10m Steve Nichols G0KYA A shortened multiband antenna, about 23m long, for 80m-10m that offers low SWR (1. Zo is de trafo van mijn 80/40 end-fed, dan 20+ meter draad, dan een L/C trap met 10 kV 68 pF doorknob condensator en een 7 uH spoel, dan nog +/- 11m draad. Tuning is best accomplished by using an antenna analyzer attached to far end of the coaxial cable that will be used with the antenna. 5, 41, 58, 71 and 84 feet The sixty-six foot version is built around a resonant 40 meter antenna and performs well on 80 meters. 05wl matching counterpoise) and drilling two weep holes in the appropriate position, I had a 10 meter EFHW antenna up in less than ten minutes. The antenna is fed by low loss coax into a 9:1 UnUn. 36. The small mast through the roof on the left supports the top wire to the house. - End-Fed antennas have wild impedance swings. Its Frequency Range is 80/40 meters and it can be Tuned to most Amateur Bands with a good Tuner. 559 feet • 75/80 meters 269. Ver2cal'Wire'Antenna' • Actually'a'ver2cally'orientated' resonate'1/2'wave'dipole'with' the'earth'being'the' return ' half' • Due'to'poor'ground' conduc2vity'a This makes it very convenient to throw the antenna up in a tree and connect the bottom of it to your radio. Cul = transformer wire. Here is an SWR sweep of this antenna: As an alternative this antenna can be fed at the feedpoint with a good 4:1 current balun. For each model the inductance and capacitance values of three alternative impedance matching networks are computed to match to a 50-ohm line. The boom length is 138 feet (42 meters). John Belrose showed that though its length is close to a full-size 80 meter (3. It is 39. No guys are required for the 24 feet high, self-supporting tower. The ANC-4 has a “noise antenna gain” adjustment but it does not have enough gain on 160 and 80 meters to boost the noise from my noise antenna sufficiently (my noise antenna is short for 80 and 160 meters) to be equal to the noise The design frequency, the feedpoint impedance, will be between 80 and 150 ohms. 95 Saturn Fan Dipoles $159. If we make the loop much longer or shorter, we would end up with the antenna being unsuitable for some of the bands. MyAntennas End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna for 80 – 10 Meters Bottom Line The EFHW-8010-1K provides an easy-to-deploy antenna that can be operated on all HF bands, except 60 meters, with a low enough SWR to be used without an antenna tuner on most bands. 2m. Even tho gh largely neutralized by becoming Put together a second story, indoor, end fed using the 9:1 from your workshop. The finished tuner is just 2"x 2 1/4"x 7/8", and the weight is 2. A good use for this technique is with a half-wave antenna for the 160 meter or 80 meter band. Antenna is 60 ft. 5 on a good portion of 6 meters. 4-square was transformed into two reversible 3-element arrays. Being able to feed the dipole from one end gives you more options on how to erect an antenna and makes portable operation easier. Rappaport, J. A quality antenna tuner will provide a perfect match on all bands from 80-6 meters. This antenna is made of high-quality materials, easy to assemble, and easy to tune. com •20 meters and above or 80 meters and above TV antenna 20 mtr 40 mtr 80 mtr . Vertical or Horizontal Loop: The best balun for operation moderately far from resonance or on harmonics is a 4:1 ratio current Tuner meter band, or with SWR < 2:1 over the entire 75/80-meter band. This formula takes into consideration the capacitive "end-effect" from insulators which shortens the physical length requirement for the equivalent electrical length. The antenna design would be no easy matter, as 80-meter CW is my favorite band and mode. With or without a tuner, be sure your SWR numbers are low before putting power into the antenna. I chose 58' for Mid 80 Meter Operation. 5 Ω is used for the 80-meter antenna. 5 MHz trap at the end of the 80 metre wire (where to monofilament joins the 6. The antenna can be seen as a dipole except that the feed point is placed at the end (or The 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, and 10 meter bands all have roughly the same amplitude at this phase along the wire. By serendipity, it also covers the 17 and 2 meter bands. Unlike many END FED antennas on the market, this one does not require the Antenna Tuner to operate. Note: The Red & Blue colours are used simply to emphasise • 10 meters 34. The insulator is strapped to the Epoxy Board. Watch the following video to see how to build and erect a basic 80-meter NVIS antenna. 1 to 1 at the band edges. 0 to 54. Decided to try a stealth design. The disadvantage of this approach is that the antenna gets a bit large - it does use 80 meters of wire! However, for those without so much space, a smaller antenna can be built and fed with the AH-4 with good performance. One is fed at the 20/80% point and one fed at the 36/64% feed point. Part of the design is the 9:1 UNUN (unbalanced to unbalanced) toroid matching transformer. Antenna construction centers around 50 Ohm coax. I used 1″ thin-wall PVC pipe, aluminum tape, and RG-8X coax. The 7-Band antennas need at least 120 feet of ground space end-to-end. 4:1 impedance ratio is 2:1 turns ratio. •With the antenna legs at a 120 degree angle as viewed from the side, the 4-Band antennas need at least 60 feet of ground space from end-to-end. 950MHz with an SWR of 1. 2) Check to see that a good SWR can be obtained in or near 160 m. Full Size Quad Loop 2. It uses readily available materials, and has sufficient core surface area to be good for 100W SSB input. Some people use open wire line and feed a 80 or 40 meter loop on multiple frequencies. Overall, the antenna seemed to perform the best on 40 – 10 meters. 2 AU $23. The schematic of the homebrew matching unit is shown below. Aug 28, 2019 - A windom antenna for 10 to 80 meters band – a design by PU1LHP Related Posts via TaxonomiesGAP Titan DX MaintenanceThe gamma matchA 40m Vertical AntennaThe Grid YagiQuickie VerticalAbout Loop AntennasAntenna Basics : Directional AntennasMobile Antennas4 Element Yagi BuildingBuilding a 4 Element Cubical Quad This antenna is made of high-quality materials, easy to assemble, and easy to tune. This antenna is a beast, if I can hear Russia I can talk to them. G0CSK EA5AVL G8ODE OCT 2008 iss 1. E. The black dots represent exact harmonics of the 3. A radial/counterpoise field is not necessary with this EFHW wire antenna. I feed the loop with a 1 to 4 balun on 80 meters and in series with the balun, an electrical 1/4 wave of 75 ohm RG-6 coax to match it on 40 meters. That meant most of my signal was going up, not out. 0 on 40 meters and 3. per 1/8-wavelength. (Jack) Downey - K0DTQ. 2 MHz. Antenna wire 2. html. I actually drilled a ¼˝ hole and glued a crimp sleeve (that brass thing) into it, because I had one lying around. Knife switches attached to the insulators provide switching between 80 and 160 meter operation. The Hy-Tower with a base loading coil operates efficiently on 160 meters. net Abstract A coaxial-cable trap dipole antenna installed in the attic provides a surprisingly effective solution to HF operation on the 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 80 meter amateur bands at a QTH with restrictive covenants that prohibit outside antennas. I am not a mathematician that calculate ohms, coils etc. W6HDG FAN DIPOLE ON A FENCE! A quick and easy hf multibander! THE MAYPOLE ANTENNA. s. End-fed radiators have the unique quality of resonating on the 1/2-wave fundamental frequency plus odd/even harmonics above! . 57 MHz fundamental resonance. High Performance 40 Meters Vertical . After watching the video, please read the field test stories below the video as this design flies in the face of a theoretical 80-meter NVIS antenna design. In the end, the answer to an immediate problem became a continuing obsession that has spanned some 20 years. 800 Watt FD4 multi-band antenna with 1:4 super balun Project for a multi-band antenna for the 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, 10 and 6 meter bands, including a 1:4 impedance transformer and a current balun handling 800 Watt with common mode attenuation up to 40 dB! This antenna is similar in construction to the 2-meter OFC sleeve dipole I built over 8 years ago, but it is a simple center-fed dipole. Parnell, “Use your tower as a dual band, low band DX antenna, QST, Vol. A stealth end fed wire for 80-10 meters. It needs no tuner on 40m, 20m and 10m. When you install your EFHW 8010 (or any end-fed) it's best to either a) get both ends of the entire antenna as high as you can in the air and run coaxial cable from the feed transformer / balun back to your radio, or b) install the antenna as a "sloper" with the coax feed end at least 10 feet off the ground and the distant end as high in the End loading the F3 40 meter 6. A well designed matching transformer at the end feed point facilitates this antenna configuration. The unun secondary taps into the inductor at the 200 ohm point on 80- and 160-meters. Also covers 30-17 & 12 meters with an antenna tuner. With this length of wire a coil of 11 turns is required, resonating the antenna on 1. If you like my videos, please subscribe here: http://www. * However as a practical matter, a half wave end fed wire is generally going to be deployed as a “sloper”. 4, & 27 MHz if fed The search for a simple broadband, multiband antenna with acceptable SWR over the entire 80/75-meter band continued with the publication of the article by Witt, AI1H, in April 1989 QST. A shortened multi-band End-Fed Half Wave (EFHW) antenna for 80-10m The 80-10m EFHW This is a shortened multiband antenna, about 23m long, for 80m-10m that offers low SWR (1. Might try pulling the choke coil apart this can help broaden the bandwidth. This inspired author Belrose, VE2CV, to reopen his files on the "Windom antenna," or, more properly, the off-center-fed dipole. A Two Element HF Cubex Quad up at Mx. Using the homemade 400 ohm parallel feeder yields a 2:1 SWR on 6 meters and 3:1 on 10 meters – well within easy tuning range of your antenna tuner to be able to use the antenna on both bands with a 1:1 balun (or 4:1 balun if you end up with an odd End Fed Half Wave Antenna Tuner. The plots above show with a DX Engineering 4:1 balun and reasonably good coaxial cable, you can operate a loop over most of 80 and all of 40 meters. The NJQRP Squirt This reduced-size 80-meter antenna is designed for small build-ing lots and portable use. 2 metres as the length is non-resonant for radio amateur HF bands 80, 40, 20 and 17m. 624 m long) which goes up some 25 feet (7-8 m), then over horizontally, at an average of 25 feet (7-8 m) above ground, to a tree at the far end of my property. Instead of dividing the length in half, multiply it by. Contains trap design instructions and some construction tips. Right now, I currently have, a dipole with a 1 to 1 balun between the 2 legs, and each leg is 19 and 1 half feet long. On 160 meters you should see about 110 kHz bandwidth. 80-10 end-fed half-wave antenna Install the SO-239 bulkhead connector on one end (“bottom”) of the enclosure. I used 2. Due to the end effect, an antenna wire acts as 5% longer than the actual length. Do not cut the capacitor any shorter than 2in less than the starting length. This article will not address that antenna type. Before I added 80 meter, I operated that band with a end-fed wire antenna. If you want a different frequency, calculate the length of a standard half wave dipole. This antenna is 30 ft on a rope and pulley from tower. It has yielded an ongoing series of experimental designs for compact antennas that With this antenna the coverage is 80,40,20,15 and 10 meter band without any antenna tuner and the average SWR is below 1. They are usually power limited, maybe a good thing, with all that stray RF floating around. The end fed antenna works well in horizontal. 25 feet of coax feeds into the 9:1, then a 53 foot wire antenna laying over furniture, on carpet, hanging down into first floor great room, etc. Now wind the antenna wire in a bit, hook it over the end of the spool to secure it, put it back up and test again. I know a Ham who has an end fed 1/2 wave antenna for 20 meters he uses vertically, but at QRP power levels. The antenna shown covers 80, 40, 20 and 10 meters with 15 meters and WARC bands only available with an antenna tuner and should be limited to less The 17 and 12 meter bands were not tested because I never use them, and while they might be tunable with the ATU the VSWR between the coax and the antenna is probably very high (as it is on 30 meters). Put the antenna back together, hooked up the coax, and my neighbor and I raised the antenna once again. END FED INVERTED “L” ANTENNA FOR 160 – 80 – 40 METRES 1. The good, the bad. 469 feet • 20 meters 70. Although thousands of hams use and love these multi-band antennas, some people, including a few well-known antenna experts, view the OCF as a common mode current (CMC) generator or even an outdoor dummy load. It is an amazing antenna in terms of performance, and takes me literally 10 minutes at most to set the whole thing up. Antenna one: 80 meter wire fed with 600 ohm open wire line to a KW match box balanced tuner and a home brew line coupled balanced tuner. Also useable on 6 and 2, but high radiation angle will limit performance. That is an end-fed, but very different then the half wave construction. The antenna is sported by a 22ft (6. You can work correctly 160, 80, 40 and 30 meters succesfully. Now, how was a Windom antenna developed? It began with a center-fed, half-wave dipole. This Windom antenna was marketed in the late 70's and early 80's as Smithe's Windom. 5–4. By John Portune W6NBC . Note: The Red & Blue colours are used simply to emphasise the vertical & horizontal components of the antenna current. 8:1, followed by the 40 m wires then the 80 m wires. 4m Coax End Fed Antenna The 4m flowerpot is made with 32mm solvent weld tube. Extend the pole and set it up. The transformer is designed with a medium power single core 4:1 voltage Unun. LWHF-80 80-6m Multiband End Fed Long Wire Antenna. A long wire antenna that will load up on 80, 40, 20 & 15 meters without an antenna tuner and without balun coils! I originally designed this antenna to fit in my back yard so I could work 80 meter cw using my Heathkit HW-8 QRP transceiver that I built in 1978. Drill a 1/8˝ hole on the side of the enclosure, at the other end, for the antenna wire to exit. The length of a half wave antenna is calculated using the following formula: L (ft) = 468 / f (freq in mhz). This antenna proves no exception to that rule. This antenna will handle 1500 watts of RF power (with a suitable antenna tuner). It is called the EFHW-8010. Been using an end-fed Alpha Antenna J-Pole Sr 6-160 meters as my one and only antenna at my current QTH for almost 3 years now. This calculates to ≈ 4. 25 dBi 34 –j429 vs 6. It is basically an 80-meter dipole fed by a length of 450 ohm ladder line into a balanced antenna tuner. 3:1) on 80m and 40m, and below 3:1 on 20, 15 and 10m. Short Beverage or EWE 40-80 Meters: 1. See this link for more info. Skywire Loop Antenna — From The ARRL. Using a 160 meter full wave loop in that fashion is likely to be counterproductive. I wanted high efficiency 40 Meter antenna with low-angle radiation. Do not leave any conductor exposed at the termination. 500’ roll of wire on ground 3. The measurements below are for building a simple Dipole Antenna. For my purposes, the end-fed half-wave (EFHW) antenna is a 80-meter dipole, for example, shows a very high radiation resistance on 40 meters. When the wire is wound back in it acts as a choke or end-loaded inductance so This antenna is designed for two-meter operations, which, for a newbie ham operator, is one of the bands available under the Technician license in the US. Simple to assemble and easy to operate. 0, 3550 = 1. , parallel tuned circuit link coupled ) with a resistor across the output as shown on the schematic below. The matcher box uses a T82-43 Fair-Rite core. Vobbe 706 Mackenzie Dr Lima, Ohio 45805-1835 USA 419-228-6223 Long: -84. 1. Its total length is approximately 135 feet. The antenna wire lengths before trimming are 5. I found the NVIS antenna to be a useful addition for FD. For modeling purposes, a multi-connection distributed grounded counterpoise is used. WARNING! End fed / long wire antenna Multiple wavelength long wire End fed half wave antenna W3EDP antenna The end fed half wave antenna is an attractive option for many radio hams as it is able to provide multiband operation without the use of traps or stubs whilst occupying a minimum amount of space and not presenting a very ugly visual impact. • Use NEC to model antenna and predict inductance required to resonate the the antenna – or: Use Vector Analyzer to measure feedpoint Z of an existing antenna that’s too short, export data to SimSmith and predict inductance • Coil winding formulas in ARRL Handbook are very accurate I needed a second antenna for experiments and dual monitoring. Back around 1986 I had an 80 meters half sloper (full size) on my 20 meters high tower, also oriented towards Europe. It is a resonant Half wave on 80m (3. An antenna very similar to what I constructed is shown on page 12-8 of ON4UN's Low-Band DXing, the third edition. An overview and where it all started 2. I am using it as a sloper with excellent results. com/Ant_End_Fed. is about one wavelength, so the impedance at the ends should be quite different from the impedance at the end on 80m. Adjust the wire connected to the center lead of the coax for max output and then adjust the wire connected to the braid of the coax for minumum SWR. End fed Zepp. 02 2268 –j1565 44 33 Angle of radiation remained identical 6 feet ends Volunteers of the Honolulu Emergency Amateur Radio Club (EARC) carefully assemble the 6-40 End Fed matchbox antennas for those who prefer not to build one. Pennant 5. 2 on phone bands. The antenna features heavy, 14 awg insulated wire for both the loading coil and the radiator, an integral SO239 connector and a solid protective cover over the coil. 80 33. Brandon Island – September 2007 – SSB Vertical HF whip antenna for 20 or 40 metres; 10/20 metre Yagi in the attic; 40 metre loaded dipole; Multi-band Inverted L antenna; Make a rotating VHF/UHF HAM SAT antenna array; 80 metre end-fed antenna; 40m Hamstick Dipole vs 1/4 wave vertical antenna; Spectrum Communication trapped dipole 20 & 40 metres; Artificial grounding with the MFG-931 Connect your SWR meter/ analyser to the balun and see where it resonates. stubs, to get the lower or higher part of the band. 95 80-10 Meter W7FG True Ladder Line Open Wire Fed Dipole- 125' Dipole 150' Feedline $183. Although this design has been around for a long time, it is only gaining popularity now due to the recent improvement in high power antenna tuners. Fed at 34% from the end, it uses a single feed wire and can be resonant on more than one band. It operates on 75/60/40 meters equally well. This is the price paid for multiband coverage and physical short- ening. Before permanently installing the antenna on top of the fence, I tested it with an inverted V configuration at 25 feet. 78 - 80 - 88 - 92 - 95 - 96 - 99 By design, ununs are wound is such a manner that they provide little or no RF choking. Due to narrow band width of 80 meters, the Par Endfedz will require to match one of two ways (CW or SSB). 546 feet • 30 meters 97. Multiband Dipole Antenna 10 14. For 20 meters and up, almost any horizontal antenna at reasonable height will usually do better than a vertical (unless your location happens to be over salt water. Results are encouraging but tuning them up can get a bit fiddley. The 85 ft wire tuned 10 - 160 meters. 56 4. Googling around, I found a commercial design for $75 and a homebrew design that I could make for a lot less. The total antenna lenght is about 23 meters , with one 20. 0 MHz,) performance was sub-par, since the dipole was only 25 feet above the ground, and that’s just a fraction of a wavelength on 160 meters. Antenna Design. Dual loop A balanced antenna fed with balanced line. The antenna are Half wave length just like the common dipole but fed in one end only, requiring the need for only one support. After some research on the Internet, I decided to build another antenna. One end goes straight into the rig, often with no feedline, and the other end in the air attached to something as high as you can find. As with all trap dipoles, this one has less-than-ideal bandwidth due to the load- ing effect of the traps. This Off Center Fed Dipole is set up for 80m. Its Power Rating is 1KiloWatt, it can also be Adjusted in length. The larger the wire, the wider the bandwidth. 296 feet • 15 meters 47. The end fed 1/2 wave antenna, much like the 43 foot vertical, has become a cult phenomena. First of. For 12/10m you should use a 2:16 turns ratio and for 160m, a 4:32 ratio will work better. of #16 "silky" stranded wire cut to one wavelength long on This project produces an inexpensive, multiband, end fed HF antenna matchbox that is quick and easy to setup and use. The antenna can be pole mounted at ground level or elevated depending on the user personnel requirements. This antenna also works fairly well on all odd harmonics, This is an End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW*) antenna for 80/40/30/20/17/15/12 and 10m bands. The SWR was 2. Fed directly with 50 ohm coax this would yield a SWR of 4:1 on 6 meters and 24:1 on 10 meters. A very long counterpoise wire can work against this antenna as it begins to appear as a dipole resulting in the transformer that is designed to match impedances in ~2450 Ohms range is now the wrong type. It was by Windom's name that the antenna became known. A Look at the Classical DEZepp The classical DEZepp is simply a piece of wire 1. This is the length of a standard dipole but instead of dividing the result in half, use a 36/64% offset to determine the feedpoint. Other useful information would include your experience with similar products, infomation on a product that you would purchase instead of this one, and so on. HIGH QUALITY 2 meter/70cm Dual Band Collapsible Copper J Pole Antenna by KC0SDV Free shipping DBJ-1 Dual Band VHF/UHF 2 meter/70cm ham base antenna Authentic KB9VBR 2 Meter VHF SLIM JIM amateur ham radio J-Pole base antenna ANTENNA TRIPOD 29FT ALUMINUM PORTABLE TOWER MAST KIT NEW This morning, I removed from the loft, a pair of nested dipoles for 40 and 20 meters fed with one coax feeder. Taking the opposite case, a 40-meter dipole fed with 80-meter energy has a low radiation resistance but very high reactance. However, a key restriction is its 25W power rating, due to the small matching transformer. Windom – Similar to the OCFD. 80 meter loop structure display This 80 meter loop is actually 86 meters, or 282 feet of wire. Works with a 4:1 UNUN. I’ve been using the W1SFR Random End Fed antenna with my KX3 and Yaesu FT-891 radios for many months now. 80 meters 3500 kHz = 2. [AD0MZ]’s adjustable dipole solves that problem, making the antenna usable from the 80-meter band down to 10 meters. Antenna two: G5RV using 450 ohm ladder line and 102 ft of coperweld antenna wire. 91MHz Plots The “X” marks the position of the traps. This antenna would otherwise have a low-SWR at the middle of the band and a ・ to 1 SWR at the band edges. End Fed Half Wave antennas have only one long side wire so the antenna feed point can be closest to the location of the shortwave radio, unlike the dipole antenna that is twice as long and must be fed at the center of the antenna. Manufacturers of High Quality HF END FED Wire Antennas De trendsetters van de eindgevoede antennes sinds 2006 . Portable End-Fed / 80-6 Meters/ Dipole Antenna/ 300 watts This is a well built, quality items used to make this antenna. Zeppelin Antenna 8 11. Adventures with an 80 Meter Loop Antenna, Part 1 Some years ago while I was dating the woman who would become my wife, I thought about setting up a station at her home in Nevada City, California, that I could use when I visited her. e. Normally, the natural resonance is more than 1 meter above the ground. 00 to make. 5mm Dia Copper wire Fixing point. It can be designed for use from 160 thru 10 meters very easily using the standard 1/2 wave dipole formula: 468/freqmhz = total length (ft) end to end The exact length is not critical! If you don't have room for the 160 or 80 meter version then design it for 40 meters and up! Just fold back the excess and attach it onto itself. The antenna is hooked to a Johnson KW matchbox balanced tuner. the antenna presents some other value, the transmitter will not be able to deliv-er full power to the antenna, and may even shut down completely or be dam-aged by an improper load. 64 and. Particularly on 75 meters, getting a good match across the band can be impossible with a conventional half wave dipole fed with coax. 10/20/40. Off-Center Fed Example: To use an antenna from 80 meters to 10 meters, the feedline should be in odd 1/8 wavelength multiples on 80 meters. To operate on any HF band you need a wide range tuner like the internal A half wave antenna can be mounted on a fiberglass or plastic body vehicle with the co-ax connected to one end of the antenna, center lead to antenna, braid grounded, voltage fed. 66) end support. AB0X Roof Loop 2. Small Coaxial Loop 4. . The above graphic depicts the overall layout of the loop antenna consisting of 558 ft. This antenna height is very low, compared to the 80 mtrs wavelength. Ran inside to the shack, fired up the power supply, then the radio. Note that the voltage is at maximum (with respect to ground) at the ends of the antenna. This is an End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW*) antenna for 80/40/30/20/17/15/12 and 10m bands. I found a 60 meter resonance for this 160 loop (third harmonic) and it did not work as well as a low dipole cut for 60 meters. His version is cut for 80 meters. Being able to feed the antenna from an end may make it a good I came across the following antenna which covers the 80-10m bands with no traps and just one loading coil. As a home-unit resident the size of a full half-wave is pretty impractical, but I decided to try it so I had a base-line to compare future shortened verticals to. 80-10 Meter W7FG True Ladder Line Open Wire Fed Dipole- 125' Dipole 150' Feedline 600Ω Open Wire Ladder Line One Conductor from Balun or Tuner to Far End Insulator No Splices, Solder or Crimping to Fail Extremely Buckmaster 8-Band OCF Dipole Antennas are 270 feet (82 meters) long and work on 160 (tuner may be required), 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, 10, & 6 meters. NOTES:-1. voltage is highest, or in other words, from one end of the antenna By Robert Victor, VA2ERY The Clothesline Antenna Dry your laundry or work DX. The 160 metre Top Band can be added to this aerial by connecting a 3. QRPGuys Mini No Tune End Fed Half Wave Antenna is designed as a mini highly portable 80m-10m end fed half wave wire antenna, easily set up as an inverted V, horizontal, sloper, or in the case of higher frequencies, a vertical radiator. Let me tell you a true story about how serious the danger can be. The end fed feature adds convenience, but does present another issue. but not in a Here is a sure fire way to make end fed half wave antennas fed with a 50 ohm coupler work - without long radials, elaborate grounds, chokes, voodoo, etc. I figure one can’t have too many antennas and this one would be a quick build. Better than my beam (*which has a broken trap) by far! From the bottom of 20 (1. Do not place a balun in the coax line. The End Fed Half Wave Antenna (EFHWA) is a popular antenna for portable use. 4:1 or less throughout the entire 2 meter band. End-Fed 2x14 turns UnUn transformer (1:49) End-Fed 3x24 turns UnUn transformer (1:64) HyEndFed® The Ultimate Wire Antenna sinds 2006 . Could this be the first dual-purpose antenna? Figure 1—The voltage distribution along an 80-meter dipole antenna. This allows you to tweak the antenna to your desired band and avoid interference and reduce intermodulation. About what one would expect from an end fed half wave – a very high resistance with inductive reactance. My EFHW 20m antenna is a decent performer, so I’m thinking that an 80m version could be an option. A feed impedance of 12. The DEZepp displays a useful amount of gain over a dipole of approximately 3 dB. The antenna is effective and the materials and construction are of a very high quality. Assemble the DXE-UWA8X-KIT - Universal Wire Antenna Kit for RG-8X per the instructions supplied. AA125 Broadband HF Folded Dipole Antenna System. Once the initial resonant frequency is established, the antenna may be tuned just like a Dipole. With the tuner in my xiegu x5105 I can also use it on 30, 17, 12 and 6 meters. Some antennas by design, will offer close to the desired 50 Ohm load on the design frequency. ) The GPA-80 is an end fed aluminium vertical antenna, capable of allowing the user to work 80 meters through 6 meter bands using an ATU, also not requiring any counterpoise and can be fed using coax cable. If you only have one support an end-fed antenna may suit you better. As for 160 meters, consider it lost. The Balun on the end matches the 450 Ohm Open Wire Line into a 50 Ohm Coax Cable. ” The W1SFR End Fed Antenna is 35′ long and made with 18 ga Davis RF “PolyStealth” antenna wire, or Wireman “silky” 18ga. 80/40 Meter Attic Antena I live in a tightly packed urban neighborhood without much room for antennas. 5 m between 20 m trap and 40 m trap and 11 m between the 40 m trap and the end of the antenna. 5MHz) therefore also resonant on second, third, and fourth harmonics, etc. 8-m and 27. Both wires tuned 10 – 80 meters. 13858 W (-84° 8' 19'' W) Lat: 40. They are sup-ported by PVC pipe with T connectors at the top fashioned around his fenceline. 100 watt maximum power. The length of the 50Ω coax may help or hinder a match. 85 : 1) though the top (1. This antenna also works great as a dual band antenna. 8, 23. Portrayed below is a complete and self-contained NEC model of one popular form of the end-fed half-wave dipole antenna. This shortened easy-to-build vertical, with no-radials, is made from surplus military camouflage poles. Longer wire is always more efficient but is usually best kept under 300 feet as the characteristics of a Beverage antenna begin to show up beyond this length. This is a great end fed antenna complete with a 9:1 Unun . WHAT? A successful 80 meter antenna that’s only 38 feet high on one end and 4 1/2 feet on the other? Yep, that’s what I’m saying. The 80 meter band starts at 3. G5RV Antenna 15 22. Above is a diagram from the ARRL Antenna Handbook (Silver 2011). My antenna is NOT an end fed Dipole. Introducing the new Hy-Gain PATRIOT-PLUS AV-680 with a fully tunable 3. Sure, end fed antennas have some advantages is erection, but there always seems to be a lot of RF on the feedlines of them. 160 m loop on 80, 80 m loop on 40, 20 m loop on 10, etc. The EZNEC modeling revealed an ideal gamma match capacitance value of 270 pF when the 80-meter vertical wire was 57 feet tall and optimally spaced 3 feet away from the The critical frequency may not reach 7 MHz at the low part of the sunspot cycle, even during the day. On the other hand, as a high-performance (and good gain) antenna on the 20-meter band, the antenna is hard to beat. There are very few simpler antennas. Specifications. Ref. The antenna was moved some between the two tests; the antenna wire "choke" was located outside the attic where it should have always been. 5 = 35. I was not very hopefull, because the attic has metal wiring and vents, and also because it is covered by a slate roof. As noted, this design is optimised for the 80-15m bands. The plans for it are available on the Emergency Amateur Radio Club of Hawaii’s web site. You’ll forgo one band‚ but you’ll end up with an antenna that is easier to deploy. It has gain and wave angle comparable to a full-sized ¼λ ground plane antenna with radials . The DOUBLE BAZOOKA SHORTENED INVERTED-L typically provides SWR readings of less than 2:1 over much of the amateur band. 160-6 METERS END-FED ANTENNA The ULTIMAX DXTREME end-fed antenna covering 1. A tuner can be used to make your transmitter happy, but remember a tuner does not change the antenna. com End-fed antenna for 80 metre operation The physical length of any HF antenna is critical to achieving resonance and good performance on a particular band. 74879 N (40° 44' 56'' N) All on one end fed wire. When unpowered, the 1:4 unun connects directly to the antenna preserving the original 60-10 meter compromise SWR. 6. For the on-going 2007 ARNSW Homebrew Group Challenge work I needed a simple 80 metre antenna. Steve Nichols G0KYA Contents 1. Figure 1—General construction of the 80-meter Squirt antenna. The advantage is that it has a very wide working bandwidth compared with other types of antennas (refer to the measured SWR graph). The offset percentage refers to the percentage of the wire that is connected on either side of the feed point. The 40 meter dipole was loaded with some coils so that I could fit it in the attic. 5:1. In this article I will try to share my experience with the end fed long wire antenna. 7-m in the End Fed Half Wave (multiband) – This half-wave antenna is similar to a dipole but the coaxial cable is connected to one end of the half wave wire, allowed easier mounting than the typical center-fed dipole. 02 AU $24. The line should run horizontal for 40 feet or more. An example is 42 meters each side, 30 meters open wire line fed, and transmatch link. Build a multiband HF antenna using multiple dipoles and single coax feed. The tuning process is the same as for the 40/80 dipole, excpet the 20 m wires are trimmed first to an SWR of 1. But be warned – end-fed antennas can be noisier and also cause more EMC/interference problems. Tie a loop on each end of the two 22 foot wires. A 3-Element 160 Meter Vertical Array,N6LF. This calculator was adapted from the Coil-Shortened Dipole Antenna Calculator . This antenna is usually fed 1/3 from the end, in other words its a 1/3 wire lenght, feed point, followed by 2/3 lenght of wire. The feed point End loading of the lower HF bands allows efficient operation with a manageable antenna height. Most commercially-made G5RV However, when I operated on the lowest ham band, 160 meters (1. The input impedance of the half-wave dipole can be reduced by moving the fed point off-center and the bandwidth can be increased by the addition of a sleeve, as discussed in the next section. That is the LNR end fed dipole which is for specific bands, ie. For a donation of $56 (Including USPS priority mail shipping) club volunteers will build and deliver a 6-40 matchbox with a 30 foot antenna wire anywhere in the U. Throw one end of the antenna wire, extended with a rope, as high as you can on a three, and walk away "QSO-KING" End Fed Antenna / All HF Bands. However, after reading through all the End-Fed “hype” I became curious and wanted to see how this antenna actually performs. It was working as specified on the Diamond booklet. 75 7% off 7% off previous price AU $24. 5 pounds Polarization – Vertical, Horizontal, Sloped Connector – SO-239-50 ohm SWR 2. ) If you would rather calculate the length of a full-size vertical antenna, see The Quarter-Wave Vertical Antenna Calculator . Tests done by Dr. The model indicated that on 80 meters my quarter wavelength 160 meter Marconi antenna would represent a load of 2867Ω +J117. Saved by Klhadley. qty description sub14001 1 20 meter ef matchbox 1401 1 20m radiator 33’ 0” antenna. Contact Info Frederick R. A top band aerial for small gardens; A top band aerial for small gardens. 600kc (without re-tuning C1 or C2). Added a 17 foot counterpoise that heads off the 9:1 in the opposite direction as the antenna wire. I noticed that I really did not use it in the array application. 88, so 35. antenna, which provides maximum radiation efficiency and the absolute minimum of interference problems. 9 ft. " The very valid reason for this is that the high impedance of the feedpoint was outside the range of most transmitters and external tuning units. Whatever current flows from the generator into the antenna must be accompanied by For operation on 160, an additional two turns are place in series with the 80 meter coil. 9 dB! Changing the feed line to 450-ohm ladder line reduces the 80 meter loss to 1. It also works fine on all bands above 40m with a tuner, and even below 40m on 60m, and 80m, although the coax losses will be higher. When cutting wire to make the Antenna, always add some for final 2 meter/70cm Dual Band Collapsible Copper J Pole Antenna by KC0SDV Free shipping DBJ-1 Dual Band VHF/UHF 2 meter/70cm ham base antenna Authentic KB9VBR 2 Meter VHF SLIM JIM amateur ham radio J-Pole base antenna ANTENNA TRIPOD 29FT ALUMINUM PORTABLE TOWER MAST KIT NEW END FED "RANDOM WIRE" HF DIPOLE 9:1 ANTENNA. Being a non-resonant length the feed point shouldn’t exhibit a very high impedance thus placing the End Fed wire antenna impedance within range of my homebrew T Because mine is not open, but a closed pipe, I call it a closed sleeve end fed antenna. This is correct if we neglect the “end effect”. 4 , 9 MHz, 12. I chose the earchi 40-6m End Fed matchbox. Each side of the dipole is broken up by a coil that presents a high impedance at 40 meters and acts as a loading coil on 80 meters, allowing the antenna Of course if you initially deploy a quarter-wave sloper wire for 80 meter operation and then decide to use it on 40 meters – it instantly becomes a half wave end fed antenna. 500 1:6:1 with 8 turns on the choke coil. But, in this design, the bandwidth is limited to approx. Fritzel used the shown dimensions of 13. Hit the auto-tune button on the TS-590S… VIOLA, the antenna tuned up on 40 & 75/80-meters. Feed point impedance is high and requires a 4-1 balun. 95 - $285. The EFHW performs similarly to a resonant, half-wavelength dipole on 80 meters, radiating best The MyAntenna 8010 End Fed is an End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW*) antenna. Standard approach for tuning-and-pruning the antenna is to start with the band where the antenna acts as a 1/2-wave end-fed (40 mtrs for the 80-10 antenna, 20 mtrs for the 40-10 version), rather than for the lowest band. Bow-Tie Dipole Antenna 14 20. Government. The EFHWA was described in a most elegant manner by Joe Everhart, N2CX, in the Spring, 1998, QQ. It works on 80/40/30/20/17/15/12 and 10 meter bands. Be careful doing this because many 4:1 current baluns are very poor designs. Therefore, 123/3. Alle antennes zijn gemaakt van materialen van zeer hoge kwaliteit en de beste in zijn klasse op het gebied van mechanische constructie en elektrische prestaties. 8 to 2. The 3/2 wave 15 meter antenna (really the 40 meter dipole) has significant gain and is about 150Ω resistive depending on height. A 14 meters ( 46 ft ) multi band antenna for small gardens that works well on 80 meters Main bands (@~50 ohm) are 80m / 40m / 30m / 17m / 15m / 12m Evolving from a simple end-fed Marconi for 80m, this antenna design was created by Mike G7FEK (reproduced with consent ). Once the two end masts were in place, we moved inside to construct the doublet antenna. STAINLESS/ 80-6 METERS 150W PEP ½ wave antennas can be fed from the end (voltage feed) •Fed with ladderline and an antenna tuner, this will 80 meters . To erect the antenna, clip the fishing swivel to the eye of the 20 foot fishing pole. • Please be aware, the NVIS is not a DX antenna!!! This antenna system was developed for reliable communication (within 400 miles) with 100 Watts or less power. The RadioWavz End Fed Half Wave (EFH) antenna product line was originally designed to provide channelized Economy QRP Antenna 80-40-20-15 End Fed w/o a tuner! Contributed by John T. Thus a coupler is needed to perform an impedance match down to 50ohms. 5 in the 80 meter band. Sometimes on 80 meters but there the 80 meters 2 * 20 meter dipole fed with open wire gave me more qso’s. Photo: End-Fed Long-wire antenna up 5-6 feet (See the 1:64 Matching Auto Transformer hooked to the fence) Table of Contents 1 The end fed half wave antenna appears in many professional and amateur radio textbooks and the design of the Cross Country Wireless End Fed Antenna matching unit is similar to that described in the 1939 edition of the “Electrical and Radio Notes for Wireless Operators” produced by the UK Air Ministry at the start of World War 2. Description: K4EDF is a four-band end-fed antenna. DETAILS As seen in the picture, L2 mounts near the end of L1 that is not connected to C1. 4 ft from one end. This antenna is a half wavelength at the lowest frequency of operation, and then as the other bands on which t can be used are harmonically related, it provides a multiple number of half wavelengths. It’s a fine companion for the Warbler PSK31 transceiver. It was designed to cover 80, 40, 20 15, and 10 meters. Random Wire Antenna Lengths. Some bands I use only the loop for transmit/ receive. Order 8-Band 300 Watt OCF Dipole Antenna : $425 Special Price: $327 (6 or more = $258 ea. K9AY 7. There are We continue our antenna offerings with this single band, 80m-10m end fed half wave wire antenna. Although Varney envisioned his design primarily as a 3/2 wavelength antenna for the 20 meter Amateur Radio band, radio amateurs have used the antenna for multiband use. 8m) of 100ft (30. It would have been my first ever transmissions on this band. The entire antenna is 12 meters long mechanically, but forms an electic length of 20 meters for the 40 meter band because of the coil. In 1937, the Windom was first described as a compromise multiband antenna. Perfect for the abuse I’d put it through if need be (EMCOMM, DXpeditions, Contesting etc). 6A f. website). It's an 1/8 wave vertical on 160 meters also. 5 40 meters 7000 kHz = 1. Disclaimer: This project isn’t new; it’s not even my idea or design. I am sure I could have had a better Feeding an End Fed Half Wave Antenna ½ l •May work (somewhat) since the coax shield acts as a counterpoise: •Coax shield provides the return path for the RF field •Performance will vary with X, proximity to ground, etc •SWR losses on the coax can be a problem •Tuner needs to be at the base of the antenna X RF Field Tuner The end fed long wire project. Without Radials . 9 metres. It will tune up on 60 and 30 with the tuner. The antenna has a full 300kHz bandwidth on 80m between 3:1 SWR points. 3, 7040 = 1. 95 - $437. The three wires that make up the end fed antenna are initially cut over size by 300mm, and cut to reduce the SWR. com End fed half wave antenna: One method of providing a multi-band antenna for the amateur radio or ham bands is to use an end fed half wave antenna. 0 MHz) antenna, the T2FD starts to suffer serious signal loss both on transmit and receive below 10 MHz (30 m), with the 80 meter band signals −10 db down from reference at 10 MHz. Verticals antennas do require a lot of room for properly working. The design presented is a low cost broadband transformer for matching an n half waves end fed antenna to 50Ω feed for 80-20m with reasonably low core loss (<10%). 00. Technical Specs: Antenna Tuner; not Required. … Continue reading "Portable Antennas: The EARCHI End Fed" Volunteers of the Honolulu Emergency Amateur Radio Club (EARC) carefully assemble the 6-40 End Fed matchbox antennas for those who prefer not to build one. It works fantastic on 6 through 20 meters!!! However, I would like to also get on 40 and 80 meters. FD4 (80/40/20/10 m) The 4-band Fritzel model FD4 is a special version of a Windom antenna. If you cannot get the antenna to tune, check the wiring first. Some baluns advertised to be current baluns are not even current baluns! antenna or simply an antenna you take with you for a field operation or when camping. " It rises as the length of the antenna increases beyond ½ wavelength. 55MHz Plots 7. If the loop is in the shape of square or large rectangle, the SWR can be below 2:1, but will not get much below 1. 54 : 1), the SWR is flat at 14. 2 metre end fed long wire antenna, I chose 27. One of the cautions you sometimes see in discussions of the end-fed antenna are "avoid multiples of a half wave. T his program models a wide range of end-fed antennas used with a ground system of radial wires. 2 m or ≈14 ft for an 80m end-fed. A Two-Transistor Phaser for 80 – 10 meters,PA0SIM. This antenna covers 65 kHz of 160 meters, 75 kHz of 80 meters and the entire 40-meter band with SWRs under 2:1. Using CB Antennas on 10 Meters! By N4UJW. This antenna solves the problems of working "top-band" and eliminates the need for a tuner. For an 80-10 meter OCF dipole antenna, divide the 1⁄2 wavelength standard of 468 by the lowest operating frequency of 3. Available for 40-15 Meters or 80 Meters. ) at the transmitter end of feedline will stop RF from entering your equipment and reduce receiver noise caused by common mode currents. May be used on 40, 20 and parts of 10 Meters without the aid of an antenna tuner in some situations (see VSWR plot below). 798 feet • 160 meters 528. This was created as a fun project to demonstrate how to enjoy operating HF in the field with a home-made portable antenna without spending a ton of money. 468 ÷ freq (mHz) = Length (feet). Thanks a lot. It consists of 30ft of wire fed into a 9:1 UnUn (Unbalanced to Unbalanced). The so-called End fed Zepp (EFZ) is often cited as the basis for many more recent antenna designs, and is leveraged to provide and explanation… though few hams understand how the EFZ actually works. I planned to set up portable and lift the 123-foot wire with some helium balloons and operate in the QRP category. First, setup your end fed half wave tuner (ex. 6, 16. 7, 3583 = 2. A couple of attempts later and about 50cms of wire short, the vertical tuned in to 7. In June of 2007 I decided to build an end fed half wave coupler that would handle the full power of my Drake T-4XB transmitter. This matcher is designed for feeding the high impedance of end-fed half wave wires, so the length of wire is determined by the operating band and needs to be cut for a half wavelength on that band. A Broadband 80/160 Meter Dipole An easy to build single wire antenna for 160 and 80 meters with a better than 2 to 1 swr across the 80 meter band. The antenna is Currently Pre Tuned for 80meters Via an Antenna ANALYZER. +12V or -12V resonates the antenna on 80- or 160-meters respectively. The half-wave dipole antenna is one of the simplest, yet practical antenna but its impedance is very frequency sensitive, i. repogitioning the end and re- Don't cut thia off. It's a great antenna and is working nicely. k7mem. com. This antenna build was strongly inspired by the well known PAR end fed antenna. Although one does not need a 1:1 SWR to achieve good transmit efficiency, the transmitter (3cx800s in my case) may operate better with low VSWR. 5 watts continuous and up to 10 watts intermittent. , it has a narrow bandwidth. Tunes 80-6 meters with wide range antenna tuner; Easy Installation; Installation Guide Provided; Rated at 1500 watts PEP ; All stainless steel hardware; 9:1 transformer is sealed against water infiltration; Premium SO-239 antenna connector; 2 large toroid cores; 14 gauge stranded/insulated wire; In Wound equally spaced covering 80% of the core - i. G8ODE. We tested it on a few bands outside its design spec. Chameleon Antenna-- An innovative antenna design for fixed / portable or mobile use, and covering 6-80 meter bands! VERY nicely made, too! Antenna Magic Page-- Ray Jurgens, KQ6RH. It’s a dipole fed off center with a 4:1 current balun at the offset feedpoint. I have worked the world with it barefoot on all phone bands with no issues. L1 is mounted onto a Fritzel antenna insulator with wire-ties. See full list on kv5r. Notice the curve, marked "gain. For emergency communications one for the 75 meter band might be more reliable than one for 40 meters. Frequency Coverage: 10-80 Meters 15 meters is a "bonus band" that will require a tuner. We've been in the radio business for over 15 years and sold hundreds of these antennas to satisfied hams. My SWR testing on the second harmonics showed RF and SWR needles swinging up and down together which usually isn't a good indication of an efficient antenna. Although not necessary, a 1:1 isolation/choke balun (models, 1110, 1113, 1115 etc. Stripping off the 10. "I received my third balun from Balun Designs this afternoon. At 80 meters, the system loss in the tuner and feed line are 8. Antenna performance and 2:1 VSWR bandwidth is site dependent and varies with height above ground and surrounding objects. 75 previous price AU $24. This is the feed impedance and SWR of an end fed 80 meter half wave with an ideal 49:1 transformer and good stable counterpoise or ground. The balun will test as a short when testing using a DC Ohm meter and will test correctly at RF frequencies when erected and using an antenna analyzer. , we do not ship 7J4AAL's Full-Size, 5-Element, 80-Meter, Rotary Beam Antenna This amazing antenna is located near Hiroshima, Japan. 835 feet • 12 meters 40. 6 length, I found a 100 meter roll of 6 core telephone wire and chopped 15 meters off it. Loads up on 80 meter CW The MFJ-17758 is a two band, 80- and 40-Meter center-fed dipole antenna capable of handling 1500 watts. 5 metres of PVC-coated wire it is likely to be under 7MHz. 5MHz), therefore it is also resonant on the second, third and fourth harmonics. to/3hplfbn End Fed Halfwave. This is a popular antenna design as the performance is very good across the HF bands and requires little or no tuning. from 7 o'clock >> clockwise to 5 o'clock. In fact, let's go back to the beginning. A Top Loaded Vertical on 80/160 • Split the difference and load a Tee or inverted L on both 80 and 160 (w/tuner) – 90-100 ft is 3/8λon 80M, 3/16 λon 160M – 160-170 ft is 5/8 on 80M, 5/16 on 160M Radial Systems • Provide a return for the fields and currents produced by an end-fed antenna • The earth is lossy, burns transmitter power MBITR Tactical Vest Antenna $124. Vertical Dipole 12 17. Antenna To identify the correct length I used the fantastic Antenna design page created by Martin. ) Tried w/wo CM choke, Ground at window Tried various coax lengths to find resonances Tried all bands where no tuner needed Highest CM sometimes outside (Standing W) One of the most popular antennas today is the end fed antenna due to it ease of installation, See full list on hamradiosoul. Place a 1:1 Balun on the Antenna end of the Feedline. 4 meters long segment from the 1:49 transformer to the 110uh coil and about 2. 7m) central support and a 12ft (3. Frequency within the band was random. In fact, it looks more like an end-fed 1/4 wave 160 meter antenna (130 ft or 39. 88 = 30. 80 Meter Antennas Antenna Projects From The YCCC — Double-L For 80/160, Two Wire Beverage, A Poor Man’s 160 Meter 4-Square, Using a 4 square Vertical Phased Array to improve your 80 and 160 meter signal, — From The Yankee Clipper Contest Club This antenna is the original design by K4EDF and it works very well on those bands. 2, 19. Describe your experience with the AB7LT 80-6 Meter End Fed 200 watt Antenna and tell us why you give it the rating you did (required). In the drawing above, it is shown for just four bands, 80 thru 10. Hopefully my experience with this coupler will help them design theirs. 3B7C – St. Small Coaxial Loop tuned for specific band This is not the end to the story. 8 dB and the 10 meter loss to 2. The Antenna Tuner is a 1977 HeathKit HFT-9, a small QRP size tuner of the Cap-Coil-Cap double"L" design. Remember, the EFHW-8010 End Fed antenna is spec'd from 10m to 80m. Conclusion: The 20-meter vertical dipole, center-fed with 450-ohm ladder, will be a good-performing and inexpensive 20- through 10-meter omni-directional antenna, used with a tuner and current balun at the tuner. This antenna works on 80 - 40 - 20 -15 and 10m. The j-pole antenna is basically an end fed half wave dipole that uses a 1/4 wave shorted matching stub as an impedance transformer. Vertical antenna nearly always has the advantage on a DX contact due to its excellent ground radial system and low angle of radiation. See pictures of this (MB-80) and the MB-160. This is my home brew 10 through 80 Meter Band, End Fed Half Wave Antenna - describing how mounted and ran the routing of the 134 foot, 14 AWG wire antenna at 5. For 160 M dipole --That means: 1. Off Center Fed Dipole – Feed point is 20-33% from one end. How good is it? The following are some of the stations I have contacted on 80 meters with my strange antenna: ZL1IU – New Zealand - April 2007 – SSB. End-Fed Horizontal Wires(EFHW) cover multiple bands with-out traps, stubs, or resonators. The antenna wires are connected to the Center "T" using the supplied ring terminals. 2. It is designed as a highly portable wire antenna, easily set up as an inverted V, horizontal, sloper, or in the case of higher frequencies, a vertical radiator. You can even use a tuner to achieve a near perfect SWR on these bands, or an external tuner to match 160 meters. On 80meters this antenna has a theoretical end fed impedance of around 35-50ohms. 25 λ long, fed at the center, usually with open-wire transmission line and a tuner at the transmitter. This antenna is 58 ft tall and is mounted on a hinged base. The primary side (50 Ohm) should have an inductive reactance of at least 4 times the input impedance for a broadband transformer. 47wl / 0. Dimension "B" is the length of antenna wire called the base (width) of the antenna. The Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG. 20 to 30 foot space at 40 meters represents approximately 1/8 to 1/4 wavelength spacing. 0, 7100 = 1. MANY lightweight and portable designs! MFJ / Hy-Gain ; Comtek Systems-- Makers of Four Square phased array antenna systems •Choose an install location that keeps all parts of the antenna and coax away from long metal objects. 0 MHz to 54 MHz (80 to 6 meters) Radials - none required: Product is in production Here is my home HF antenna. However, you may find that your mono band delta loop may tune up on it's second harmonic at a higher frequency eg. •The 52 1⁄2 foot end fed works much, much better on 80, 40, and 30 meters. Whether you're looking for a portable antenna or trying to put up a covert antenna that really works and won't bother the neighborhood, this is a great solution. 75dBi 704 –j1167 vs 10. 05 wavelengths at the lowest operating frequency. I can tell you that it is marginal on 10 and 40 cuz it was the first antenna I had when I got my ticket. This antenna has been made popular by the Emergency Amateur Radio Club of Hawaii (EARCHI). To a great extent, this is caused by the fact that the antenna is only installed about 1+ meters above the terrace. Well, at least Finally‚ if an 80 meter antenna is too long‚ as it is 133 feet in this example‚ you can use the same formula to build a 40 meter version which will only be about 67 feet long. Mine was made for 40 meters since that is the band I typically operate for Field Day. Designed to be used on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters, the EFHW antenna wire is approximately one half-wavelength long on 40 meters with a coil and extension that add 80 meter operation. If fed off center, say at 30%-70% point, impedance is approximately 200 ohms and can be used on multiple bands with an antenna tuner. 75 7% off A 2 Element Cubical Quad for the 10/11 Meter Band: 4 Elements LFA Yagi 27 mhz: 11 Meter CB Radio J-Pole Antenna: A 11 Meter Helical antenna: Antena dipolo para 11 metros: Antenna HB9CV27: Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) For 27-MHz CB Radios: Antenna doppia zeppelin modificata per 11mt: Antenna EH autocostruita per i 27 Mhz: Antenna super quad 11mt 700 amateur radio topics - 6,000 links & 133 pages - from antennas to zones Total length is about 9 meters. What is a dipole antenna? KL7JR END FED ANTENNA. 50 3,612. The Double bazooka is at 30 ft. Using the EFHW for 20m at GB0CMS 3. wordpress. It gave me 40, 20 and 15 with a push because although a 40 meter dipole should give you a resonant 15 meter antenna, in this case – with the coils HORIZONTAL LOOP ANTENNA CONSTRUCTION . This unique design eliminated the need for antenna matching baluns and can be fed directly with 50-Ohm coax. I have an MFJ 902 6 through 80 meter antenna tuner. So slid 41mm tube over the 32mm. With the blessing of Steve Ellington and his presentation of this antenna I am translating everything into text for easy searching and reference for others. S. Figure 1 gives us the most important reason for using the full length of 80 or 40 meter antennas on higher bands where antenna length becomes long. Dat werkt als een speer. G7FEK Limited Space Antenna G7FEK Multi-band “Nested Marconi” Antenna - 2008 Version (rev 5) This antenna was first conceived as a simple dual band antenna in 1988, in an attempt to achieve sensible dual band operation in a small garden of 14m (46 ft) length. The antenna behaves like just like the common dipole but fed in one end . Dipole Antenna - Balun 9 13. As typically installed, it is a compromise antenna but great for portable use because it is easy to pack and easy to install. The End-fed, half-wave (EFHW) antenna. 8-Band antennas need "EFHW" - the end-fed half wave antenna. Here is the pattern of the 160/80 meter antenna on 3. Ham Radio, Amateur Radio - MFJ-1982MP, 300 Watts Restricted space, 80-10 Meters, 132 ft. The antenna will be resonate at the design chosen bands with an almost flat SWR handling near legal limit without saturation. Evolving from a simple end-fed Marconi for 80m, the idea was to use the opposing an indoor antenna. Following the directions exactly as specified (0. use on bands other than the design Authentic KB9VBR 2 Meter VHF SLIM JIM amateur ham radio J-Pole base antenna DBJ-1 Dual Band VHF/UHF 2 meter/70cm ham base antenna ANTENNA TRIPOD 29FT ALUMINUM PORTABLE TOWER MAST KIT NEW Ham Radio ANTENNA SE HF-X80 VERTICAL RADIAL FREE ANTENNA 80 TO 6 METRES HF End Fed Antenna EFHW-8010-1K 1000W 80-10m / NO TUNER NEEDED!! / 130 feet long The DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna design was first conceived as a radar antenna in the early 1940's for use by the U. Tie the fishing cord to the loops. The DOUBLE BAZOOKA SHORTY is extremely efficient and typically provides SWR readings of less than 2:1 over most of the amateur band. Below are presented the results of EZNec modeling of a 90 ft long End/Base-Fed Inverted-L, 45 ft high and 45 ft across. The basic formula for determining the length of a center fed, half-wave wire Dipole or Inverted Vee antenna is:. Links/items mentioned in the video: MFJ 913 4:1 balun: https://amzn. 5mm^2 speaker wire for this antenna that I had lying around the The smaller EF-4010 End-fed antenna is ideal for portable or attic installations between 40 and 10 meters, plus it makes for a great all band SDR receiving antenna from 0. You may feed this antenna with a 4:1 balun. The SWR was 1. On 80 Meters it is slightly less than 3/8 wavelength I experimented alternating between a 67 ft (original design) and an 85 ft long wire radiator. I am sure I could have had a better The end of the sloper wire has no mitigating factors, so the RF potential can be very high. Rechecked VSWR now ok @70mhz 1:1 @ 70. A Timber Antenna Mast; A timber antenna mast. I wouldn’t have believed using a 35′ antenna on 160 but I made a 500 mile contact with one call. If you want 75 Meter operation make it 57 ft long. Delta Fed Dipole Antenna 13 18. I thought about doing any of 3 things: 1. It is simply a half wave end-fed on 80m which will resonate on all multiples of that frequency, loaded with a small inductance near the feed end. No tuner was used to obtain above results. 5-4. By use of feeders about 66 feet in length it is also possible to use the antenna as a Hertz on 80 and a Marconi on 160, resonating it in each band for best signal-to a lack of antennas for the low bands: 160 meters and 80 meters. 27. The antenna cannot be an actual 1/4 wave length on any ham band. nl The end fed antenna at 30ft will NOT beat the OCF at 50ft. crimped with a copper sleeve and soldered, then covered with adhesive lined heat shrink. The wire is more expensive than others but resists kinking On 75 and 80 meters, you should have about a 220 kHz bandwidth. Of course, I calculate basic stuff, length etc. It must be loose enough to enable sliding L2 back and forth over L1. It was modified for amateur radio use in the 1950's. 55m section of wire in the picture above) with another length of wire on the other side, increasing the overall length of the antenna. So most of the transmitted energy will go straight up or be lost in the ground. Its total length is 85 feet. During the PACC 2013 I used this antenna for 160 meters. The goal here is to put up a cheap, easy, and quick 2-meter antenna that is simple and unobtrusive, but works quite well. The reason is not complicated. Abstract. The output of this is fed into a very simple two transistor pre-amp. 54 oz. The basic design comes very close to the design at hamuniverse. Some houses don’t really lend themselves to installing a half-wave dipole. 25 903. Because you can tune almost anything to almost any band, it is possible to get 10 and 15 meter use too with the propagation issues described above. See photo below. This can be tuned with the end tuning . It is a center fed coax sleeve antenna made exclusively of a length of coax. Your feed line is essentially the counterpoise, so a separate one is not necessary if you want to keep weight HyEndFed multiband 80-40-20-(15)-10 meters band antenna. End-Fed antenna for 160-80-40 meters band this pdf file desscribes how to homemade a multi band end fed trapped wire antenna resonating on the low bands of 160 80 and 40 meters contains trap design instructions and some construction tips . END FED 80 > 15 METER QRP ANTENNA by K0DTQ (Use it without a tuner!!) NA4L LAZY H ARRAY DIPOLE It is basically an end fed half wave dipole on 20m/40m and an end fed full wave dipole on 10m. This is a little long for 80, 17 and 12 meters, but a little short for 40 and 30 meters and just right for 20, 15 and 10 meters. However I do like these antennas, they work almost as good as a mono-band dipole would. You could make this antenna with an ordinary fishing pole (my previous pole was only 7m long), put it on a wooden pole to add the required length. Plus it’s easy to build and gives a great opportunity to teach several subjects with a hands-on approach. It’s a random wire antenna and it isn’t resonant on any band which is why you can use it from 40 to 6m and on all bands. An end fed half wave antenna is one of a specific length depending on the frequency that it is to be used on, for example, an end fed half wave antenna for 80 meters is about 130′ long. This “end effect” is the dielectric effect of the air at the end of the antenna that increases the effective length of the antenna. Technical Specs: Antenna Tuner not Required. The Doublet is from Trueladderline. End Fed Dipole 80-6 meter Portable HF Antenna Matchbox System. 2), while on 15 meters, the curve is flatter with hardly any change in SWR from the low end to the high end of the band. The Doublet is at 40 ft. The antenna is designed to be fed with 50 or 75 Ohm Coax Cable of most any length with a Balun. Previously I had successfully used the ANC-4 on all HF bands from 40 to 10 meters but not on 80 and 160 meters. The end fed feature adds portable convenience, but does present another issue. Experience has shown that most external tuners and many internal tuners will tune 80–6 meters with an antenna length of 22’ to 30’. The 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, and 10 meter bands all have roughly the same amplitude at this phase along the wire. 1 on 60 metes, it loads up on 160 with a Palstar tuner but is not very efficient. I decided to install an 40 meter dipole in my attic space which is about 25 by 45 feet, and about 25 feet up from the ground. Here are instructions for making a multiband end-fed half-wavelength antenna that works on 17, 20, 30, and 40-meter bands. The ZS6BKW Multi-band HF Antenna April 7, 2017 This is the antenna for you guys who want to get on HF effectively and haven’t too much space or cash to throw around. com See full list on robkalmeijer. Verticals. On 40 and 20 meters, the antenna maintains a fairly consistent SWR of less than 2:1 (see Fig. The lead-in goes un-der the window sash into the shack. The ANC-4 has a “noise antenna gain” adjustment but it does not have enough gain on 160 and 80 meters to boost the noise from my noise antenna sufficiently (my noise antenna is short for 80 and 160 meters) to be equal to the noise It has a low signal-to-noise ratio ! I mostly trasmit on a dipole array and receive on the loop. This system is generally good on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 12 meters. Portable 50 ohms No Tune End Fed Half Wave Antenna DIY Kit / Finished SWR ≤ 1. If you need a multiband antenna, you can use a Collins table design. The 18HT-S is a multi-band vertical antenna with automatic band selection of 10-80 meters by means of a unique stub decoupling system. 13 design goal of an easily The ZS6BKW Multi-band HF Antenna April 7, 2017 This is the antenna for you guys who want to get on HF effectively and haven’t too much space or cash to throw around. Internal resistive bridge with LED indicator protects rig during tuneup. 6m long and is resonant on 80 through 10 meters, while the construction really is top-notch. A compromise uses 33. The problem with an end fed half wave antenna is that the antenna The 80-10-JR-KW consists of the two components shown in Figure 1 – the antenna wire and an impedance transformer. I started by pounding a 8 foot ground rod into damp earth at a strategic spot about 5 feet from the base of a tree in my back yard. The problem with an end fed half wave antenna is that the antenna presents a high impedance, creating a significant miss match with the usual transceiver For 40 meters of course it exhibits an end impedance of between 4000 and 5000 ohms. The antenna will be resonate at the Amateur bands specified for each model with very low to almost flat SWR. 1 x 0. The length is critical to its operation and tuning as Hi folks, Newbie HF Dave here again with an end fed antenna design question. For example a 32 foot length is actually a half wave on 20m with an impedance of about 3500 ohms and requires a 50:1 balun. While dipoles are very efficient antennas, they are not the only way to go. Qsoshack. I have an EARCH (Emergency Amateur Radio Club, Hawaii) end fed 6-40 meter multiband HF antenna. This test is a 40 meter Double Bazooka wire antenna made from RG11 coax VS an 80 meter open wire line doublet. The Antenna Tuner will load an End Fed Long Wire effectively, especially if it is cut to aprox. Overall length is 40 ft. Plus, a dipole for the 80-meter band would be 40 meters end-to-end, and that would be hard to fit across my long, narrow suburban lot. However, when using it with an End-Fed Theoretically, this is an end-fed half-wavelength antenna only on 80m. 6 Here’s an easily transportable vertical antenna for 20 meters collapsible to 4 feet that costs about $2. My longest-distance contact on the band was only about 1100 miles away. yout See full list on hamradiosecrets. This unique design eliminated the need for antenna matching baluns and can be fed directly with 50 Ohm coax. Can be fed with coax if remote tuner is mounted at feed point on tower. 48 118 + j316 12 meter 10. With a short 6ft counterpoise I have had great sucess with South Africa wide QSO's using 5 watts transmit power. Dipoles need to be half a wavelength long, locating these long antennas can be an issue, especially when we are aiming for the 80 metre band or lower. The antenna as fed, matches reasonably well into a 50 Ohm Coax Cable Feedline. It is an off centre fed dipole, with 10 feet of vertical radiator. In the search for the “Wonder Antenna” that is small, portable and easy to setup, I’ve decided to build an Endfed antenna using a 9:1 match. without radials and has a verry low swr combined with a low noise level. The End-Fed Zepp is a duplication of the end-fed trailing-wire antennas made famous by the giant airships! End-feeding a half-wavelength antenna has certain physical advantages over center-feeding the same length of wire: It can be erected in limited-space situations where, for one reason or another, the length of feedline needed to reach a Resonant ½ wave dipoles when center fed will repeata resonant and resistive impedance at odd multiples of the fundamental. 95 - $279. There are two OCF designs on the web that had been tried and tested. This is a common range of front to back spacing for multiple element end-fire antennas. End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna & Tuner. L2 = 2 turns of RG-58; this is built EXACTLY like L2 in the MB-160 on the previous page. ó , kdyh kdg \rxu pxowledqg hqg ihg dqwhqqd lqvwdoohg khuh lq 6lqjdsruh iru d ihz zhhnv qrz dqg dp yhu\ sohdvhg , xvhg wkh zluh iurp p\ suhylrxv dqwhqqd zklfk lv ihhw orqj ,w zrunv ehdxwlixoo\ , kdyh lw The MFJ-1748 End Fed Zepp is an end-fed wire antenna that, when properly erected and fed with balanced feedline through an antenna tuner, will be usable on all amateur bands from 80 to 10 Meters. What I discovered is that it provides a good SWR without a tuner on 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. ” The antenna uses a “normal” 80 meter dipole element, fed with a combination of a 1/4 wave long 75-ohm coax section and a multiple of 1/2 wavelength section of 50-ohm coax. Compact 43 ft multiband End Fed antenna usable from 80 Meters to 10 Meters with the use of a wideband antenna tuner. June 2018 - Updated January 2019. Capable of handling near legal limit without core saturation. 5 dB, and at 10 meters, the loss increases to 12. However, when using it with an End-Fed Antenna projects for 80 meters band category is a curation of 170 web resources on , The Hudson antenna, Phased Delta Loops, The CN2WW 80m wire-beam. The antenna can be employed on 80, 40, 20 and 10m with considerable, though acceptable levels of VSWR. New stations often begin operating on HF using an end fed wire or a vertical antenna, a recipe for disaster, sometimes even on QRP. 3. Inverted-Vee Antenna 10 15. 100W to antenna, Max wire current ~1. A few years ago, I acquired a multiband commercial antenna called a half-sloper. example, a 28-31 foot wire will typically allow 40 thru 10 meter coverage and a 43-50 foot wire will provide access to 80 thru 10 meters. On average, this more than doubles the coil losses, which brings the input impedance very close to 50 ohms, and sometimes over it. Performance may vary with your working conditions. I have built a number of these on different bands and found the design extremely repeatable. Dimension "A" is the height of the antenna from the base to the apex, not the length of each of the vertical wires. I use it with a collapsible 32 foot fiberglass pole from MFJ, when working from my RV. A 4 Square antenna for 80 Meters, PY2YP. End-Fed antenna for 160-80-40 meters band - This PDF File desscribes how to homemade a multi-band end-fed trapped wire antenna resonating on the low bands of 160 80 and 40 meters. The G0KYA EFHW – an end-fed half wave monoband HF antenna, plus two multiband versions (New!) A practical, cheap monoband or multiband (new!) vertical antenna that is great for DX and very cheap to build. 8 Mhz. So do all antennas, but not at the design frequency - there, at the design frequency, the terminal impedance is quite predictable. DX-EE - “No-Trap” 40-20-15-10 meter dipole or inverted V. 103, No. 5 to 108 MHz. All SAL Electronics' HF wire antennas are designed with a low noise direct DC ground transformer. 1. Short Dipole for 80M-- From 4S7NR 80 Meter Frame Antenna -- From Harry Lythall - SM0VPO. , or (72 grams) !! The Off-Center Fed dipole (OCF)–also called a Windom by many–has received mixed reviews among amateur radio operators. 95 DX Off Center Fed Windom $69. This makes keeps the weight and bulk down while delivering a very strong antenna element. The design changes with frequency, but the lower ones are basically center fed coils with short metal cylinders going to small , inverted V shaped plates, acting as a capacitive end load. Each antenna is individually tested and tuned for optimum performance on their respective bands. You cannot simply connect a generator of RF energy to the end of a wire and expect to have an optimal radiating system. The 80 meter cage dipole has a bandwidth spread of almost 1 mhz. 23 28 –j421 30 meter 7. On 40m, 130-ft. Thus 8, 16, 32, 68 lengths are ruled out. 80 Meter Antenna-- Reduced Size For Small Lots 2 EL SHORT BOOM 80M YAGI From VE6WZ. I have purchased two additional antennas and another model from him, all with the same results. The longer the total wire the better. 4, 3513 = 2. Always keep the non- This last part, including the entire antenna, only participates for the lower frequencies. 2019-07-21 After putting up my 40 meter end fed half wave antenna discussed below and reading comments on Facebook about EFHW antennas I decided to do some testing. Although it will load up well on 160 meters, about the best you can expect is to get out better than the folks that are trying to run mobile. The common dipole is a good example. At the Junction Box , coax inner connect to the antenna wire (blue) and braid connected to the brown wire to the ground spike. W0CM 6. I like to use a home made current choke to keep RF from coming back on the feedline. VK5SFA Home Page Multi-band end-fed Wire_Antennas_for_Ham_Radio Delta Loop Antenna Plans : Plans and projects on home made delta loops antennas . 00 Folded Terminated Dipole (FTD) $318. On the 10-meter band, the usable bandwidth is about 500 kHz on either side of resonance before the SWR becomes excessive. The 20/80% design is described in one of the previous links. The 2 turns of coax are wrapped slightly loose around L1, near one end. that I have yet to find another experimental indoor antenna that can beat it, including magnetic loops, crossed field loops and EH antennas. Constructed with Polystealth-26 and supplied with carabiners for easy deployment and take down. 2 meters long segment from the coil to the insulator. No further length adjustment will be needed. Stretch out the two 22 foot wires and tie off the strings to suitable supports. An Inverted V Fan dipole antenna for 20m an 40m has been used as reference to compare different versions of the impedance transformer. The material I chose to build the j-pole antenna was 3/4 inch copper pipe used for plumbing. Multiband Tuned Doublet Antenna 14 21. Actually, it’s a design from ZS6BKW (aka G0GSF), similar to the G5RV, but it actually resonates on five bands, (well 6, actually) and doesn’t rely on a tuner (ATU) to make it "EFHW" - the end-fed half wave antenna. Bow-Tie Dipole Antenna 13 19. 5 feet of 18AWG Wireman silky 532. I test on the fly and learn from that. •Hang a dipole or end fed L or random length I should arrange it in inverted "V" for reasons of space. For the 80 meter band, the ideal length is 21. 1 END FED INVERTED “L” ANTENNA FOR 160 – 80 – 40 METRES. K9EQ approach: Putting up an 80 meter loop is too much work! Chris picked out two trees and strung wire between them. Gain is 7 db at 35’ when fed with balanced window line and using tuner. L2: "Sliding Coil" - 2 turns of double-shielded RG-58. I want to optimize based on a few things: small lot, low-vertical leeway, nosie neighbors and avoiding the power lines in the backyard, I thought that an EFHW 10-40 wire antenna is the best solution. Feedpoint: Located 80% from one end. unless it becomes too unwieldy by Winding the Wire back on itgelf. 73, Chip N1IR The design frequency, the feedpoint impedance, will be between 80 and 150 ohms. 53 dBi 63 –j74 vs 7. Weight: 1 pound Configuration: End-fed configurable as Sloped or 6-80 meter EFHW J-Pole Jr 34 foot end fed half wave HF antenna quantity Add to cart SKU: Jpole_Jr Categories: Base Antennas , HF EFHW Dipole Antennas , Portable Antennas Tags: Alpha Antenna , Base HF Antenna , EFHW , HF Antennas , JPole The first 6ft (1. And I’m going to keep this VERY simple End Fed Half Wave 40-10 Wire Antenna The solution to improving my send and receive would be making an End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) 10-40 antenna. The classic G5RV, 102 feet long - fed with 35 feet of 450 ohm twin lead, is average at best. The End Fed Half Wave antenna described is a very good choice for those operators who have limited space and require an effective radiator. - Perfect for field operation. The system is foolproof, fed directly with a single 50 ohm coax. Elevation patterns and Azimuth patterns at the peak of low angle radiation are plotted for all ham bands 160 Meters through 6 Meters. Keep in mind that every end fed / vertical needs some kind of counterpoise to push against and in this case that's the coax , so don't forget a line choke near to your transceiver. FOR ALL BAND HF ANTENNA EXCITEMENT Here is a fairly simple and easy to build multi band horizontal fan type dipole that can be constructed for all band operation from 160 meters up thru 6 meters or even higher. The antenna and ground are connected across the tuned circuit while a 50-ohm coaxial cable is connected to taps on the inductor. A better reason to consider this antenna is for reasonable 80-20 meter use and as a practical thing to try for the 160 meter band. One of my hombrew HF SOTA antenna options is a 27. EWE Antenna 9 12. I discovered antenna computer modeling as an alternative to the cut-n-try methods. I wound this on to the fishing pole which gave me 6. Sometimes however, the centre feed is not ideal, for example when you want to use it as a vertical. It is a resonant Half wave low on 80m (3. 8. the 80-meter vertical optimized to 3,530 kHz and the 160-meter vertical optimized for 1,825 kHz were encour-aging. DX-LB Low Band Dipole Covers 160-80-40 meters with an overall length of only 100 ft. In case of the 10,20,40 meter End Fed, only the first 10,1 meter of the wire will work on 10 and 20 meter. Despite this, with the antenna tuner, I managed to work with an acceptable SWR, 1. Try inserting a short length jumper (3 ft) to see if the rig's built in tuner will match. The Windom antenna is an off-center fed dipole with an unbalanced coax feedline. Suspend end guys in trees. Actually, it’s a design from ZS6BKW (aka G0GSF), similar to the G5RV, but it actually resonates on five bands, (well 6, actually) and doesn’t rely on a tuner (ATU) to make it 10. The idea was to use the opposing harmonic relationships of two ¼ wave Dipole Antenna Calculator. 0 MHz coverage! With the AV-680, you get the same great traditional performance of the AV-640 on 6 through 40 Meters plus top-to-bottom capability on 80 and 75 Meters. The end-fed Zepp was driven with tuned feed line sections, making it primarily a single-band antenna. This antenna, the Alpha Delta DX-B, is a trapped, quarter wave single wire sloper for 160, 80, 40 and 30 meters and has been installed at the 55' level and slopes to about 25' off the ground. While the minimum SWR may be a bit higher than that of a standard dipole with a random coax feedline length, the SWR over the entire Band is kept below 3:1. 0 MHz rated at 2 KW (SSB) The DXTREME models are the ultimate end-fed antennas with the capability of covering from 160-6 Meters and able to handle legal limit power handling with ease. Better yet, it worked, I made contacts on all bands. " It was also under 1. Most END FED antennas on the market require a tuner, this one does not require one to operate. -----Below are the SWR plots and a few Insertion Loss plots for the bands. Basically, one leg is 64% of the half wave and the other is 36%. I had problems getting VSWR correct. End Fed 40m and 80m coils, 80m hanging down due to lack of space Practice. This is an antenna with minimum “handling” and maximum performance'! Description: The HyEndFed multiband Antenna is an antenna for 5 bands 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters amateur band. He also shows us his 2 meter ground plane antenna mounted on PVC, too. 4145- An Attic Coaxial-Cable Trap Dipole for 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 80 Meters John DeGood, NU3E nu3e@arrl. This is a multiband antenna without the need for any tuner (which is the best type of antenna). With 20. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Here are some photos of one of my 9:1 baluns. The SWR was adjusted using the tapping point on the coil near the feeder. 5 ft and 186 ft / 33 ft The entire antenna is #12 stranded insulated copper. 4:1 on 40-meter. The Horizontal Loop, also known as the Loop Skywire Antenna, is an old but very effective design. 5, May 2019, pp. 2:1 on 80-meter and 1. 5 MHz. •While the 18 1⁄2 foot runs East-West and the 52 1⁄2 foot runs North-South, directivity on both seem about the same, good results for all of North and South America, Europe, and occasional Africa and Australia. This is a 18ft 80/40 meter Antenna that is Brand New in the Box. Design Parameters. 92MHz Frequency does not cause either of the two traps to become activated & the antenna behaves as a long wire. Figure 2—An assembled Squirt ready for Bernie does an excellent job of explaining the pros and cons of this popular HF antenna from the late Louis Varney (G5RV). One separate dipole for each band needed. To accomplish this feat it uses something familiar to any sailor: a capstan Previously I had successfully used the ANC-4 on all HF bands from 40 to 10 meters but not on 80 and 160 meters. So in this experiment will build a 80-40-20-15-10 meter End Fed Long Wire Antenna with a 1:64 Matching Auto Transformer from the documentation available on the internet (See Reference Links: PA3HHO End-Fed Antenna). This means that they can all be driven with a similar amount of effort from the transmission line (about the same impedance for all bands). Thanks to this design I achive to communicate with my license for the first time in this band. A tuner (not supplied) is suggested for 160 and 80 meters. • It was used as a multi-band antenna because when fed with ladder line (not coax!) it is easy to match the on any band from 80m to 10m • A G5RV used as a multi-band antenna should be fed with ladder line. 4A I used a CM current meter I built (0. As for the coax antenna question, there is a similar antenna that is made with coax. 5 m between balun and 20m trap, 5. I have replaced the 30' wire with 66. Frequency Coverage: 10-40 Meters / 10-80 Meters meter band, or with SWR < 2:1 over the entire 75/80-meter band. , we do not ship The antenna This 10 - 160 meter tuned horizontal loop antenna is fed with 450 ohm ladder line all the way into the ham shack to an Palstar AT1500BAL balanced line antenna tuner. With a single variable component L-network tuner, the SWR will usually be less than 1. DX Engineering 300 ohm ladder line has a velocity factor (VF) of 0. It is essentially a highly inductively loaded, small antenna. • Antenna parts cost less than $125 for a dual band 80/160 m vertical Graphic Courtesy QST Magazine, T. The ~10' wires at the ends of the 80 meter traps (actually resonant in the 40 meter band) were extended to ~32' for 160 meter operation. wires are 25 Ft each (40 meter side) and 2 wires are 38 Ft each (80 meter side). The bands lie in quite good harmonic relation, and so one end-fed Zepp approximately 69 feet long (flat-top only) will operate efficiently on the 40, 20 and 10 meter ham bands. In either case, the antenna current (and therefore the radiation) is very small. Meserve: http://www. It’s an easy build and from what I have read on the This is the page on the End-Fed Half-Wave antenna with a 49:1 transformer. Least you now have steam coming out of your ears, let me explain why. 3:1 and under. It is a half-wave long on the lowest frequency, and is fed from a coax cable through a transformer inserted in the wire at one-third from one end. Sloping Dipole Antenna 11 16. Feeder and UnUn. This stealthy antenna equals the performance of full-wave dipoles dedicated to a particular band. ~$80 ~$70 ~$300 ~$350 Total Switched Antennas Cost Averaged S-Units By Band Antenna 80 Meters 40 Meters 20 Meters “A Portable End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna for 80 Meters” by Rick Littlefield, K1BQT “A Portable Inverted V Antenna” by Joseph Littlepage, WE5Y “A Simple and Portable HF Vertical Travel Antenna” by Phil Salas, AD5X I love that length. Resources listed under Antennas for 80 meters band category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. The j-pole antenna will yield slightly less than 3 DB of gain omnidirectionally. Connect the feedline to your tuner, and get on the air. 6 MHz and you arrive at an overall length of 130′. an Odd Quarter Wave-Length of your target band 186 ft / 16. 90 MHz: This antenna is tuned by the following procedure: 1) Put up the entire length of wire and the 4:1 balun and resonate it to the upper end of 80 meters by lengthening or shortening it. a EFHW), antenna impedance is in the 2000-4000 ohms range. ) I did build a 20 meter bobtail once in an emergency when the yagi atop my tower had failed and there was a DXpedition to a rare country coming up. If a longer antenna is desired, the provided antenna can be lengthened. On the THE OCF FD4 (FD3) WINDOM ANTENNA 19 may 2011. 05 MHz Plots Looking at the current distribution, it will be seen that the 1. Many people find that the G5RV antenna design functions well as an all band antenna if you use a 80-6M End Fed Wire - 53Ft. S1 adds the additional inductance for 160 and when in the 80 meter position, disconnects that inductance leaving it as an open circuit eliminating mutual coupling. ground with a λ/2 end-fed wire, but it’s as 1Notes appear on page 43. It has been compared with the following: • 85ft W3EDP end-fed that went up to the top of a 60ft oak tree in my garden with a 17ft counterpoise – the multi-band dipole beats it hands END FED 6–40 Meter Multiband HF Antenna Introduction This EARC project produces an inexpensive, multiband, end fed HF antenna matchbox that is quick and easy to setup and use. The coax elements are sealed in this molding, which exhibits high adhesion to the PVC jacket. Double Bazooka – Broad banded dipole made out of coax. Re-staked out the guide lines and antenna wires. The inductance required to resonant a 160 meter, 8 foot long mobile antenna, is nearly 5 times greater than that required to resonant an 8 foot, 80 meter antenna. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the end-fed half wave antenna? I would mention first its ease of installation. Ideal for backpacking and travel. known as the “end-fed Zepp,” it was used by airships (known as “Zeppelins”) suspended from the fed end with the free end hanging loose. The coil does dissipate some power. The end-fed random wire antenna has a 9:1 UNUN designed for use with radios that have an antenna tuner. EFHW-8010P- 200W Portable or Stationary Multi-Band End Fed Half Wave Antenna This is a 200W version of popular EFHW-8010 End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW*) antenna for 80/40/30/20/17/15/12 and 10m bands. k. 73, Jan, LU5YF The Matching Section is 450 Ohm Open Wire Feedline and is a compromise impedance between the 5/8 Wave antenna elements and the feed point, A 4:1 Current Balun. Height matters. The The antenna wire is 26 AWG copper clad steel wire with a great “silky” jacket. But performance is down about 8-12db on a dipole on 80m. has parallel dipoles for 80 and forty meters fed with 600 ohm twinlead, and a coax lead-in. The magic lengths to use with the End Fed longwire is 29, 35. Applying a feed to any antenna in NEC or any electromagnetic simulation software is about a simple a task as can be conceived by placing a “source” of near infinitesimal size inline with a dipole element. My 80 Meter Skyloop Antenna Results. 91MHz Plots 3. Looking at the current distribution, it will be seen that the 2007-03-11. T o Approaches to the End Fed AntennaTwo Approaches to the End Fed Antenna 5. PG1N's HAM Radio Site - Multiband HF Projects - Loop Antennas Delta Loop Antenna 80 Meters - YouTube Home Made - HIGH POWER Magnetic Loop Antennas - AmRRON You can further reduce the height of the antenna by placing a capacitance "hat" at the top. by Gene Preston, K5GP I read Rick Littlefield’s article in the June 2008 issue of QST on off center fed dipoles and was intrigued by the idea that the antenna could be extended to cover 80 meters. Abbree Foldable CS Tactical Antenna; ABCs of SWR; Addig 80 meters to a 40 meter dipole. The tower on the right in the picture supports the antenna as described above. The W1SFR End Fed 35’ Random Wire Antenna with 9:1 UnUn What is a random wire antenna and how does it work? The term “random” infers that you can use any length of wire you want as an antenna, while that basic fact is true, there are some practical considerations. Configuration - End Fed Power - 1500 Watts PEP rating Length - 24 feet Weight - 3. Doing so will interfere with antenna performance. If fed at the end (a. 50 5. 42 51 –j86 20 meter 8. The inventor - I think you know him as G5RV - created a gain antenna for 20 Meteres. The two meter antenna is tuned to 146MHZ (1. 7. 349 feet • 17 meters 55. The VK4YE end fed antenna does need a small counterpoise of 0. A heat shrink cap is applied to the outer most end of the twin lead completing antenna construction. com and uses 600 ohm feedline. Coax fed loops will usually have an SWR between 2:1 and 3:1. 0, 3600 = 2. If you want improved performance, then choose a small set of specific bands and put up resonant antenna(s) for them. The current applied to the feed The large diameter yields broadbanded coverage of the 80 Meter Band. Customer service from Chris is A+. 947 feet Lengths above are in feet and inches. 5’ 450 ohm drop feed to remote tuner on ground. The unique design characteristics of this 10-160 Meter EFHW HF JPole antenna enables coverage of major HF bands (10/12/15/17/20/40/80 Meters). This (black) pole costs around 33 Euro, weighs only 1,8 kg en transport length is around 1. If the antenna resonates lower in frequency than you require remove a secondary winding and try again. I was using my inverted-L antenna that was 1/2 wave length on 40m and 1 wave length on 20m. Here's a great end-fed long wire 80 - 10 Meter multi-band antenna. Introduction. TVI fears have encouraged many people to shy away from the HF bands, in favour of VHF, UHF or 160 metres. Feeding an End Fed Half Wave Antenna ½ l •May work (somewhat) since the coax shield acts as a counterpoise: •Coax shield provides the return path for the RF field •Performance will vary with X, proximity to ground, etc •SWR losses on the coax can be a problem •Tuner needs to be at the base of the antenna X RF Field Tuner This may be required if using the antenna as a horizontal end fed dipole with a short length of coax. 4. Full Wave Loop Antenna 10M thru 80M -- From Western Canada's Ham Radio YL Site KE4UYP Top-Fed 1/4 Wave Linear Loaded Vertical For 80M End Fed Halfwave and Tuner For 80-160 February, 2006: I built a half-sized, end fed halfwave for 160 with plans to use it during the ARRL 160 meter SSB contest. Last year I converted a Diamond W-8010 trap inverted-vee for 160 meters. The 80 meter cage dipole can be installed flat or inverted V, recommened height 35'. A combination of antenna designs, namely the J-Pole and Zepp along with matching network technologies, are utilized to achieve a resonant antenna design on 6, 10, 15, 20, & 40 meters and a The End-fed antenna I have now is the W1SFR KX3 helper End-fed antenna. 67 1,605. A so-called random wire antenna is an end fed antenna. Dentron Super super Tuner. 4 dB. 5m) end-fed is insulated for safety. EFHW featured in "Stealth The finished End Fed Half Wave antenna coupler. Stealth Antennas •K2AMV dual end (the WI re farthest from the feed point, attached to the end nay be lengthened or Shortened by the Wire. It is very well-made along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, I have been very happy with mine and have used it without issue as a full time antenna. To make the best use of an End-Fed antenna, it should be fed with a transformer. Ik zou er gewoon 20m draad aan hangen met de bekende 100 – 150 pF in het doosje voor betere match op 10m. 00 8. it ig part Of the antenna element. 2:1 SWR or less at 146MHz), and the SWR is 1. 185 feet • 40 meters 140. End-fed wire antennas. 160 Meters: 1. 05 Mhz with a very large bandwidth, certainly better than the loading coil version. 67 dBi 155 +j354 vs 8. 20m end fed dipole parts list part no. In addition, the long end of the antenna remain at 30 cm from the roof. The antenna and its height above real ground are the same in each case. 5:1 – (3:1 tuner required all radio tuners work) Bands – from 3. 8 , 5. 80 meter end fed antenna plans